Imagine the assassins going together on a trip to the mountains

> Ezio and Jacob want to look cool and better than everyone so they take the rope lift up to the top and just wave down at everyone and make faces, laughing their asses off. Ezio got hit with a rock, thrown by Altair.

> Malik finds a long stick in the woods along his way and now pretends he is a wizard. Occasionally smacks Altair over the head with it when he starts complaining too much.

> Altair complaining how the hill is so steep. “How could you choose the worst way up?! Do I look like a mountain goat to you?!” “Maybe not a mountain, but a goat is exactly what you look like.” Malik shouted, making everyone else turn around and look at them.

> Shay and Edward are too lazy to walk so they decide to go on an offroad trip up the hill. Rebecca, Clay and Desmond join them. Throughout the forest there was an echo of screaming and party music. A few times they were going to tumble down the hill with their jeep. Edward almost made a hole through the roof of the jeep, because the road was really bumpy.

> For some reason, Arno dressed like he was going to a fashion show. Every two steps he makes Elise take pictures of him. “Just to tell you, the view is the same on the last ten photos and you stood in front of the same tree five times.”

> Shaun keeping close to Connor because he’s scared he might get lost and knows that Connor knows his way around the forests. Every once in awhile, Shaun would make fun of his skills to such a point where Connor just huffed at him and left him like that in the forest. “Aren’t you going to crouch and listen to the ground to hear where the right way is like in those cowboy movies? …Connor? CONNOR!”

> Every time an eagle or hawk screech, Jacob and Ezio make the same sound, which horribly echoes in the forest, scaring the strangers.

> *eagle screeches* Evie sighed “Here it comes…” Two seconds later “BAWWWK”

> Connor and Evie discussing the flowers and vegetation in the forest. Connor picked a flower and showed it to Evie and told her its latin name and what it’s properties are like. Ezio saw that and wanted to air assassinate Connor. “This is [random latin name]. It is actually said that it can heal a series of diseases and rumor also has it that it saved [random country] from a deadly plague ages ago.” “I”LL GET YOU FOR THAT” Ezio screamed as he bypassed them from the lift. Jacob holding him back so he doesn’t fall and break his legs.

> Hope and Liam dissing Shay. Hope takes all the selfies and uploads them on her social media accounts with alot of hashtags. “#nature #love #fresh #air #not #like #most #girls” Liam staring at her with confusion “Don’t you find it hard to write entire sentences with a # before each word?”

> Shay rolls up in his ride next to them “Get in losers, we’re aiming for the top!” “Oops! Too bad, no room for losers!” Edward yelled before roaring with laughter along with the others. Hope and Liam watched them indifferently as Shay made a drift and took off, full speed. Unfortunately they hit something and stopped. “FUCK” “CAN”T YOU DRIVE?!”

> Daniel and Pierre befriending each other and normally walking along the path and talking about random things.

> Having a picnic at the top of the peak.

“Jacob, if you are going to take the lift, atleast take the food with you and start cooking when you find the spot until we get there.” Evie had told him. “Yeah, sure sis. Not a problem.” he answered with a scoff. “Ezio, since he will forget, remind him to take the food!” she warned Ezio. “Don’t worry, amore, everything will go fine.” he reassured. Ten minutes later: “You guys have a car, take the bags with you and we’ll meet up at the top of the hill.”  Jacob shoved the bags in Shay’s arms. “Will do.” Shay shrugged “We won’t take long.”

> Ezio realizing they left everything in Shay’s car. All they do is sit on the grass trying to light a fire and stare at each other. “She’s gonna yell.” “Si…”

> “Where’s the food?” Evie asked when the group finally got together. “We…They…” Ezio stuttered out. ”Shay has it…” Just their luck, Shay wasn’t coming anytime soon, because the next minute a loud “WOOHOO” was heard from the bottom of the hill and they saw the jeep randomly spinning around and drifting through the rocks and trees.

> Jacob complaining how he is hungry. Evie wants to kill him. “BUT WE’RE HUNGRYYY” “Speak for yourself, amico. I have something to eat.” Ezio winked at Evie who smacked him over the head.

> “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Rebecca screamed when Shay finally parked the jeep near the group’s camp. “You guys should have come too!” Everyone glaring at them. “What?”

> Shay and Edward bickering over who gets to take over the grill. “I have been grilling steak ever since you were still walking upright under the table!” “Weird. Because you didn’t have any struggles walking upright under the table while I did it either.” Connor getting grumpy because he is starving and just pushes them away and takes over the grill himself

> “Bugs! Bugs everywhere!” Shaun whined “Eating outdoors is the worst thing a man could do after evolving into what we are today!” “Why did you come if you hate it so much?” Arno asked “Because I thought someone might appreciate the fact that we are all here together!”

