Demon Alcor Dipper Pines

So, I did this. I completely blame @transcendence-au​ for making me read those lyrics with my eyes and inspiring me to do this. I want to apologize for my crappy mic. I also kind of forgot to add in the end some lyrics… ups?? Well, here are the lyrics courtesy of mod r:

How does a twelve year old, bookish boy  and the twin of a

Comet, caught in the middle of an apocalyptic

Spot in Weirdmaggedon Falls by Gravity,

Calamity then beaten

Grow up to be a powerful dream demon?

The Dreambender, kid-defender with no  defender

Became a town-mender by loving  adventure

By being a fight-ender

By having his mind entered

Before thirteen, he had become a  monster-render

And every day the strain of his town  overrun and running

Away from monsters made by Cipher made him  more stressed

Inside he was dreaming the demon would  stop his unrest

The Pinetree was ready for evil triangles he could go best

Then the excruciating pain and devastation frayed Bill’ mind

Saw his life drip-dripping down the drain

Tried to escape to the mindscape, forcing into our boy’s brain

But his efforts were  in vain, our boy shattered him in twain

Well the magic  flowed inside, Cipher’s power was insane, bro

Our boy lived on but would remain irrevocably changed yo

“Get a presentation, a new suit, some wings, a cane

And the world’s gonna know your name

What’s your name, bro?”

Demon Alcor Dipper Pines

My name is Demon Alcor Dipper Pines

For now I only live inside your mind

But just you wait, just you wait

As decades go his power grows, eyes aglow, hue golden

In that time, see Alcor and Mizar as good omens

Twin stars, broken cultists, bat blows, the blood flows

And Alcor stays the same but his sister quickly goes

Moves onto newer Mizars, the Mizars age before his eyes

Watching them all die, scarring him inside

Finally he decides

A voice sayin’ Dipper, you gotta stop caring at all

He started defeating and eating every cultist that he saw

There would’ve been a world destroyed

Since carnage he enjoyed

Had he not been doggedly annoyed

By incarnates that filled the void

That caved his heart in, startin to regret, repent and reform

Venting all his feelings and the self-hate that’d become the norm

Healing his emotions he quickly begins to grow again

Feeling all his power, keep it under control then

The boy, once a human burns bright like a star

Never really sure of what you are (x4) (This is my fate x3)

Demon Alcor Dipper Pines

We are watching in the world for you

You could never back down, you knew not what you sacrificed

Demon Alcor Dipper Pines

A million souls cry for you

Do they know what you gave away

So the world could live another day

The debt could never be repaid, oh

Alcor’s star is burning now

Look and you might see it

It takes a demon’s form, oh man can you believe it?

Yes, Bill forever changed his soul, what would it take to free it?

We befriended him

We were saved by him

We were killed by him

We made deals with him

And me

I’m the twin sister that loved him

For now I only live inside your mind, but just you wait

What’s your name man?

Demon Alcor Dipper Pines

Can we talk about how much of a badass the man piloting the Luftrauser is?

He can wipe out an entire army almost entirely by himself. He dodges bullets without flinching. He can withstand the massive G-forces of an immediate 180 turn without blacking out. He has his own theme song, with 125 variations. Some of the planes he flies are called “Batman”, “Danger Zone”, and various other rad names. He can take down a battleship in half a minute, and a huge blimp in about 2 minutes. He literally straps entire nukes to his planes, without plans of dropping them. One of his planes can tear through the hull of almost anything without any damage whatsoever. And after he somehow survives and goes back to his base for his next rausing, he doesn’t demand money for his work. He keeps fighting.

I think I just found Chuck Norris’ brother.

Respect the Rauser.

Fly, fire and flee sums up Luftrausers in a pretty succinct way. But for all it is, however minute, those qualities shine so damn well the game has kept my Vita in my hands way more recently.

Picking it up earlier this week for a whopping $7.99 on the PSN store, I wasn’t sure to expect from gameplay videos, but damned if I’m thrilled with it thus far.

Easily picked up and put down with ease, a game may last for a few minutes or seconds, depending on the build of your plane and skill level. Breaking up components into weapons, body and engine, each fighter has a name and some clearly work better than others. 

Weighing in as a mere 66MB download on my Vita, I haven’t really been able to put it down. To be honest, instead of writing this, I’d rather be playing it some more. 

