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Can I request Jikook smut where they are both best friends and Jungkook wants to know how to have sex and he wants Jimin to teach him so they do it and fall in love with each other? If your okay with it :)

Title: It’s Just Practice
Pairing: Jikook (Jimin/Jungkook)
Word Count: 4506
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Notes: Sexual Content, AU
Summary: Jungkook’s sick of being an inexperienced virgin, and there’s only one person he trusts enough to take care of him for his first time.

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Title: Redamancy

Author: abcdefghiluvyou

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Wolf!AU, Smut

Summary: Baekhyun had a few dreams, those that hadn’t been crushed once he had realized that as an Omega he wouldn’t end up a fighter like most children did. He wanted a family, a mate, someone who’d care for him and love him. He thought he was humble enough. But when he turned sixteen and was given away to a wild pack of wolves to serve under a new Alpha, Baekhyun feared his little dreams would slip through his fingers as he desperately clutched them in his shaking hands.

Notes: i was murdered by this fic. best alpha/beta/omega i’ve read from the chanbaek fandom (not that we have a large number of this /*coughs we need more*/) baekhyun is clingy, needy and desperate for a knot and yeol is just– hot and sweet and did i say hot. the smut is A+++ homygoduuugh the baeksoo as well (cute tbh) i hope the author would like my disgusting kisses :** :** - Admin Rose


Title: Fall, Cuddles, And Other Extreme Sports

Author: anita_dee and jumpthisship

Length: Chaptered

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Romance, Smut, Fluff

Summary: No hot chocolate, whipped cream, or bed sheets were harmed in the making of this fic.

Notes: virgins baek and yeol! even with the incredible amount of smut in this fic, i find this super cute and just overly sweet? more so when they started exploring each other’s body delicately and ohmygad /starts singing ♪birthday sex♪/  i’m just blown away at how this was written. there goes another forever faaave <3 - Admin Rose


The Pact 16 - Finding Comfort In His Arms 2. Set in GA

He paced back and forth, checking his phone every 5 seconds as he waited for her. He knew she’d show up, she was probably just running late on set. He was lucky she’d agreed to come, as he specifically told her that if she was too tired she didn’t have to. He knew she wouldn’t listen anyway though, even if that were the case.

“Yo, we gotta huddle, shows gonna start soon” one of his cast mates informed him. With a sigh, he went to the huddle. The show instantly brightened his mood, he loved performing for his fans, but this time it was simply because he saw her face toward the back of the arena. She specifically told him she didn’t want to take up any attention if she could help it but she was still close enough where he could see her. They shared a smile but he instantly noticed how tired she looked. He’d talk to her about that later.

He practically sprinted backstage when the show was over, anxious to see her. Unfortunately, the meet and greet was right after so he’d have to wait a little longer. He requested she go last so that they could spend time together and he hoped his fans understood him not coming out to the buses. He appreciated how long everyone was waiting every tour stop, but family over everything was his motto.

His heart sped up as the last of the fans filed in, spotting her father’s braids and her standing next to him. Their eyes met before he forced himself to pay attention to whatever the fan in front of him was saying. He briefly felt guilty, these people got him where he is and they deserved his attention right now.

Finally, she was next and he immediately engulfed her in a hug, “you look exhausted, baby” he spoke softly against her temple.

“Nah” she smiled, “I’m good” and he only partially believed her. He knew a lot had transpired for her lately and he would definitely talk to her about it later, but right now he was just happy to see her smile.

“Mmhmm” he said, bopping her nose as they giggled, before being interrupted by an obnoxious cough from his brother. “Yo, why you always gotta hog my sister?!” The older man shoved him playfully, before taking the young girl in a hug.

“Don’t feel bad, I haven’t even gotten a hello…” Her father jokingly scolded his east coast son.

“Hey Pops” he grinned, sharing a one armed hug with the man who he truly considered family before turning to his brother “she was my partner first, that’s why” he answered, petulantly before relenting and introducing her to the rest of the cast. The entire time his arm or hand was on her, never fully letting go even as she was greeted with hugs by the cast.

“You staying?” He asked, lightly holding her hand and brushing his thumb across her palm discreetly, or so he thought. Some cast mates already eyed them suspiciously.

“I’ve been given strict orders that we can’t leave til she spends time with you” her father laughed, making him sigh with relief. Her father was welcomed by the cast and engrossed in a conversation with one of them as she approached him.

“We’re gonna go to the bus” she told him and he nodded, watching the two take off before going back to his conversation.


They were greeted with screams from the other side of the fence as he hid her on his side. No one could even tell she was with him, they’d be screaming her name if they did. They quickly made it on the bus and he locked the door behind them before taking a seat on one of the couches, again taking her in a hug.

