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Do you know any good sportarobbie fics? I'm looking for both NSFW and fluff!

This Ship is not a Home by Folle fits both bills, and is honestly one of my favorites. Really all of their Sportarobbie fics are pretty wonderful.

This one is super pure and heart-warming.

Sportarip surprised me - but in a good NSFW way

Ghosting hints at sportarobbie pretty hard.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes delves deep, and hits home with the emotions

All of AnnGry’s stuff is gen, but it’s really good, and Robbie Forgotten focuses on Robbie & Sportacus a lot.

Peanut Butter Banana Sandwiches

I hope this is what you were looking for! Though, you’ve probably read them all by now ♥

And these are just my favorites, which were hard to single out, b/c this fandom is honestly so talented in the writing department.

theversatilist replied to your post “just tryna enjoy tumblr today but the Discourse™ is already here”

I’m sorry :D

@theversatilist ne t’inquiète pas, je ne parlais pas de toi ^^ c’était encore l’éternelle question : “les lesbiennes sont-elles des transphobes si elles n’acceptent pas le Phallus™ dans leur vie sexuelle ?” et disons que j’en ai un tout petit, petit peu marre de cette foutue homophobie.

Clarification about earlier post


“Lifting” as in “shoplifting.” There used to be, might still be, a huge community of “shoplifters” who would brag about their “hauls” on Tumblr. They were usually politically left-wing and so there was a backlash pointing out that this kind of stuff is really really bad for retail workers. Bosses usually retaliate for shoplifting by punishing the retail workers on duty, at least in the U.S., so it ultimately hurts the people on the bottom, not the people on the top.

Which led to a lot of hilarious discourse when lifters tried to twist themselves into pretzels to explain why, well actually, that doesn’t happen (even after plenty of retail workers told them yes, it does) and it’s still necessarily anti-capitalist radical praxis because XYZ. My favorite was when a young teen (I think it was m*meufacturing) tried to say I’m wrong because “it’s illegal and people can just sue their bosses if they try that!” which shows how deeply these people understand what it’s like to be working class.

Ftr, I do think something like “lifting” food and other stuff you need to live can be radical, and sometimes necessary for poor people to survive. I don’t think that’s morally wrong. I think it’s a horse of a different color though when it’s middle- and upper-class people bragging about stealing $500 worth of products from Sephora or Lush, which is what 99% of “lifting” posts on Tumblr are like.

Everyone is onboard for some more Magic Knight Rayearth, y/y? We’ll get started tonight as soon as I get home from work!