| i’m posting this not to disgust you (but it should) but because you should be aware of what is going on out here in addition to the fact that many love to eat certain types of food at lunch as it rapidly approaches. so dig, #didyouknow that the united states food & drug administration (#fda) is now very concerned that an estimated 3oo,ooo pounds of #ratmeat which is being passed off as chicken & ’#bonelesschickenwings’? did you know that it has been sold in restaurants & grocery stores across america? according to reports, fda inspectors raised concerns after several illegal shipping containers originating from #china were seized by customs at the port of #sanfrancisco & were found to contain #rat meat that was meant to be shipped to different meat processing plants across #america & resold as #chicken. yeah, read that again. then after you clean up your vomit, keep reading.
one report says that hundreds of thousands of pounds of the illegal meat have been seized & are to be destroyed by authorities. the fda warns an estimated 3oo,ooo pounds of the counterfeit rat meat might still be in circulation. it’s jacked up because to me & i won’t necessarily say the restaurants knew because they generally order from the processing plants in bulk & trust both the wholesaler & the fda but i will say that i think some of these meat plants knew what in the hale it was / is & that’s wild. think about the last time you are chicken. then, think about the fact that your #seasamechicken could’ve actually been ‘seasame rat’. #meetyourmeat ladies & gents, meet your meat.

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