“I’m so happy you’re here” he whispered into her hair, having removed her hat.

“Me too” she nodded, still in his arms, making herself comfortable at his side and burying her face in his chest.

“How you holding up?” He asked and she knew he meant with everything.

“Work is keeping me busy” she shrugged, always one to put on a brave face and concentrate on the positive.

“I could still kill him if you want…” He raised his brow as he ran his hand down her back as she cuddled up to him.

“Not worth it” she shrugged.

“For real, baby, what’s on that mind of yours?” He asked, softly.

“I just-” she sighed “will anyone ever love me? I mean, he said he felt neglected and I feel guilty about that but I love my career and I need someone who gets that.”

He wanted to scream that he got it and he already loved her with all of his heart. But he choked on the words and opted for a safer option.

“He’s crazy” he assured her, tucking a fly away from her pony tail behind her ear, “he let the best woman in the world go and he’ll be sorry when it’s too late.”

“It’s already too late” she shrugged, “I’m just blah. I hate feeling insecure or like I have to choose between love and my job.”

“You don’t and anyone who makes you feel like you do, isn’t right for you and I’ll kick their ass” he grinned. He was impressed with himself, that almost sounded platonic, even big brother like. That was until she lifted her head off of his shoulder…

“You’re one of the only people I can always count on” she said in a strained whisper. She usually didn’t get emotional, but he would never know how much he meant to her.

“Always, baby” he pulled her in tighter as he peppered kisses on her head as she leaned tighter into him, lightly kissing his shoulder before resting her head against it again, only to have him take her lips in a kiss as she did.

“We can’t-” she groaned into the kiss, before letting out a sigh as his lips trailed to her neck, leaving his mark in places he knew her shirt would cover. “You have to go soon…” She pouted.

“We have time, babe” he whispered as he lifted her onto his lap, his hands caressing her thighs, “I need to make my girl feel better.” One by one, articles of clothing were thrown around the bus as the two gave in to their desires.

“God, you’re beautiful” he sighed “I like you like this best” he confessed.

“Naked?” She giggled but he only shook his head with a smile as he looked down into her eyes from his place on top of her. “That too. But like this,” he began, his fingers removing the hair tie and running through her long locks, down to the sides of her body. “Just you. Confident, real, don’t need anything fancy to be the most beautiful woman in the room.”

“I did kinda wanna get a little done up” she dipped her head shyly, “I just couldn’t wait to get here.” She shrugged. His only answer was a smile as he took her lips in a kiss. “I was so annoying today,” he said between kisses. “I annoyed myself…kept checking my phone…couldn’t wait to see you.”

Hearing that made her weirdly emotional. She wasn’t used to getting like that, no matter how sweet he could be but she was thankful. She just got out of a relationship with someone who used to go everywhere with her and it turned out he just wanted his face and name out there. He didn’t care and it showed when he started to not even come see her, stopped answering calls and she found out he’d been cheating. So to hear that this man was just as excited to see her, and always answered when she called, did something to her heart that she couldn’t suppress as a single tear left her eye as she pulled him into a kiss, pouring everything she felt into it.

He held her tighter as her emotions began bubbling over the surface, never once stopping his affection, only deepening the kiss, caressing every piece of flesh within reach, not moving until he couldn’t breathe. His eyes met hers and she looked at him pleadingly, her face flushed as she panted beneath him.

“I know” he softly kissed her before bringing his lips to her neck, licking softly to sooth the marks he’d already left there and nipping her flesh to create new ones as his hands gripped her tiny waist to hold her still. He slowly moved one hand to her pelvis, bringing it closer and closer to where she needed him most as his eyes met hers, her mouth hanging open panting. She couldn’t take it anymore already.

“Please…” She begged, squirming to get his hand inside her. She sighed in relief when she felt the tips of three fingers softly caress her clit, slowly traveling to rub against her wet lips before returning to her clit, never picking up speed or pressure. “More…” She groaned and shrieked in surprise when she felt his three fingers slowly enter her sopping wet pussy, his body sliding down the front of her to latch his lips onto her clit. “Yes…” she sighed.

