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Characters: Hummel-Anderson Children, Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel
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“Well, you make it sound like they’re grossly affectionate when you talk about them. I just realised I’ve never seen your parents do anything remotely couple like. They act more like bros rooming together.”
In which Devon learns that no matter how accepting the world can be, his parents biggest fear is being too affectionate in front of other people. He also learns that there is more than one way to show your love for someone.

Klaine fic - “Underneath the Magic” (Rated PG13)

Kurt, a tree demon, runs a magical, supernatural circus that, unfortunately, is in the red. Trying to come up with a way to keep them afloat, his right hand man … uh, goblin … convinces Kurt to hire some new acts. Kurt reluctantly agrees, as long as that new act isn’t human.

Enter Blaine - the human conman who’s about to try and change Kurt’s mind. (10511 words)

So, this started life in a number of different ways. I wanted to write some stuff for @sunshineoptimismandangels, for her birthday, and at the time, I had started writing this as an original piece, inspired by @vampireisabitstrong’s “Graveyard Book au” which I was also writing at the time. But after a while, I had to come to grips with the fact that I was writing Glee characters. The character of Puck, in particular, was inspired in part by sunshine’s character of Felix from her amazing story Heartstone (whom she’s reluctant to admit is a goblin, but I know better xD) Also, Kurt is a Spriggan, but I added hints of Kapre as a nod to Darren’s Filipino heritage. I hope you all enjoy. Please let me know. And no, if you’re curious, I wasn’t smoking anything when I wrote this xD

For @sunshineoptimismandangels . I know I’m writing a ton of stuff for you but look! Something shiny!! <3

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On the farthest outskirts of town.

Past the dead end streets and the no trespassing signs.

In a place with no light, artificial or otherwise. Where the full moon fails to penetrate.

In the center of a deep, dark forest.

In a clearing where no grass grows, no animals graze, no water flows.

Where the still air settles dry and musty, like the breath of death, and even the spirits of the wicked dare not tread.

The perfect place for a satanic ritual, to cast a spell …

… or perform a sacrifice.

Or hold a circus.

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I’ve also posted this to my tumblr if you don’t mind, this is after Lance’s fall




(it’s nothing too descriptive though)

Lance groaned in agony at the pain that coursed through him. His head throbbed and opening his eyes made things worse as his vision tilted and swam every which way. He attempted to move his body and found he couldn’t,

Not even a twitch.

Lance’s eyes flew open and he resisted the urge to vomit at the action. Panic overtook him as he attempted to move again and found he couldn’t he couldn’t. He found that eh could move his arms slightly but doing so with his right arm sent a jolt of agony up it and made his vision grow white briefly.

‘I can’t move, why can’t I move?!′

Lance then remembered that he had been fighting Keith and the stinging pain from the cut across his face became more apparent.

‘we were fighting and then-’

Keith had let him fall, and as Lance had finally hit the bottom, he remembers the cracking sound before passing out.

‘Oh god- my, my spine. Please don’t let it be my sine’

If it was his spine he was screwed,he would never move again. At least not his legs.

Footsteps clicked across the floor and Lance did his best to turn his head towards the source. He couldn’t look up at the whomever approached him but the boots were Galra armor.

“Oh my sweet little Blue what happened”

Lance winced as the Galra rushed over to him and at the sickening cooing tone of their voice.


Even as Lance was likely dying Lotor was still taking every opportunity to “woo” him.

Lance could vaguely feel the upper part of his body being lifted, but upon looking down saw that his entire body had been lifted off the floor.

So it really was his spine.

He couldn’t feel anything below his waist. His upper body didn’t fair much better, while he could still feel it and could move his arms, it was only a slight feeling. A twitch was the most he could manage. He wouldn’t be able to walk ever again. And he likely wouldn’t be able to use his arms again either, at least not to their full extent, if at all.

“Your former teammates have fled, they did quite the amount of damage. In more ways than one”

Lance tried not to shudder. He didn’t have to look at Lotor to feel that hungry gaze raking over his body. Lotor walked down the hallways taking several turns before stopping at a place Lance had come to know to avoid.

