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Novel Length Friday

Sweet Philes, this week’s Novel Length Friday post is a special one.  @kateyes224 and @piecesofscully will be at Wizard World Comic Con, so to celebrate this joyous event, we will be using today’s post as a massive recap of every Novel Length fic we have rec’d so far!  Each link will take you to our original post where rating, word count, summary and such will be stated for you.  

So if you’re stuck at home waiting for Con and panel updates on tumblr, browse our list.  Catch up on whatever you may have missed.  Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you on Sunday for our usual smut date.

Homicidal Tendencies by Swikstr

Comfortably Numb by Paige Caldwell

Universal Invariants by Syntax6

SN 1572 by Prufrock’s Love

A Butterfly in China by Nicknoc

Iolokus by RivkaT and Mustang Sally

The Lost by Wintersong

Folly by RivkaT

Julia and Gabriel by Mish

Erosion by Annie Sewell-Jennings

Diametrically Opposed by Mountainphile

Tikkun Olam by RivkaT and Mustang Sally

Promises to Keep by Prufrock’s Love

All that is Dark and Bright by Malibu Sunset

Secret World by Bonetree

Amish Country by Lolabeegood

The FBI’s Most Unwanted by LeiaScully

Quis Si by Trixie 

Dr. Scully’s School for Exceptional Boys by Prufrock’s Love

Only Skin Deep by Mimic117

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For science?


Title: Streetlight People

Author: ladyblahblah

Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/OMC, Gaila/McCoy

Length: 54,009 words

Rating: A+

Content: NC-17

Summary: Jim is a prostitute who’s good at what he does and doesn’t ever doubt his career choice until he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Starfleet’s only Vulcan.

Overall: I LOVED THIS FIC SO MUCH OMG. GR9 characterization and it was FUNNY and ANGSTY and PINE-Y. 

Klaine Fic: Remember How It Never Was

Title: Remember How It Never Was
Pairing: Klaine
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~1200 words
Warnings: Phone sex, tiny hint of innocence kink, fantasy sharing/not quite role-play.
Summary: Kurt and Blaine are talking and reminisce about how it when when they first talk, taking an unexpected turn. Slightly cracky/silly fun.
Notes: Written for Klaine Appreciation Week “Then and Now”. Expected fluff but it took a porny turn. 
Also on AO3 


Blaine’s all snuggled up in his bed on his phone’s hands-free kit talking to Kurt when he gets a sudden flash of deja vu. He’s taken right back she they’d first done this. He hadn’t even known Kurt two weeks when they ended up talking on the phone late into the night for the first time.

“Hey, remember when we used to do this?” He asks, “Back when we first met, before you came to Dalton.” After that they’d still talked, but they’d stopped the late into the night calls for a while because they had more time together and Kurt had a long trip.

Kurt giggles, “I do. I was so head over heels so fast for you, I don’t think my feet touched the ground the whole next day after the first time I fell asleep talking to you.”

Blaine laughs, “I just wanted to talk to you all the time, it was so important. I mean, I still do, it still is, but it’s different now, I know I’ll get the chance.”

Kurt sighs, “It is different. It’s settled, I know where I am with you. Plus I almost never jerked off while on the phone to you back then.”

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Hyde!verse: Play with me

Jekyll was furious, but his rage was ice cold and well contained. He had come to accept that he had to share his wife and his love with the monster inside him, had come to accept that this monster connected with Belle on a more carnal level, reached her in ways he himself could never dream of, but still, he hated it. And going to retrieve his cane from the Nolan’s house after he passed out the evening before, to be met with a mixture of disgust and boyish admiration was one of the most humiliating exercises those two had put him through to date. Belle could have warned him. But she didn’t, and for the first time since he became aware of his love for her, he wanted to punish her.

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Title: Suffocate Me

Author: darkqueen_25

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Angst, Psychological

Summary: Was Baekhyun perfect? Was he an outstanding scholar, a skilled Hapkido student, the ideal son? Was he imperfect? Was he a second-rate slacker who just got lucky, a complete fake, a freak? He never knew. He did, however, know that he was suffocating and that he enjoyed it when he was in this sick bastard’s embrace. Probably.

