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anonymous asked:

reccommend some good animal crossing blogs to follow? please?

Follow our blog it’s the only good one

I have to laugh, not because of your comment, but there are so many!
But to make it fair I’ll list the ones my friends have that I especially like/personal favorites:

  • Starbel: does a lot of art and RP with her characters (also a genuinely nice person so there’s that too)
  • Animal-Crossing-Doodles: If you want to follow a blog dedicated to AC fanart, this is a great blog!
  • LetsmovetoSpaceJam: Welcome to the jam
  • Doubutsu-no-mori and nookling: Both have capture cards/emulators for their games and thus make some really pretty gifs from their gameplay
  • Accomicsguy: Funny (and raunchy) comics
  • (Bonus) Macakron: I wish this blog still updated it’s so absurd

There are a lot of town blogs that post really funny original content that I like but this post would be too long so I had to pick just a few favorites that post specific content so as not to leave out those other great town blogs

(you’re all welcome for basically promoting you)