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Something Comfortable

A/N:  For @jmathieson-fic who asked for “soak” from the micro fic meme and either TOS or AOS Kirk/Spock.  I ended up choosing Old Married Spirk from TOS. 

“I have obtained the mushrooms,” Spock announced when he arrived.  He paused in the small hallway by the back door that Jim liked to call the “mud room” and discarded the broken umbrella that had offered him little protection from the elements.  

“Excellent,” Jim called from the kitchen.  "Now I can finish the risotto.“

Spock nodded as he entered the room where Jim was making preparations for dinner.  Then he sneezed.  

Jim’s eyes went wide.  "Spock, you’re soaked to the bone!”

“It is not unusual to become wet when there is precipitation, Jim,” he said patiently.

“Good thing I’m making something nice and hot for you, then,” Jim said.  He pointed the way out of the room in a commanding fashion.  "Now get out of those wet clothes and change into something comfortable.“

"Very well.”  Spock turned and headed up the stairs to their bedroom.  It was only logical that he change his garments once they were wet, after all.  And if “something comfortable” happened to be a pair of Jim’s soft sleep pants and one of Jim’s warming flannel shirts, then that too was a rational choice.


“We have traveled far together, my beratna, but this is where we must part ways. Ever since I found you, broken, looking for redemption under a Belter knife, I have tried to teach you the Belter way. I have failed. You told us that when you destroyed Protogen, the Earth corp responsible for killing so many of our brothers and sisters on Eros, that you destroyed all its secrets as well. There was nothing left for us to fear. But instead, you preserved what you could of this terrible new weapon, and took it back to Tycho with you, keeping those secrets for yourself, no doubt believing that when the time comes, as it surely must, you and you alone, would decide when to use the weapon to defend the Belt. Now, I believe you have the Belt ere kori. And we have taken to you as a brother. But this- This is the Earther in you still. We do not want to live under anyone’s boot, Fred Johnson, asilik towchu! Even a friendly one, afraid that if we disobey, we will have our air cut off, our water rationed, be spaced, or be herded into chambers to be used like animals. This is the way it has been until now. No more. I have stolen your secret, Fred Johnson. And I am giving it to the Belt.”

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Alexander Titus Maximus

Full Name: Alexander Titus is his praenomen and nomen, the ‘Maximus’ cognomen he got for heroism in orbit above Calth.

Gender and Sexuality: Male, Straight (Demisexual)

Pronouns: He, Him, His

Ethnicity/Species: Human, Astartes, Espandoran, Space Latino

Birthplace and Birthdate: outside Herapolis, Espandor. 880 M30

Guilty Pleasures: Any meal that isn’t field rations, but especially space fajitas.

Phobias: As an astartes, technically, none. As a Horus Heresy veteran: the potential to be utterly corrupted by good intentions and fall to Chaos.

What They Would Be Famous For: Heroism in the Great Crusade, Horus Heresy, Indomitus Crusade

What They Would Get Arrested For: Finally snapping and yelling at a room full of M41/42 Imperials that their entire religion is a) wrong and b) disgustingly similar to Chaos

OC You Ship Them With: Inquisitor Elizabeth Kane of the Ordo Hereticus

OC Most Likely To Murder Them:  Inquisitor Elizabeth Kane of the Ordo Hereticus (see ‘most likely to be arrested for’)

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Old, optimistic sci-fi with minimal/villified conflict.

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche:

“I have combined the DNA of the world’s most evil animals to make the most evil creature of them all.”

“It turns out it’s Man."   

Talents and/or Powers: Transhuman physiology, notable personal and group charisma, notably quick and fluid/lateral thinking, skilled at reading people and delegating tasks accordingly rather than getting bogged down in micro-management (unlike a lot of Ultramarines). 

Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s a good combat officer- never gives orders he wouldn’t himself follow, leads by action/inspiration. Treats his own- and all, really -soldiers with respect tinged by paternalism without patronization.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: His enemies would hate him for pretty obvious reasons. His allies might hate him for a number of reasons: His quiet adherence to the old atheist ‘Imperial Truth’ rather than faith in the ‘God-Emperor’, the way he willfully ignores or countermands orders that conflict with his own ethos, the fact that he only really takes orders from his Primarch and regards anyone else as making ‘suggestions’. 