Warning (s): Drug use, breath and blood play (both implicit, of course), mention of date rape (but not the actual occurrence of it—implicit or explicit). You’ve been warned.


cravingsㅣyoonmin smut oneshot

Jimin jerks off way too much for it to be healthy. 

Inspired by this filth

It’s not often that Jimin has time to himself. But when he does, he makes the most of it.

It’s kinda hard due to the fact that he shares a room with two other boys who most probably do the same thing he does (Jimin doesn’t really want to think about that because of the grossness factor) but once the doors are closed and he’s sure he can hear Hoseok’s and Taehyung’s erratic snoring, the glare of his phone almost seems like an accusatory flashlight beam from a police officer.

Earphones jammed in, Jimin checks one last time that the other boys are snoozing obliviously before he settles himself into the blankets, already burning up from anticipation. It’s filthy, yeah, but he can’t bring himself to care right now. He’ll deal with the guilt  in the morning.

It’s always the same set of videos; Jimin’s fingers fly across the screen in a series of rapid taps, punching in the search word and seeing the thumbnails pop up. The images alone quicken his breathing and he can’t bring himself to press on the link any quicker than he does.

It’s a fancam; the sound quality is shit but all Jimin is focused on is the boy in the centre of the video. And from then on, he’s completely gone.

There’s just sweat everywhere, glistening on Yoongi’s skin, dripping down his face and disappearing into his shirt. It’s not clear, but Jimin leaves the depravity of it to his imagination, smirking as he slides a hand down his pants, nails scraping along the waistband of his boxers. The cypher is aggressive, filthy and raw, and so is Yoongi. There’s no trace of makeup, no sign of the pretty idol except a rapper spitting fire into a mic. Nothing turns Jimin on more than seeing Yoongi like this and he has to stuff a fist into his mouth to stop from groaning out loud, the other hand palming the bulge in his boxers.

It helps too, when Jimin’s eyes travel down Yoongi’s length to see the familiar ripped jeans that’s showing more skin than necessary. His thumb digs into the slit, smearing the precome around and he uses the slickness to pump even harder, the heat bringing him to that sweet, sweet edge. Jimin knows he’s done for when he sees Yoongi lick his lips and he chokes, spilling over his hand and letting the ecstasy consume him. For a while, he stays there, the cypher still resonating through his ears.

Whether it’s a guy or girl, my tongue will make you come.

Ain’t that right, Jimin thinks smugly, bringing his sticky hand up to his mouth and licking all of his fingers just as the video ends and the familiar ‘replay?’ arrow pops up.

Well, he’s up for round two.


It’s shit early in the morning when Hoseok’s alarm goes off and Jimin groans (this time not in pleasure) and burrows his face into his blanket. In addition to the ungodly wake up, it sucks even more when Taehyung bounds onto his bed and tries to snuggle in next to him and Jimin has a hard time pushing the eager boy out of his comfort zone. He’s also slightly alarmed since he was too exhausted post-fap session to clean up and he tries to angle his body in such a way that Taehyung doesn’t notice how sticky he is.

'Hyuuuuung,’ Taehyung whines, nuzzling Jimin’s neck. 'Let me in.’

'No,’ says Jimin flatly, both hands on the younger boy’s chest and pushing him onto the floor. 'My bed.’

Taehyung collapses on the floor in a heap, sulking with a rather impressive pout whilst Hoseok is bustling around, cheerily making his bed. How the two of them manage to function so well in the morning, Jimin is flabbergasted about, but he much rather the both of them clear out of the room before he starts to clean up. The drying come is sticking boxer material to skin and it’s such an unpleasant feeling that Jimin seriously wants to take an hour long shower.

'Come on Minnie,’ Hoseok says, hands on hips. Jimin just flings the covers over his head. 'Otherwise Namjoon’s gonna throw a fit and I really don’t want to be there when he starts breaking things.’

