rattmann den

Little things I love in Portal and Portal 2
  • The empty observation rooms in the test chambers
  • Those security cameras that follow you everywhere
  • Shooting those security cameras off the wall
  • The music that plays the first time you step on an aerial faith plate
  • That Rattmann den with the radio playing “Exile Vilify”
  • The Announcer’s dialogue when he’s monitoring your tests
  • Literally everything Doug Rattmann
  • Panels. Just… panels. The way they morph in and out, the way they go absolutely berserk while GLaDOS is trying to put the facility back together… PANELS, MAN.
  • That part where Wheatley’s waiting for you by the ceiling when you jump on that faith plate and he yells “hey, hey, it’s me! I’m okay!” and he sounds so gosh darn happy, and ugghh, WHEATLEY, who gave you the right to be so adorable, you jerk?
  • That dense, slooshing liquid noise that happens when you try and shoot a portal on a surface where you can’t
  • EVERYTHING HAS A LEITMOTIF. Lasers have a leitmotif! Funnels have a leitmotif! Hard light bridges have a leitmotif! Rat dens have a leitmotif!
  • The vitrified doors that show how completely off-their-rocker Old Aperture was. Your blood will be replaced with peanut water? WHY
  • That one Rattmann den with thE DOOR THAT CLOSES BEHIND YOU?
  • The Turret Wife Serenade
  • The defective turrets
  • WHEATLEY TALKS FOREVER AT THE NEUROTOXIN GENERATOR. JUST… BABBLES. “Lovely bird! Lovely plumage! My pleasure sounds are going to frighten it away!”
  • When Wheatley punches you down the pit you can look up and see the elevator falling above you
  • The lighting fixtures in the lobbies of Old Aperture
  • The building shaking and convulsing all the time when Wheatley’s in charge of it
  • The Bring Your Daughter To Work Day room

My brother gave me this awesome customised Portal Lego model for Christmas! (Only just got around to photographing it because I’m a terrible person.)

We have Chell and a test chamber on one side, but if I spin it around there’s a Rattmann den underneath!

He even stuck posters up in there and scribbled some graffiti but my camera isn’t good enough to pick it up.

It’s just the most awesome present ever! I’m so happy to have a Lego Doug :D

steins-gate  asked:

((Saw the kidnapped meme thing, couldn't resist, cuz I'm bored and apparantly want to be in lots of rps rn)) Chell stumbled into one of Rattmann's dens, panting heavily. In the corner a figure was just visible. There was no mistaking him. "Wheatley?"

Wheatley’s head shot up in alarm. He stared at her, not making a sound except a small whimper on occasion. He was trembling.