i recently realized that i haven’t talked nearly enough about my favorite football commercial of all time, the commercial of my heart. i’d like to deeply apologize for that, and for anyone who might not have seen this masterpiece from 2003 (the date in the youtube description is wrong) before due to my silence. please enjoy what is truly the greatest work of commercial art, and art of any kind, of our times, featuring:

  • peak early aughts feathered hair heartthrob beckham
  • raul as the noblest, most put-upon sheriff in the west (with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos from hierro, mori, and GUTI) 
  • tiny arrogant smooth-cheeked baby iker
  • rivaldo as the man-in-black outlaw?????!!!!
  • oh and gary neville is there too, “acting”
  • seriously you guys this whole thing is a giant becksillas wild west fanfic come to life how did this exist almost A YEAR before beckham moved to madrid 
  • wait wait wait but the end is probably the best part 

HI ROBERTO CARLOS - please call becks a gringo again thnx

do i have a million dumb promo and behind the scenes photos taken from this commercial? am i going to be posting them here forever because nothing makes a bad day better than seeing roberto carlos splayed out like the crankiest forties pinup girl ever, or raul and the team giggling like fifteen year olds playing their first round of strip poker? 

come on. you guys should know me by now.

New commission sheet for 2017!

I’m not working right now and I REALLY need some way to make rent and pay my bills. Rent and vet bills are very expensive for someone who is not working, so you guys are my only hope until I get my hands on a job. ♥
In the past, many have donated a great amount, which I appreciate. You may do so again if you’d like (email is the same as paypal) or commission me! Don’t worry for those who have already commissioned me, I’ll finish yours first!

If you cannot do either, please spread the word. It would mean a lot!

Commission Details:

- Payment after I finish
- Armor, weapons, and the like will cost extra
- Will draw anything, including gore and NSFW
-I allow my OCs with yours - get $5 off 

Thanks so much everyone!!

If Fallout New Vegas Was a Movie

1. Neil Patrick Harris as Arcade Gannon - Harris (HIMYM) already is known for his wacky and sarcastic humor which is right up Arcade’s alley. Besides, with glasses they look so similar and that’s important.

2. Sam Worthington as Craig Boone - First one I thought of when it came to Boone’s squishy eyes. Besides Worthington (Avatar) played soldier’s before so he’s got the discipline down.

3. Emma Stone as Rose of Sharon Cassidy - Stone (Easy A/The Help/Spiderman) has that saucy crude humor that would be PERFECT for Cass’s blunt personality. The fact that they look similar as well makes me think of who they modeled Cass after.

4. Danny Trejo as Raul Tejada - Okay I was lazy on this one. But why not? If the voice actor of Raul is already a great actor, why change anything?

5. Anne Hathaway as Veronica Santangelo - Okay I think Bethesda is just seeing if we’d notice at this point. It can’t be a coincidence that she looks EXACTLY like Anne Hathaway. Hathaway can do anything, even punch the shit out of people probably.

~Dead Money~

6. Karen Gillan as Christine Royce - Gillan (Doctor Who) has that squishy round cutesy face that Christine has. Plus with her shaved head, they look super similar.

7. Jidenna or Eddie Murphy as Dean Domino - Based off the painting in the into sequence of DM, Domino looks of African American heritage. I tried to go for actor/singer combos, which is why Jidenna (classy af) was my top choice but Eddie Murphy could also be equally as classy and nail the unique voice.

~Honest Hearts~

8. Jesse Williams as Follows-Chalk - trust me when I saw it was hard to find a tan, light-eyed famous actor that had that same wide-eyed look as Follows-Chalk. BUT I think Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) looks very similar and could do a great job!

9. Charlize Theron as Waking Cloud - Theron (Mad Max) can nail the bald look and has that piercing gaze that Cloud has as well. She’s a bad ass and what better way to play a midwife accompanying the courier than by being Theron?