'Fuck off hyung, let me sleep.’ mumbles Jimin into the pillow. Hoseok only mutters something that sounds like bloody teenagers and tugs Taehyung out of the room, leaving the younger boy alone. As soon as the door shuts and Jimin can hear them clanking around the kitchen, he gingerly manoeuvres off his bed and scurries to the bathroom as fast as he can.

He peels his boxers off his legs, trying not to look at the dried come and tosses it into the sink to wash later. Once he’s under the shower, he relaxes, lathering himself up with Hoseok’s prized bubblegum soap (just to spite him) and rinsing it all away. He tips his head back, letting the water run down his face and he rubs at his arms, chest and lower, hands ghosting over his abs and before he knows it, he’s wrapping a hand around his dick and stroking slowly.

I need to douse myself in holy water, he thinks in all earnest, but that thought is soon forgotten as the heat crawls along his skin, the warm water urging on his hand as he leans against the cold tiles of the shower. It’s so much more relaxing and he lets himself fall into a steady rhythm, conjuring images of last night’s escapade to help bring him to the edge once more. He wonders how easily he would be able to mark Yoongi and those delicious, pale thighs and to make the rapper spit his name out with that filthy mouth and the thoughts have him going harder, head thrown back against the wall.

'Fuck, Yoongi,’ Jimin mutters, unable to keep quiet and he strokes himself to climax, teeth clenched around his orgasm. It takes a while for the blissful feeling to melt away, like he’s coming down from an ecstasy high. He knows how wrecked he probably looks, face flushed and legs unstable as he braces an arm against the wall, turning the shower to full blast to wash off all the evidence and hopes to good God the others don’t question the suspiciously long shower.

Jimin turns off the tap and steps out, wiping all the water off and slinging a pair of shorts and a tee on. The lazy feeling of satisfaction disappears as soon as he opens the door and is met with an extremely smug face and the last person he wants to see.

'Took your time.’ Yoongi’s drawl sends goosebumps skittering across Jimin’s skin. Thankfully, he’s too fucked out to even think about getting hard again but still. Fuck.

'Um, yeah,’ Jimin squeaks and mentally facepalms. 'I had um… trouble with the water.’

'Sure you did.’

'Yup.’ Jimin looks anywhere but at Yoongi’s knowing smirk. 'I’m going to go eat now.’ He ducks around Yoongi trying to hide a poorly concealed blush and marches towards the kitchen with what was left of his dignity.

Needless to say, he needs to learn to control his dick because that thing was going to get him in trouble one day.


The problem starts when Namjoon announces that he’s going to be working late at the studio and so promptly leaves the dorm, not without accidentally breaking the doorknob on his way out. Seokjin subsequently sighs and leaves on a shopping trip for a new handle whilst Taehyung, Hoseok and Jungkook run to the park to play night basketball. Yoongi lets out a half-hearted I feel kinda shitty so I’ll be in my room no one fucking disturb me or I’ll cut your balls off and retreats into his lair. Which leaves Jimin with a dilemma.

To jack off or not to jack off.

He doesn’t feel that horny; not a surprise since he’s been at it twice and he reckons a third time would render him a visit to Fap Addicts Anonymous if he’s not careful. But then again, the situation is perfect. Everyone’s out and Yoongi’s holed up in his room probably with headphones jammed over his ears, so he can be as loud as he wants. And Jimin be damned if he’s not a man of opportunity.

That’s how he finds himself once again in his bed, earphones in and up full volume and moaning unabashedly with a hand around his dick. It’s so much easier now that he’s able to vocalise himself and in some strange, uninhibited area of his massively peverted mind, he wants Yoongi to hear.

'Yoongi, please just- ugh.’ Jimin finally yanks out the earphones, the phone falling into the swathes of blankets as he jerks himself off even harder, pushing close to climax. He’s so dead to the world, that he doesn’t hear the click of the door opening, someone walking to the side of his bed until he throws his head back into his pillow and sees the pair of dark, amused eyes staring right at him.

