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Hello everyone, I’m opening human+pet portrait commissions.

If you like my art, mi blog or want to support my pets and wildlife rescue (I committed myself to rescue wild birds under 24/7 supervision of licensed rehabbers since we don’t have wildlife shelters in México, so now I get my city’s wild birds in need) I would really appreciate your help. 

If you can’t or don’t want to purchase I’ll really appreciate rebloggs.


  • Style A : $15 USD
  • Style B : $20 USD
  • Extra pet (in any style): $5 USD

I draw: Any pets, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, tarantulas, any animal at all. If it’s a fish I can draw up to 5 fish floating with you for the same commission price, there’s no need for *ExtraPet price.

  1. Send me a private message with what style you want and photo references of human and pet. You can also tell me what background color you want or if you want a theme for it (example: flowers, stars, magical circles, etc.)
  2. I’ll confirm your order and send you my paypal account.
  3. Once I get the payment I’ll start working on the commission and I’ll be done with it in less than a week and send you the .png, you can ask for another format. 
    *If there’s a delay for any reason I’ll let you know.

So, I’m deathly allergic to fish. But my freshman year we were dissecting animals. We had to dissect a frog, a cricket (ikr), a rat, and a fish. I asked the teacher if I could skip the fish and just do a worksheet or something instead, explaining my allergy. He said it was mandatory and that if it bothered me to just go over to the window and get some fresh air. So, being the doormat I was at the time, I went along with the dissection. About 3 min into the fish, I noticed that it was getting a bit hard to breathe. So I stepped to the window and sat there for damn near the whole period. Didn’t get better so I asked if I could call my mother. He said I couldn’t, so I just kinda said fuck it and walked out and went to the library and called her to come pick me up. I only got a 60 on the lab because I didn’t complete the participation portion.


-pets have their own right to live and be happy
-they are not on this planet only to please you
-you are responsible for the health and well-being of your pets
-if you cannot or choose not to provide your pet with what it needs, you are being abusive (yes that includes birds, reptiles, rodents, and fish)
-having an animal in your life is a privilege, not a right

I hate the mentality that how much an animal costs determines its value for care
“just a chicken” “just a rat” “just a fish”
They’re still living, breathing, creatures with personalities and worth beyond their original price tag.


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OMG the boys found the drawing I did of Sting wrapped up in a ribbon (and only a ribbon). And instead of acting like a normal adult I burst into laughter and said my friend asked me to draw it for them. They took this at face value, since they ask me to draw things for them frequently, and neither one asked why he was wrapped in a ribbon or why he was naked. Kid #1 actually complimented me on it. 

I feel this needs a picture of the WIP sketch:

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infjwriter  asked:

I was wondering something, and it kind of has to do with the science/biology of the brain and Undertale souls. In the Undertale universe, is it possible to create an artificial soul using hormones, neurotransmitters, and monster magic to mimic love, hope, and compassion, the three things that make up a monster soul? And if so, should Alphys have tried that instead of injecting determination into monsters who had fallen down?

This is a pretty cool question, it’s sort of a matter of philosophy. We know monsters are made of elements/molecules shaped and controlled by magic, they don’t have cells or brains, as we can see from monsters that have body parts that move or don’t collapse despite not being connected to the rest of the body, like Undyne when cut in half or Papyrus when he is beheaded. They don’t follow the same rules as organisms.

It brings up the point: what separates animals from humans in the Undertale Universe? It’s hard to determine what animals are monsters in the form of animals, and what are actual animals. Some snails in the game are obviously monsters. However, the snails that Toriel eats and bakes into pies are real animals, their shells are left behind when she eats them, they don’t turn to dust. Plus, the queen of monsters eating her own subjects seems a tad cruel. However, Toriel doesn’t absorb the souls of the snails, you don’t see 1000 little souls around her monster soul. She doesn’t have the power to pass through the barrier, so apparently even thousands of snails souls are not equal to one human soul in power… snails do not have souls.

What do you need to have in order to have a soul? Do you need sentience? Self awareness? The ability to feel empathy, compassion, attraction, love, happiness, or some other feeling? What makes determination in a human different from the basic urge and drive to survive? Free will? There are quite a few species of animals that possess these emotional and cognitive and psychological traits we once believed were purely human. We have artificial intelligence on the verge of reaching the definition of some of these traits. We have mapped the neural network and cells and genome and nervous system of the nematode C. elegans, and can simulate it and run it on a computer. Does this program, run on a computer, have the same value, the same life, the same soul as a live nematode? What about in the future when we do this with a fruit fly? A zebra fish? A rat, capable of empathy and fear and stress and problem solving and pain? A primate, capable of being self aware, complex emotions, love, determination?

What about the day in the future, with an extremely powerful super computer, in which we are able to model and run the brain of a human being, scanned to such detail of cellular organelles and charges that the “mind” and memories and “soul” are identical to the dead human whose brain was used?

This is the point of this blog. We started with a topic of an indie game made mostly by a young adult who likely never once though about any of this, and it’s lead to this big picture with a topic with real importance, a philosophical question and realization that makes you think. I took you to the future of science and the human race and educated you while giving you an opportunity to consider something that may alter your view of life, souls, brains, animals, memories, computers, technology, death, and the emotions and mechanisms of our brains that determines what life is for us.

As a mentally ill multiple pet owner I would like to thank my fish, rats, mouse, cat, and dog for keeping me grounded, and for putting up with me when I’m being self destructive.

Also you guys, my followers and fellow pet lovers, are the freaking best and if any of you are going through a hard time, whatever the cause, I am always here and I will always try to help you.

We all take care of our animals but people need to be cared for too! Don’t forget that!