Played an Asylum challenge involving townies today (because I was fed up of never actually getting to play them).

Ivy Copur is a fucking genius (well, genius for a sim. Meaning she feeded herself when hungry). Melissa and Goopy had a child that lasted two whole days before the social services came around. Sandy and Bruce killed themselves in a fire and then proceeded to murder everyone else in ghost form.

Tl;dr: if you don’t like Maxis townies you’re wrong.


Hey look! It’s not a text post! :)

Yep, I managed to play my game for a bit today. (Well, yesterday, technically, since it’s now after midnight here.) I couldn’t play for very long before I eventually hurt too much, but I did manage to finish out Week 17 in Hinterlands, which happened to be two Uni households, Sid Rauscher’s and his sister Skylar Rauscher’s. And I took some pics, too. They’re captioned.

And then, when I was done, I took some lovely narcotics and slept until 11PM. Yippee! Now I need to decide if I want to try to play some more…or watch more Stargate Atlantis. Hmmmmmmm….

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Not much happened at the Tellerman’s, other than Komei wanting to buy a new car which he owns one now and uses to go to work.

I like Komei and Jan as a couple, they realy do have a nice life together. He’s an astronaut, she’s a vice president at a firm (or was she a president? Have to check, but she’s in a high position!).

Later at night, I caught something that’s running down in the generations of the Rauscher’s! Hannah Rauscher, who happens to be Demi Love’s daughter has been spotted numerous times stealing newspapers for no reason. So, guess who I found stealing newspapers this time as well? It was Hannah’s son, Shawn!


A long session play at the Rauscher’s, since their lot kept crashing on me. The lot was reset due to something I installed in the Downloads folder.

Everybody’s wants were reset so the couples had woohoo wants all over the place. With preceding wants of kissing and stuff.

It was also Saturday, which meant inviting the whole family, which meant only Demi Love needs to be invited.

They  were out of food so they had to order some, meanwhile, Demi arrived and Shawn’s mom, Hannah (Demi’s Daughter) was busy, so she “sent” Shawn to greet her. Later, Shawn spent some quality time with his Granpa, yeah, they really do bond well!

Later on, Demi tries the violin and she’s pretty good at it (she’s good at everything TBH).

The next day was Sunday, which means inviting over the Sorority Sisters for a gathering. They were all over the place and Shawn is too sh to talk to anyone so he just kept reading some magazines.


Mon — 9/13/76 (written in car- Hi! Last nite was spent walking up + down the strip - our motel is on Las Vegas strip a nice one - saw a very good show after a wonderful dinner among 900 others at Frontier. Then we walked + walked visiting many casinos. Had hurting feet when beck to the motel about 12:45. Yesterday AM had a nice vitas to Hoover Dam (our guide was a good one, humorous) then we became smarter about it because we stopped in Boulder City to see a movie about the building of it! We had a cloudy day when at Grand Canyon but it cleared up some so we enjoyed the beautiful panorama at each stop + was able to take it all in without stopping there over night — so drove to the next town in evening + took extra time to visit London Bridge —
Have a nice Aspen Trip. Margi, Charlotte, Elise, + Eva

Miss Luella Rauscher
3934a Hartford
St. Louis, MO

Casino Center, Las Vegas NV. Looking west on Fremont Street, called “Glitter Gultch” the busiest and most exciting 3 blocks in the world. Truly spectacular.

City : San Bernadino, CA
Date : Sep 14
Year : 1976
Cost : .09

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was recently accepted RD to Smith as an early write. Waiting on financial aid, but I'm leaning toward Smith right now. I'm blind, though, and I was wondering if you happened to know if there are any other blind/similarly disabled people at Smith?


Congratulations on getting accepted to Smith :) 

I actually do not know any student at Smith who is blind or with similar disabilities… I’m sorry. I’ve emailed Laura Rauscher, the Disability Service Director at Smith, to find out a little bit more information for you. 

Here is Laura Rauscher’s response:

Good afternoon and thanks for getting in touch. I’m sure the student has a number of questions and I would be glad to talk with her on the phone or be in touch by email and perhaps let her know about services and supports that would be available. It would help to know more about her specific needs since of course not everybody needs the same kinds of things. I wouldn’t want to presume.
Currently, there are no blind students at Smith. There have been a couple in the past, but quite sometime ago. We have had other students with visual impairments but that may not be the same as her experience. We also have a number of students who use print alternatives through text to voice software and audio files. We provide support to obtain or create accessible materials wherever possible.  That may be something that interests her.There is a disability community that is growing at Smith, including a Disability Alliance which is a student org. Students with a wide range of disabilities are involved in the alliance so there is some community of support. This year the group has organized a disability studies conference within the five colleges, the first event of its kind. So where there is engagement, education, and activism around the issues on campus which Disability Services is happy to support.
It’s a big decision to come to college when you feel like you’ll be the only one, and I understand that may or may not be something she wants to take on. I think the best thing would be to recommend that she contact me. I’m sure she’ll want to know that we can support her accommodation needs, and I would need to know more about her to let her know what we could offer her.
If you have further questions yourself please feel free to write me back. Or she would like you to continue to be a go-between please feel free. 
Thanks, Laura  

I hope you find this information helpful. You can email Laura at lrausche@smith.edu or call her at (413)585-2071. Thank you for asking me a question, and let me know if you have any other questions about life at Smith!



LVMA16 Performances You Don’t Want To Miss

One of the many highlights of the 16th Annual Lehigh Valley Music Awards are the performances that make this event unforgettable. This year is no exception to that rule, and promises to be the best year yet.

This year’s festivities begin with a 3:00 PM pre-show with Jake Kaligis & Michael Rauscher’s Dynamic Duo at 3:00 PM at ArtsQuest. The main event begins at 4:00 PM with Liberty High School Grenadier Bagpipers and Rob Stoneback.

This year’s performances in the Musikfest Café present collaborations including:

One performance that is quite certain to grab your attention, is Vocal Group Hall of Fame Inductee, J.T. Carter of The Crests, known for their 1959 hit, “16 Candles”. Performances can also be anticipated from Big Valley Bluegrass, 40-Year Honorees, the Tower Suite Band, and LVMA15 and LVMA16 nominees, Governing Murphy .

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