Yet the combat is fast paced, wonderfully combo-chained score based and engrossing in a way that seethes personality. If you own a Vita, PS3 or PC, I really can’t recommend it enough.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some rausing to do.

I decided to do a follow forever to celebrate reaching 2000 followers! You should follow this people and show them some love, because they really are awesome and amazing and I love them a lot.


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OMFG you guys. 3,000 followers?! WHAT?!

Okay, now that I’m finished freaking out, I just want to send a HUGE thank you out to everyone who took the time to click that little plus sign and follow my blog. After over a year running it, it still completely blows my mind that anyone even knows about my little corner of the internet. If it wasn’t for all of you, I probably would have deactivated a long time ago. But, your continued love and support keeps me coming back every day. 

In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to do a little follow forever to let you know all of the blogs/bloggers that make this so much fun for me and push me to do/be better for all of you. If you like what I’m doing, these are the people you should probably thank:

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All of the blogs I follow are really my faves though. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t be following. :D

In conclusion, I LOVE YOU ALL SO FREAKING MUCH!!!! Thank you all of my beautiful snowflakes! You’re the best followers in the world! xoxo 

Sooo yo!
I’ve decided to do a follow forever kind of thing. I hope I don’t forget anyone :3

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Alrighty followers! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now I finally have time! There is so many amazing blogs in this world of tumblr. 95% of these are R5 blogs, and a few non-R5 blogs.

I chose these blogs based on things I like that they post and appreciation to blogs that I notice always reblog and like my posts.

Thank you to all those following me. Hitting 500 is absolutely unbelievable and being apart of this family has been such a blessing.

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P-R: pakkratt, perseus-pond, pleasingiswhatweaimforr—–5, r-5sos, r-rydel, r5poops, r5quirksr5rocks, r5sosthevamps, rachelovesklaine, rauses, ready-set-riker, riker36rikable,  rikeranthonylynchfans, rikerholic, rikerr5, rikerrrrrr, rikersbody, rikersgal, rikersmiles, rikstaisreal, rissar5, rockylyncharmy, rockylynch-mob, rockysgreenconverse, rockysgreenguitar, rosseous, rossfied, rosslingtons, rydelicious, rydel-highrydelly-belly, rydellynchfashion, and rydelr5!

S-Z: sayyoullstayriker, shor5, shorgasms, shutupshor, slappadatassr5, slythadorgirl, starkidcorner,  sundaymorningwithellington, the-amazing-ms-shelly, theokatz, they-r-5ive, tommcfly, tyleroakley, wavyfoxtrot, whatdoihavetodotoberikerschoice, whenourstarsalign, whycouldntikissrikerlynch, will-you-be-my-juliet, wishiniwaswithr5, wishinshewas17, and worldwidecovergirl!

Thanks to all these amazing blogs and all of the amazing blogs that follow me! You’re all wonderful!


It’s the end of another year, and looking back on 2014 I have to say it’s been one of the best I can ever remember.

I started 2014 with R5 in Hershey, 1,000 beautiful followers, and no idea what I was doing with my blog or my life. Now, a full year later, I’ve rediscovered something I’d been missing for a long time: my love for music and life, and the understanding that they are really one and the same. 

I owe so much of that to my amazing followers and the blogs that continue to inspire me to keep coming back here day in and day out. I know, because of you, 2015 will be even better.

So, without further ado, here are some of my faves. Thank you for being so exceptional and supportive and bringing light and life into my otherwise humdrum existence. xoxo



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allaboutyouriker / allsonsargent / allydaws / allydawzon / allymoons / argwen / aur5 / ausllyy / austinswoons / buteramarie / cosswynch / crazypsycho-ninja 

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~Actual (Famous) People~

officialr5 / pakkratt / rydelr5 / rikerr5 / rainydaychatter / wearethegriswolds


If I missed you, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you! It probably just means you changed your URL and I have no clue who you are. ;)

I can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible in 2015!!