How They Change: He slowly lets go of his disgust for religion in general (it’s a source of comfort to a lot of people), comes to see the glaring flaws in the Crusade-Era Imperium more clearly for where they’ve led, and decides to embody the ideals he feels humanity should have rather than those it does have- leading by example rather than allow himself to sink into despair over how far humanity’s fallen.

Why You Love Them: He’s a smart-ass space latino Roman tribune who is basically the 42nd millenium version of Captain America: he’s loyal to the dream, the potential, not the politicians/government.

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Hi! Me encantaría leer un escenario en el que después del ep 13 gardienne se intenta suicidar pero Valkyon la detiene! (Se que es un tema sensible, solo si tu quieres escribirlo ^^)

Translation: “Hello! I would love to read a scenario when after the ep. 13 Guardienne tries to kill herself but Valkyon stops her.”
A/N: Hello! As I´ve stated many times before, I only write in english but I do accept the requests in either portuguese, english or spanish. So the scenario is in english! Hope you like it :D

Guardienne couldn´t take it anymore. She was tired of being manipulated by everyone in Eldarya. She didn´t ask for this life and yet she had to live to their liking, not even caring how much they would hurt her.

As her tears fell down on her face, Guardienne felt colder and colder the deeper she walked into the ocean´s water. She was going to end everything once and for all.

The water was around her shoulders when she felt someone grab her by the waist and bring her out of the water.

“WHY DID YOU STOP ME?!” Punching him in his chest, Guaridenne yelled, wanting to go back to the ocean and end her life.

“I-I have nothing left. My family doesn´t know who I´m anymore. I don´t have a home to go back at. Nothing matters anymore. I´m tired of you all lying and manipulating me. Please! Just let me end my life once and for all! It´s not like any of you will really miss me! I´m just taking space and ration! For you all I´m just an object without feeling that you all can play with! Enough! I´m tired of this shit!” Rambling, letting her rage and tears out she cried in Valkyon´s arms.

“I´m sorry. I know apoligizing won´t change anything but, you´re important to me. You saved my life, you made me laugh and smile. You made my day better just by having you by my side. I will never forgive myself for what I´ve done to you. You didn´t deserve that. All this time you always helped us, never demanding to open a portal for you to go home and yet, we just kept lying and hurting you. I know there´s nothing I can do to make you feel better from how you feel, but please…don´t die. You´re special to me and I promise to help you to find a way to cancel the spell. If we both search I think we will be able to find something. So please, don´t throw you life away.”

Guardienne didn´t say anything, simply nodded her head as she hugged him and snuggled in his chest, searching for some heat for her cold body.

Picking the girl up in brydal style, Valkyon made his way to Eel, where everyone was waiting for them.

Looking at a sleeping Guardienne he smiled sadly. 

One last chance. 

He understood and he swore to himself he wouldn´t mess up this time.

Sleepless Night: Jungkook Scenario

Inspired by Sleepless Night by SHINee. I highly recommend you listen to it when you read this.

Prompt: Sleepless Night by SHINee

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1040

Warnings: Violence

Author’s Note: This is in Jungkook’s perspective!

“You’re never home anymore!” She yelled. Her voice was raw due to the fact that they’d been yelling for hours.

“You know I can’t be here all the time! I’m trying okay!” He yelled back, his deep voice louder than her delicate one. The booming sound made her flinch.

“When you come back you just go off with the boys. You know I love them, but I’m here too.”

His blood was boiling and his fists clenched and unclenched. He let out a frustrated growl and turned from her. He needed to take his anger out on something that wasn’t the girl behind him. His eyes caught hold of the vase on the counter that he swiftly wiped off the surface. The crashing sound it made only made him feel a fraction better.

“What the hell, Jungkook?”

“God, why are you being such a bitch! I told you I’m just trying my best! I can only be here so much! You knew that when you started dating me!” The words were hot leaving his mouth and somewhere in the back of his head he knew he’d regret them later.

“Fuck you, Jeon Jungkook! You’re gone for three months on tour and when you come back it’s like you’re not even here! Do you know how much that hurts? I love you and it’s like you don’t even exist in my life anymore,” the tears were free flowing from her eyes now. He let out another significant roar as his anger only grew.

