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Deadpool could bring new depth to the superhero genre — if Hollywood learns the right lessons

With Deadpool’s success as an R-rated film, Hollywood may be inspired to create equally raunchy and violent comic book flicks. But simply following that formula, with no added original thought, would be the wrong move. Instead, execs and writers should look to the themes of Deadpool and one smaller part of the Marvel universe.

anonymous asked:

reccommend some good animal crossing blogs to follow? please?

Follow our blog it’s the only good one

I have to laugh, not because of your comment, but there are so many!
But to make it fair I’ll list the ones my friends have that I especially like/personal favorites:

  • Starbel: does a lot of art and RP with her characters (also a genuinely nice person so there’s that too)
  • Animal-Crossing-Doodles: If you want to follow a blog dedicated to AC fanart, this is a great blog!
  • LetsmovetoSpaceJam: Welcome to the jam
  • Doubutsu-no-mori and nookling: Both have capture cards/emulators for their games and thus make some really pretty gifs from their gameplay
  • Accomicsguy: Funny (and raunchy) comics
  • (Bonus) Macakron: I wish this blog still updated it’s so absurd

There are a lot of town blogs that post really funny original content that I like but this post would be too long so I had to pick just a few favorites that post specific content so as not to leave out those other great town blogs

(you’re all welcome for basically promoting you)