> Altair having enough of Malik beating him with a stick and breaking it in half. “Oh!” Malik yelled “Even better! Now I have two sticks to beat you with, you novice! Even they won’t be enough to teach you a lesson!”

> Jacob and Ezio are grounded literally. They are forbidden to take the lift as punishment for not doing what Evie asked them to. They grumble stuff angrily the entire way down.

> “DID YOU SEE THE FOX, ELISE?!” Arno yelled. Elise looked around, nervously because everyone around them now knows who Arno was talking to, her name and what he was asking her. “Yes, Arno, and I’m sure everyone else knows now that a fox crossed our path.”

> Rebecca taking the long way down and constantly screams and jumps away when she sees a bug. Not to mention how many times she hit someone while she was gesturing to get the bug away from herself.

> Shay running out of gas on the way down. Liam and Hope mock him. 

> Haytham not coming because he knew this would happen. And he doesn’t like straining himself anyway. And nature.


Assassin’s “Why Are These CGI Killers So Beautiful?” Creed


Assassins creed Phone wallpapers + Name meanings

To celebrate Assassin’s Creed for 10 Years!!!!! I absolutely love this game series it was one of the first that I really fell in love with! 


Assassin’s Creed: Reflections 04

  • Connor has (at least?) 1 son and 2 daughters. Well, our “I trust my own hands” boy has grown into a wonderful father. :D
  • The girl, who appears in the preview, is named Io:nhiòte and is one of his daughters.
  • The description of Connor’s “sad and lonely death” in Abstergo Entertainment Employee Handbook is nothing but FAKE NEWS from Templars. Connor lives happily ever after. So “life is not a fairytale and there are no happy endings” seems to be wrong~

I’m quite happy that after like more than 4 years, there is finally some continuity of Connor’s story after AC3 and furthermore, it is a happy ending!


Practice practice. This was fun.

© Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed Fancast

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Wentworth Miller as Desmond Miles

Kristen Bell as Lucy Stillman

Paul Bettany as Shaun Hastings

Zooey Deschanel as Rebecca Crane

Robert Patrick as William Miles

Oscar Isaac as Clay Kaczmarek

Donald Sutherland as Warren Vidic

Moe Dunford as  Juhani Otso Berg

Rami Malek as Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Yasmin Paige as Maria Thrope

Ghassan Massoud as Al Mualim

Theo Rossi as Malik al-Sayf

Behzad Farahani as Jabal

Abraham Justice as Abbas Sofian

Thomas Canestraro as Robert de Sable

Lorenzo Richelmy as Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

Romano Orzari as Giovanni Auditore da Firenze

Ian McShane as Mario Auditore

Claudia Ferri as Maria Auditore da Firenze

India Eisley as  Claudia Auditore da Firenze

Mark Stanley as Leonardo da Vinci

Aidan Gillen as Niccolò Machiavelli

Christina Hendricks as Caterina Sforza

Oona Chaplin as Cristina Vespucci

Ralph Fiennes as La Volpe

Patricia Velasquez as Paola

America Ferrera as Annetta

David Wenham as Antonio de Magianis

Krysten Ritter as Rosa

Monica Bellucci as Teodora Contanto

Mandy Patinkin as Bartolomeo d'Alviano

Miranda Otto as Pantasilea Baglioni

Gregg Chillin as Yusuf Tazim

Rebecca Ferguson as Sofia Sator

Diego Luna as  Prince Suleiman

John Doman as Rodrigo Borgia

François Arnaud as Cesare Borgia

Holliday Grainger Lucrezia Borgia

Faran Tahir as Prince Ahmet

Zhang Ziyi as Shao Jun

Umar Khan as  Arbaaz Mir

Uros Certic as Nikolai Orelov

Matt Ryan as Edward Kenway

Lyriq Bent as Adéwalé

Dakota Blue Richards as Mary Read

Danny Glover as Achilles Davenport

Liam Neeson as Haytham Kenway

Aidan Turner as Shay Patrick Cormac

Martin Sensmeier as Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton

Lupita Nyong’o as Aveline de Grandpré

Hugo Becker as Arno Dorian

Catherine Bérubé as Élise de la Serre

Taron Egerton as Jacob Frye

Daisy Ridley as Evie Frye

Felicity Jones as Lydia Frye

Sendhil Ramamurthy as Henry Green

John Boyega as Bayek

Sibylla Deen as Aya/Amunet

Lyndsey Marshal as Cleopatra

Ciarán Hinds as Julius Caesar


If they all had journals I would definitely want to read them all. Also, I didn’t draw Jacob or Evie because I haven’t played or seen how they act (And I also haven’t really seen Arno but I just went with my French instincts)

For the french people: Je suis vraiment désolé pour ce stéréotype sur les Français, à propos de la baguette et du “Sacrebleu!”. Mais ça me fais toujours autant rire.