rave belly

strontium-skies  asked:

Also, picture this: belly rave. Whole buncha tinies gettin' lit in the pred's belly. It bulges out a little bit with every bass thump and is already bouncing and squirmimg around from all the commotion inside. Still can't decide if it's better for the pred to have a glowing/colour-changing stomach or for the tinies to bring their own lights and have them glowing visibly out of the pred's stomach, making the already-suspicious belly even harder to conceal...

YESSS tummy parties are the BEST kind of parties, especially since the whole place is like a giant bounce house!

Ha, imagine a pred trying to go to sleep but they can’t because strobe lights are flashing in their belly. No matter how hard the pred tries to quiet them down, those party people aren’t gonna quit ‘till the sun comes up :3