“You know what? I don’t give a fuck. My job is more important than this,” this time the regret was immediate as the words poured out. Her face, one full of hurt emotion moments before, settled into a stony glare as her hand flew up to point at the door.

“Wait, (Y/N)-”

“Just get the fuck out of my apartment, Jungkook. I need you to leave right now.”

He grabbed his jacket and headed to the door without complaint. He knew that he had stepped over the line and let his emotions gain control over his rationality. She needed space. Maybe for good.

Only when the door the slammed shut behind him did she allow the sobs to echo on the thin walls. As he walked away from her door, he could hear the strangled sobs and almost turned back.

She walked carefully around the broken glass before picking up a broom and cleaning the mess. Her tears didn’t stop for hours as she wondered how someone she loved so much could hurt her an equal amount.

2:00 am

Her bed that night felt big and cold but the pain in her chest engulfed any of those feelings. Her throat felt raw from yelling and her cheeks were pink and puffy from the saline tears that continued to leak from her eyes.

Her heart was torn. She loved him so much. He was the only one that could make her smile or laugh in stressful situations. The only one she could ever imagine kissing, cuddling… marrying. But one thought had been hanging over her head for months.

Was the pain worth it?

Could she go through this every few months? The lack of communication, the months without contact, the many nights that ended in tears. She hated him and loved him at the same time. Many days she cursed the heavens for putting her with someone she loved with all her heart but could only rarely see. Why her? Why not some other poor soul? Why couldn’t she have been given the cookie cutter life? The business husband who came home every night at five and ate dinner with his wife and child.

Her life was never destined to be so easy. That love would be dull and unfulfilling to her adventurous self.

Her anger at him had still not pacified but already the ache was filling her chest. She missed him and the warmth he brought. Of the rare times he was home, they fought and were in separate places when instead they should have talked it out and ended in the same bed that night.

She wondered if he was even thinking of her.

4:00 am

He tossed and turned in the small bed.

His thoughts swirled around inside his head and made his body feel sickly and heavy.

She was more precious than gold to him. More important than the fame and money but the words he had shouted kept cycling in his head.

“My job is more important than this…”

They repeated and repeated and repeated until his head was swimming and he thought he might vomit. How could such a short sentence become the end of the relationship between him and his princess? He felt like the biggest idiot at the words that he’d let escape his mouth.

Even when he hated her for saying things about his absence, he knew they were true. He just didn’t want to believe that he would ever neglect or hurt the one person that meant the most to him. He wanted to stick his head in the sand and pretend that everything was perfect. There were no problems between him and her, the media’s viewpoint on the “perfect couple” was true.

But he knew that no relationship could realistically function like that. Especially one between an idol and a girl.

His whole body hurt at the thought that those would be the last words he said to her, his last look at her where her face was twisted and angry, the last sound he heard come from her mouth being choked sobs.

He eventually gave up on sleep and gazed out the window from his place on the bed. His eyes shifted over to the cellphone laying on his bedside table.

‘There’s no way she’ll still be awake,’ he vaguely thought but his hand reached out anyway and clicked the speed dial. After two rings, he heard a click on the other end of the line, signaling that someone had picked up.


“Please, let me come back again. Tonight. I need to see you tonight.”

He heard her pause and his hands began to sweat with anticipation.

“The door was never locked.”

So I was listening to SHINee’s song today and I came across a gif of Jungkook and BAM I had an idea.

That’s actually been happening a lot lately…

Haha, I’ve written like three scenarios in the last week. That’s what happens when you’re super sick and in bed 24/7 (woo hoo.) But don’t get too excited because I won’t be able to write as much when I get better.

Anyway, I hope you liked it!!

More than anything else, it is this flood of bodily fluids that separates alien from the antiseptic and virginal spaces of the science fiction cinema, so brilliantly epitomized and parodied in 2001… The pronounced, indeed hyperbolic, transition from science fiction to horror actually marks a profound moment in the history of the genre: Alien is the film in which the body invades the pristine and sexless rational spaces of the science fiction film.  The genre hasn’t been the same since.
—  Scott Bukatman, as quoted in Tokyo Cyberpunk (Steven J. Brown)

For the nonnie asking: I’m not posting the asks just yet because I’m trying to get myself into a rational head space. I’ve been a mess all day and for my own sake I need to snap out of it. I will definitely post before I go to sleep though because I do not have time to read through another 300 asks tomorrow morning. I haven’t forgotten the rest though, give me an hour.

