So I bought some Turkish Delight a while ago inspired by that one post. 

This shit. This shit came in the most vintage ass packaging i have ever seen. Walnut and Rose. I opened the Rose. 

It not only looks vintage but it also smells. And fucking tastes like a late evening with old oil lamps in a house with carpets on the walls, drinking coffee in your heavy skirts and thick woolen socks and just talking with people. It tastes, smells, and looks so fucking old like what the fuck they should put this in time travel devices.

And I was disappointed at the fact there were only 6 pieces, but then I ate two. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god it’s the most filling shit i’ve ever seen what the hell I could barely finish the second one oooooooooooh my god I love this i love this 100000/10 would buy again