rats eye


Pets with red eyes are less likely to be adopted than ‘normal’ eye colored animals, simply because of how they were born.

Pets with red eyes can be just as wonderful and loving as any other pet, and they are just as beautiful!  ❤️ 🐁 

Please do not over look them just because of their eye color!  ❤️ 🐇


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.14

Wait, Haircut’s on the moon?


Sparta on the day she came home, July 24th 2014. I hope I never forget that day. Bonding and learning took time, but she made it so easy right from the start. I had never owned or even lived with a dog before, but I knew right then we’d make it work.

Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.

The Rats and the Thief

My party is set up with four people: the gnome Illusionist, the dwarven Fighter, the human Cleric, and the elven Thief. We finished killing 3 giant rats, who the DM has lovingly named “Splinter and his 2 brothers”.

Thief: Can I cut out their bladders & make them into pouches?
Fighter: Dude, WHY?
Thief: They can be used!
Cleric: Ugh, that’s nasty!
DM: Your party is disgusted, but they don’t throw up as you do this.
Thief: Are the rats male or female?
Fighter: Wht do you need to know this?
Thief: So I can make earrings out of their eyes!

Later on we come across 4 goblins.
Thief: I take my rat eyes and hold them up to my own as, like, a scare tactic.

Thief:I cut off the goblins’ noses, and pick their boogers.
Illusionist: I have 16 constitution, so I manage to NOT puke somehow.

Finally, we find a chest.
Thief: So, the is chest locked and armed.
Illusionist: Oh boy.
DM: Yes…
Cleric: Use the stupid eyeball in the lock to set it off!
Thief: Ok, let’s put an eyeball and a bladder in the lock and set off the trap.
DM: Somehow this works…