“God, look at you” he groaned, “so tight, so wet and ready for me…fucking gorgeous” he mumbled against her clit, making her crazy at the feeling of his words vibrating against her as his hands added pressure to their thrusts inside her. She couldn’t speak, her back arched as her hands guided his head as he sucked her off, the only sounds coming from the bus were her sighs and his groans as if he was a starved man being fed for the first time in weeks. “So good…you taste so good” he moaned as his hand on her hip moved up to caress her toned stomach and her breasts, the hand inside her adding his pinky, making her crazy. “Shit…” She groaned, desperate to cum now as her hips were finally free to fuck against his face. He tilted her hips just right as he dipped his fingers and tongue at just the right angle, making her fall apart. “Mmmm yes” she groaned, letting her juices flow inside his greedy mouth and drop down his fingers. She lay momentarily spent as he returned eye level with her and she look his hand, lazily licking her own juices from his long fingers as her pussy spasmed and stomach clenched with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Seeing her lick her juices from his hand made him harder than he’d been in a very long time. “Fuck, baby…” He moaned, “I need you”. Her pussy became wetter, if that was even possible, at his words. She couldn’t remember the last time someone needed her. “I always need you so fucking bad” he said, as if hearing her inner dialogue. He didn’t give her a chance to respond as he guided her hand to his cock, allowing her to slip it inside herself.

“Mmmm” she groaned, her hips immediately matching his rhythm as one hand cupped his neck and the other gripped his bicep, one of his arms wound around her waist while the other slowly caressed her side. “Feels so good…God you feel so good inside me…” He bit his lip at her words, getting harder by the second and only having one thing on his mind…make her feel good. He knew, even when things were ok with her ex, he did little to please her first, if at all, in the bedroom. He was determined to show her everything she deserved to feel and hoped she always felt when she was with him. “Always” this time it was her who seemed to hear his thoughts.

He briefly pulled out of her, eliciting a pout from her before slowly switching positions so they lay on their sides, him behind her on the small couch before entering her pussy from behind. Her head fell back onto his shoulder at the pleasure this new position brought, her exposed neck too irresistible for him not to sink his teeth into as he pounded into her tight cunt, his hands caressing from her pelvis to her breasts, his fingers lightly tweaking them, before repeating the motion again.

“Mmm” she groaned, thrusting back into him. Each time with him seemed better and better. He always knew what to do to make her feel so good, satisfied beyond her imagination and cared for.

“You deserve to feel this” he moaned, letting out a shaking breath as he tried desperately to keep control, “every single time you’re touched. Every…single…time.” He matched his words with his thrusts. “If someone doesn’t get off just thinking about you…almost break his hand from getting off when you’re away…he’s not worth it” he panted, hissing as she grabbed his hand against her hip. He wouldn’t tell her, but he was talking about himself. He was cut off from his thoughts when she craned her neck to meet his lips in a kiss, her hand still holding his on her hip before moving to cup his neck as his other hand crept down to play with her clit, his cock pounding into her before pulling almost all the way out. She pulled back from the kiss to look at him questioningly and he answered her silently by kissing her nose and slowly filling her, pulling almost all the way out again, over and over until she was shaking in anticipation.

“Please” she begged him, breathlessly, shrieking when he plunged into her, turning his thrusts hard and fast, making her grip on his neck tighten and her nails of the other hand claw at the couch as she held herself up, meeting his thrusts.

“That’s it, baby girl…” He moaned “feel it, baby…”

“I’m so close…” She cried out, still slamming back into every thrust he made into her pussy.

“Let it go…” He hissed, through gritted teeth, his own release threatening to break through.

“Oh my God” she moaned as his hand sped up and added pressure on her clit, his cock throbbing with each thrust into her spasming pussy. She saw white as her head fell back onto his shoulder, his lips sucking dark red marks into her neck as she felt the damn break, releasing her juices as his dick shot his seed into her. He didn’t still his hips until her spasms subsided. She collapsed against him as he gathered her into his arms.

They lay silent for awhile, before he softly broke it.

“Feel any better?” He asked, softly brushing her hair from her face.

“Something was wrong?” She joked with a giggle, making him laugh.

They were interrupted when his phone went off.

‘Bro: wrap it up and get dressed. We’re getting ready to leave. Fans are gone so she can come out without a walk of shame lol.’

'Fuck you’ he typed quickly before returning his attention to the girl in his arms.

“Time to go?” She asked, sadly.

“Yeah” he sighed, resting the side of his head against hers.

They got dressed deliberately slowly, her thanking God she had a hat since she was sure she had sex hair that she strategically made sure would cover up the hickeys that slightly peaked out from her shirt.

“You coming to see me in LA?” He asked, wrapping his arms around her by the door of the bus.

“Mom and grandma are, definitely. I’m hoping to get the time off.” She sighed, hugging him back just as tightly before lifting her head from his shoulder to meet his lips in a kiss.

“I miss you already” he mumbled between kisses.

“Mmm me too” she sighed into his mouth.

*knock knock*

“REALLY DUDE?!” He screamed as he flung the door open, ready to rip into his brother for interrupting his last few moments for awhile with his girl. Only it was her father.

