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I’m so tired of people getting pets without learning how to take care of them

Dogs are omnivorous, cats are carnivorous.

If you don’t feed your cat meat, it will die.

Dogs need exercise every single day, not just when you feel like it.

Betta fish need a MINIMUM of 2.5 gallons sized tank.

Most pet fish you’ll see are tropical and need heaters.

Most reptiles need a humid environment. Your living room is neither warm enough nor humid enough.

Rats and budgies are highly social animals and need to live with others of their kind. Read: always get more than one.

Rats like to climb and need a cage taller than it is wider.

Goldfish grow to be 10"-12" and live to be 10-20 years. Yes even that cheap $0.50 one. They’re pond fish. And yes, their bodies actually do stay small if they’re kept in a small environment but their organs will continue to grow and will eventually crush each other, killing the fish prematurely.

Some fish will fight, kill, or eat each other and it’s not “just a fact of nature” it’s you not doing your research and putting the wrong species together.

It takes a few google searches and maybe twenty minutes of link clicking to learn the basics.

It’s not the responsibility of the pet store employee to teach you everything you need to know. The pet store employee might not even need to know what you need to know. All it takes to be a pet store employee is to be more than 18 years old.

I’m just tired of seeing uninformed people put their pets in poor situations. Just. Research. Just a little bit. One google search. Please.

This is Disney XD US’s schedule this week (MON 10/30 TO SUN 11/5). Lots of Phineas and Ferb here and Gravity Falls is common as well. Pickle and Peanut has new episodes every weekday with ratings taken at 7.00AM, but repeats at 11.00AM, 5.00PM and 8.30PM. Star Wars Rebels has new episodes on Monday at 9.00PM, becoming Disney XD’s only animated show airing in primetime this week, and repeats throughout the week.

Ducktales, Spiderman, Beyblade and Pokemon take breaks this week and MECH X4 returns for 5 new episodes on Saturday at 11.00AM. Toy Story 2 is the only movie on this week on Saturday at 7.00PM and Sunday at 11.30AM.

Wander over Yonder returns for reruns for Halloween by the way! At 2.00AM. Watch it!


-pets have their own right to live and be happy
-they are not on this planet only to please you
-you are responsible for the health and well-being of your pets
-if you cannot or choose not to provide your pet with what it needs, you are being abusive (yes that includes birds, reptiles, rodents, and fish)
-having an animal in your life is a privilege, not a right


Clementine and the other rats are practicing for the frozen pea fishing Olympics. They’re pretty sure team Pipsqueakery is going to take gold this year.

I mean just look at the skill and style that Clementine displays while she hunts the elusive frozen pea! #rat #olympics #fishing

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Hey petblr/rat caretakers (ratblr?)

My sister (who is 20 whole years old) showed me a picture of her rat setup and it is not good. It’s just what looks to be a ten gallon tank with some basic bedding?

So I was wondering if someone could send me a proper rat setup and give me some cheap options to show her in order for her rat to be comfortable and live a good life.

Also, the basics of rat care, since I’m mostly into fish and have never had a rat or a rodent of any kind.

Any help is really appreciated, thank you!