A Little Lesson in Date Nights: Part One

Authors’ Note: Thank you for all the headcanon requests!!! They are coming your way soon along with our next part! But now we give your the first of two very important date nights! @vintagemichelle91 and I hope you enjoy!!!

         It was a grueling week. Rafael could not recall so much evidence being thrown out when it came to one case or witnesses who were never going to hold up under cross examination no matter how much he prepped them. Part of him considered burning the midnight oil in search of something that he had to have missed before court reconvened on Monday morning.

           But one text message from his wife was all it took to turn his mind in the opposite direction.

           How’s my favorite lawyer doing?

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Request for Anon:  Could you do an imagine of having Barba’s baby?

Warnings: Childbirth, and idk how well Im going to do with this so hopefully i can do this alright for you, Anon!

You were pressed up against your husband, Rafael, in the middle of the night when you suddenly felt a wetness pooling in between your legs. It took you a minute to realize, then you violently shook Rafael, saying repeatedly that you were going into labor and your water just broke before jumping up to grab the bag that you two had packed for when the time came.

You felt Rafael lay a surprisingly calm hand on your shoulder as he grabbed the bag from you and wrapped his arm around your waist, helping you navigate down to the car so that you didn’t fall in your haste.

“Mi amor, calm down, stressing about it isn’t going to delay our daughter from coming along, right?” He said calmly but he was moving quickly, getting you in the car and the bag down by your feet in a matter of seconds before he was in the car and driving to the hospital.

You just continued to freak out, partly because the baby wasn’t supposed to be born for another three weeks. Three weeks isn’t as extreme as most premature births, but you didn’t want to take any chances.

By the time he’d gotten you to the hospital and out of the car, the contractions were bad, and you had to clutch your lower abdomen as you walked in. Not soon after that, you got a room, seeing that the nurses knew you close you really were to having his baby. They almost kicked Rafael out because they thought you would need privacy. Rafael almost yelled at the poor nurse who was just following orders but you decided to cut in and voice your opinion and asked if he could stay.

They let him stay, and as soon as he sat down and took your hand, you got another contraction, a really bad one at that. You squeezed his hand and a doctor came in, telling you to push. 

Well, dammit, you did. Hard, too. You screamed a little, and your pretty sure you were on the verge of breaking Rafael’s hand when suddenly you heard a small cry, and everyone in the room smiled, including yourself as you leaned back against the pillow with a deep sigh, exhausted.

Rafael kissed your forehead about a dozen times, telling you how amazing you did and that the hard part was over.

Luckily, your fears of your daughter being born prematurely were unfounded because the doctor declared her healthy once she was all cleaned off and wrapped up, and he handed your small bundle of joy to you. Her head was already up and loking around, and she gazed up at you with her big brown eyes.

“Look, Rafi, she’s got your eyes.” You whispered in awe as you held her, afraid of startling the small human

Rafael leaned over to look at her and smiled proudly, “And she’s got your smile, mi amor.” He said softly, kissing your cheek.

You giggled as the small girl smiled, probably just an involuntary muscle movement but it still resembled yours. You remembered the you hadn’t discussed a name, but you looked at her and you knew, she just fit so perfectly

“Welcome to the world, little Lucy.” You whispered, smiling widely, and feeling happier than you’d ever had.

So my vacation ends today. Which means I won’t be able to draw as much as over the last two weeks. BUT you know me and I always find some time for the things I love. 😉
I already have a lot of new drawings in my mind and you know that I’m always up to date with drawing pics from the SVU set or new stills.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a non-Barba drawing, so I decided it’s gonna be time for another Frederick Chilton. Here’s the sketch.

I just want non-latinxs to know that calling a latino character your “papi” is not a compliment. I’ve seen David Castro (Raphael from Shadowhunters) being called “my spicy latino blood sucking cinnamon roll” and that’s just…  A friend told me back when Hannibal fandom was a huge thing Raúl Esparza (Chilton, Rafael Barba on L&O SVU) talked about how he was their “Cuban bb/papi” and the amount of hyper sexual headcanons I’ve seen about Poe and Rafael is pretty uncomfortable. 

Like, it’s cool if you find these guys attractive (I do too!) but also think about how Latino men have hyper sexualized which is dehumanizing and also look into the Latin Lover stereotype. Again, it’s not a crime to find latino men attractive, but we should also be critical of how we display that attraction and if we’re being dehumanizing in the process. 

As a latina it makes me uncomfortable to see a seemingly overabundance of headcanons, fic, comments, and art that reduces latino characters to sexual imagery and purpose while also fetishing their race and ethnicity. Raúl is an attractive, talented man, I’m a huge fan, but he’s also a huge inspiration to me as a bisexual latina woman (since he’s a bisexual latino man). Calling him, or David, “papi” is fetishizing our language and culture to me. I call my deceased grandfather “papi”. It’s not an inherently sexual thing, there are plenty of other affectionate terms that we call our partners in Spanish. This is just taking one word in our language and hyper sexualizing it for your own purpose and I’m really over it. 

Spanish isn’t a fetish! It’s a language, one my family has been ridiculed and threatened for using for years because of racism. 

So yeah, this is just something I’ve noticed and have heard has happened with other latino characters (Scott McCall, a character from Overwatch, Lance from Voltron, Jamie Reyes from DC Comics). If anyone wants to discuss this with me in more detail please feel free. But I just had to get this off my chest because it’s been a seemingly increasing occurrance and it’s been making me very uncomfortable. 



“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”