"None of us are innocent." - Maya Vie

One thing that I find interesting about Mt. Weather in s2 of The 100 is how heavily it is associated with food. The chocolate cake is mentioned 2-3 times as symbolic of the Mountain Men’s allure, for example. Whenever we see the larger populace of the Mountain, it is at a dinner table. In the season premiere, Clarke bursts into the main dining hall to see everyone eating supper like there’s no trouble in the world.

We see it as the show goes on: the lives of the 47 seem to revolve around sleep place and meal place. This is no small temptation to children who grew up on brutally strict rations in space, then almost starved to death on the ground. Probably even more than the Trigedakru, the Sky People have been hungry their whole lives.

The association between the Mountain Men and eating culminates in their final death– we are shown that while the Ark children were dying, the general population of the Mountain Men were having an evening meal. After the lever is pulled, they die at their tables, with their blistered faces fallen into their dinner plates. Clarke executes them in almost exactly the same scene as when she first met them.

So why is the food so important? Why does the script go back to chocolate cake over and over again, and why do we only ever see the wider populace when they are eating? Because metaphorically, the Mountain Men are eating the Outsiders. Not directly (that’s the Reapers, the creations of Mt. Weather), but in the end, these are vampires. They consume the blood of the villagers after treating them like livestock. The “harvest” chamber brings it back, again, to food. Sustenance drives their whole society, and their society can’t function without consuming and using the bodies of other human beings for health.

This is why they were always going to die in the story. As soon as Clarke saw the cages in 2x02, you (the audience) knew the Mountain Men had to die. Murder for cannibalism is abhorred across cultures, and it will never be ethically justifiable. It is one of the worst crimes a human being can commit. The show was clear about what had to happen–the Mountain had to fall. Then all of season 2 was an exercise in watching that scenario play out. We know that they must destroy the Mountain Men, we just get to see how Clarke and her allies make it happen.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Watch the pieces fall apart. This show is freakin’ dark.

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Mates + love + Werewolf!Caroline and Werewolf!Klaus. NSFW. Pleaseee <3


Caroline woke very aware of her nakedness and very aware of the nakedness of the body beneath her. Her body tensed in the second it took to recognize the scent of the man lying on the forest floor with her, and then she relaxed. Because it was her mate.

She stayed still, though, just enjoying that moment with Klaus, knowing very well that the moment he woke, she’d find herself on her hands and knees for him… The thought made her lower belly tighten; their need for each other always increased around the full moon and after their transformation it was when they were most possessive.

The more she thought about it, the more her body began to feel hot, and it wasn’t long before she shifted her position a little, hoping to get some friction for her achingly empty core.

Klaus’s hand on her thigh immediately grabbed it, relaxing a moment later when it began to trail up until he was squeezing her ass. “Good morning.” Caroline said a little breathlessly, feeling his cock hardening against her skin and groaning.

She pulled back to look at him, his blue eyes were darkened and he licked his lips as his gaze trailed down to her breasts. Letting her be on top wasn’t something he was keen on doing, especially his instincts told him so desperately to claim her right there and then.

Klaus kissed her hungrily, sitting up so that his hands would have more room for exploring and it wasn’t long before he – as Caroline expected – was urging her to be on her hands and knees for him, and she obliged him immediately, spreading her legs wantonly, needing him inside of her.

There wasn’t time for playing and teasing, not when every cell of their body screamed for each other, longed for each other. There was no space for rational thoughts, it was pure desire and need when he thrust into her fast, rough and greedy.

She moaned and screamed his name unashamedly, not caring for the other werewolves that were no doubt waking up in the forest. She was his, she wanted them to know that just as much as she wanted them to know that he was hers.

Her walls were clenching around him, his cock seemed to be hitting all of the right places and her mind was blank with pleasure, his name the only thing she could remember when even her own had been forgotten.

“Mine.” Klaus growled possessively and her body responded immediately. He murmured her name again and again as she came undone.

