ration stamps

Posting the stories would allow those of us who are overseas and thus not eligible for cards to read them. 


There’s two ways I can go about this.  The first is the polite way.  And that is to say what I’ve said in every post about the cards so far: That any international person who sends me a card with a legible return address WILL get a card in return.  You can even tell me what carol/story you’d like!

This to me seemed like a fair compromise.  It allows me to ration my stamps and use them on the people willing to meet me halfway.  I’m sorry this is necessary.  I understand it is not ideal.  However, this is the decision I’ve made at this point.

Now the not so polite way.

I’ve removed the name from this reply, because it’s just one of quite a few that I’ve gotten that seems quite…  Entitled.

So I need to make this clear.

I can’t do this.  The only reason I can do the American cards is that people were very, VERY generous about sharing stamps with me last year, and I spent a bunch of money on cards when they were all on clearance, and then I squirreled them all away for a year.

I’ve been filling out cards during every lunch break, every time I’ve been on hold at work, every spare moment I have, I’ve been filling out cards since SEPTEMBER, so when I got a list, I could add a name and address and a story and mail them.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I can’t afford to spend a hundred bucks on international stamps this year.  I’m sorry that my car died, and I had to drain my savings to do a down payment on a new one.  I’m sorry my computer died and I had to buy one because if I can’t write I’ll lose my mind.  I’m sorry my grandmother died and I had to help pay for her funeral.

I’m sorry.

But before you send me anything, making it clear that I’m not living up to your expectations this month, be aware that there is a human being on the other end of this, who is doing this in a vain attempt to make a FANTASTICALLY sucky year a little better for as many people as she can.

I’m sorry it can’t be for everyone.

But this is what I can manage.

And that’s all I can do.