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Can I request Jikook smut where they are both best friends and Jungkook wants to know how to have sex and he wants Jimin to teach him so they do it and fall in love with each other? If your okay with it :)

Title: It’s Just Practice
Pairing: Jikook (Jimin/Jungkook)
Word Count: 4506
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: Sexual Content, AU
Summary: Jungkook’s sick of being an inexperienced virgin, and there’s only one person he trusts enough to take care of him for his first time.

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Title: Fall, Cuddles, And Other Extreme Sports

Author: anita_dee and jumpthisship

Length: Chaptered

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Romance, Smut, Fluff

Summary: No hot chocolate, whipped cream, or bed sheets were harmed in the making of this fic.

Notes: virgins baek and yeol! even with the incredible amount of smut in this fic, i find this super cute and just overly sweet? more so when they started exploring each other’s body delicately and ohmygad /starts singing ♪birthday sex♪/  i’m just blown away at how this was written. there goes another forever faaave <3 - Admin Rose


Title: Streetlight People

Author: ladyblahblah

Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/OMC, Gaila/McCoy

Length: 54,009 words

Rating: A+

Content: NC-17

Summary: Jim is a prostitute who’s good at what he does and doesn’t ever doubt his career choice until he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Starfleet’s only Vulcan.

Overall: I LOVED THIS FIC SO MUCH OMG. GR9 characterization and it was FUNNY and ANGSTY and PINE-Y. 

Title: Mocha Chocolata Ya Ya (Oh Yeah)

Author: exobubz

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: NC - 17

Genre: AU, Smut, Romance

Summary: According to Park Chanyeol, Baekhyun can’t be a female prostitute or Shrek’s wife. 

Admin Notes: ugggh i’m so in love with baekhyun here. someone who holds his ground and is incredibly stubborn and very, very smoldering in front of chanyeol. holy crap this is going to my favorites (ok so i haven’t updated my page for yeaaaars~ cries). and i looooove the classic/musical references. moulin rouge is one of the musicals i sobbed to because star crossed lovers demmit and i can clearly picture baek as satine omg. and the sudden smut like woah woah hold up never don’t mind about a thing. AND BAEKHYUN SPLITS. LIKE 180 ° SPLITS AND HE DID IT IN FRONT OF YEOL AND IMAGINE THAT ASS BYE /dies -Admin Rose


Hyde!verse: Play with me

Jekyll was furious, but his rage was ice cold and well contained. He had come to accept that he had to share his wife and his love with the monster inside him, had come to accept that this monster connected with Belle on a more carnal level, reached her in ways he himself could never dream of, but still, he hated it. And going to retrieve his cane from the Nolan’s house after he passed out the evening before, to be met with a mixture of disgust and boyish admiration was one of the most humiliating exercises those two had put him through to date. Belle could have warned him. But she didn’t, and for the first time since he became aware of his love for her, he wanted to punish her.

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Reblog because these douches in my class think it’s totally gross. Pleasee I need them to know that there are people out there besides me

For science?


Title: Nelaya

Author: mangochi

Pairing: K/S AOS

Length: 54957

Content: NC-17

Summary: Post-Into Darkness. Jim becomes aware of Spock’s strange behavior shortly after the start of their mission. Meanwhile, Spock struggles with his new and terrifying feelings towards his captain. Angst ensues.Nelaya (Vulcan)- suppression, the act of suppressing; conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind

Overall: HOW HAVE I NOT RECCED THIS YET. I read this a few weeks ago and it was the BOMB DOT COM. Great plot arc with enough angst and romance and the whole trope of “oh spock hates me” (but secretly he loves you) that just SLAYS me every single time.

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Agressive!Hun and shy!Lu fluff and smut juseyoooo~

The Bad Touch

Sehun is by no means the strongest man. He has dexterity in his fingers, force in his arms, and a burning passion behind in his kisses. He blinks once, twice, three times against Lu Han’s pale shoulder. There’s a gap between Sehun’s chest and the smooth skin of Lu Han’s back and he wants nothing more than to close it. He doesn’t know what Lu Han wants, though.