Haggar’s personal little workshop.

Most aliens that went in here did not come back in one piece.

If they came back at all.

Lance was walked in an placed on Haggar’s table. He was internally panicking and tried his best not to show it. He was  in a bad position. He was severely injured and unable to move and was about to be at the mercy of the demented witch.

Speak of the devil Haggar was now in the room.

It always bothered Lance how she could move so silently, it meant that if she wanted to kill you,

you’d likely never hear her coming.

Haggar grinned at him and he visibly winced at the smile, which only made it grow wider.

“Do what you have to”

Haggar laughed at Lotor’s command and Lance winced once again as she turned to him, the smile on her face more sadistic than before.

“As you wish my prince”

Lance has been in pain before.

He’s experienced it a lot actually.

He’s been badly burned, had his front teeth knocked out by a baseball, gotten into rough and tumble situations with his sibling resulting in bruises and bloody noses.

He’s suffered broken bones more than once, even had to have one reset. And when you reset bones they can’t put you under. You have to be awake so they know they set it right. He was given medicine to forget though, so I guess he could be grateful for that. Lance has even had stitches.

But none of that could prepare for what came next in Haggar’s “care.”

The next months are tormenting and anguish unlike anything he’s ever known.

None of the injuries he’s ever had could ever compare to this. What was left of his right arm had been removed, and not with any sort of care. Not like Lance was expecting bed side manner from Haggar mind you.

But the spine was the worst. Lance was strapped to the table to ensure he wouldn’t move with his back facing up. Haggar then began to cut into his skin down his spine. Lance bit his cheek to keep himself from crying out as she then separated his skin and spread i out, sticking something like needles into his back to keep the skin open. She continued this process with the muscle and everything else until she finally reached the bone.

Lance wished he couldn’t feel this. He thought he shouldn’t be able to, but then again he wasn’t really sure how anatomy worked. For all he knew Haggar was using her magic so he would feel all of this.

She didn’t trust him, he knew that.

It was one of the reasons he avoided her, The other’s being he found her disturbing.

Honestly Lance was slightly afraid of her.

A sharp stab of pain drew him out of his thoughts and he let a wheeze of pain.

He heard a clack as something dropped into the bowl like object next to him. As he looked over another pain and another object dropped into it again.

It was bone.

Haggar was removing his spine. granted it was useless as it was but the very thought of it be taken out of his body like this instilled terror in him. He jerked and thrashed only to feel the familiar burning of quintessence magic from his spars with the druids wash over his body.

“Be still! Endure it. When I am finished with you, you will regain your ability to walk, and so much more.”

Lane whimpered at the statement as Haggar continued to dig around in his back and removing his spine. He could feel the tolls she was using scrape around and cut the spine from the flesh holding it there. He could feel her claws digging around in his back.

She was enjoying this, causing him pain like this.

Haggar much like Lotor was sadistic. But her sadism stemmed from whatever her goals were. Lotor’s was mindless and random, a form of entertainment whenever he grew bored or a result of his explosive and short temper.

Haggar seemed to have finished removing his spine as she began to move around ridding herself of tools and having a druid rid of his spine in the bowl.

Another druid came into the corner of his vision and handed something to Haggar, he couldn’t make it out from this angle. When Haggar once again approached him he could make out what was in her hands. IT was a metal spine, a prosthetic. She was going to stick that in his back. With the magic holding him down all Lance could do was bite back the scared whine.

Haggar moved towards his back and out his vision again and Lance jolted slightly as she began to force the spine into his back, He felt her move it around as she began to attach the spine to the bone of his neck and his tail bone.

Lance couldn’t hold back the scream of pain at what happened next. He could feel the prosthetic as though it were his actual spine and could feel it burning as if it was on fire from Haggar’s quintessence running though it.

“This will allow the prosthetic to take the place of your spine. This will allow it to actually function.”

Haggar’s words ran dully though his head as his vision contorted and darkened and finally he passed out.