'FUCKING-’ Jimin pulls his hand right out of his boxers, knocking his phone onto the ground in a tangle of earphone wire and sits up straighter, trying to wipe the stickiness discreetly onto the sheets. Like that was going to help the situation.

'Sounds like you wanted to,’ murmurs the voice above him. There’s no mocking though, just dark amusement. 

'I…I thought you were sick hyung,’ chirps Jimin a bit too cheerily. 'You should go back to bed.’

'Sick?’ Yoongi arches an eyebrow. 'I don’t get sick. I just stayed at home to see if I could catch you moaning my name like that.’

Oh God. The words send more heat shooting straight to Jimin’s cock and he almost whimpers from how hard he is, so close to release. 'I didn’t-’

'Cut the bullshit Park Jimin,’ Yoongi growls and leans in closer. 'Did you moan my name?’

Jimin knows he’s not going to get anywhere denying it since Yoongi caught him hand in his pants and he reckons he’s already got a place in hell so ignoring the deep flush of his cheeks, he nods.

Yoongi obviously senses his discomfort, and smirks. 'That’s more like it. So….’ The older boy saunters over to the door and locks it, the sharp clicking noise resonating through the air and making Jimin flinch. 'Since you called for me, I better get started then.’

Jimin swallows hard, hands shaking as he watches Yoongi brandish some material towards him. At first he’s confused but upon further observation, he realises that they’re the boxers he had left (and forgotten to wash) in the sink earlier in the morning.

'I don’t need to explain, do I?’ Jimin mumbles, throwing an arm over his face. Any longer and his dick might wilt from all the embarrassment. 'Fuck.’

'Mmmm.’ Jimin peeks over his arm and his mouth drops open when he sees Yoongi press the fabric into his nose, inhaling deeply and making direct eye contact with the younger boy, eyes shimmering with barely concealed lust. 'And it still smells like you.’

'Yoongi-’ His dick is aching almost painfully now and he’s ninety percent sure that he’s drooling. 'Yoongi please.’

The older boy only responds by crawling onto the bed, straddling Jimin’s waist and producing a shiny packet between his fingers that makes Jimin gulp. His mouth goes increasingly dry as Yoongi’s tongue darts out of lick the edge of the condom packet, slowly smirking as he rips it with his teeth, the tearing sound sending heat shooting straight to Jimin’s abdomen.

‘Holy mother of fuck…’ whispers Jimin. Yoongi only cocks his head as he strips down and puts the condom on, shucking his jeans off the bed and tossing the aluminium away.

‘You’re a dirty little thing aren’t you?’ The question is punctuated by Yoongi’s finger, dragging across Jimin’s lower lip. 'Just aching for me, isn’t that right?’

'Yes-uuumph!’ Jimin’s caught by surprise when Yoongi presses the fabric of his boxers into his mouth. It takes him a split second to realise that the older boy was gagging him and he relaxes, letting the material pass into his mouth. It’s salty, from the dried come and he’d be grossed out because ew morning semen which I’m basically licking right now but Yoongi looks like sin right now and he doesn’t care what’s being put in his mouth as long as it’s Yoongi next.

There’s a devilish look in Yoongi’s eyes. ‘Jimin’s been a good boy, hasn’t he?’ Jesus Christ. He strains, bucking his hips lightly against Yoongi who sighs at the friction, tracing a hand down Jimin’s chest and unbuttoning his shirt and pants as he goes, slipping all the while off Jimin’s body.  

‘Yes,’ murmurs Yoongi. ‘So pretty, laid out for me like this.’

Jimin’s breathing is laboured, strained and Yoongi leans down, pressing a chaste kiss against his cheek then mouthing down his skin. He sucks hard enough that Jimin knows it’ll bruise tomorrow morning; little purple and blue flowers that will be hell to cover but for now, Yoongi is marking him and it’s hot as fuck. 

Yoongi, now poised above Jimin’s abdomen, traces sweet nothings into the softness of Jimin’s inner leg as he kisses lower and lower. He can feel Jimin’s hips stutter under his hands and he tuts, stroking the soft skin at the back of the boy’s knees.

