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Who are your favourite characters in SVTFOE? :D


1. Toffee.This fave is a given. He’s a lizard, he’s tall, in a suit, and has a fantastic voice. I freakin’ want to know everything about him and yet we can all only make theories until something canon comes out. Love ya regardless, Toffee.

2.  Omnitraxus Prime. HE’S SUPER MY TYPE? He’s got a cool/cute skull face, he’s HUGE, has beautiful colorful galaxies in him, and has a wonderfully deep voice. I can’t wait to see more of him and the high magic commission.

3. Ludo. He’s hilarious and very cute??? I’m so happy and amazed at his character development. At first he was the typical tiny villain who was laughable and cowardly. Now he’s a legitimate threat, all while still being a pawn of sorts.

4. Glossaryck. Yet again, another hilarious character. Who knows what Glossaryck’s plan is or what he KNOWS is gonna happen, bottom line is this this weird genie spell-book man is fascinating. Also I love the voice for him.

5.  Yvgeny Bulgoyaboff AKA (Buff Frog). HE’S GREAT, I thought he was a good enough henchman for Ludo in S1, BUT NOW HE’S A DAD AND IT’S THE CUTEST THING. I’m a sucker for monster dads. Yvgeny’s fantastic.

6. Moon & River. I actually really love Star’s parents! Moon is a regal queen mother who worries about Star’s well-being and magic training, and anytime King River makes an episode appearance I love his out of control wild man excitement.

7. Lekmet, Rhombulus, Heckapoo. I’m putting these three together cause this list is already getting long, but I really like their designs, and I REALLY WOULD LOVE an episode of the entire High Commission hanging out?
Also Lekmet is a personal fave cause he’s a tired old goat man and Rhombulus takes care of him which is the cutest thing. gay

8. Tom. Look at this Jack Spicer motherfucker he’s cool I like him, and I honestly want to know more about how him and Star became exes? I’d love to see more Tom and Marco hanging out as well.

But yeah those are my favorites~

More of Me

Thanks @ladydracarysao3! You guys are getting so much of me tonight sorry for the inundation lol.

1. How tall are you? 5′3″

2. What colour and style is your hair? Mousey brown, long and straight.

3. What colour are your eyes? Brown

4. Do you wear glasses? YES. I actually have super poor eyesight. I usually wear contacts though.

5. Do you wear braces? No. I’ve never had them.

6. What is your fashion sense? When I’m actually doing fashion, I tend to go unabashedly LA. Like Mary-Kate Olsen’s LA. Like Free People LA. Jeffrey Campbells with spikes. But like I’m not usually doing fashion. Usually I’m doing jeans and tee shirts.

7. Do you have any siblings? One younger sister.

8. What kinda student were/are you? Bored and fickle. I did very well in high school because I had to. I was a terrible college student, however, because I was irresponsible and had a hard time dealing with stuff I wasn’t interested in. My English/Creative Writing gpa was a 3.9. My gpa for everything else was probably more like a 2.9. I got a lot of B/Cs.

9. What is your favourite subject? LUNCH. Also English.

10. Favourite TV shows? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, The Sopranos, Lost, Twin Peaks, The X-Files

11. Favourite books? Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, The Quick and the Dead by Joy Williams, Cruddy by Lynda Barry, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

12. Favourite pastime? Video games.

13. Any regrets? Yes, sure. Though I don’t tend to look back very often. I am not generally regretful or nostalgic.

14. What is your dream job? Writer, self-sufficient.

15. Do you want to get married? I’ve been married since 2013.

16. Do you want kids? How many? I never really knew if I wanted kids. Then I got one. I’m good with that. We might have another one at some point, though we’re not ready yet on many levels.

17. How many countries have you visited? Idk. Not super many.

18. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? I have these hallucinations sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night. My brother-in-law’s partner is a neurologist and a sleep specialist and he called them “hypnopompic” hallucinations. I don’t have sleep paralysis, and they’re not night terrors. Basically, I’m awake, but my brain is slow to the uptake, so images from my dreams will momentarily imprint in the room like ghosts. I’ve seen founding fathers walking in the door, floating cameras, spiders on the ceiling, and a tall man in a tuxedo standing at the end of the bed. I always scream and like jump into my husband’s arms. They’ve been less recent since having a kid.

19. Do you have any enemies? Not really. I am afraid of having enemies. I can be too nice sometimes.

20. Do you have a datemate? What’s a datemate? Would that be my husband? We go on very few dates, but we have dated from time to time lol.

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Not trying to be ignorant, genuinely trying to be educated. What makes LaLa Land a racist film? I understand the Moonlight vs. LaLa Land argument over why putting down Moonlight is racist, but what about the film LaLa Land itself is racist?

You have a dull manchild whitesplaining a historically Black genre to anyone who will listen the entire movie and trying to dictate what is and isn’t “true jazz” and if that wasn’t bad enough the only black character is portrayed as a sellout to the genre. Also, it’s a movie about film and music in Los Angeles without any LGBT characters or POC characters outside of John Legend. Talk about misrepresenting a whole industry and a city. I’m oversimplifying it because I really don’t feel like going into it today, but there’s a million think pieces out there from reputable critics with really valid points that range on everything from the film’s racism to its horrid writing of the female character. Google is your friend.