He’s calmed down quite a bit after a rough round of making love. It’s one thing to have rough sex, and a completely different matter to “make rough love”. Love is gentle, love is kind, but love can burn, love can cut; love is just rough enough for Sehun and Lu Han.

The feeling of being inside Lu Han lingers on Sehun’s skin. He traces Lu Han’s arm and presses a kiss to his shoulder without beginning to spoon him. The gap is tangible, and the kiss is awkward, with Sehun sticking his neck out uncomfortably, but he wants to feel Lu Han’s skin against his own again. He’s insatiable, he knows it, and there’s a part of him scolding him for wanting more, but the beast inside is stronger.

So his arm falls over Lu Han’s waist and pulls. Lu Han mumbles in half sleep and peeks over his shoulder to see Sehun’s dark eyes staring right at him. Before—before this, Lu Han had no idea how people could read emotions in the eyes of others. But now he knows.

Sehun’s hand is ice cold on Lu Han’s warm tummy. It travels up, up, up, resting on Lu Han’s heart. It’s loving, kind, and so cold it’s hot and it lights up Lu Han’s body, just like that. And Sehun never breaks eye contact with him.

Not even when he flips Lu Han onto his back, pinning him down like a predator. He doesn’t say a word, and neither does Lu Han.

Until it’s seconds later—then, at that time, Lu Han whispers Sehun’s name, softly, quietly, letting one hand travel up those handsome features, outlining that sharp jaw. There’s a tint of red on Lu Han’s face as he strokes Sehun’s cheek with his thumb. He can feel Sehun’s hard on against his leg and his body and his brain and his heart all know they’ve done this already, once, twice, several times, but every time it’s like the first. Not with the awkwardness, but with the refreshing, overwhelming pleasure, the newness of the feeling, and it never gets tiring. 

And every time Lu Han manages to feel like he did in the first time. Shy, naked in more ways than one. He looks away because he can’t cover himself up and his face is as red as a cherry tomato. His legs are squeezing together underneath Sehun’s presence and he can feel eyes staring at his swollen nipples. His arms dart in front of him, hands curling into fists as he covers his chest hastily.

Sehun lets out a choked noise, like he can’t quite find the words, or he knows what to say, knows what he wants to say, but can’t just spit them out. So he grabs Lu Han’s arms, pinning them down and nudging those beautiful, toned legs apart with his knee.

“Don’t hide from me,” he finally growls, once he dips down, once their noses touch, once their foreheads bump.

And it all happens too fast, too slow. Neither of them can stand the wait, but both of them want to savour the pleasure. Sehun’s bursting with passion and need, Lu Han is hiding with embarrassment and bashfulness.

But as Sehun licks his neck, biting all along, suckling at his smooth, warm flesh, Lu Han finds himself trailing his hands on Sehun’s back, rubbing deep into the muscles. And Sehun is incessant and reckless, all while sliding a condom on and immediately guiding himself inside heaven.

Lu Han whines at the intrusion but arches into Sehun’s touch as he feels a pinch at his left nipple. Thumbs brushing both little buds, making them perk up—just the way he won’t admit he likes. Instinctively his legs wrap around Sehun’s hips and he presses his lover deeper inside him with his heels, all with a blush on his face.

Sehun doesn’t waste any time after that. He’s at it immediately, bucking his hips wildly into Lu Han’s. His fingers leave Lu Han’s chest and are tangled in blonde locks, grabbing harshly and pulling Lu Han’s head up so he can attack the beautiful marble neck, which is already littered with red splotches, but there’s an animalistic need to claim, to dominate.

Lu Han is moaning right in his ear and clutching at Sehun like a lifeline. His face is red in embarrassment, timidity, pleasure. There are too many sounds in his ears but that’s not a bad thing at all, he knows, since it’s the bed creaking, actually slamming against the wall from Sehun’s thrusts, skin on skin, and a mixture of his moans and his lover’s swears in his head. The sounds only get louder when Sehun grabs his thighs and places them over his broad shoulders, lifting Lu Han’s ass off the bed. His thrusts only get more desperate. Faster, harder, stronger; the lewd sound of skin on skin echoes throughout the room and he’s swearing, growling right in Lu Han’s ear, all the nasty things he wants to do as he chases down his release. 

