ratterlinger  asked:

What is the animation in episode three?!?!? I'm in tears everyone looks okay for like a second tops and then it's like the animators started daring each other to see who could make the characters look like a crumpled bread bag the most THANK HEAVENS YOU GOT ON THAT MASK BUT CLEAR REAL TALK YOU BETTER START PRAYING THE ANIMATION GETS BETTER BY THE TIME THAT SHIT COMES OFF

FORREAL. From what I’ve seen, the consensus is that they released the beta/test version of the episode by accident? Like either they just took the wrong one or they didn’t have the real one ready, I don’t know. But the fixed episode is being re-aired this Saturday so… we’ll see. They could be too embarrassed to admit how bad it was. TINY FEET, TINY HANDS, TINY HEADS, CROSS EYES, WRONG HAIR COLOUR, ETC. BUT THEY STILL ANIMATED THE NOIAO KISS BEAUTIFULLY. But yeah it was a riot to watch. One of the watchers on the stream went and watched the raw and came back saying we were in for a ride. It started out okay but… IT JUST PROGRESSIVELY GETS WORSE. 

…Leo making crazy/brilliant choreography that never fails to both horrify and amaze…

…Leo Valdez as a dance student/choreographer who can do pretty much anything except pull Reyna into a lift…

Quoted directly from ratterling’s Dance School AU.

I’ve been meaning to draw something like this for a little while now, and I’m very proud of the outcome! This sketch took me about 20 minutes (quickest I’ve ever done something, mind you) and the original sketch looked so beautiful that I didn’t want to turn it into line art, so I just colored it and kept it. 

Leo+Bandana= YAS WERK LEO