rational rose

spell to soothe borderline personality disorder symptoms

bpd can be a nasty mess to handle sometimes. when your emotions are to high, you’re splitting on someone dear to you, or you’re trying to overcome black and white thinking, it can feel impossible to escape. here is a spell i put together to help ease your symptoms.

choose any of these ingredients:

  • amethyst (cleansing, expanding the mind)
  • ametrine (optimism, depression)
  • chrysoprase (anxiety, depression, mental health)
  • moon water (intent, calming, emotional)
  • lavender (anxiety, calming)
  • chamomile (anxiety, calming)
  • biotite (rationality, understanding)
  • rose quartz (love, self love)
  • smoky quartz (supports coping with stress and trauma, absorbs negativity)
  • clear quartz (stand in for any crystal)
  • selenite (mental clarity, powerful cleansing and charging crystal)
  • sunstone (depression, stress, fears)
  • citrine (focus, depression)
  • blue lace agate (anxiety, emotional healing, calming)
  • rosemary (anxiety, depression, calming)
  • mugwort (anxiety, calming)
  • rose oil (anxiety, calming)
  • salt (protection, carrier)
  • vetiver oil (calming, balancing)
  • ylang ylang oil (calming, steadies the mind, clears negativity)
  • basil (steadies the mind, happiness)
  • dried orange peel (focus)
  • red jasper (steadies and clears the mind)

cast a circle. this can easily be done by imagining a pure, white circle of energy spreading out from inside you; a personal protective shield. next, within a black or light blue sachet bag, piece of fabric, or a clear jar, mix your chosen ingredients. put them together carefully, thinking of your intent as you go. if using fabric for a sachet, you can either anoint your bag with your chosen oil(s) or water, or mix a drop into your salt to carry the liquid. be careful when handling essential oils.

once you finish mixing your ingredients, close the bag or jar and press a kiss to it. then, repeat (or write, or sign) these words up to three times:

“by the power inside me,

and my intent inside this [bag/jar],

wash away the intensity of my emotions,

balance my heart,

and take care of my mind.”

additional possible ending:

“so mote it be.”

once you’ve finished, tuck your sachet or spell jar away in a place where you’ll see or be around it often. you may choose to seal your jar with black or blue wax for extra strength. eat something small to replenish your energy, meditate for a few minutes, or do something you enjoy. give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. ✨

I said this on twitter, but I had some sort of idea regarding a Garnet arc:

You know what woulda been a convincing and interesting “arc”: the reason Steven is getting away with so much unanimous decision making on behalf of the CGs suddenly (and at only 14) is because he IS becoming “so much like his mother” in his speech, ideas, and actions, like how Bismuth mistook him for rose, Garnet is subconsciously letting him take the reigns because she was used to following to Rose’s leadership until Steven was born, and because he sort of sounds and acts reminiscent of Rose right now, she’s naturally reacting to that voice and presence as if it were really her.

Garnet LOVES Rose and she misses her immensely, she’s had to carry so much responsibility since Rose left, and everyone looked to her for help - this is a part of garnet’s inability to reconcile with her own feelings about losing Rose, which is why she’s letting seven run the show; even though Garnet rationally knows he’s not Rose and that he still needs their guidance and authority, she can’t help but fall naturally into the old routine, when she’s barely gotten used to the fact that Rose is gone, she never got time to heal outside of helping Pearl and Amethyst deal with it.

At some point, if Garnet stepped back and realized what she was doing/letting happen, and maybe why she was allowing it, it could be a great gateway for an arc about Garnet’s feelings about being the leader and how that coincides with the loss of Rose and the emotional responsibilities she had to take on for others while ignoring her own healing. 

And importantly, she recognizes that treating Steven like Rose in this way, by allowing him to make huge, uninformed decisions for the group as though he were someone at a similar mental/emotional age to Rose and them, is detrimental to everyone.

Playing with Fire

Squadron 64. It was the closest thing Panzer had to a family at that point. After the war had raged on and swept across their world, he didn’t know what happened to his creators or his siblings. Then again, what did he really care? Tanks were generally independent, aloof creatures by nature. 

The squad leader barked at everyone to get their evening rations. Panzer rose from his seat near the fire, having taken the best spot thanks to his superior size  and plodded over to snatch the bowl of sad petro-rabbit stew. It didn’t matter if the meat was tough, though. If it was food he would eat it. 

Panzer wasted no time in hoarking down the meal, finishing the bowl and licking it clean before he even sat down again. When he approached his usual seat the smaller models parted to give him his place. SUV’s and sedans never challenged him. As a war build he had some respect from the others for living so long. Usually tanks and trucks were fodder. 

“Firestarter,” he grunted, spotting the smaller mech was encroaching on his space. The mech was the closest thing Panzer would call a friend, but he did enjoying playing with the other and pissing him off. “You’re in my spot.”

A big hand lazily shoved at the purple mech’s shoulder, Panzer grinning. Now that he was fed he was in a better mood, although no one else in the squadron save the leader bothered to challenge him…except Firestarter. And that made him fun. 


Okay, so I’ve just seen the episode Gem Drill (SPOILERS) and my thought is this: what if Steven’s ability to telepathically communicate with other gems/beings was shared by Rose and was the reason she rebelled?

Alight, so let me break this down a bit: steven has had the ability to telepathically connect with others at least since Chille Tid, when he dreamt of Lapis and talked to her. (He’s shown signs of telepathy, at least with his mother, since the episode Rose’s Room, but I digress) in the latest episode, Steven is actually able to take control of a Watermelon Steven (maybe because he made them?) but the Crystal Gems aren’t the least bit surprised, and in fact immediately know Steven is controlling the melon. Later in the episode, when Steven begins to speak with the cluster, Peridot has  no idea what’s going on. Meaning Peridot either didn’t know gems could have telepathy, or gems are no longer designed to have it. 

Which brings me to my next point. What would give the Crystal Gems a distinct advantage over Homeworld during the gem war, except for the ability to connect telepathically? If Rose could mentally transmit commands, or even take control over soldiers, there’d be no way Homeworld would know her next move. This could’ve been her original motivation for fighting, too: she could’ve felt the anguish of humans and the forced fusions (assuming she knew about them) because she understood their thoughts? It would also explain her healing tears; why would she cry unless she understood the pain of others? 

I don’t think Rose was designed to be a warrior gem. I don’t think she was a general, or a diamond- I think she was a healer. She would’ve been indispensable during wartime, with the ability to fix cracked gems and put them back into fighting condition. It also would explain why her weapon is a shield- to protect, not harm. Rose had to have been an empath of some sort to be an effective healer (like I mentioned, she needed to cry to heal. Plus, Garnet said she felt real pain when her friends were hurt. Who’s to say the “"real pain” she wasn’t feeling was their pain?). Homeworld specifically designed her to be sensitive to suffering. This, however, backfired with the onset of the gem war. Rose would feel human suffering, the suffering of the earth as life was sapped from it. So she did what she was programmed to do. 

She put up her shield, and protected the ones who needed her healing.

After loosing Earth, Homeworld would’ve been furious. I wouldn’t be surprised if they destroyed empathetic gems and designed newer, more rational gems, like Peridot. Rose could’ve been the last gem of her type. But Homeworld couldn’t completely rid the gems of emotion, which is why Peridot still has emotions,despite her usually trying not to use them. And Steven, inheriting strong telepathic/empathic abilities from his mother, is usually the one who gets her to show strong emotion.