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See the way baby Eijun wears his cap? It reminds me of Miyuki's. They're so cute!!

Hey anon! Sorry for the late reply!

BUT YES, Eijun definitely got it from a special someone ;3c

fufufu ;3c

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There is no better statement of fact than what Chris himself said, that he and Darren are not in a relationship. A public statement which has his integrity at stake. Yet you stated that nothing ever will make you change your mind. This ismt the statement of a rational. Person.

Anon, I wan to sincerely thank you for coming to me with a reasoned, intelligent argument that is a statement of fact.  No one can deny that Chris infamously stated that Glee is not a documentary and that he and Darren are not in a relatiobnship during the Huffington Post Live interview August 2014.

However, that is an interview where what came out of his mouth was negated by his body language.  

And I do believe on some level he actually believes that Glee is not a documentary.  I have stated multiple times that Chris is not Kurt. Darren is not Blaine. And I will extend that by saying CrissColfer is not Klaine. As I wrote yesterday, while I absolutely think many elements of Glee are taken from real life experiences and that the writers absolutely incorporated real life experiences into the script, the core of Kurt and Blaine were much different that Chris and Darren. And again, if it were a documentary, we wouldn’t be sitting here 2 years later still talking about the closeting of Darren, as Blaine was never in the closet, and we wouldn’t be discussing a secret relationship, because Klaine never hid their love from anyone. So in that respect he is correct.  

And I think these are the relevant gifs that show that Chris agrees with what I am saying.  “Klaine does not exist.”  Again, this is true. Klaine is not real. Because Chris and Darren are actually extremely different than their on screen characters. And their relationship is not even remotely similar outside of the the physical ascetic.  

As for the statement that he and Darren are not in a relationship. That was something important to him to deny. Because the PR story is that they are not in an intimate relationship and as long as Darren is closeted and contractually bound with legal obligations (thanks for the reminder Chris in STFF), that will continue to be the stance.  But the issue is what came out of his mouth was much different than what his body language projected.

And instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I am going to refer you to an excellent post by the much missed, but always present, Michelle, @mleigh69, who did an excellent job of interpreting his body language (X)

Interesting, a year later he seemed to have completely changed his tune.  He even had a picture of Darren and Brian that he used while doing an Interview with the Talk,  stating “Too Much Love” just like he did when he posted it on his IG. Again video clip courtesy of Michelle.

And you can deny all you want that is Darren, but we all know it is. Enough comparison pictures are out there and he was well beyond decapitating the head of the man he is in a “public PR relationship with.”

And the fact is, Darren has also denied being a relationship with Chris.  And then went on to adorably gush about their first date despite the fact that it was not really even relevant to the topic.

Anon, you can’t believe every word that is spoken. Hollywood is full of deception and many relationships portrayed are not real or genuine. Of course when they are interviewed, they are going to follow the PR story. Chris in particular is not going to out Darren. And Darren is not going to break the contract with Fox that is clearly still in place to this day.

Thanks for stopping by. I had fun putting this together on an otherwise dark and dreary day.

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"It's not stolen land if a country won it in war" I'm having a rly hard time coming up with a comeback to this? Can u help me out? I know it's wrong but I can't think of an argument against it because it kinda makes sense...?

It ‘makes sense’ because that’s how the accepted narrative of Western history is written, from antiquity to the 20th century. The thing about colonialism is a lot of it is framed as conquest, shifting what was often a wildly asymmetrical total war to a fight between rival powers. As to their premise, I’d ask exactly how wars are ever legitimate, and if this legitimacy extends to ruthless expansionism, exploitation, and genocide.

It also contributes to one of the moral cornerstones of a nation’s ideology, particularly that of the US. America presents itself as the great experiment of democracy, and generally standing upon the moral high ground – the only reason these points aren’t completely laughable to every citizen is a carefully constructed national mythology where everything leading up to the present appears justified. Idealized histories that gloss over atrocities and stress patriotic sentiments will naturally lead to this particular brand of this ‘consequentialist’ rationalization.


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I don't mean to get up in your personal business, but how did your gf bring up that she didn't like it with you? It's something I've wanted to bring up with my bf for awhile because it bothers but I don't want to blindside him or make him feel really bad.

Me and my gf have a very straightforward system in that we just bring it up and discuss it maturely. I mostly appreciate how her premise wasn’t just “i don’t like it because it’s not me” (though that’s how I rationalised it for a long time) but more “This is an addiction that needs to be controlled and porn desensitizes you to sex and abuse.” which are more provable, rational points.

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As someone who is from Pittsburgh and has been a Pittsburgh fan for a long time...I am sorry that you are getting cussed out by someone who is frustrated. It is a Thing We Do. Especially in a game like this, where we could have won it (bad puck luck). It has taken me many years to not react like that. I'm not as chill during football season because then everything is one game. This can be 7. It still could be 6. I have not lost faith yet either.

Thank you, sane and rational anon

I mean, I thought I was hopped up on anger but damn. Damn.