When Lance awoke again he was no longer held down by quintessence. He was also now facing upwards. Lance was first aware of the devastating pain his back was in. The next thing he was aware of is the remainder of his right arm being stretched away from his body by a pair of hands, before being strapped down.

The pain then started fully awaking Lance from his stupor. It was Haggar again and she was attaching something to where his right arm once was. He felt it latch in place finally as another piece of it was slipped under his back and winced as it dug into his shoulder blade finally clicking into place.

“Awake I see, well not for long.” Haggar’s hand sparked with her quintessence as placed it on his head. “Rest now, there is much for us to do when you awake again”

Lance felt the magic pulse into his head and a fog settled in his mind his thoughts growing heavier as was forced into sleep.

When Lance awoke again the pain had subsided to a dull throb, and it was a while before his mind cleared enough for him to think coherently. He examined his surroundings and found himself  in his room.

Or well what Lotor had given to him, it really wasn’t his room, this was only temporary after all.

As Lance set up a sharp stab went up his spine and right arm, and Lance doubled over as his i went white. He was aware he was retching from the sounds he could hear, but luckily he had nothing on his stomach from the “surgery” being done however long ago it was.

Quite some time actually given the empty feeling in Lance’s stomach. When color came back to him and everything became clear again Lance forced himself to his feet, ignoring the smaller pricks of pain that he felt when he did so. Lance stumbled over to the mirror and collapsed against the dresser.

He breathed slowly trying to steady himself as the room had begun to spin again. When the incessant throbbing in his head had finally died down he looked up into the mirror.

Lance’s breath hitched in his throat. He knew his right arm would be gone, He just didn’t think it would be all of it. The prosthetic went all the way up to his shoulder, and when he shifted it he could feel that it covered his shoulder blade as well. Lance touched the cold Galra prosthetic and winced at the thought of how much damage must have been done that the whole thing had to be cut off.

Lance swallowed the lump in his throat as he slowly turned around to get a look at his spine. He trembled at the sight of his back, covered in criss cross sections of scars all around his spine. Almost all of the skin that had been over the spine was gone, only a small amount remaining around the edges of it. Metal coldly glinted back at him as if grinning a sadistic smile. The shiny grey substance ran all the way up to his neck and stopped at his hairline.

Lance couldn’t keep himself up anymore as his legs gave out beneath him. He dug his hand s into the ground, the prosthetic ripping up some of the carpet as his arms shook.

Finally Lance let out the scream of anguish, anger, pain and utter betrayal he had felt from the moment this hell started.

monsterscavenger  asked:

"I'm not having this baby."

I’m not having this baby.

The hand gloomily hovering near her face draws back with a jolt. Rey opens her eyes, finding the face of the dark warlord just in front of her, as always. Just, the look on his face is different now. He looks puzzled, concerned.


“What?” she echoes aggressively, almost scornful, pulling at her restraints. She can’t believe they’re in that same situation once more. Everything has changed between them, but at the same time nothing has really changed. They’re still enemies and have to behave as such.

Kylo takes a step back. He needs time to elaborate what he has just seen in her mind. He walks around the room, glad like never before to be alone during the interrogations. He wouldn’t want anyone to see the raw emotion on his face right now.

“You…” he starts, stopping in front of Rey once again. She simply stares at his conflicted expression without understanding. It seems that something he saw in her mind has unsettled him, badly.

Her eyes grow wide. Could he know…?

The realization hits both of them at the same time.

“You’re expecting.” “Yes.”

Their voices overlap. They look at each other, Kylo can’t hide his shock, while Rey’s face is a mask of indifference.

He doesn’t know what to do. He shouldn’t be affected by the news and it scares him that his first thought upon finding out was to let her go. It scares him that his first worry was that of accidentally hurt her or the child.

Then, he remembers.

“You don’t want it,” he says, voice void of any emotion.

“No,” Rey confirms, holding his stare even though there’s a tremble in her eyes.

