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Being the Ghoul fucker I am I want all Ghoul followers reacting to their friend just suddenly hugging them from behind while mumbling sweet things, just letthembeloved

OOOKay back to reactions. ALSO gonna be working on some OLD asks bc yall have been waiting long enough. What better way to start off than w/ the ghoul boyfriends

Charon: Genuinely surprised, he almost never receives physical affection, especially not this suddenly. His first instinct was that something was wrong with them, so he asked them if they were okay. He just can’t grasp the concept of people genuinely liking him. 

Raul: He appreciated the gesture, but Raul isn’t exactly a huggy kinda ghoul. He made it a point to thank them though. It isn’t every day that someone reacts so well to a ghoul. 

Hancock: Startled, but just started laughing. He turned around and wrapped his arms around them, “if you wanted a hug, you shoulda just asked!” Hancock was surprisingly a pretty good hug-giver. Since they had surprised him with a hug, he occasionally did the same to them. 

New commission sheet for 2017!

I’m not working right now and I REALLY need some way to make rent and pay my bills. Rent and vet bills are very expensive for someone who is not working, so you guys are my only hope until I get my hands on a job. ♥
In the past, many have donated a great amount, which I appreciate. You may do so again if you’d like (email is the same as paypal) or commission me! Don’t worry for those who have already commissioned me, I’ll finish yours first!

If you cannot do either, please spread the word. It would mean a lot!

Commission Details:

- Payment after I finish
- Armor, weapons, and the like will cost extra
- Will draw anything, including gore and NSFW
-I allow my OCs with yours - get $5 off 

Thanks so much everyone!!