Okay! Here is my proper follow forever! I added so many more people :)


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Thanks to all you wonderful people, I’ve reached 2,000 followers! I don’t even know how to thank you guys for following me and for putting up with my annoyingness and for just being such awesome people. I don’t know why you would want to follow me but I really appreciate each and every single one of you (especially my mutuals). Thank you so much for taking valuable time out of your life to click that follow button. It means more to me than any of you could ever imagine. I love you guys sososo much. Stay fabulous<3

So with that said, here’s a list of amazing blogs that make my dashboard super sexy:

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jessiejlovesu’s follower forever/1.6 followers celebration!




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and i would like to give a special shout out to these people who without them i probably wouldn’t even have a tumblr!:






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vee-swagger // wishinshewas17

I just love all of you guys so much, so you should give them all a lovely follow :) xoxo


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In celebration of me getting 1k followers, I’m doing a follow forever! I love all of these blogs and you make my dash amazing! :* some of these are not r5 blogs



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So this year is coming to an end and many things have happened. For me a lot of good things have happened, I’ve met new people, found new interests, and experienced new things. In Honor of the New Year, I thought I’d do a New Year Follow Forever for all the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with. So with no further ado! I present! Whataboutrocky’s New Year Follow Forever!!!

Here are the blogs that I love too follow and just the sweetest people:slytherinravenclaw7

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thank you guys all for being lovely people and I really enjoy seeing you on my dash!


My Favorite Fashion/Preference/Update blogs:

rydellynchfashion dressliker5 lauramaranostyle r5closet rydellynchdaily taylorswiftfashionhq taylorswiftstyle rylandlynchfashion 5secondsofsummer-fanpage r5familypositiveconfessions  fashion-of-r5  fashionofrydellynchr5


And to all the blogs that I love that are always showing up in my activity:

emilybr5  rebel-love-raura mariaarm lynch-bitch mukashlum elephanteatingchurro chucksaysgrrr

thank you guys for always reblogging my crap and liking my posts!1 I really appreciate it!


Now to my favorite official accounts that won’t even see this:

officialr5 rydelr5 pakkrat  rikerr5 rainydaychatter walkthemoonband 5sos-official 

thank you guys for being in existence


Now for my special home fries, the people that I’ve gotten to know on here and that are super amazing!!

nepeta-cake - aah young child how dearest you are to me. maybe because I’ve known you for 7 years maybe because I see your face practically every single day. Anyways you are probably the sassiest human being on this planet, and its kind of rubbing off on me and my dad isn’t really liking it. but you are also so freaking funny and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has for us, we can finally level up from snow cones.

ratliffthepenguin -Lola, you are the cutest sweetest most amazing person, just to let you know I’m lollington af. and I really enjoy talking to you. you’re really cool and you run the coolest blog in town.

rikstaisreal -Christa, were do I begin with you?? well let me just say that you are SO FREAKING ADORABLE CAN YOU NOT and your eyes are really pretty. You’re really sweet and adorkable and I loved it when you were my secret santa. you were literally the cutest. you are probably my favorite riker girl and it totally shows in the ways that you act you are soo nice!!

r-rydel -Kristina!! hoped you liked it when I was your secret santa, I kind of messed up a little bit but forgive me. anyways, your such a sweetheart. your love for rydel is infinite and your edits are soo on point, I just really love your blog and I really loved being your secret santa!!

clifford-ghost - aaaah you, the girl that’s so far up Michael’s ass. but really is that cozy up there?? maybe I showed shove myself up calum’s and we could be buddies. Anyways, you are probably the weirdest person that I know but you run a heck of a blog. I constantly wonder if you’re drunk and I’ve come to the conclusion that Michael’s ass does things to you.

lostsoulsofsorrow -you, I don’t know why I follow, I guess it was because I was going to send you anon hate BUT YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR ASK ON DUMBASS TURN IT ON. anyways, how’s the oregano?? have you quit your addiction yet?


Thank you all so fricking much for being so awesome and I’m really looking forward to 2015 hopefully its not going to be a crappy year. wait there’s only 1 more day this year….I made this just in time. Happy New Year!! and I love you all!





Happy Holidays lovely people! Follow these great blogs for the holiday season. xo




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sorry if i forgot anyone


Heyyy! It’s been a chill year on tumblr. I’ve followed more blogs! You guys are so funny and the coolest people and I’ve gotten close with a lot. These blogs are awesome and make my dash amazing.

(in alphabetical order)

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Happy holidays and have a great new years everyone! :)