Forgotten Facts: Royal Assassin

A list of pieces of information I either never noticed or forgot about, gathered during my reread. Posts for the other novels to follow as I get through them. 

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1. Just how much Fitz dislikes fashion: "The new clothing that Mistress Hasty had inflicted on me" (RA p113)

2. Traditionally, "when a king or queen of Buckkeep wed, the royal spouse would bring an entourage of his or her own attendants" (RA p147) - this does not apply, of course, to Kettricken.

3. From his time in the Mountain Kingdom, Fitz brought back a present for Patience: Amber and silver earrings.

4. Ratsy isn’t technically a singular object - the Fool has at least two sceptres topped with a rat, one of which is dancing.

5. Black and red, in the Six Duchies, are the colours of grief and vengeance.

6. According to the Fool, Farseers are generally pretty shoddy at riddles (RA p221).

7. When Fitz is accidentally high from coming into contact with ash residue, he refers to Patience as his mother: "My mother needs me.“ (RA, p342).

8. “Faith and Celerity wore their hair cut short and sleek in the Northern style. The quick ways they turned their heads to observe everyone at the table reminded me of hawks on a wrist. These were not the gentled nobility of the Inland duchies that Regal was used to dealing with. Of all the Six Duchies, the folk of Bearns came closest to being warriors still.” (RA, p466)

9. “This night, Regal offered me a purse with five bits of gold in it, if I would make myself presentable and come down to entertain them. Oh, how he did go on after you had left, over how badly I was missed at the court below, and what a shame it was for me to waste my youth shut away up here. And when I said I found King Shrewd’s company more congenial than that of other fools, he flung a teapot at me.” (the Fool, RA, p548-549).

10. Prior to Galen’s, it was not uncommon for three-four coteries of six-eight members each to exist at once.


The boys seem pretty unfazed by the constant explosions outside. “What’s going on? We hear the boomings but there’s none of the Actions on the TVs” #ratsie #rats

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this better be a con because i can’t believe that @ry@ would threaten to physically harm Sansa in their own HOME, after she was physically and mentally harmed by Ratsy in their HOME, after she has done nothing but try her best to keep their HOME safe in Jon’s absence


Breakfast in beds #ratsie #rats

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Soura ratsy, tabiya mavingutsy.

“Your face is ugly and your behavior makes people want to throw up”

— my mother’s grandma when my mom was acting up.


Old man watching TV and getting scritches. #ratsie #rats

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