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@ the anon who suggested metatron!akechi: i love and cherish you and i offer you this boy 

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"Let's try this out with an experiment..." (Suddenly stuffs Spooks into a bottle and put a lid on it.)

“No- good, good… This is swell. I’m havin’ fun in here.

Just don’t leave me out too long or I’ll spoil, huh? Ah-ha….

Me and my big mouth…

Rationalism vs. Romanticism vs. Realism

Rationalism: “Actions should be based upon reason.” - Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries

Romanticism: “See the world as you would like it to be.” - Cancer, Leo, Gemini, Pisces

Realism: “It is what it is.” - Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

vansnavi scene based on the beautiful one-shot @god-damn-it-miranda wrote upon my request, thank you so much!! this person is a great writer guys, pls check em out!

Link to the fic: https://god-damn-it-miranda.tumblr.com/post/159551818862/unwanted-advances

We have “emotion mind” on the left and “rational mind” on the right, so I guess that means that “wise mind” is a man in a tailcoat balancing on a tightrope? The position seems awfully precarious, but I’m glad to know my sanest self is so well dressed. 

This should be the cover image for the next edition of the DBT skills book.

I think we understand love better than other types. We don’t want to possess, control, and be the center of someone else’s life. We are okay with being a part of it. It’s not all or nothing. We get it. We want them to have a life of their own, and to make their dreams come true, and to reach their full potential. We’ll help them get there because that’s what we need from any relationship, to be better. It’s that simple. No complication, no drama, no lies.
—  Submitted by truth-art

MBTI Mini-Me’s! pt.2: The Rationals

I’m so happy they’re finally complete! Please excuse any cringe-worthy descriptions from here on out. I won’t say anything incorrect (hopefully), but things may get a bit weird. This newbie apologizes in advance!

Edna Taji (ENTJ): All I new about this character was that I wanted them to have red lipstick, but it ended up in our favor! Look at those beautiful, emerald snake-eyes (but not for too long, who knows where you’ll end up). I added that beauty mark underneath the left eye on impulse: I later found out it actually stands for wealth. Coincidence? I think not!

Ine Toople (INTP): Legit, the cutest character design I’ve ever accomplished. Ya’ll INTPs are gonna have to tell me how you feel about that (cute=good? In my book, hell yes!) A sleepy blueberry: eye-bags tell stories of long nights and “just one more chapter” ‘s.

Edgrin Toople (ENTP): I think this sums the character design pretty well: I was thinking of radioactive slime when I colored the eyes (oops). Wears an athletic prosthetic blade on their right leg for advanced running needs: these include 1) running towards danger and 2) running away from angry mobs. I feel the need to add a “<3″ because this description was kind of a train wreck. <3.

Ingrid Taji (INTJ): All I could think of for this one was “the master of all things Goth™”. They’re albino so they need the umbrella to protect their sun-sensitive skin and eyes. A very elegant but clumsy patoot (hence the Band-Aids).

and that’s all folks! Next up will be The Guardians (SJs)! Hope you’ve liked these so far. Feed-back is always appreciated!

click for pt.1: The Romantics (NFs)!


The (female) Rationals by @mbtianimegifs (a submission by them)!!
Seriously, female ENTP is just prettier than my version!! I can’t even–
ENTP has this typical look of a Ne-Ti. Quick-witted and always ready for fun! It’s incredibly beautiful!!
I can’t stop adoring ENTJ’s style. She’s a mysterious business-woman, so mature and wonderful! I love women who can show the world how smart and cool they are!
ANd INTP! My gawd, I already love my type and then this!! She’s just so cool!

Please have a look at their blog!! @mbtianimegifs, thanks a lot!!
They also drew The Individuals - The Guardians - The Artisans !!