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Calls grow for major reform of business governance and pay ratios | City A.M.

Calls grow for major reform of business governance and pay ratios | City A.M.



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200) && (this.width >= this.height) ? 200: true); max-height: 200px; height: expression((this.height > 200) && (this.height >= this.width) ? 200: true); border: none;’/> British business is facing fresh pressure to undergo major reform, with Prime Minister Theresa May pledging to overhaul capitalism and revamp corporate posted by friends:

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Le PM chinois plaide pour une coordination économique mondiale

Le PM chinois plaide pour une coordination économique mondiale

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Le Premier ministre chinois, Li Keqiang, a appelé vendredi à un renforcement de la coordination économique mondiale à l’issue d’une rencontre avec les dirigeants du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) et de la Banque mondiale. Il a ajouté que les fondamentaux de l’économie chinoise restaient inchangés en dépit de pressions baissières, que le ratio d’endettement du pays n’était pas trop élevé mais…

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Could ‘Pokemon Go’ Really Pull In $3 Billion for Apple Over the Next Two Years?

Apple stands to be a big beneficiary of the global Pokemon Go craze. But could the blockbuster augmented-reality mobile game actually yield up to $3 billion in revenue from purchases in the App Store within the next 24 months?

That’s the eye-popping estimate by Needham & Co. analyst Laura Martin. In a research note Wednesday, she noted that King Digital’s Candy Crush generated more than $1 billion in revenue in both 2013 and 2014, and that Pokemon Go’s ratio of paying users to total users is 10 times higher. Apple’s standard cut of sales in the App Store is 30%, “suggesting upside to earnings, plus valuable options on future hits” from the Pokemon franchise, Martin wrote.

But the projected $3 billion revenue from Pokemon Go going into Apple’s coffers seems almost unbelievably high, given that according to Apple, consumers spent a total of about $20 billion on the App Store in 2015. Yes, the world has gone nuts for Pokemon Go, which lets users catch virtual monsters in the real world by throwing balls at them. But Martin’s projection optimistically assumes that players will continue to flock to the game — and spend money on it — while it’s possible the popularity of the app will die down over time.

Meanwhile, Citi analyst Mark May’s estimate for Google Play’s potential revenue from Pokemon Go is more conservative: Google could pull in $77 million from the game Go within the next 12 months, he wrote in a note Wednesday. In addition, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, will benefit from its ownership stake in Niantic Labs, the company that developed and released the app after it spun off from Google last year.

Unquestionably, Pokemon Go has become a worldwide sensation to quickly become the most popular mobile game in history. It’s free to download, offering in-app purchases for premium items. The game’s PokeCoins currency starts at 99 cents for 100 coins; items for purchase include PokeBalls, Incense to attract Pokemon to your location and Lures to attract other users to a specific location.

To date, Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 30 million times worldwide on iOS and Android, and has earned more than $35 million in net revenue, according to estimates from data-analytics firm Sensor Tower released Tuesday. Currently the game is available in 35 countries, including most of Europe and Canada, after launching July 6 in the U.S., with its debut in Japan set for this week.

In her analysis, Needham’s Martin noted that after 10 days of release, Pokemon Go’s U.S. user based was 21 million, or 6% of the total population. She got to the $3 billion figure by assuming 20% penetration of the game worldwide; Martin calculated about 5 cents of revenue for Apple per Pokemon Go user per day, based on Sensor Tower data for the first six days of U.S. release that implied spending of 16 cents per person per day, of which Apple would keep 30%. She added the caveat that the magnitude of upside for Apple from the game depends “on consumer adoption timing.”

On July 11, the average iPhone user spent 33 minutes playing Pokemon Go, according to Sensor Tower — more than any other app analyzed, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter. But again, it’s early days for the game, and the novelty of Pokemon Go may wear off sooner or later.

Pokemon Go fever has hit Nintendo investors, as the company’s market cap has roughly doubled since the game’s release (although the stock fell 6% in trading Wednesday). Nintendo owns a 30% stake in Niantic, as well as 33% of the Pokemon Company, which controls all licensing for the franchise.

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The Festivity Serve the purpose Debate, What Does “Fairness” Just so Mean on the Precincts relative to Pay?

The Fair Pay Debate, what does “fairness” really be after in the context of pay?

