Idlers 12 hours of Motegi with RWB - Part 1

Last July I attended the Idlers 12 hours of Motegi with team RWB. We traveled through the night before the event from the RWB HQ in Chiba to the Twin Ring Motegi circuit in Tochigi. I took these shots at a gas station on the way. The seven noisy RWB race cars showing up in the dead of night along with an army of RWB race drivers, crew members and photographers from around the world certainly brought the sleepy service area to life.

As you can see, the cars are all road registered and were driven to the event on public roads; no flatbeds, no trucks. It was a good chance to check the cars were all running smoothly. I actually traveled with RWB regular Alex Kyo in one of Nakai-San’s 993s. It was a real thrill to be a part of that journey, travelling in convoy, in the dead of night, on a Japanese highway with so many incredible cars.

I have a huge collection of photos from this event. It was an amazing experience and definitely a highlight since I started Rapid Japan. Part 2 coming soon.


RWB Kashiwa visit

Me, Alex and Hiro spent a bit of time at the RWB HQ in Kashiwa the other day. Got to catch up with Nakai-san while he took a short break at home in Japan between world trips. Was great to have a look around the workshop to see what he’s been working on recently. As you can see, Adriana was looking a bit naked. The bodykit was being tested on another car which is in the process of getting Nakai-san’s latest  ‘Heavenly Wide’ flare treatment.

Also enjoyed cruising with Hiro on the way home with his low Roadster, which is almost identical to my old one! Got me feeling a bit nostalgic.



Alex and Hiro on Insta: @4lexkyo  @_frosh._


At Twin Ring Motegi for the 2017 Idlers 12hr endurance race

I attended the 2017 12hr of Motegi with Team RWB last weekend. Here are a few quick snaps from the day. More shots coming soon. 

It was great to see the reborn RWB Adriana in her new ‘Heavenly Wide’ form. This is the car that crashed at last years event, and was left in bits and pieces. Nakai-San and his team have done a fantastic job putting her back together for this years event. Nakai-San himself did a few laps in the car, setting some super quick times which was great to see.

It was fun to take some time out in the Gran Turismo cafe and enjoy some of Motegi’s own ramen noodles for lunch. They have a few Gran Turismo simulators set up in the cafe as well, so we set about trying to break some lap records (tried). 

Also managed to pay a visit to the Honda Collection Hall, which I always like to do when I visit Motegi. It sits in the grounds of the circuit and hosts a fantastic collection of old, new, race and stock Honda cars and bikes. Said ‘waddup’ to Asimo while I was there too.