pidgeotto-holt  asked:

galra!pidge au: the au nobody asked for but i'm delivering anyways. in the au matt pilots the green lion. matt and pidge are half-siblings. matt is fully human, pidge is half-galra. pidge's mom is a blade of marmora agent and also dead, so, yeah. team voltron ends up finding and allying with the blade of marmora much sooner, but when they head back to the castle they discover that there's a small half-galra kid who snuck aboard matt's lion. also she won't leave matt alone. (1)

the blade is like “oh god” and tells them how they ended up stuck with pidge and matt’s like “wait what” bc the description of pidge’s father is literally his dad? and so yeah that’s when matt finds out he has a part galra half-sister. and then the blade of marmora lowkey dumps her on matt bc he’s her family and they are sick of having to deal with a kid running around trying to take apart all their tech to see how it works. (2)

oh my goodness i love it