“Oh shit” he gulped, just from the shock of it not being his brother. He wasn’t nearly as scared or intimidated by her father as he was in the beginning. He loved her whole family, but after what they’d just done he was slightly panicking that the big man in front of him would figure it out.

The older man looked at him regretfully, “I’m sorry buddy, the buses have to leave if you wanna make it to the next city on time.”

“Walk with me to the car?” She asked, just wanting even a few more minutes with him. He grinned, taking her hand and kissing the back of it before interlocking their fingers as he walked with them to the car.

“Make sure that driver drives safe” she ordered, burying herself in his hug.

“I will, baby” he chuckled, she was always worried about him.

“And make sure you eat!” She continued rattling off orders.

“Yes ma'am” he saluted, “as long as you remember to pace yourself, sleep and eat. Just cuz you’re Miss Superstar now doesn’t mean you have superpowers that include getting away without eating or sleeping.” He eyed her.

“I toooold you” she whined “I just wanted to see you! I don’t do that for just everyone!”

“I know” he smiled, kissing her forehead “I just worry about you, babe.”

“Good, someone else needs to tell her!” Her father interjected “though I agree with my daughter too and my wife gave me strict instructions to make sure her boy was taking care of himself.” He rolled his eyes playfully as he explained.

“See?” The young woman grinned smugly.

“Alright, alright, truce. I’ll see you soon, baby” he said, getting in one last hug and kiss on the head, sneaking one onto her neck as he hugged her before saying goodbye to her father.

She sighed as she saw the bus pull away before her father turned the car in the opposite direction to head home.

Novel Length Friday

Sweet Philes, this week’s Novel Length Friday post is a special one.  @kateyes224 and @piecesofscully will be at Wizard World Comic Con, so to celebrate this joyous event, we will be using today’s post as a massive recap of every Novel Length fic we have rec’d so far!  Each link will take you to our original post where rating, word count, summary and such will be stated for you.  

So if you’re stuck at home waiting for Con and panel updates on tumblr, browse our list.  Catch up on whatever you may have missed.  Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you on Sunday for our usual smut date.

Homicidal Tendencies by Swikstr

Comfortably Numb by Paige Caldwell

Universal Invariants by Syntax6

SN 1572 by Prufrock’s Love

A Butterfly in China by Nicknoc

Iolokus by RivkaT and Mustang Sally

The Lost by Wintersong

Folly by RivkaT

Julia and Gabriel by Mish

Erosion by Annie Sewell-Jennings

Diametrically Opposed by Mountainphile

Tikkun Olam by RivkaT and Mustang Sally

Promises to Keep by Prufrock’s Love

All that is Dark and Bright by Malibu Sunset

Secret World by Bonetree

Amish Country by Lolabeegood

The FBI’s Most Unwanted by LeiaScully

Quis Si by Trixie 

Dr. Scully’s School for Exceptional Boys by Prufrock’s Love

Only Skin Deep by Mimic117

Title: Dumb and Dumber

Author: exoccult

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Romance, Smut

Summary: Chanyeol is dumb, but Baekhyun is dumber. In which Baekhyun flirts for free drinks at the bar and it makes Chanyeol really jealous - as per usual.

Notes: this is part 2 of the author’s drunken night series but can be read as a stand alone (i strongly suggest reading part 1 as well. suho and soo are extremely cute and sexy af). let me tell you. SEXY AND FIERY HOT. u have a flirty baek and a possessive boyfriend yeol whatdayaget PASSIONATE LOVE MAKING i just love love love how the tension was written and the smut pace was really good oh and did i mention WALL F^CKIN YUM - pervy Admin Rose 


Baby Blue (I’ll Bloom For You)

author: sugamins

length: oneshot

word count: 38,659

rating: NC-17

author’s summary: This is what Yoongi lived for. This very moment that lasted mere moments before it was over, the pounding heart and the struggle to pull air into his lungs from the pressure of the car zooming down the dirt track; the crowd all gasping and shouting his nickname out as they waved betting slips and pounded their feet down on the metal seating. This was what kept him breathing.

But then he met Jimin and Yoongi discovered that he liked the feel of leather and chrome against his bare skin just that little bit more.

read it on ao3

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Dead Flowers by LoudandDangerous [Work in Progress]

Author: LoudandDangerous

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: None specified

Length: Short (1.7k; 2 Chapters) {WIP}

Josh Dun likes dead flowers. Nobody knows why. He just likes dead flowers.

He likes putting them in between glass and keeping them. Often, there’s someone who leaves him envelopes of dead flowers and he doesn’t know who.

Tyler Joseph likes giving Josh dead flowers. It’s like a symbol of their relationship. Little bit wilted, but beautiful still the same.

Then Josh receives living flowers. His entire perspective changes.