Kylo turns away from her, starts pacing the room again. “Why? You could give the Resistance a new fighter. Probably as strong in the Force as you are and as skilled as his father, whoever he is.” He shakes his head, realizes his voice sounds more bitter than he wants to. “The Resistance would certainly need some help a few years from now, assuming there’s any of you left by then,” he looks at her and smiles with disdain.

Rey doesn’t flinch. “It’s yours.”

Kylo stops pacing, as if frozen in place. He slowly turns to face her once more. There’s doubt and incredulity on his face.

Rey’s heart is pounding hard against her ribcage, her voice fails her a little when she speaks again. “What?” She shows a quivering smile. “You already forgot about Canto Bight?”

“That was–”

“Almost five months ago.”

Kylo’s eyes are drawn to her abdomen. He would have never guessed. It’s probably because she has always been so skinny, her belly doesn’t even show yet.

There’s another issue, though. He clenches his fists. “Why don’t you want it?” He says slowly, pronouncing every word with subtle grudge.

Rey tilts her head to the side. “You, out of all of people, shouldn’t be asking this question.”


“I saw it the first time I got into your mind. It was such a strong feeling that it overshadowed everything else,” she says. He’s beginning to understand where she’s going, because his expression turns worrisome again. She goes on, “your fear of abandonment. What pushed you to the Dark Side in the first place. I saw it all.”

Kylo barely flinches. “It has nothing to do with–”

“No?” Rey cuts in. “The General was always too busy with the war and your father was just too scared to be there,” she eyes him knowingly. “Doesn’t it remind you of something? I’m with the Resistance now and no one can seem to see an end to this war. And you…” she pauses, taking in the guilt in his eyes. “You’re the enemy. How can I give birth to a child in these conditions? What good can I teach him, when his father is the embodiment of everything he should despise? How can I do this to him? More than that, why should I? To see him turn away from me like you did?”

Kylo stays silent, eyes somewhere far from Rey’s face. His fists, once clenched, slowly relax.

“So it’s a boy.”

Rey raises an eyebrow. “Were you even listening to me?”

“Is it?” Kylo pushes, this time staring right into her eyes.

Her shoulders deflate in defeat. “Yes.”

Kylo just nods, looking away again. “I see, now. I was wondering why you would let yourself get caught.”

Rey frowns. “What?”

“You wanted to meet me, that’s why you needed to be brought on board.”

“Nonsense,” she smirks, avoiding his piercing eyes.

“Yes? Then why didn’t you get rid of these restraints?” He makes a vague gesture with one hand and everything that held her against the chair is suddenly gone. “You could do it at any moment, but you didn’t. You wanted to be here,” she can feel that he’s more convinced of what he’s saying word after word. He looks almost triumphant when he finally says, “You wanted to tell me about this.”

Rey is still not looking at him, but he can see her lips trembling. “Why would I want such a thing?” she murmurs.

He walks closer, towering over her with his height and size, looking threatening. But his next words are incredibly soft, “Because you actually want to keep it, don’t you?”

Her eyes are watery and she blames the pregnancy for those emotions. Kylo takes her chin between his fingers. “Rey… we will find a way.”

He makes her turn his way, but she still takes her time before finally returning his stare. Their faces are so close that their lips are almost touching. She looks into his eyes and sees the same fierce emotions of that night of five months before. Those eyes are the reason she fell for him in the first place. He was always a good liar, but his eyes couldn’t lie. They always told her exactly how he feels about her.

“How…?” she says with trembling lips.

He brushes his thumb across her wet cheek, moving his eyes in hers. “You just need to trust me.”

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Chapters: 11/?
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Characters: Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Noah Puckerman, Santana Lopez, Sue Sylvester, Brittany S. Pierce, Artie Abrams, Carmen Tibideaux, Jesse St. James, Quinn Fabray, Sam Evans, Mercedes Jones, Kitty Wilde, Sebastian Smythe, Jake Puckerman, Marley Rose, Ryder Lynn, Will Schuester, Emma Pillsbury, Coach Beiste
Additional Tags: Competition, Reality TV, Alternate Universe, Eventual Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, platonic Blaine Anderson

“You want to have a duel?” The New Directions never existed. Follow around Kurt, Blaine, and the rest of the New Directions as they face one another to become America’s hottest new Duo. The catch. They also have to face cut-throat judges and an executive named Sue. Heavy on Klaine. So who will be American’s newest singing Duo? Come along for the adventure.

Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird by Tezy

Author: Tezy

Pairing: Frank/Gerard

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: No archived warnings

Length: Medium

Summary: “I hate you,” Frank raged, and twisted miserably in Gerard’s arms. “I hate you – I hate everything about you.”

“I know,” he said. He tucked his chin over Frank’s head, and kept his arms wrapped tightly around him. “I don’t blame you. I hated myself too.”

“Why would you leave?”

▲ Chansoo Fanfic

Title: Through The Eyes Of Others

Author: anon_nim

Pairing: chanyeol/kyungsoo

Rating: pg-13

Genre: romance, nonau

Length: multi-chaptered (ongoing)

Description: SM Entertainment officially released a statement that the dating rumors between EXO’s band members Park Chanyeol (27) and D.O (26) are true. Today, SM Entertainment stated, “We have checked with Park Chanyeol and Do Kyungsoo (red - D.O’s given name), and we were told that the two, who have been close friends since their trainee days, recently started seeing each other in a sense more than just a friendly relationship.”

- Admin Bia

Paul George has informed the Indiana Pacers he plans to become a free agent next year and join the LA Lakers.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Pacers have begun contacting teams to gauge trades on Paul George.
The main team they have contacted is the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Would you like to see Paul George on the Cavaliers?
Do you think Paul George is a better matchup against the Warriors than Kevin Love is?

and never be afraid again

By: akamine_chan

Rated: PG-13

Length: 0.5k


Frank hits the jock right in the nose and tackles him, kneeing him between the legs and punching him a couple of more times for good measure before getting up and brushing himself off. “Watch who you call names, motherfucker,” he spits down at the dude, who’s too busy clutching at his junk and moaning to really pay attention.

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This is my first ask but I love your writing so much that I just had to send one. Can I have some monster heat headcanons (maybe scenarios?) with UT Sans, UF Sans, UF Papyrus, US Papyrus, and SF Papyrus? Pretty please with surgar on top? X3

Yes of course! Feel free to send in more asks as you please! Thank you so much ^u^


***As a general headcanon, in my opinion, I believe monsters “experience heat” for a week at a time every 5 to 10 months- it varies from person to person, and only experience it toward an S/o they really love and adore***



•Has a natural blue tint to his cheek bones when in heat
•Will be more touchy and clingy
•Will totally deny it until you turn him on even more
•Tends to daze off just thinking about you
•Stares at you more, doesn’t bother giving an excuse why
•Gets into sex much more than usual
•Sometimes grinds against you for “no reason” at a random time
You’ve never been in a close relationship with a monster before, so at first, you can’t quite piece together what’s going on. Classic isn’t a clingy guy, but all of a sudden he just seems so much more attached to you. It’s not that you don’t like it, you just find it odd, since it’s never happened before. It’s during one night where Classic blurts out “I REALLY wanna fuck you, y/n,” and it catches you off guard. You start to touch him and he seems so much more into it, and over the course of the next week or so, the two of you do a lot of kinky stuff together, and all of a sudden it’s just over. It comes back quite a few months later, and you don’t question it anymore- you just roll with it.



•Sometimes drools while staring at you and quickly catches himself and wipes it away. It’s adorable.
•Blushes a lot more when you flirt with him
•Touches himself more, and touches you more, too
•Will flat out tell you he’s horny and wants to have sex with you
•Doesn’t want to leave the house a lot, and doesn’t want you to leave a lot either
•Tends to compliment you more
•Becomes more animalistic during sex
Red does not hide his sex drive when he’s in heat. He doesn’t want to put it out there for the world to see, but he certainly wants you to see. All the time. When you wake up one morning, he slowly grabs your arm and just pulls you close, wrapping around you, whispering “no, don’t get up baby… stay in bed with me…” and it’s so cute how he’s still so sleepy that you obviously stay. Basically, the whole day you two just stay in bed, but around noon you get hungry, so you both get up to get food and then go right back to bed. After you eat and settle a little, Red starts up by grinding against you and making you feel good, and you get into it. About 4 of the 7 days Red is horny, you two just stay in bed and fuck around- literally. When it’s over, Red easily gets up and the two of you carry on like it wasn’t anything out-of-ordinary, and eventually, your own heat syncs up with his.


