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MINI BANG REQUIREMENTS: A fic between 5k and 15k words, ONE fully rendered art piece. For a fic longer than 10k words a SECOND piece of art will be required, though it doesn’t have to be fully rendered.

BIG BANG REQUIREMENTS: A fic over 15k words, ONE fully rendered art piece, TWO ancillary art pieces that do not have to be fully rendered. For fics over 25k words, a FOURTH art piece will be required.

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"How blue can a Cardassian become?" by jossujb
Normally their lunch flirtation leads nowhere. Then you notice all the blue signs and finally draw right conclusions.

Cute little piece in which Julian can’t resist asking Garak about something he’s notice on more than one occasion. As it turns out, maybe Garak wanted him to ask. I for one like the whole notion of this, as I personally tend to dress to be noticed, he he. 

(Meanwhile, note that writer did ask that you blame any small spelling or grammar errors on English not being their first language. They are there, but just keep reading.)


Bashir had witnessed with his own brown eyes that Garak did indeed own a little metal can of subtle blue powder he smudged lightly on his cheekbones and eyerideges when he thought nobody was looking. Though, quite possibly, he deliberately let dear Doctor to witness his little grooming, as Bashir knew for certain Garak was completely capable of hiding his habits if he chose to do so.

And today Garak was, _oh, _so well groomed. Even his hair seemed to catch station lights in ultramarine. Bashir found it hard not to wonder if it was all purposeful.

“My dear, what are you looking at? Mind I say, you do look bit disoriented mouth open like that”, Garak said a delicious smile on his face. If he had planned to get Bashir speechless, he had succeeded like a professional.

Bashir batted his eyes and shook his head a little.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying? I think I got lost into my thoughts”, he apologized and wondered what he had been thinking anyway. These waters were dangerous, he could drown easily in Garak’s icy eyes.

“Must have been one interesting sentiment, since it cut your speech in the middle of a sentence. But do carry on my Doctor, something about this book you made me read, A Hound Of Baskervilles? Mind I add that I found the spooky aspect of it quite dull and inner logic was hardly engaging, but I’m sure you had some ridiculously Human point to make?”

Garak’s freezing gaze drill trough Bashir’s head. What was it he was about to say?


Title: How blue can a Cardassian become?
Author: jossujb
Year Posted: 2011
Approx. Word Count: 1,900
Chapters: 1
GB - Slash or Platonic: Slash
My Rating (1-5): 3
Keywords: Replimat Lunch, Flirting