ratnasambhava buddha

When great Bodhisattvas hear that phenomena have no self, no being, no soul, no person, no mind, no object, no greed, no anger, no delusion, no body, no thing, no master, no sustenance, no attachment, and no action (karma), all of these having no existence, being ultimately nil, – having heard this they deeply believe it without doubt or repudiation.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 1094

Note on the image: Dhyani Buddha Ratnasambhava (Jewel Born) from the Japanese tradition.

The Jina Buddha Ratnasambhava

Jina – meaning victorious was a title more often used for spiritual masters of Tīrthaṅkaras from the Jaina tradition. But the title was also used for Dhyānī Buddhas in the Vajrayāna tradition.

This Ṭhañgkā, with mineral pigments on cloth is believed to be the work of Newāri artists from Nepāla, based on the iconographic characteristics.

Central Tibet, circa 1100-1125 CE

Los Angeles County Museum of Art