•Is more quiet and humble
•Will be more careful around you and others so he doesn’t expose himself
•Has a huge lust for fucking you, so the tools he uses during fun times are usually stored away for the week
•Never stops thinking about you and creating fantasies about you in his head
•Will secretly pull you into it without you even realizing it’s not how he usually is at first
Fell can control his heat more, but around this time, he NEEDS to have sex with you. A lot. Since he has a habit of congesting his feelings, you have to be the one to call him out on the way he’s acting at first. Usually, this leads to him getting even more turned on and his lust for you grows as he pins you to the wall and makes out with you. It’d lead to having sex, and sometime the next day, he would just flat out tell you that he feels hornier than usual. You don’t see it as a problem, and actually use it to your advantage- you finally get to see Fell submissive for once. You can tease him into doing it because of how high his sex drive is, and then reverse the positions only for the time being. After the week passes, he goes back to being strictly dominant and using his toys again, and tells you that you better not say a word of him giving into you. The Great and Terrible Papyrus gives into no one.



•Like Classic, has a natural orange tint to his cheek bones
•Stares at you a lot more
•Becomes more intimate with you, but once this happens, it stays that way even after heat
•Fetishes come up much more often
•Won’t openly talk to you about it, but won’t deny anything if you bring it up
•Wants you to see it yourself, but will make hints that he wants sex if it’s necessary
As we all probably already know, Honey is amazing at making you feel good. Even when he’s not in heat, he tends to be a pretty kinky guy, and messes around with you a lot in the bedroom. But when he’s in heat, it becomes more abrupt when you two are going at it. He’ll mention his fetishes more, he’ll grab you more, he’ll kiss you more… a major part of what turns him on is seeing you turned on, so that’s his first step in any scenario. But seeing you turned on can become too much for him, and without you even touching him you could already get him moaning. You really love how Honey becomes closer with you on the regular relationship level, too, and when you see the blush in his cheeks, the averting gaze and nervous tone he has in his voice, you can piece together he’s really horny, and you like it. You pleasure him a lot and he’s grateful you saw it yourself, and once it passes, he just looks back on it and can’t wait until the next time it happens.



•Naturally submissive, so will kiss up to you a little more
•Tends to be more lenient during sex- Rus is usually a “bratty submissive” which makes sex with him tons of fun in general
•If dominant, will actually show slight animalistic traits, but it certainly isn’t anything close to Red’s
•Holds onto you a lot more and cuddles with you more, hoping it leads to fun times
•Blushes a whole lot whenever you compliment him or praise him
•Will casually grind against you when the two of you are alone, whimpering for your affection
You’ll be able to tell when Rus is in heat super quick. Since Rus is a switch, but prefers to be submissive, you’ll see his hidden sadistic side of him pop out more, and he’ll become extremely masochistic when he’s a sub. When you start flirting with him and making out with him, he’s already turned on so much that just starting something with him almost makes him climax right off the bat. So you two have sex a LOT, usually it’s very close in time. For the first few days of his heat he’ll just show that he wants it, and maybe for the middle of it it’ll just be sex, all the time. Stuff will calm down around the end of it and then it’ll be over. You notice some changes in his behavior, such as- when he’s submissive, he won’t be as sassy, therefore, you don’t get to punish him as much, but he adores the praise you give him, because that’s a huge turn on for him, too. When he’s dominant, you see him take a slight sadistic stance, such as, biting and pinching, but that’s about it. Like Red, Rus will ask you to stay in bed with him for a while, and pretty much any situation where the two of you are close and alone, it’ll lead to some kinky fun. Your heat syncs with his and you have a blast every time.