I had agreed to photograph the removal of our local church bells. This I thought would be a simple task of watching them come down and when floored I’d then take a few snaps before they were whisked away for repair and cleaning along with a new frame for the 6 bells to sit in. 

I did think however , that it would be a great idea to actually see them housed before they came down. Not such a good idea if you don’t like heights, confined spaces and Churches!

Well maybe I’m exaggerating about the Church as I do find them fascinating structures however , it did take some climbing up a spiral staircase before entering the clock tower , only after squeezing through a recently cut hatch. After that I had to then climb two sets of very rickety ladders before again breathing in , to get to the bell tower. Very limited room to even turn around . This will be the first time since the 19th century that they’ve been removed . This particular bell was made in 1754 , so I think you’ll agree needs a good clean up.