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Can I request smutty minjoon where an embarrassed namjoon really likes jimins thighs and gets really flustered around him and jimin notices and starts to purposely tease him for a while then he confronts him and then they make out and he makes namjoon all hot and bothered and desperate. Then Jimin like let's him feel up his thighs and gets him off while namjoon's like begging. Thank you!!!!!

One Year and Six Days

Minjoon (Jimin/Namjoon)
Smut + Light Fluff
NC-17/Slow Burn/Thigh Kink/Office AU
Word Count: 9.4k
Park Fucking Jimin 

Read on AO3~

Don’t Ever Look Back by Misachan 
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 36,000
Summary: Another day, another town; when their bounty hunter father enrolls he and Sam in yet another school Dean thinks this will just be another town he’ll forget five minutes after he leaves it. Things get more interesting when Sam befriends a classmate of Dean’s and the lonely boy with the strange name and stranger family slowly gets under Dean’s skin. Their new friendship gets complicated when it becomes clear that Castiel’s brothers aren’t just strange, they’re dangerous, and the secrets they keep and the sins they bury have a lot to do with Dean. It would all be bad enough even without Dean starting to worry that maybe friendship isn’t all he wants. A Dean/Castiel high school love story with fist fights, movie nights, make outs, broken hearts, hospital vigils and a steamed up hotel shower.

The Pact 14 - Talks of Going Public

*Note:As you may have noticed, none of these are in order so think of them as out takes from the series and the engagement as the most recent chronologically.*

What if my fans think I lied?” She pouts.

“Who cares?” He shrugged and clearly that was the wrong answer as her elbow punctured his rib. “Really, babe. This is about us and we’re the only ones who are gonna know the truth. There’s always gonna be doubters, skeptics and conspiracy theorists. No matter what you say.”

She knew he was right, but she hates lying to her fans. She’d never done it before. Granted, she hasn’t exactly lied to them as much as she just has been enjoying this relationship with her boyfriend in their own private bubble. And granted she has always said that when she found someone it would be kept relatively private. But everyone knew he was a permanent fixture in her life and she knew many people would assume she has been lying this entire time about the nature of their relationship that has really only recently turned exclusive. There was no way people were ever gonna know it was sexual for a long time before this. She was brought out of her thoughts by her boyfriend hovering over her as she lay in his bed.

“Right now it’s the middle of the night. I’m not exactly tired but I don’t really feel like using too much brain power or stressing.” He said suggestively.

“Someone has to!” She exclaimed.

“Not really. I know you’re a lot nicer to reporters than I am, but if some douchebag comes here in the middle of the night I’m calling the cops or taking things into my own hands.” He insisted as he caressed her softly, trying to get her mind off anything stressful.

“Babe!” She screeched.

“What?” He shrugged innocently, “c'mon no one is gonna show up. I was only kidding. Now let’s just enjoy the rest of the night and we can worry about how we’re gonna tell the world tomorrow.”

“But-” she was cut off by him pecking her lips repeatedly until he felt her relax. Only then did he pull back slightly. “Bottom line, I need you to trust me.”

“I do” she always did.

“Everything will be ok.” She nodded, trying to convince herself as well as reassure him she wasn’t headed for a breakdown.

“I love you” he whispered in between light kisses.

“I love you more” she said, finally seeming to give into the moment as she wrapped her arms tighter around him as he lay above her. “Not possible” he said before taking her mouth in a deeper kiss, stealing her answer and turning it into a helpless groan. “Make love to me” she moaned out when they finally pulled apart for air and his lips found her neck. “Finally” he sighed against her neck, his hands exploring every piece of naked flesh he could reach, setting her skin on fire as his mouth trailed down to follow the path his hands were taking and back up before he disappeared back down under the covers.

She fisted her hands in the sheets, anticipating the feel of his hands and mouth on her sopping wet pussy. She groaned when he made the lightest contact, her hand attempting to push his face further into her but he was too strong for that. He left light kisses down her lips, the tip of his tongue barely making contact as his thumbs massaged her outer lips.

“Don’t tease me” she groaned, desperately trying to pull him closer.

“Let me worship my woman” he commanded, leaving the same light kisses, traveling to peck against her outer lips, barely brushing his thumb over her clit.

“Oh God” she sighed, pulling on his hair. He had to do something. He was driving her crazy.

“Patience, baby girl” he whispered as his hands traveled to massage her thighs and he slowly made his way back up her body, engulfed in her kiss as soon as he was eye level. He felt her tremble against him and knew he had to give her what she needed. He broke their kiss only to stare lovingly down at her as he guided his cock into her heat, kissing her forehead before resting his own against it.

“Mmmmmm” she groaned “you feel so good” as she met his slow thrusts with her own, making his grip on her tighten and his breath catch.

