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Grover/Percy/Annabeth headcanons??

  • they play Mario Kart together 
  • when they get back from the War, Grover makes Percy and Annabeth friendship bracelets 
  • when Grover isn’t busy with official Lord of the Wild business the three of them like to sit in the strawberry fields and goof around 
  • Percy is Grover’s best man and Annabeth’s wedding gift is a design for an energy efficient house on some open land at Camp 
  • Annabeth calls them her boys 
  • they love getting together and watching really bad movies and giving running commentary 
  • Grover’s kids call them Aunt Nanabeth and Uncle Blue 
  • on the 20th anniversary of the day Percy made it to camp, the three of them sit on the porch of the Big House, crack open some cold rootbeers, and they raise their glasses and Percy says “Cheers to The Great Prophecy, Going West, having the god damn Master Bolt in my backpack the whole time and the friends that stick with you through it all.”

these 3 dweebs are the bees knees bruh  

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OMG I live in the north coast of Colombia and lately we’re having ‘temblores’ too. Any advices in case of a ‘temblor’??

Hi there! Well, I’m not an expert but I will tell what we are told to do over here. 

First, you need to stay calm. Focus and try not to freak out (I know it can be really hard but you have to try).

If the quake is too strong and you feel the need to run, don’t. Try to find a safe place. Away from anything that may injure you, like big heavy furniture, glass, etc. Some people would advice you to use the “Triangle of Life”. I don’t know how good it actually is but you can google it if you want to.

Afterwards, if the quake was a big one (at least magnitude 6), it may cause a tsunami. So, get away from the coast. Look for higher grounds far away from it and wait. The waves won’t be there in an instant. Some take hours to hit. Oh! And don’t take your car. Walk.

Apart from that… there’s not much to say. Try to have flash lights. Don’t use candles. Store bottled water and non-perishable food.

And that all. Your “Temblores” may be nothing but taking precautions doesn’t hurt. Hugs and good luck.