Preview for my up coming show at Rats9 Gallery in Montreal on August 15th entitled “Identity Online”.  A portrait survey exploring the internet’s influences on queer identities.
The show features twenty 8x10" oil paintings created this summer from photos sent to me from queer people around the world. Each painting has a bio written by the person explaining how the internet has helped shape their identity.
If you are in Montreal for Pride, please come and check out my show! If you can’t make it, I will be doing online tours via streaming several times through out the exhibition.

Are you queer? Do you want your portrait painted?

I am a queer painting student from NH and I have a solo show coming up in September at Rats9 (a very queer friendly gallery in Montreal) and my concept is how the queer community has grown and strengthened because of the internet. Queer people deserve to have their portraits painted; we are beautiful, talented, amazing and have overcome so much to be who we are. 

So if you are queer and want your portrait painted, send me an email with photos (preferably head and shoulders) with a bio to go along with it. You can write me as much or as little as you feel comfortable displaying along with your portrait. More is better! Feel free to share anything about your life story or your queer identity. I may respond to you with more questions if needed. (If you want just your username shown with the portrait, that is completely fine.)

However, here is a main question I’d like you to answer in your bio: 
How has the internet changed your relationship with the queer community and your own personal identity as a queer person?

It is not a guarantee that you will be chosen for the show, so please don’t take it personally if I don’t choose you. If you want to increase your chances, include more high quality photos and longer bio. 

Reblog so others can be in the show too! I want to paint as many queers as possible. I am so excited to get to know some more awesome people in our community, and have the privilege to paint their beautiful faces. 

send photos and a bio to me at tylerdgraffam@gmail.com