“God, baby” he sighed, “shit…this is heaven” his thrusts turning slightly harder as his control began collapsing and he felt her tighten around him. She could no longer speak as she held him in a death grip, her legs wrapped tightly around him too as she met his thrusts harder, her head thrown back as noises that went straight to his cock left her lips. “Tell me…” He commanded.

“I-…” was all she could get out as she desperately thrust against him now, aching for release.

“I said” he growled “tell me” his thrusts harder with each word he fought to get out between pants of breath. His dick aching to spill his seed into the sweet, wet pussy snapped tight against it making her wail in reply. “Say it” he demanded, pulling on her hair to get her to keep eye contact.

“Need you…please….now” she cried out, scratching at him to pull him closer just as he pulled away slightly to angle his thrusts just right, in such a way that he was repeatedly hitting her sweet spot over and over, making her dizzy.

“I’m here” he sighed, never stopping his thrusts, “you have to believe me.” He leaned down to taking her mouth in a searing kiss, never once stopping his thrusts. She seriously felt like she was gonna pass out at this point but she didn’t care. Her heart constricted in her chest at his words and she poured everything she had into the kiss, assuring him she believed him. They’d be fine. Better than fine. She knew he’d make sure of it.

“Don’t stop” she cried out. “Never” he grunted, his control hanging by a thread as his hips propelled into hers. He met her eyes again and saw the desperation, the pleading look in them. Never stopping his thrusts, he brought one hand down to tease at her clit, sending her head flying back as she came screaming his name, causing him to erupt with her name falling from his lips.

“Wow” she sighed as she gathered him in her arms from where he’d fallen onto her chest in exhaustion and his only reply was a nod against her chest followed by a soft kiss to her clavicle, his hands rubbing softly on her arms, soothing the aftershocks that were still shooting through her.

“C'mere” he said, lifting slightly to kiss her softly “everything is gonna be fine. No one is gonna hate you or us. I promise.”

“I love you” she sighed, completely content.

“I love you more, baby”

“I love you most” she argued playfully as he shook his head with a helpless grin.

If they had this fight for the next 60 years, he’d be pretty damn happy.

Title: Boss Complex

Author: lolaisajewel

Length: Chaptered 

Status: Ongoing 

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Smut, Angst, Romance 

Summary: Chanyeol is cool and carefree when it comes to relationships. He really has no time to be bothering with the strings of a woman tying him down in the complicated pretense that she’s not marrying him for his money. This is probably why he willingly agrees to the arranged marriage… But when he meets the new office intern, pint-sized Byun Baekhyun, who never seems to be able to get anything done right, Chanyeol can’t help but be concerned with him. The little pretty body irritates the hell out of him, but he’s drawn to those pretty fingers and the way he smiles with others in the break room. Perhaps, he could have his cake and eat it too. A loveless marriage and a passionate affair. What a perfect cliché.

Admin Notes: This fic is an interesting take on cold CEO Chanyeol and carefree intern Baekhyun. I like that the author took time to develop Chanyeol’s character, although I really did start out hating him. Also, the side characters’ stories are really well fleshed out. The more chapters that come out, the more invested I become. - Admin Sea. 


The Verdict - A Zaulie Smut Fic

*What happens when Paulie comes to jury*

Paulie sighed as he sipped his water on the back porch of the house he was currently staying in. The girls were doing girly things inside and he was relieved for the breather. It had been 4 excruciatingly long days and Zakiyah had yet to breathe a word to him that wasn’t chewing him out. He’d received the silent treatment after that first day and, if he was being honest, that felt a lot worse. With a sigh he shut his eyes, saying another silent prayer that it wouldn’t be like this much longer. It was killing him inside to be so close to her all the time and not be how they used to be. He had so much he wanted, needed to say to her and she just didn’t want to hear it. He couldn’t blame her, really, but he just wanted his Zbaby back.

“Hey, Brig and I are taking over the living room, so keep ya ass out…” Da'Vonne teased.

“Where’s-” he began, confused, but she cut him off before she could continue.

“Laying down upstairs” she answered. “Why don’t you try talking to her?”

He had to admit he was shocked at her suggestion. Sure, she seemed to forgive him and truly see his feelings for her friend were genuine, but he didn’t think she’d be the one to push them to talk.

“She won’t talk to me” he sighed.

“So at least get her to listen” she said softly, squeezing his shoulder before joining Bridgette in the living room.

