raul albiol


happy (belated) birthday, sergio ramos! in honor of sergio’s 31st, i thought it’d be nice to take a stroll down memory lane to his 25th birthday in 2011, back when he was a young, untamed, prancing stallion with a lustrous, shimmering mane and truly questionable taste in denim and interior design.

sergio’s birthday that year fell at the end of international break, so he spent the week before with the spanish national team. early on the morning of the 30th, la roja flew home from lithuania, where they’d played a euro qualifying match. arbeloa tweeted the above photo from the airport, along with this caption:

With the birthday boy @SergioRamos, the record holder Raul Albiol, the kid Torres, and “Truffles”* @XabiAlonso (x)

(“trufelas” is a variant on xabi’s “trufas”/“truffles” nickname.)

later that day, sergio went to valdebebas for training, where a reporter for punta pelota flagged him down and presented him with a birthday cake:

sergio was such a good sport about it that when the reporter couldn’t light the birthday candles in the wind, he took the cake into his car and lit them himself… because he is A Good. 

he also met with members of the SergioRamosOnline fanclub, whom he very graciously thanked for their gift while wearing perhaps the most Sergio Ramos pair of jeans ever fabricated:

Here you can see a photo with the girls of SergioRamosonline, thanks so much to everyone for the little gifts..xoxo.. (x)

later that evening, sergio celebrated his birthday with his family:

Here you can see a photo with my cousin Jose and my sister, we’re out to dinner for my birthday. (x)

but wait! apparently this nice family dinner was all a clever ruse to distract sergio and get him out of the house… because when he got back home, there was a birthday surprise waiting for him:

Look how I found my bed when I got back from Lithuania, my siblings think they’re really funny…good night friends… (x)

ok, guys. i know what you’re about to ask me… and unfortunately, i have no idea wtf is up with that eagle, either. did his siblings bring it as part of their birthday surprise? is it a piñata? is it stuffed? is it just always there in sergio’s room? what’s its name? does it watch you have sex?

in conclusion:

  1. happy belated birthday, sergio! thank you for being a part of our lives for all these years.
  2. i hope you’ve burned those trousers by now.
  3. did pilar make you throw out the eagle before she agreed to move in with you, or is it part of the family now, too?