It’s game 4. We have home ice advantage and we’ve been good at home. As long as we keep winning at home we’re fine.

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You is a person very reasonable and I would like to hear what you had to say about people blaming everyone who likes Kylo Ren/Ben Solo for sexism, racism and abuse apology. I mean, I see many good arguments to someone hate him, but a lot of people seem to be hating him because he is male and white, so privileged and I don't get, because in the SW Universe the dynamics of racism and sexism would be different than IRL and looks like oversimplification to me. What do you think this happens?

Because it has absolutely nothing to do with Star Wars.

It’s imported grandstanding from contemporary Tumblr fandom in general. The same thing happens in lots of fandoms: Sandor, Cersei, et al in ASOIAF, Loki in the MCU, Kuvira (and earlier, Noatak and Tarrlok) from LOK, apparently Regina in OUAT, Snape in HP, etc etc (I’m sure anyone could fill in with the sympathetic villains from their own fandoms). The reason I have so little tolerance for it is that I’m a fandom butterfly and no matter which ones I go to, I find it happening over and over and over again.

As an interesting note, villain fans glomming onto (*gasp*) the villain gets attributed to something problematic regardless of the particulars of the case. If the villain’s a white man, his popularity is inextricably linked to racism/misogyny (usually focusing more on misogyny), if they’re a white woman, to racism (or classism if possible), if they’re a man of colour, to misogyny and potentially classism, and if a woman of colour, then shadeism if she’s light-skinned, classism if that’s applicable, maybe ableism if all else fails. 

I keep expecting to find a social justice rationalization flowchart somewhere.

Regina/Robin {the hearts wants what it wants}
Because when it comes to these two… the heart wants what it wants :’)
Watch in HD for best viewing! Earphones recommended. Enjoy!


After RM said what he said, the atmosphere just got really awkward and idk, for me that’s better than everyone laughing it off like it was no big deal. I’m happy they didn’t laugh along because it shows they know it’s wrong to do so. The thing that probably worries me the most is V and Hobi’s inner feelings, and Hobi probably only laughed because that’s a natural reaction for him and he can’t really show disappointment with all these people in front of him and cameras in his face. Sadly, I can’t say the same for Taehyung since he just looked sort of appalled at what RM said. I hope RM sincerely apologized to those 2 afterwards because this just disgusts me. I don’t care if it was a joke or if he just got caught up in the situation or whatever but poking fun at the color of someone’s skin is not and never will be okay. 

I know he’s not a bad person because he’s proved this so many times, but he sure as hell messed up big time and the least he can do is apologize. He’s the leader & the others look up to him, so I really hope no one else in BTS acts like this in the future due to his immature actions. He’s messed up before and just as the fandom started to let go of it, here he is again making the same mistakes. So disappointing.

I’ve had to deal with countless shit like this as a Kpop fan, and I’m sick and tired of it. Before being an ARMY I was an EXO-L and I was so done with the colorism/racism/“jokes” that I had to take a break from Kpop. I thought that when I got into Bangtan I would get into a group that hopefully wasn’t as problematic as the other groups I’ve been into. And I was right, they’re not, it’s mainly just Rap Mon. Hopefully other members won’t follow his footsteps later on. I know every Kpop group has it’s problems whether it be individuals or the group itself, but I’m just done with colorism/racism being one of them. 

Idols (especially RM in this situation) are all well aware that they have millions of fans around the world, and guess what? Not. Everyone. Has. Milky. White. Skin. It’s time to stop being ignorant and be considerate of those darker colored fans. As a Filipino with really tan skin, this is so offending because if they’re considered black, then what am I? The dirt beneath the dirt at the bottom of your shoe? Gee, people with even darker skin must have it way worse then. 

Idols are grown ass adults with developed ass brains yet so many of them still have some growing up to do. Every skin tone is beautiful in it’s own way. As role models to millions of people everywhere, they should encourage that. But by saying things like this, they’re probably making some beautiful girl out there feel bad about herself, thinking “I’m not pretty. Oppa won’t like me because I have dark skin”. I’ve seen this happen to too many fans already and it makes my heart hurt. Idols need to realize that a few petty words can cause massive amounts of damage. It’s sad that I wasn’t even completely shocked that this happened because similar scenarios happen in Kpop all the fucking time to the point where I’m pretty much used to it. Seriously, when will it stop?

For a guy with an IQ of 148, Namjoon can be insanely stupid sometimes. He doesn’t deserve death threats (obviously no one does), but I just hope we as a fandom can help him realize his mistakes so he won’t do something like this in the future again.

That feel when you want SO BADLY to fix all the drama in the fandom, but you know you can’t because if you try to get involved it will only make things worse.

Everyone, please try to talk to eachother more instead of pointing fingers and taking misunderstandings too far. And I’m talking about a LOT of instances, not just one.

