raura will happen

  • Raura Shippers: *are complete raura trash*
  • Ross' brain: have a gf but keep hinting that raura could happen, continually try to keep raura alive just as it starts to settle and give everyone a false sense of security and hope
  • Ross: why?
  • Ross' brain: you gotta
It's Just So Stupid. (Raura vs. Rourtney)

I get it you love Ross or you want “raura” to happen. But seriously since that video apparently confirmed Ross and Courtney being together I’ve see the hate for her get 10x worst. Seriously? Also people saying that they want to kill themselves because Ross isn’t with Laura. Seriously? Do you know how many people kill themselves for a proper reason (depression, unloved, bullied) yet you want to “kill yourself” because your “ship” isn’t real. Well news flash babes Ross AND Laura have stated many many many times that they and their co stars all agree that dating each other is a no.

I don’t understand fandoms. I don’t. I understand loving them and support them. But hating on the people who make them happy is the part that confuses me. Why do you hate Courtney? Give me a proper reason. That does involve Ross or Laura. He’s happy let him be happy.


Okay, I’m writing this post not to say that  I’m giving up on raura but its because ever since I saw a confession on my wall saying that she/he prefers Laura to go out with either James Mccvey or Bradley Simpson, I couldn’t agree more with that person. This is why! how long has Ross known Laura ? ever since they were fetuses right? In every interview, when Ross is asked to describe laura. He would say “dorky”, basically “adorkable” or even said “she’s smart and energetic” I mean, That’s good description of her too but I’ve always been waiting for him to describe her as “beautiful” which brings me back to the confession I saw about the ships of Braura and Jaura. The vamps barely met Laura at the RDMA’s and asked her to be in their music video which I adore them so much for doing that. In their interview, they described Laura Marano as “Beautiful” “Lovely” “pretty” “effortlessly” “funny” “bubbly” all the things a girl would like to hear from a guy. Honestly if Raura does not happen, I wouldn’t be sad about it as if my world has ended because Ross could date whoever he wants and besides I feel like Laura deserves a guy who would not be afraid to describe her as an effortlessly beautiful girl because that’s what she needs to hear since its true. Even Calum described Laura as beautiful (: & I’d love if R5 would ask Laura to be in atleast one of their music videos since basically all the girls ross was set up with like in pass me by and the recent one all looked like Laura. If its because of publicity then thats just plain stupid. Okay I’m done. thanks for reading if you actually did. 

Okay let’s talk about Rourtney again!! Or better why I believe in Raura!!

Yeah, I know I posted a couple of words a while ago, but I feel I need to express myself again, and make you guys sure about something…


what I asked for was respect but that doesn’t mean I like her or support her relationship with Ross, I don’t even like Andrew and we almost never hear about him (sometimes I just think he and Laura broke up, of course is just my head messing with my feeling)

First of all, We are talking about a friendship that born like 5 years ago, a friendship where when one of them get upset just call the other and they met down the beach to talk, even if means wake up in the middle of the night.

We are talking about a friendship that is so close that came to a point where they are known as “married couple”

A friendship where Ross just stops his performance to dedicate a song for Laura.

Come on, this girl can’t destroy all this feeling and can’t broke a friendship like that.

We see this Courtney all over him all the time, but if you check Ross barely talked about her, or even had picks with her in his Instagram (I checked), but you just need to roll 2 photos to see Laura printed in his camera roll.

Courtney can be his “girlfriend” but never will be Laura, neve will take Laura’s place and mostly important will never develop a relationship with Ross like the one Laura and him have.

And you can ask me about Andrew in this situation and I say to you that his so out of the page that I forget he belongs to this drama. 

I can pass all my time here listing things that proofs Raura love but I just need one simple phrase to resume our fan feelings 

“Do you think Raura will happened?” - Interviewer

“For now we are just really close friends but who knows? Maybe in the future”

Did I need to say more? 

And one last thing for the ones that believe Raura is dead, did you hear Smile by R5 and paid attention in the lyrics? Cause I’m really sure (there is an interview that proofs my word) one time he said that no matter how sad you are, you just need to be with Laura and a SMILE apears on your face.

So you think Courtney can take the place that belongs to Laura? ‘Cause I don't 


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NO way!!


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Raura FOREVER!!! GOT IT???

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Okay, I looked really well at this pic. And here what I see.

- Ross speaks on mic.

- Everyone seems touched by what he says because they all have this expression on their faces who said “aww”

- Raini takes Laura in her arms like for comfort her or something like that.

Well, I think Ross talked about Laura in his speach, so … RAURA HAPPENING ! Well, in my opinion ^^’