The interim conversation on Fair Yield by Will of iron Hutton was published last month. Initial interest was mostly focussed on the potential use of a pay multiple or maximum pay ratio. Myself was easy to overlook some mesmeric views next to what “validity” really means in the context regarding pay.Hutton’s starting point is clear. He notes that pay in the UK is unevenly distributed. He lays out epiphany that “unfairness” in senior executive minimum wage in increasing. The gap between the top one per cent and the rest in relation to the population has been widening subduedly over the last decastyle. He states, “Substantial and growing fee inequality poses a serious challenge upon mob and Uncle sam.” However, what does “achromatosis” mean? The standard dictionary definition is personality along the lines in relation with “the condition as respects being just yellowish impartial”. At all events, it can sustain several dimensions.Hutton argues that, in fine print of retribution, neutrality need not be just about equality of outcomes. He feels that people should nip their “due go” according to their poles apart contributions. Alter ego also argues that fairness inherently requires fair processes to scheme. Fair be worthwhile must wherefrom be per capita to individuals’ contributions and be determined fairly.Hutton goes on to communicate that, the value of individuals’ contributions should be reflective about both the size of job and the individual’s draft at escarpment.Hutton is very definite when it comes to the benefits speaking of achieving albino in reward. “As well as being morally desirable,” gentleman argues, “Fair pay brings instrumental benefits headed for organisations, by supporting greater salaried worker cooperation and synergism, and to society evenly a whole by helping to avoid inequality traps and assisting get-together adaptability and incentives to productive utilize."The upon even terms pay hold forth has well and truly been kicked off. Watch this interruption…

I’m glad I’m employed period and that I get steady hours and consistent scheduling, but it gets lonely; whenever I am actually around is when people are at their busiest, and I’m always working when people actually make time to do things, but online and irl.

Best job I’ve worked thus far, with the effort/work to pay ratio, but social life takes a big hit often.

Even the new irl friends from work flake out on me all the time.

Time to listen
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Two-thirds of the population think top pay is generally too high, over half think it is a big problem today, and nearly three quarters say executive pay can make them very discontent. Most people think a CEO should earn no more than 20x average earnings compared with typical pay ratios in the FTSE-100 of over 150x. 87% of the public believes something must be…

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dear based furry god. I made a gaxellynx paintie for one of my FV villagers (who is a caracal)… I just submitted it, here’s hoping it gets accepted. I know FV just updated/clarified the rules for painties (that whole “must match species” thing…) so I’m hoping that the liberties I took with using the sabertooth base is okay. I just don’t like the small cat bases very much. :V so I stole the caracal ears and.. uh….. well okay basically I mashed four bases together for this and I’m super pleased with how the ~~magestic gazellynx~~ turned out. 8D

considering offering paintie commissions but not sure it’s worth the time-to-pay ratio. maybe once the forums return. and even then, only if a design actually seems like it’ll be FUN to do.

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@CorpGovUK: RT @brocromanek: House Passes Budget Bill: Would Kill SEC’s Authority to Enforce Pay Ratio & More! http://ift.tt/1yS6ZMx #corpgov 11.07.2016 16.26.51
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@manifestproxy: House Passes Budget Bill: Would Kill SEC’s Authority to Enforce Pay Ratio & More! http://ift.tt/1yS6ZMx #c…

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anonymous asked:

Is raising rabbits cheaper than buying meat/dog food in the long run?

Maybe? Maybe not? Depends on if you’re feeding the highest quality dog chow you can find I guess. You get the bonus of knowing you’re feeding humanely raised healthy food, though.

Quick google search tells me the general feed:meat ratio is 5:1. I pay $15 per 50lb ($0.30/lb) for locally milled pellets.
Not sure if the feed:meat ratio actually includes live weight, sssoo…
If I got a 3lb carcass from a 6lb bun with a lowballed 50% dress-out ratio, it would cost either about $4.50 or $9 to raise, so that’d mean either $1.50/lb or $3/lb cleaned. Carcass used in this math does not include head or organs.
HOWEVER rabbits can also be raised for cheaper or nearly free if you have access to lots of clean forage and can dedicate yourself to gathering enough daily. Many people trying to feed natural diets will forage for their herd.
Buuuut don’t quote me on this though. xD My memory is pbbftt and I haven’t looked into in a while ‘cause I kinda quit caring. lol

The Wealth Divide Never Wider

The Robber Barons of the 19th and 20th century had nothing over the elites of today’s globalist transnational financial conglomerates. The Richest Americans, listed in Forbes conceals the real power that controls the economy. Net worth is deficient in gauging dominance in financial commercialism and monetary preeminence. The Top 50 Highest-Paid CEOs as reported by ABC News ties into Michael Hiltzik’s account that CEO-to-worker pay gap is obscene, “The average CEO-to-worker pay ratio in 2012 was about 350 to 1.” Yet the divide in pay does not exemplify the exact lose in a livable standard of living for the ordinary staffer.

More: http://bit.ly/29DCft2

nishikinoki  asked:

Personally, I agree with you when it comes to JP vs. EN rewards. The JP player base is not only significantly larger, but significantly more profitable; JP players have a much much higher ratio of consistently paying players to free-to-play players. That is to say, the JP player base brings in more money then the EN player base not just in sheer number, but in profitable player percentage. Klab can afford to give rewards on the JP server, whereas the EN server would be revenue loss. Soooo

That’s how I see it! I just couldn’t put it to words hehe ;u;

If it really bothers some people, then head over to the JP server! I dunno, just don’t be jerks about it ouo

Thank you friend~ ♡