Klaus Ratzer
Cologne, Germany
Canon EOS 6D

What is it that brings you back to Iceland again and again?

It is the incredible nature of Iceland with it’s nativeness, with it’s contraste, with it’s beauty, with it’s roughness, with it’s sensitiveness, with it’s thousands of motifs and with it’s friendly and peaceful people (to only name a few of my reasons why I like to visit Iceland). In the last couple of years I’ve been there for 5 times and I travelled more than 25.000 kilometers through the whole country. Whenever it’s possible, I’ll visit it again.

Tumblr: @ratzerart

I was tagged by desixlb & adventuresofalgy to play along in the five random facts chain; I’ve done similar things as asks before so I will try to come up with things maybe most people don’t know about me!

1) I used to be a regular for MTV LIVE Canada when I was a teen which gave me incredible opportunities to meet and talk to very popular celebrities at the time such as Coheed and Cambria, Hedley, Rupert Grint,  Sue Johanson, Andy Samberg and more!
2) I have very good intuition. I'm  one of those people that can call the ending to the biggest mindfuck movies five minutes in; I get deja vu at least once a week and I have a knack for just… knowing what’s going to happen (the phones going to ring, so-and-so is going to say ‘this’ or do 'that’). Even animals act differently with me than around other people, I think it creeps my boyfriend out a bit at times. I know it still creeps me out.
3) I’ve written a novel and a self help book; maybe one day one or both of them will get published. :)
4) I collect lighters, specifically ones with cool art and designs on them. I have soooooo many old lighters packed away, it’s ridiculous. Lighter Hoarder.
5) I’m a great person, or so I like to think… but I really suck at maintaining friendships. I always want to go out and do exciting things with people but I feel like I’m bothering them calling on them and yet when people call on me I just… don’t feel like being social at the time. I’m a walking contradiction.

Now it’s my turn to tag ten people and I think I’ll choose those ten by who the last people were who tagged something to me! Those ten people are…

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Looking forward to getting to know more about you! :) x


214: Ein empfindliches Ökosystem am Rand der #214 auf dem Weg nach Þakgil im Süden Islands. Moos und stengelloses Leimkraut (isl. Lambagras) säumen den Weg.

A fragile ecosystem along road #214 to Þakgil in the South of Iceland. Moss and Moss Campion (isl. Lambagras) are bordering the track.

Hallgrimskirkja: Eine Kirche, die wie die Kirche in Reykjavik auch Hallgrimskirkja heißt, diesmal aber nicht in Rykjavik sondern in Saurbær im Westen Islands am Hvalfjörður.

A church also called Hallgrimskirkja like the church at Reykjavik but this one is located at Saurbær in the West of Iceland at the Hvalfjörður.

Jökulsárlón: Einmal im Jahr, gegen Ende August, findet an der Gletscherlagune Jökulsárlón ein Feuerwerk statt, um mit den recht moderaten Eintrittsgeldern (1000 ISK pro Person), die lokalen Rettungskräfte zu unterstützen, die das Feuerwerk auch ausrichten.

Dazu wird ein großer Teil der Gletscherlagune vorab mit Lichtern bestückt, so dass bereits im Vorfeld eine tolle Stimmung entsteht.

Ein paar Bilder vom Feuerwerk gibt es hier zu sehen.