Jimin keens, pressing upward somewhere between a groan and a cry when Yoongi finally reaches his dick, licking up the underside and mixing the precome and saliva together, taking in the entire shaft. He locks eyes with Jimin, who’s thrown his head back in pleasure and figured out a steady rhythm in snapping his hips up in time with Yoongi’s lips. It’s hot and wet and utterly fantastic and Jimin is secretly thanking whatever higher power there was for blessing the rapper with a mouth as skilled as that, both in blowjobs and spitting lyrics. 

Suddenly, the wet heat disappears just as Jimin is about to come, and he swears he’s about to cry because fucking Yoongi stops and looms up over Jimin again, taking the now extremely damp boxers out of Jimin’s mouth. The younger boy  whines, scratching Yoongi’s arms to tell him to keep going, to keep sucking him off because to dear God he was about to pass out but Yoongi only winks.

'You’re so goddamn gorgeous, you know that?’ He smiles, reaching a hand down to stroke Jimin’s cheek, whose heart swells at the compliment. The warmth increases when Yoongi leans down and slots their mouths together, tasting like mint and come and sin and Jimin doesn’t want to stop, reaching up and tangling his hands in Yoongi’s impossibly soft hair, tugging him closer. For a while, they just make out and it’s enough to push the lust out for a while but when they break apart, it’s back and Jimin’s whimpering again.

'Fucking needy too,’ Yoongi mutters, but still grinning. 'Where’s the lube?’

'Top…’ Jimin’s panting. 'Top drawer.’

Yoongi leans over to grab the bottle and it feels like an eternity watching him drizzle the liquid over his fingers and then slowly, he parts Jimin’s legs, fingers tracing a lazy pattern to his entrance. Jimin’s breath hitches when Yoongi finally pushes a finger in, pulling him apart and jolting him in that forbidden area to make his back arch deliciously, screaming out a 'Fuck, Yoongi!’

'That’s right baby,’ coos Yoongi, and Jimin wants to slap him and fuck the cockiness out of him at the same time. 'Scream my name.’

Jimin narrows his eyes and Yoongi adds another finger, wiping the irritated look off Jimin’s face with one movement. 'What do you want me to do, Jiminie?’

'I want you to fuck me,’ says Jimin through gritted teeth. He’s done playing. 'I want you to fuck me hard.’

'Is that so?’ Yoongi smirks. 'Wish granted.’

He pulls out and Jimin’s about to whine again at the loss of pressure before Yoongi lines up his cock and pushes in with a force that shoves Jimin all the way back to the headboard. It’s ruthless and hard and Jimin loves the way Yoongi’s body is curved around his, like they’re puzzle pieces meant to fit together. The burn and push is almost too much to handle and Jimin arches his neck, moaning whilst Yoongi bends down to suck even more bruises into his skin.

It takes one more thrust from Yoongi and a soft kiss to his lips before Jimin comes so hard, he swears for a second that the white he sees is Nirvana, but it’s just the liquid spilling out onto his stomach. Already he’s sensitive as hell but Yoongi milks his orgasm for all it’s worth and comes straight after, filling him to the brim. It’s so beautiful, Jimin thinks, the way Yoongi comes through hooded eyes, eyelashes fluttering and casting long shadows on his cheekbones and the rise and fall of his pale chest, glistening with sweat.

After a few seconds, Yoongi gradually pulls out with a rather obscene squelch and collapses on the bed next to Jimin with a contented exhale. There’s silence where they’re both coming down from the high and when Jimin’s able to form coherent thoughts again, he shuffles over and slings an arm and leg over Yoongi. It’s still kinda gross when they’re both sticky as hell but for the time being, he’s too sated and lazy to care.

'You’re an animal,’ says Yoongi out of the blue.

'Thanks,’ Jimin snorts. 'And you’re a pervert. Listening to me jerk off; did it turn you on?’

'It was quite flattering actually, you disrespectful brat.’ Yoongi flicks Jimin lightly on the forehead. 'Also, you need to be a bit quieter. Who knows who else can hear you?’