And after he had marked her, their scents becoming one, she agreed, “Yours.”


rational circles by stephen schiller
Via Flickr:
This image consists only of circles rendered at about 1 pixel thick, of varying intensity. As in the “line thicket” image earlier in the photo stream, the ellipsoidal dark areas emerge only due to a lack of arcs drawn in those regions. Because the circles are restricted to the set of “rational” circles they tend to avoid certain areas and also tend to intersect at certain other locations, giving rise to the background pattern of light and dark. (Also in this image the circles are drawn white on a black background as opposed to dark on white.) Mathematical information: These are rational circles in the following way. A circle can be represented as a 4-tupple of numbers, say {a, b, c, d}, where a point (x,y) is on the circle if a*(x^2 + y^2) + b*x + c*y + d equals 0. For the rational circles the numbers a,b,c,d are integers. The subset of rational circles drawn above have a^2 + b^2 + c^2 <= 9, and d equal to any integer. The area shown in the image is the unit square. (I call them “rational” because a rational number is a ratio of integers and the density of these rational circles in the space of all circles resembles that of the density of rational numbers in the space of all (real) numbers.)

Honestly, today’s liberal PC climate frightens me, probably even more so than the conservatives. It horrifies me that someday, I too might be doxxed for the simple reason that I’m not feminist, or that I’m not doing enough to side with groups like BLM. It terrifies me that this ultra-PC attitude has infiltrated colleges, news networks, and other places that should be a rational space, but instead parrot tired, biased statistics that favor feminists or ultraliberals. Who now might commit the worst crime: the crime of thought? The crime of not being liberal enough??

after a full day of flying from Fukuoka to Seoul to Shanghai, he stayed up to pen down that weibo post at midnight. he purposely posted it in Chinese (with interpreter’s and manager’s help of course) to allow fans to fully understand what he’s trying to say. it was an issue so serious that he had to tell fans what they were doing is not right. he is not a person to lightly speak of an issue if it was not serious. he just ended the Fukuoka 2-days Dome Concert the day before. he flew back from Fukuoka yesterday and he was back to the airport later that same day to catch a flight to Shanghai. fansite masters stopped taking pictures of him after awhile because they said he looked too tired and they wanted to give him space to rest. when he arrived in Shanghai’s airport, there were fan accounts of him being stuck in the airport for an hour or so because there were too many fans waiting for him outside. when he was finally on his way to the hotel, when he thought he could finally rest for the night, there were 20 or so cars tailing behind him, trying to block his path for god-knows-what reasons. could you imagine the mental exhaustion and stress this boy had gone through? don’t you see the way you express your love is tiresome for him? don’t you see that the love you proclaim to be so great and precious has already turned sour? don’t you see that your love is actually poison for him?

the one thing that’s still irking me is the Bad Theory that’s circulating around that the black hole devoured all of paradox space, because:

-first of all, the black hole was confined by the ring LE smashed around it. that was why calliope was instructed to wait before destroying the green sun. not just so it would occur simultaneously with the showdown, but so that the ring was complete.

-second of all, i don’t know if you all forgot your Homestuck Metaphysical Geometry ™, but paradox space contains all the sessions, and every universe that exists is a living frog inside the remains of a finished session. between all those bubbles of incipisphere (with rational time and space), is the furthest ring, with irrational time and space.

if the entirety of paradox space is destroyed, every universe that has ever existed or will ever exist is also destroyed. that doesn’t make any sense. that’s LE’s goal, not calliope’s. calliope’s choice was to martyr herself in order to end suffering. destroying all of existence was not what she chose to do.

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So if Laurel had been engaged to marry Oliver and he hide the fact that he had a son and continued to keep valuable information from his supposed partner in life...would you be this upset with her rational decision to need space?

Well, first off, you can’t even begin to compare to two because Laurel was with Oliver when he slept with Samantha. Laurel and Felicity are not comparable, and their reactions aren’t either. We did see Laurel’s reaction to finding out; she was hurt. But it still wasn’t her kid. It’s Oliver and Samantha’s. That’s the main fucking point here. It’s no one else’s business, and I’m sick of people trying to tell me that other people deserved to know because they didn’t. Sure, Laurel would probably have been hurt, but would she literally throw everything in his face and leave him? No. Laurel isn’t that kind of person. Don’t make her out to be the bitch so many people try to claim she is. Also, wtf is this “continued to keep valuable information”? Wtf are you talking about? Oliver didn’t continue to keep valuable information from anyone. God, stop chastising Oliver for wanting a fucking relationship with his son, and stop with these fucking comparisons like god damn.