He comes with a grunt. Lu Han would love to feel Sehun’s release filling him up, but barebacking is kind of dirty, he supposes. He hasn’t finished yet but he’s still squirming with pleasure, filled with the memory of Sehun’s fucking dick inside him. Sehun draws out too soon, or maybe not—he has a habit of staying inside for a few moments to cuddle Lu Han, and maybe it was the daze of being caught out cold in pleasure that made Lu Han less sensitive to time.

He peels off the condom and tosses it in the waste basket, and suddenly, before Lu Han can think, his mouth engulfs a pink nipple while his long fingers play with the other. Lu Han squeals; he knows that Sehun knows how he likes his nipples played with; he knows that Sehun knows he can come just from this; he knows that Sehun knows his nipples are the most sensitive part of his body, because Sehun knows him well. 

His hands thread through Sehun’s chocolate hair, clenching and tangling as Sehun’s tongue flicks his little pleasure bud, as teeth scrape against him, as he arches into a particularly rough twist of Sehun’s thumb and forefinger.

Then Sehun sits up, only using his hands to pleasure Lu Han’s chest. His forefingers just barely brush the very tips of Lu Han’s perky nipples, followed up by a rough flick. Lu Han’s legs have flown open, and his moaning and whining more than ever, his eyes squeezing shut and opening, just to see Sehun’s dark, sexy eyes staring at him on the spot.

Sehun knows Lu Han knows he likes to play it rough. They both fucking know that Sehun loves to make Lu Han squirm in the best ways. And Sehun knows Lu Han knows that as much as he likes to fuck rough and hard, he likes to hear Lu Han let it go, let go of his embarrassment and self consciousness. Fuck yeah, hell yeah, he loves to fucking hear it, fucking hear Lu Han beg for it, spread his legs, finger himself as Sehun plays with him.

So Sehun drags his fingers down Lu Han’s chest, avoiding those needy buds all together. Lu Han lets out a strangled squeal when nails dig into his skin, but they never come close to his nipples. His legs are spread so wide, his eyes big and wet with pleasure, head spinning as Sehun stares at him.

He knows the routine, but it never feels like one. He knows pleasure and it’s not his pride that stops him from begging. It’s just—just—

He doesn’t give, doesn’t bend, and squeezes his eyes shut as he rubs his own nipples, playing with himself because Sehun won’t. He imagines himself riding Sehun’s thick cock, and he flicks at his abused, swollen nipples until Sehun’s hands snare his wrists and pin them down.

Before he can stop himself, he screams. “Please, Sehun!” he whines.

“You don’t even have to be told,” Sehun murmurs, his voice deep and heady as he lets go. His fingers pinch Lu Han’s nipples hard, twisting and pulling, brushing the tips, flicking them. And Lu Han just leans in, whimpering and moaning. Too much, not enough, and he slams his mouth against Sehun’s as he comes. His own release splatters onto his face, onto his chest, his swollen, puffy nipples, his tummy. 

He can’t help but feel dirty after sex. He lies there for a moment, his chest heaving as his eyes dart away. Sehun’s holding him in a second, pulling the blankets up and around them—to be washed later, he muses, as he brings his lover into his chest.

Hyde!verse: Honey

Belle inhaled deeply, sucking in the smell of mowed grass, of hay and flowers and earth. The sky above her was dotted with wispy clouds, and the sun covered her with a blanket of warmth. Her limbs were heavy, and she almost drifted off to sleep, enjoying that for once, the sky was not hidden by grey fog. From time to time, she loved to leave the city behind and spend some days with Jekyll and Hyde on his country estate, where no one watched her when she decided to lay down into the grass, feel the earth beneath her and the sky above and just be for a change.

Just when she closed her eyes and decided that she could just as well sleep, surrounded by the buzzing and humming of insects and the soft breeze sweeping over her, something tickled her nose. She turned her head and smiled at Hyde, lying at her side and tickling her with a blade of grass.