'Aw, is someone a little jealous?’

'Jealous my ass; I just don’t like sharing.’

'Hmmph.’ Jimin stares up at the ceiling, just basking in Yoongi’s warmth when-

'Hey, I haven’t sucked you off yet.’ 

'You want to?’ Yoongi’s up on one elbow, looking down at Jimin who’s shrugging. 'Why didn’t you say so?’ 

'Well my thoughts aren’t exactly on track when you’ve been fucked to the point of death.’

'Then what are we waiting for?’

Jimin smirks and pushes Yoongi onto his back, straddling him this time.

It was going to be a long, long night.


They’re eating breakfast in the kitchen; Jimin’s spooning eggs by the handful into his mouth and Yoongi’s watching on in amusement. Suddenly, Namjoon wanders into the room, taking a seat beside Jimin with a not so hidden suspicious expression on his face.

'Wha?’ Jimin says around a mouthful of yolk.

'Your bed stinks real bad.’ Namjoon wrinkles his nose. 'Wash your sheets today.’

'What were you doing in my room?!’ Jimin sends an indignant look towards the leader who rolls his eyes.

'I was doing a room check for Hobeom,’ Namjoon answers pointedly, raising an eyebrow. 'So clean them.’

'Yes sir.’ Jimin mocks salutes.

'Good.’ Namjoon stands up to walk out. 'Oh and one more thing.’ He turns to glare at Yoongi. 'Please refrain from spilling your bodily fluids all over Jimin’s bed. It’s bad enough when it’s just his.’

Namjoon flounces out, leaving both Jimin and Yoongi spluttering into their food.

A/N: Well first smut… I don’t even know. This started off as imessage procrastination between friends during a boring geography class so ye. 

Merry xmas guys :) 

Hyde!verse: Honey

Belle inhaled deeply, sucking in the smell of mowed grass, of hay and flowers and earth. The sky above her was dotted with wispy clouds, and the sun covered her with a blanket of warmth. Her limbs were heavy, and she almost drifted off to sleep, enjoying that for once, the sky was not hidden by grey fog. From time to time, she loved to leave the city behind and spend some days with Jekyll and Hyde on his country estate, where no one watched her when she decided to lay down into the grass, feel the earth beneath her and the sky above and just be for a change.

Just when she closed her eyes and decided that she could just as well sleep, surrounded by the buzzing and humming of insects and the soft breeze sweeping over her, something tickled her nose. She turned her head and smiled at Hyde, lying at her side and tickling her with a blade of grass.

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Fic: Nimble Fingers, Klaine

Title: Nimble Fingers

Pairing: Klaine

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Sexting, masturbating with an unaware (sleeping) person in the room, allusions to barebacking, comeplay, oral, anal, wall!sex.

Summary: After Blaine moves to the new apartment Kurt asks him for a certain sort of distraction in the night.

Words: ~1000

Also on AO3


B: Hey, I think our History of Theatre textbooks ended up together, can you please bring mine? XXX

K: Will do - even though you just left it here so I’d do your heavy lifting ;)

B: Oh, I didn’t expect you to see this until tomorrow, hope my text didn’t wake you.

K: No, couldn’t sleep. It’s weird you not being here.

B: It’s weird being here without you. And only being able to hear Sam’s sleeping noises - it feels downright quiet after the loft.

K: Aww, honey. This is the right thing, though, isn’t it? Sorry I’m not there to distract you from the weird sounds Sam makes.

B: I think it is. Plus, you’re distracting me now. I have do not disturb on though, so sorry if I take a moment to reply. Don’t want alerts waking him up.

K: I’m distracting you now, or I’m *distracting* you now. Because I kinda meant the second one.

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The Four Ds of Apparition (or: Destination, Determination, Deliberation, and Dicks)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Oneshot | NC-17 | 36.600

Humour | Romance | Post-Hogwarts

After transferring to the Apparition Department, Harry’s life becomes one big dick joke. And all his friends are arseholes. So is Malfoy, but what else is new? AKA Harry Potter and the eighteen twenty dicks.


