Commissioned by Rated Ponystar.

That was such an incredibly huge project. It took me weeks, literally. So happy to be finally finished! Enjoy some sweet Appledash! <3

Big thanks to my wife Callisto, for helping me with ideas and critique, and to Ponystar for writing such a sweet script and of course for commissioning me to bring it to life. It was fun!


Don’t worry folks, we didn’t forget you! We’re just crazy busy these past days and San Francisco was really exhausting.

Also AJ had to help out a lazy human with a stupid proposal plan.



(( Sorry for neglecting this blog quite a bit. I had some time today to do a really quick picture for this blog. I’ve gotten some pretty interesting questions and I’ll start answering again sometimes soon™. A lot of you want to know if AJ and RD told their friends and family about their relationship. And guess what? You’ll find out in the next update! ))

A collab I did with my best friend *marikaefer. (Tumblr: http://ponykaefer.tumblr.com/) She’s responsible for the basic idea, the sketch and the lines. I did the colors and the shading. 

In both of our names I’d like to thank you all for enjoying our art. It’s great to be part of this fandom with all of you.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.