the-sassy-owl  asked:

Grover/Percy/Annabeth headcanons??

  • they play Mario Kart together 
  • when they get back from the War, Grover makes Percy and Annabeth friendship bracelets 
  • when Grover isn’t busy with official Lord of the Wild business the three of them like to sit in the strawberry fields and goof around 
  • Percy is Grover’s best man and Annabeth’s wedding gift is a design for an energy efficient house on some open land at Camp 
  • Annabeth calls them her boys 
  • they love getting together and watching really bad movies and giving running commentary 
  • Grover’s kids call them Aunt Nanabeth and Uncle Blue 
  • on the 20th anniversary of the day Percy made it to camp, the three of them sit on the porch of the Big House, crack open some cold rootbeers, and they raise their glasses and Percy says “Cheers to The Great Prophecy, Going West, having the god damn Master Bolt in my backpack the whole time and the friends that stick with you through it all.”

these 3 dweebs are the bees knees bruh