I *might* have done a little jig when I saw Idhar Udhar had been uploaded on youtube. Much nostalgia given this was one of a clutch of iconic TV programs on Doordarshan in the 1980s. Featuring my girl crush Ratna Pathak, the very lovely husky-voiced Supriya Pathak and the under rated Ravi Baswani. And a whole host of 1980s fashions :) idk about the laugh track though!

Kapoor & Sons, Since 1921


Just. Wow.

I mean I watched the trailer and thought - ‘kay typical love triangle, brothers fighting, blah blah. But the reviews were good and I watched the movie AND WOW.

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(^Because I’m now fangirling over him)

Misleading trailer.

The acting? AMAZING.

Rishi Kapoor got the best lines. :D

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Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak were amazing as the parents.

Alia got the usual chirpy girl role, but was great.

FAWAD KHAN. I’m totally fangirling over him. I mean I knew he was good-looking but this guy CAN ACT. And that charm+talent… No words.

<tried inserting a Fawad gif but slow net problems -_->

Sidharth Malhotra was fine - not as good as the rest of them but not bad either.

And the writing. The way EACH character gets a story. You never feel like it was just one person’s story. And you feel for EACH of them. For all their faults, their imperfections, you still end up caring about them.

Recommending it to everyone.

Also, the end-credits score was BEAUTIFUL. Does anyone know what song/music it was (please help!!)?