Anonymous request (sort of): a Fasolasuchus and some large theropods.

Now, what they actually wanted was said Fasolasuchus (biggest rauisuchid discovered, estimated at 33 feet long max) showing the theropods that they aren’t the only big land predators.

However, I wasn’t exactly able to think of how it’d be accomplishing this, and, well, since it isn’t exactly such a big guy compared to the largest theropods… I sorta came up with this instead.

So here we have Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Giganotosaurus all heckling the Fasolasuchus. Please don’t try to use this as a reference for scale, because I’m pretty sure I got it wrong. The frontward view doesn’t help either.

Anyways, to the requestee, sorry for not drawing exactly what you wanted.