Okay, so it turns out that someone on DA is stealing art from tumblr user ratohnhaketons. This is upsetting ratohnhaketons quiet a lot, so I’m making a post about it.

Ratty is one of my favorite artists on tumblr that I follow, and I could tell this was her art from a mile away. Now, I don’t want this to blow out of proportion, but claiming someone else’s hardwork is not okay in my books.

Neither I, nor Ratty, have a DA, so I was hoping some other people could report this person for it. Their DA is angeloidalpha. PLEASE DO NOT HARASS THIS PERSON IF YOU ARE GOING TO LEAVE A COMMENT.



AskStumpy Button Bundle Will Open In June 2013

So, not that the selling of buttons will make a dent, but, now that I’m a college graduate, I have close to $15,000 in loans I have to pay off. I’m working two full-time jobs and I’m hoping to get some money at least under my belt, to save up for future endeavors (like a house, or personal vacation, or buying a boyfriend).

The last set had buttons going for $2 a piece, and unfortunately, due to shipping costs, I lost money in the process. I will probably get some upset costumers once I state that buttons will probably be going up a dollar in price a piece ($3). Those who have received buttons, are you satisfied with the quality? I work really hard on these puppies and even if there is a slight mistake, I re-make them for you.

The Altair button will most likely not go on sale, it’s stupid. I’ll probably re-design another one. But Connor, Ezio, and Desmond’s designs are their final ones.

See you in in Mid-June (I get back from vacation June 10th) when AskStumpy cleans away the cobwebs and starts being responsible for once. Toodle-pip!

(There, I put up a picture of me with a button attached to my bosom. Now you can see just how big they are!)

If you’ve been following me for a while now then you will all know that I’m terrible with words and talking (Basically human social interaction). I try to make up for it with art! 

Ratty was feeling down, so what better way to try and attempt to make someone feel better than with copious amounts of derpy Connor! @///@;;

schwarmerei replied to your postAC3 fanmix
Oh I LOVE Voltaire! Nice choice!


Okay, you’re literally the first person I’ve heard that likes him (none of my friends here do).

You really need to listen to some One-Eyed Doll.  I think they’d be right up your alley.   ouo



^This girl has taken and in some cases edited, without permission, art from 


^This blog. I’ve already reported the stolen arts, and alerted the groups that added the stolen art.

If you have a dA yourself, please help out by reporting, but do not constantly harass the thief.

Post a comment asking them to take it down, or point out that theft isn’t allowed, but for God’s sake don’t stoop to insulting their artistic ability, or (and I hope this goes without saying) tell her to delete her account and kill herself.

Let’s not have a repeat of the OhMyLittlePlanet shenanigans, shall we?