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Do you ship olicity?

An excellent question. I have a long answer and a short answer. We’ll start with the short answer.

The short answer is yes, but I don’t want to. 

The long answer is yes, but only in terms of emotions and the excellent chemistry established between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards. In AU settings, where Oliver has his crap together, I’m perfectly comfortable shipping it as hard as possible, but in terms of the show, where it’s just not emotionally healthy, nor is Oliver worthy of Felicity, I don’t. 

actual useful shit i gathered V. 1, though:

1. anders avoided physically harming even his jailers in his earlier escapes

2. he was well-liked at Kinloch, despite his own views of himself

3. anders is skinny. even before half starving in Darktown

4. it’s implied that the Mr. Wiggums rage demon incident was a hallucination

5. he was a stubborn, decisive little shit as a kid and refused to speak to anyone for long enough to get a permanent moniker due to it (”the Ander”, and he uses “Anders” exclusively)

6. due to the wording in the book, i doubt the age gap between Karl and Anders is as much as people tend to assume (they may have met as apprentices)

7. he totally broke the rule of not falling in love before meeting Hawke

8. as Syd pointed out, Karl was already gone to another Circle by the time of the solitary confinement

9. Anders was actually good at escaping. never quite sufficiently good, but … he actually knew what he was doing

10. the reason for the solitary confinement was an escape attempt prompted by losing Karl (… the first time) (no fuckin’ wonder he expects the thing with Hawke to end in blood)

11. guy’s naturally an extrovert. which - makes me all :( for him, considering his current people skills and ability to connect with others. and the likely cause of the change (even in DA: A ‘cause the guy’s not supa charming, he is just terrifyingly lonely, and carrying a staggering load of psychological damage)

12. he was born and raised in a small Fereldan farming village called Ridden - even though his father was from the Anderfels - which makes his time in Kinloch hold make a million times more sense. no i am not re-writing my fanfic, damn you

13. we don’t know who turned him in to the templars

14. his dad still seemed to be all for turning him in, but his mom apparently wanted to protect him

15. we still don’t know what the status on the phylactery is

(most info taken from this post: http://daggerpen.tumblr.com/post/116604574201/so-because-i-am-impatient-anders-trash

by the lovely Amy (daggerpen))


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