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“You shitheads are both going to turn over your jewellery to me for safekeeping, and after which, you’ll scrub the spaceship until I can see my face on every surface, and then you fools are going on a recon mission against the earthlings because I‘m ordering you to do so!”

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Imagine ghost of you WW2 era Gerard away over seas and on one of his patrols he sees a Jewish refugee (The reader) and she's like "please don't kill me!" but he's like "it's okay I'm not a Nazi I can help" but his officer wants to turn her away because rations and space and everything and he's having none of that so he, Frank, Mikey (WHO IS ALIVE) and ray all pitch in to hide her at their training site to be continued [1/?]

Omg God bless and since there’s no extra space she either has to sleep with one of them or they give up their bunk for her and they have to sneak her to the showers after hours and stuff

"None of us are innocent." - Maya Vie

One thing that I find interesting about Mt. Weather in s2 of The 100 is how heavily it is associated with food. The chocolate cake is mentioned 2-3 times as symbolic of the Mountain Men’s allure, for example. Whenever we see the larger populace of the Mountain, it is at a dinner table. In the season premiere, Clarke bursts into the main dining hall to see everyone eating supper like there’s no trouble in the world.

We see it as the show goes on: the lives of the 47 seem to revolve around sleep place and meal place. This is no small temptation to children who grew up on brutally strict rations in space, then almost starved to death on the ground. Probably even more than the Trigedakru, the Sky People have been hungry their whole lives.

The association between the Mountain Men and eating culminates in their final death– we are shown that while the Ark children were dying, the general population of the Mountain Men were having an evening meal. After the lever is pulled, they die at their tables, with their blistered faces fallen into their dinner plates. Clarke executes them in almost exactly the same scene as when she first met them.

So why is the food so important? Why does the script go back to chocolate cake over and over again, and why do we only ever see the wider populace when they are eating? Because metaphorically, the Mountain Men are eating the Outsiders. Not directly (that’s the Reapers, the creations of Mt. Weather), but in the end, these are vampires. They consume the blood of the villagers after treating them like livestock. The “harvest” chamber brings it back, again, to food. Sustenance drives their whole society, and their society can’t function without consuming and using the bodies of other human beings for health.

This is why they were always going to die in the story. As soon as Clarke saw the cages in 2x02, you (the audience) knew the Mountain Men had to die. Murder for cannibalism is abhorred across cultures, and it will never be ethically justifiable. It is one of the worst crimes a human being can commit. The show was clear about what had to happen–the Mountain had to fall. Then all of season 2 was an exercise in watching that scenario play out. We know that they must destroy the Mountain Men, we just get to see how Clarke and her allies make it happen.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Watch the pieces fall apart. This show is freakin’ dark.

Honestly, today’s liberal PC climate frightens me, probably even more so than the conservatives. It horrifies me that someday, I too might be doxxed for the simple reason that I’m not feminist, or that I’m not doing enough to side with groups like BLM. It terrifies me that this ultra-PC attitude has infiltrated colleges, news networks, and other places that should be a rational space, but instead parrot tired, biased statistics that favor feminists or ultraliberals. Who now might commit the worst crime: the crime of thought? The crime of not being liberal enough??

after a full day of flying from Fukuoka to Seoul to Shanghai, he stayed up to pen down that weibo post at midnight. he purposely posted it in Chinese (with interpreter’s and manager’s help of course) to allow fans to fully understand what he’s trying to say. it was an issue so serious that he had to tell fans what they were doing is not right. he is not a person to lightly speak of an issue if it was not serious. he just ended the Fukuoka 2-days Dome Concert the day before. he flew back from Fukuoka yesterday and he was back to the airport later that same day to catch a flight to Shanghai. fansite masters stopped taking pictures of him after awhile because they said he looked too tired and they wanted to give him space to rest. when he arrived in Shanghai’s airport, there were fan accounts of him being stuck in the airport for an hour or so because there were too many fans waiting for him outside. when he was finally on his way to the hotel, when he thought he could finally rest for the night, there were 20 or so cars tailing behind him, trying to block his path for god-knows-what reasons. could you imagine the mental exhaustion and stress this boy had gone through? don’t you see the way you express your love is tiresome for him? don’t you see that the love you proclaim to be so great and precious has already turned sour? don’t you see that your love is actually poison for him?

the one thing that’s still irking me is the Bad Theory that’s circulating around that the black hole devoured all of paradox space, because:

-first of all, the black hole was confined by the ring LE smashed around it. that was why calliope was instructed to wait before destroying the green sun. not just so it would occur simultaneously with the showdown, but so that the ring was complete.

-second of all, i don’t know if you all forgot your Homestuck Metaphysical Geometry ™, but paradox space contains all the sessions, and every universe that exists is a living frog inside the remains of a finished session. between all those bubbles of incipisphere (with rational time and space), is the furthest ring, with irrational time and space.

if the entirety of paradox space is destroyed, every universe that has ever existed or will ever exist is also destroyed. that doesn’t make any sense. that’s LE’s goal, not calliope’s. calliope’s choice was to martyr herself in order to end suffering. destroying all of existence was not what she chose to do.