like a version [listen]

my personal favourites of like a version over the years. like a version is a segment on australian radio station triple j which involves artists preforming live covers of their favourite songs

i. royals - bonjah / ii. feel good inc. - ash grunwald (feat. urthboy, scott owen & andy strachan) / iii. i’m into you - tuka / iv. strong enough - haim / v. get lucky - san cisco / vi. pursuit of happiness - cloud control / vii. walking on a dream - boy & bear / viii. little lion man - chance waters / ix. and i was a boy from school - grizzly bear / x. unfinished business - mumford & sons / xi. hey ya! - sarah blasko

tiniestleaf  asked:

when tina is telling jenny about the stolen negatives and she says "we can't make this movie" or something and then jenny goes "so what you're saying is we can't make this movie????" and then tina's reaction is so perfect omfg

Lmao! I was actually going to make that yesterday. It’s one of my favorite scenes. I’m going to gif the whole scene of this one too. Thanks for reminding me. :)

1. Start off small. Compliment yourself here and there. If you’re having a good hair day, don’t be afraid to tell yourself, “Hey, you look pretty darn snazzy today.”
2. Insult yourself less. That bad grade on the test isn’t gonna matter 10 years from now. There’s no use in thinking about what you could’ve done to fix it while you’re laying in bed at 3AM.
3. Remind yourself that today is just a day. Tomorrow is a new one. It’s full of possibilities and opportunities that are just waiting to happen.
4. Figure out your comfort zone, and figure out your limit. Yes, it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while, but it’s there for a reason. Adjust and adapt to your comfort zone accordingly, and know when it’s worth stepping out of it.
5. Realize you’re living your life for you, and only you. You’re not living it for your parents. You’re not living it for your peers. You’re living it for you, so do what makes you happy.
6. Let it go. Let everything go. Let yourself go. Lift those chains from your shoulders that you’ve been carrying all these years. Just let it all go.
7. Tell yourself that you love you. Say it in your head. Say it out loud. Say it as many times as it takes for it to start being true. And then keep saying it.
—  How to Fall in Love With Yourself, A Guide by Me

keep your head up [listen]
    ten songs to remind you that you are enough

i. this isn’t everything you are  - snow patrol / ii. keep your head up - ben howard / iii. lanterns - birds of tokyo / iv. wild at heart - birds of tokyo / v. tomorrow (when the war began) - nic cester / vi. closer to the edge - 30 seconds to mars / vii. young volcanoes - fall out boy / viii. uprising - muse / ix. addicted - bliss n eso / x. i know what i am - band of skulls