He sat there for a moment, silently mulling over the conversation he’d just had. It would be the perfect time to talk with Z. He knew the other girls wouldn’t bother them, but the fear of her rejecting him yet again tore him up inside even worse than he already was. Swallowing his pride and fear, he headed up to the bedroom he knew he’d find her in. Pushing open the already slightly cracked open door, he lightly smiled at the sight in front of him. She lay facing away from him, holding a pillow vertically, reminding him so much of himself during their time apart. It was almost impossible for him to get any sleep without holding her in his arms.

He softly tiptoed to the bed, careful not to wake her incase she was asleep. He sat gently down next to her still form, gently laying a hand on her arm. She jerked slightly, turning to meet his eyes.

“I’m sorry I woke you” he said just above a whisper.

“You didn’t” she told him, not exactly coldly but not with her usual warmth she had when she spoke to him.

“Can we…can we talk? Please?” He practically begged. She stayed silent but turned to face him, propping her head up on her hand. “I’m sorry, Z, I’m so sorry for everything.”

He was still met with silence, but at least the cold glare in her eyes from the last few days seemed to have disappeared.

“I should have used that veto” he sighed.

“You think this is about the fuckin veto?” She snapped, startling him. “This is about me putting you first and you playing me, putting me last all. the. time!”

“I wasn’t playing you!” He exclaimed.

“Bullshit” she grumbled.

“I didn’t sign up for a girlfriend” he grumbled back, continuing to let out everything that had been eating at him, as he saw the briefly stricken look cross her face, “but then I met you and my whole game, my whole life turned upside down. I came into the house so fucking prepared, but nothing prepared me for meeting you.”

“Sorry for ruining your game” she rolled her eyes.

“Stop” he warned lightly, wanting to get this out before he lost his chance and his nerve. “I need you to understand that I tried. I tried as long as I could to save us both. Maybe it was selfish to not take you off the block but I explained why I didn’t. And we agreed to talk shit so you can’t get mad at that” he started to get defensive.

“Every person in that house told me you’ve been playing me…” She informed him in a warning tone.

“And you believe them?!” He exclaimed. “They’ve been against us from the beginning!”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” She turned the tables.

“Yes” he sighed “and I can apologize until I’m blue in the face and I will if I have to. But you have to believe me that I wouldn’t have kept you up there unless I knew I had the votes to keep you, or thought I did, and if we’re being honest, we both had other people in the house but I was the one to always take the heat off of us.”

“So now it’s my fault?” She questioned.

“You’re not the only one who’s been told they’re being played…” He trailed off.

“Oh so I’m not supposed to believe them, but you do?”

“Nat-” he was cut off and flinched as she stood up.

“Her?! You believe shit she said about me?!” She fell silent, realizing she too was listening to Nat. But then again, she also had Nicole who was telling her things, so she felt sort of justified.

“Z, you know what I’ve been through. I just need to know once and for all.”

“I was NOT playing you! I trusted your ass! You always questioned me!” She exclaimed.

“Well after everything I was put through in my last relationship, forgive me for not fully trusting someone I’m told is fucking with me” he grumbled.

“We should just end this now then. What’s left of it, anyway. Cuz this isn’t a game anymore and if you can’t trust me cuz of some ex, which I understand how serious it was, but maybe we should cool it then. Clearly this goes beyond game” she reasoned, trying to sound unaffected but even the suggestion was making bile burn the back of her throat.

“I don’t want to” he sighed.

“Well what DO you want?” She groaned. He was infuriating sometimes but she knew that was only because of her feelings for him.

“You!” He exploded as he shot up from his seat on the bed. “Jesus, Z, all I want is for you to understand and stop questioning that I want YOU. This won’t work if you can’t even understand that. I know I fucked up in the house but never once did I ever stop loving you. I vented stupidly to people I couldn’t trust about my feelings and I regret it. I couldn’t even fucking sleep without you in that house!” He sighed, relieved and then panic stricken. He wanted to tell her what was going on inside him, but he didn’t mean to let it all spill out like that. At least not in the middle of a fight. Well, what’s done is done. All he could do now was hold his breath and pray she said something before he died of suffocation.

He couldn’t even look at her, bowing his head and shutting his eyes tight, silently screaming at himself as he nervously rubbed at the back of his head. He jumped slightly as he felt her breath on his face as she reached behind him to stop his fidgeting hand in his hair. Opening his eyes, they were met with her teary, questioning gaze. He nodded silently, reaching up to lightly play with her hair, something he’d become accustomed to doing to calm himself down. He let his hand fall to her cheek, cupping it softly just in time to catch a tear. He stepped closer until there was no space at all between them, allowing his other arm to snake around her tiny waste before allowing his lips to tentatively brush against hers. She gasped slightly, but that only fueled him to deepen the kiss as his tongue snuck its way inside her slightly opened mouth. He held his breath until he felt her cup the back of his head to pull him in closer, threading her fingers into the hair at the back of his head, tugging softly and making a groan spill out from deep in his gut as he snuck his hands slowly up the back of her shirt to softly caress her bare skin. He broke the kiss and briefly met her heated gaze before diving his face into the long neck that always seemed to call out to him.