10. Gerard Butler as Joshua Graham - Butler (300/Phantom of the Opera/How to Train your Dragon) has a phenomenal track record for being a unique bad ass or leader. Plus, his voice is one of the most powerful and unique one’s I’ve ever heard so what better way to distinguish The Burned Man legend than with Butler?

~Lonesome Road~

11. Lenny Kravitz as Ulysses - As yes, so it was hard to find good pictures of middle-aged men rocking the dreads but even though Kravitz doesn’t wear them currently, his track record from the 90s . I think the likeness is really close actually.

Basically… Fallout New Vegas is going to be just one giant comedy movie.

[Fallout 4]

Right Here

You wake up in the middle of the night to your phone buzzing. You groan and you begin to feel around your bedside table. You answer it without looking at the Caller ID.

“Hello”, you say groggily.

You just hear some sniffles. You sit up in your bed. Who is this calling you at *checks the time* two in the morning? And not even responding?

“Hello”, you say again.

“Y/N?” a heartbreakingly weak and familiar voice says your name.

“Shawn? What happened? Are you alright?” you ask sitting up. Sleep could wait.

“S-She cheated on me”, he says sobbing.

“What?! Oh God! Shawn, where are you?” you ask as you pull on a pair of jeans. You had an oversized shirt on and your hair, your appeaarnce was not a priority.

He tells you where he is and you get in your car. You never liked her anyway. She was soooo…uhwdjgaqwg!! Shawn was too good for her! How did they even meet? How did they even last for three months?! Needsless to say, you didn’t like her. You never did. Every cell in her body screamed out FAKE! And now she cheated on the most wonderful guy anyone could ever have. Yep! The skank was caught making out with a random dude in the men’s bathroom.

You finally reach outside the club and the sight that awaited you breaks you. Shawn was kneeling on the ground, bawling his eyes out. The skank was beside Shawn saying something along the lines of,“Babe, I’m so sorry. It’s not what it looks like.” You want to throw up then and there. You just walk over there and kneel down in front of Shawn. You put a hand on his shoulder and he looks up.

“Hey”, you say giving his shoulder a little squeeze.

He just looks at you and hugs you.

You hug him back and say,“Home?” Feeling him nod, you take him to your car and put him in the passenger’s seat. That was his seat. It wasn’t needed to be said.

“Let me talk to him! It’s between us!” she screeches.

But it isn’t between them two. Anything that hurts Shawn hurts you. If Shawn wanted to talk, he wouldn’t have called you, crying. He is sensible. She kept on screaming about how she loved himand you saw her moving towards the car. You stop her and look her dead in the eye.

“I just want to talk”, she spits out. She doesn’t like you either.

“He doesn’t”, you say.

“It’s between a girlfriend and a boyfriend”, she says, emphasising the titles.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have dragged another guy’s mouth into all this”, you say. You are so scared that you would lose it. Shawn doesn’t need more drama.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you hear her scream as you are about to get in the car.

“Putting back someone that you broke after you threw him off of the coffee table”, you say.

You get in and just as you are about to dive away she says, “There are places higher than a coffe table, you know?”

“I know”, you say. “I also know that you’re not his highest point.” Then you drive away.

“You okay?” you ask Shawn.

He nods as tears stream down his face.

“You’re too good for her. Always were, Mendes”, you say. The only replies you hear are sobs.

“I’m taking you back to my place. I’m not leaving you like this, okay?”

He stares straight forward as the street lights are reflected in his eyes.

You sigh as you hold one of his large hands. “I’m right here, Shawn. Always was. Always will be”, you say.

A/N: So this is part one… stay tuned for part two!

"Cuando tienes pareja hay que hacer ciertos sacrificios. Eso no quiere decir que te limites o limites al otro. Ni tampoco que siempre hagas o dejes de hacer lo que el otro quiera o te diga. Pero yo pienso que para que una relación funcione hay que intentar que la otra persona sea lo más feliz posible sin que ninguno de los dos pierda su propia personalidad."

-“Buenos Días Princesa” Blue Jeans

Does Shawn Mendes know I exist yet?

Day 17: No