“Someone, somewhere, hated him. Someone with an extremely warped sense of humor.” Oh no Harry, oh you got it all backwards honey. This is fucking brilliant humour and I’m thanking the gods (aka the two fantastic authors) for this story. 10/10 me likey!

So I finally got around to read this and let me tell you, it was the most amazing thing ever. My cheeks will never fell the same. 

I loved it. I still love it. I think I’m in love with it and everything in it’s entirety. It’s not just one of the funniest and most hilarious pieces I’ve read in a long time, it’s also romantic and the complete opposite of a heartbreak. This mends my heart. Heals it, which is really something I’ve been in need of so thank you so much for that authors you guys are incredible! There’s just no way for me to describe how much i loved seeing Harry and Draco’s relationship built. From that first time they laugh with each other, to when Harry notices he’s smiling as he leaves the hospital, to the subtle (and not so subtle) flirting which confuses adorable little Harry. It makes me so happy. And it makes me believe in them. Our wonderful boys! 

We have over-dramatic little shits. Amazing writing, perfect main and side characters, humour that’ll kill you and 20 dicks. So that’s pretty great!


all of these are one shots and theyre all nc 17 - r.

rollover link.

bold is good.

you + me = you/me

kyuhae and cheesy math

Good Things Are Worth The Wait

kyuhyun likes donghae

Dirty Deeds

donghae uses drugs to get kyuhyun

True love is for fairytales and bella swan

kyuhyun keeps track

Endorphin Effect

donghae is stupid and kinky

While You Were Out

donghae likes kyuhyuns hair fluffy

Journey to a Masterpiece

kyuhae are artists


kyuhae are naughty boys

In Your Shoes

kyuhyun is glad hes not donghae

Out of Sync

donghae is seductive. SO. MUCH. SEXUAL TENSION.

One Last Time


Elephant in the Room

kyuhyun is seductive and sexy and provocative

Echo Through

kyusnark and donghaes wife and flings but they cant

Boom Boom, Baby

“their fuck wall..”

Words That Make You Mine


Shades of You

kyuhyun is color blind and slightly bitter.

dirtytalk & churchcamp

donghae is naughty. // “you can call me kyuyoung, though, if that turns you on”

the first, the last, and everything in between

kyuhae in the back of a car

crash and burn

i dont like angst BUT THIS IS AMAZING

the friendly skies

kyuhyun is a flight attendant

Cure for the Itch

kyuhyun moaning is sexy

How a Blind Man Sees

donghae is blind

What All The Trying Is For

donghae is a stripper and kyuhyun is a rich bitch

You Can Never Run

The demon’s gay.

The Last Night

donghae’s going back to the army

Round 2

I KNOW WHAT YOURE THINKING. but donghae is a boxer.

Life is still the Same


Love is Blind, But Your Neighbors Aren’t

surprise~ kyuhae/you

Take These Lies
Drarry fic by white_serpent
By Organization for Transformative Works

By white_serpent | Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 34,300

Repeatedly rejected by the Auror training programme, Draco Malfoy attempts an unorthodox method of gaining admission. Written for 2010 hd_fan_fair (travel), following scarlet_malfoy’s prompt. Note: contains genderswap and dubious consent, both of which were requested in the prompt.

Genre: Romance, genderswap, auror, dubcon

My Comments: Very enjoyable fic. It has great character building.

Title: The Ties that Bind

Author: beederific

Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Chekov/Sulu, Crew/OMC

Length: ~80,000 words

Rating: A-

Content: NC-17

TW: Dubcon and slavery

Summary: The Enterprise crew makes contact with a planet where an all-male society thinks they’re sexual catnip, and decides to keep and marry them all against their will.

Overall: This fic has some super funny situations and also some really harrowing ones, but it is all dealt with lightly except Jim’s feelings for Spock which are super serious. It is first person narration, but the author has a good grasp of Jim-voice so it wasn’t bad. Some of the writing in this fic was absolutely perfect and relatable and awesome.