rating: pg13

Lust Letters // by ureshiiichigo

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 8k


Morgana has her sights set on Arthur, or so she says. Unfortunately, she seems to think Merlin knows the proper way to woo him. Merlin disagrees.

“You’re his manservant, Merlin. You’ve seen him in certain situations that would be deemed, well, improper for a lady.”

Merlin felt his ears go hot as he moved his gaze from Morgana back to his polishing cloth and resumed scrubbing furiously at Arthur’s chest plate. “So, what, you’re saying that I’ve seen his… royal bits… and so I’m now the expert?”

Merlin started polishing the armour a bit faster, and tried in vain not to think about Arthur’s aforementioned royal bits.

Comment: Basically, Morgana has a hidden agenda to try and get Merlin and Arthur together and SO SNEAKILY gets Merlin to write love letters to Arthur. Poor little Merlsy doesn’t realise that she’s plotting something and just writes for her, all the while slowly falling in love with Arthur. THIS WAS SO FLUFFY AND LOVELY. I’ve read it so many times, and everytime I just want to squeeze this fic to my chest and never let it go. I loVE IT ヾ(´(エ)`ノ゙

Call or Delete

Title: Call or Delete
Author: @dictacontrion
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,7000  
Summary: It was just meant to be a bit of cross-promotion, but luck has very rarely been on Draco’s side.

This fic is so much fun, oh my god, you’re going to feel so bad for Draco, but you’re going to laugh at his predicament at the same time. I promise!

The thing is, Draco is a Radio Show Host and he’s a guest host at Lee’s show and they are playing a game “Call or Delete” in which Draco goes through his contact list on his mobile and in whatever name Lee tells him to stop, he has to decide if he prank-call that person, or deletes them from his contacts, live! And of course the person selected is one Harry Potter, only just recently had been added to Draco’s contact list. God, it’s so much fun. :D

Sneeze one; I hate you. Sneeze twice; we’re doomed

Author:  illusorycorrelation
Genre: soulmates!au, college!au, fluff
Rating: Pg13
Side Pairings: side!vmin
Length: 13K
Warnings: light angst
Summary: Jeon Jeongguk used to imagine himself being brave and confident in front of his soulmate. It wasn’t until he realized that his soulmate is a gorgeous (and serious-looking) man dressed in all-black that he started to doubt the whole soulmate thing altogether.-

Soulmate AU in which you sneeze at the same time as your soulmate. No exceptions. You have a flu? Your soulmate sneezes it all out with you. Your nose itches? Your soulmate finds out through experience.