The best thing anyone can do when they are hurt is to talk to the person who caused their hurt- Talk to them PRIVATELY, OFF ANON, and RATIONALLY. No finger pointing, no guilt tripping, nothing like that. Accusing them and bashing them will NOT get you what you want, it will only make things worse.

Try to approach the person as respectfully as possible, explain how you are feeling to them. They will be MUCH more likely to sympathize with you and try to work towards a solution than if you just blindly accuse them and rage at them or make passive aggressive posts.

Again, this is not directed at any one incident, but a multitude of them. I want this fandom to be as wonderful and peaceful as the series we all love. PLEASE help me to make it that way.

ALSO DELETE YOUR ANON HATE. Delete it and never speak of it and you’ll stop getting it.

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you see a lot more attacks? are you kidding me? you honestly think shawols are wrong to be upset over this? i swear to god this is getting worse by the second

shawols are in no way wrong to be upset over this, i swear im more disappointed in those exo fans than i ever could be, but i think you misunderstood my message because the rest of my message got cut off when i sent the reply to day :-(( from my experience i do talk to a lot of shawols and exo-l’s from korea and yes, i see a lot more disses  from shawols toward exo (they can’t sing, they’re talentless, exo-l’s are all fucking trashy teenagers who dont know a thing, exo has got nothing on shinee theyre going to die soon, ill be glad when exo disbands because shinee is the only group that deserves to be in sm with suju and tvxq,) i’ve heard all of these exact phrases from dozens and dozens of fans. HOWEVER, this has nothing to do with the fact that shawols are completely entitled and right to be upset, im upset for them and one of my best friends is a shawol as well :// 

my point is that these immature exo fans probably choose to bash on shinee because of these attacks from the small 0.01 percentage of shawols who insult exo, ( which still is COMPLETELY WRONG for those exo-l’s to do ugh its disgusts me how some people act,) but remember that there are radical fans in every fandom. the majority of the shawol fandom is really sweet and unified, and the majority of the exo fandom is really generous and fun to be around! but the problem is that since these two groups are so popular, there are bound to be radical people on both sides who butt heads and can’t stand to see both groups become successful, and so do stupid things like this that hurt both sides.

additionally, scalping happens everywhere and it upsets me that it had to happen to shinee and exo in order for it to be an issue. it’s been an issue for years and years to popular artists, and its v disappointing that it had to happen between these two fandoms ;-( i hope we can work to eradicate the ease of doing something as terrible as ticket scalping, and we’re working toward a resolution already.

however, i’m uspet for exo-l’s because many of us have been constantly labeled as the worst fandom. people look down on me for being a fan of exo, even in real life. people sneer at me when i tell them i like exo and assume that i’m “one of them.” exo-l’s have such a bad reputation and in reality, most of us aren’t that bad at all…but we have such a large fanbase that the radical fans we have do very terrible things and it’s a shame that they can’t grow with a rational mindset, im sorry anon if i upset you, i hope this cleared things up? i feel terrible rn orz

my point is that this is a battle between immature people from both sides and it has nothing to do with the fandoms so i’d appreciate it if we could stop saying general groups of people like “shawols” or “exo-ls” because it can offend a lot of people ;-( 

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I found it hard to believe at first because, tumblr, but apparently people seriously use “cissy/cissies” as a word to mock cis people and… that really, really skeeves me out. It’s one letter away from “sissy” which is used malevolently on feminine/effeminate amab people, be they cis or not. It baffles me a place like tumblr would use such word in such context.

I absolutely despise “Cissy” for the same reason, anon.

My rational brain tells me it’s probably a pun – “you came up with sissy, and hurt me with it, so I’m turning it back on you” – but I still really hate it.

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Lynne, I need to get something off my chest. As a Klainer, I have NEVER been more ashamed of the fandom. People need to calm down. It's just speculation. There's no proof Klaine is breaking up. Props dept. forgot the ring? Klaine is breaking up. Klaine discussing adult issues? Klaine is over. Blaine has body image issues? Klaine is over. Time/location jump? Klaine is over. Rachel's play flopping or succeeding? It MUST mean Klaine is breaking up. You know what? Run to Lowe's,(Continued)

get yourself some building supplies, build yourself a bridge & Get. The. Fuck. Over. It. Not every single thing that goes on in that show is Klaine-centric.I know we struggled throughout season 4, I will NOT deny that. It caused us to be cautious and un-trusting, But come on, people! We got the proposal of the century.We have gotten so much Klaine recently. Can we just be grateful for once? I’m so sick of the whining. How about you watch the show before you theorize yourself into a panic attack.

I seriously have THE smartest, most rational anons I S2G.  Thank you anon. I don’t think I would be quite as harsh to the fandom but the sentiment is the same. THINK. ABOUT. IT.  Remember THIS?

External image

Do you honestly think after nearly a year broken up, then reuinted and engaged with the most epic TV proposal ever, they’d just break them up in the final season?  They will definitely face LIFE issues, but they are not breaking up!  Just enjoy the ride one episode at a time, folks.  Breathe for me…it’ll be ok.