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[Submission] Title: Your Thighs, They Got Me Hypnotized

Author: louweedsblunt

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: PWP, Slight Fluff 

Summary: Chanyeol has a strange obsession with Baekhyun’s thighs.

thank you legendsofmcdonalds for the submission! :)

[legendsofmcdonalds: This fanfiction is literally so hot that it hurts then the ending is so cute and fluffy]


Title: The Ties that Bind

Author: beederific

Pairing: Kirk/Spock, Chekov/Sulu, Crew/OMC

Length: ~80,000 words

Rating: A-

Content: NC-17

TW: Dubcon and slavery

Summary: The Enterprise crew makes contact with a planet where an all-male society thinks they’re sexual catnip, and decides to keep and marry them all against their will.

Overall: This fic has some super funny situations and also some really harrowing ones, but it is all dealt with lightly except Jim’s feelings for Spock which are super serious. It is first person narration, but the author has a good grasp of Jim-voice so it wasn’t bad. Some of the writing in this fic was absolutely perfect and relatable and awesome.

Coruptella Vox
By: Constant Vigilance

Words: 5811k 

Summary: No summary available but basically Draco has a kink that gets revealed during a truth or dare game and some weird stuff happens afterwards while highly unrealistic it’s pretty entertaining and hot. This is basically a pwp be warned.

Review: Wow okay this was a pretty hot fanfic. It’s really quite an unrealistic situation which is why I haven’t rated it five stars but it’s a good quick read if you want some quick smut. It’s also pretty ooc at the end so note that if you don’t like it. But it’s just really amazing how much Draco reacts to what Harry’s doing in this fic. And a+ because the end is so painful but so good oh god. 

Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ 


all of these are one shots and theyre all nc 17 - r.

rollover link.

bold is good.

you + me = you/me

kyuhae and cheesy math

Good Things Are Worth The Wait

kyuhyun likes donghae

Dirty Deeds

donghae uses drugs to get kyuhyun

True love is for fairytales and bella swan

kyuhyun keeps track

Endorphin Effect

donghae is stupid and kinky

While You Were Out

donghae likes kyuhyuns hair fluffy

Journey to a Masterpiece

kyuhae are artists


kyuhae are naughty boys

In Your Shoes

kyuhyun is glad hes not donghae

Out of Sync

donghae is seductive. SO. MUCH. SEXUAL TENSION.

One Last Time


Elephant in the Room

kyuhyun is seductive and sexy and provocative

Echo Through

kyusnark and donghaes wife and flings but they cant

Boom Boom, Baby

“their fuck wall..”

Words That Make You Mine


Shades of You

kyuhyun is color blind and slightly bitter.

dirtytalk & churchcamp

donghae is naughty. // “you can call me kyuyoung, though, if that turns you on”

the first, the last, and everything in between

kyuhae in the back of a car

crash and burn

i dont like angst BUT THIS IS AMAZING

the friendly skies

kyuhyun is a flight attendant

Cure for the Itch

kyuhyun moaning is sexy

How a Blind Man Sees

donghae is blind

What All The Trying Is For

donghae is a stripper and kyuhyun is a rich bitch

You Can Never Run

The demon’s gay.

The Last Night

donghae’s going back to the army

Round 2

I KNOW WHAT YOURE THINKING. but donghae is a boxer.

Life is still the Same


Love is Blind, But Your Neighbors Aren’t

surprise~ kyuhae/you

Title: Waltz

Author: bluecoins

Length: Chaptered

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance

Summary:  Baek Hyun has been getting relentless calls from a strange number at the strangest times and he decided to post the contact number on some gay dating website for the calls to stop. It was supposed to work, goddamnit.



Title: Spice

Author: eimeo

Pairing: K/S, K/others TOS

Length: 226,154 WIP

Rating: A

Content: NC-17

Summary: It’s a question of biology. Vulcan biology.

The problem with falling in love with a member of an insanely private species is that it just might take you the best part of a five year mission to work out that the feelings are requited. And then you might discover that he’s already decided that the two of you can never be together.

And what are you supposed to do if he won’t tell you why?

Overall: This fic MURDERED ME. The prose was beautiful, the feels intense, and the balance of plot to angst was spot-on. Life ruining fic for sure. I know this is a WIP but its been updating (fairly) regularly and is on the tail end of the main plot line. If you aren’t reading it, you’re missing out.