She groaned, shivering as his teeth
immediately found her spot that sent heat straight to her core. Her grip on him tightened as she clawed at his tank top, desperate to feel his flesh against hers. Regretfully, he pulled away from her long enough to help her rid him of his pesky shirt, pulling hers with him in a tangled mess before she helped him unhook her bra. His chest heaved as he held her hips, slightly pulling back to admire her stunning form before hooking his thumbs into her shorts, sliding them down with her panties as she desperately clawed at his belt and pants zipper.

Suddenly, the nerves from earlier when he spilled his heart to her came rushing back. He felt silly, they’d done this before. But this time was different. This time she knew how he felt about her. He did not wanna screw this up. She must have sensed his nerves because she looped her arms around him, nuzzling her nose against his, down one cheek and down the other.

“Silly” he laughed, pecking her lips repeatedly until she’d had enough, pulling him in for a deeper kiss and turning them so her back was to the bed before lowering herself onto it and pulling him to sit with her. Without breaking the kiss, he gingerly laid her back onto the pillows, laying cradled between her legs as he slowly pulled away from the kiss, nipping her bottom lip then leaning back slightly to just stare lovingly down at her. He would honestly be content to just stay like this the entire night, even though there were plenty of other things he wanted to do with and to her also. He reached toward his back for her hands, tangling them with his own, resting on his elbows, kissing across her knuckles and never once breaking eye contact.

“Hey” she whispered, afraid to break the moment as she brought both of their hands to his cheek, “you know I love you too, right?”

It felt like all the air had left his lungs at her words. He let out a shaky breath, didn’t even blink as he just stared at her before swallowing hard. If he felt like he couldn’t explain his feelings before, now he’d never be able to put them into words. But somehow, as crazy as his insides were going right now, contentment also flooded through his veins that the love of his life felt the same way he did. The need to show her just how much he loved her overwhelmed him as his lips found hers again, not nearly as finessed or careful as before as their teeth clanged against each other, nipping and nibbling as they couldn’t seem to get enough.

Finally, she yanked his face from where it was buried in her neck, pulling him back up to meet her gaze.

“Please” she begged.

“Fuck” he groaned, so hard that the blood shooting to his dick almost hurt but he didn’t want to rush this. He slightly shifted off of her, causing her to lift up on her elbows to see what was wrong. Before she could ask, her eyes shut softly and her head tilted back at the feeling of his fingers teasing at her core.

“Mmmm” she groaned, meeting the thrusts of his fingers with her hips. “Oh God” she sighed as his fingers slid deeper and his thumb flicked against her swollen clit.

“I missed watching you cum” he whispered into her neck, licking a line down one side and up the other. “Cum for me Z baby” he commanded, causing her whine to fill the air as her back arched off the bed and stilled, her juices spilling over his hand, his name spilling from her parted lips making him impossibly harder than before. He softly removed his fingers from her tightness gliding them across her hips to sooth her aftershocks from her orgasm. Apparently, this was too slow for her because he left her pull him back to lay over her again, wrapping her legs around him in invitation to give her what she needed most. He met her gaze once again, kissing her nose as he slowly edged his way inside where he wanted to be most. A sigh left her lips as she tossed her head back, his head falling into her neck again as he held her tight, lightly rocking against her to create the friction they desperately needed.

“Oh fuck, Z” he groaned “you feel so good.”

“Don’t stop” she moaned, meeting his thrusts.

“Never, shit, never” he sighed as she tilted her hips in a way that made electricity shoot down his spine, making his hips dive into her harder with a mind of their own.

“I need-” she gasped, unable to breathe. It was almost too much pleasure but she never wanted him to stop.

“Tell me” he groaned, “tell me what you need, baby.”

“You” she cried out, much like he had earlier, tossing her head back as she clawed at the bed sheets, desperate for her release.

“I’m right here” he assured her, adding power to his thrusts the more erratic hers became. He pulled her hands away from the sheets, holding them as he rocked into her before letting them go as she latched back onto him, his own hands gripping her waist as the last shred of control broke away from them.

“Oh” she sighed, head tossed back and he could tell she was about to lose it. Thinking quick, he pulled her into a kiss, stealing what was left of both of their breath before feeling her rip her mouth away to breath, diving her face into his shoulder and biting hard.

“Shit!” He almost yelled, before she pulled his face into her neck to muffle his noises. “Fuck, I’m there…” He warned just as she groaned into his neck as she fully reached her peak, his following a moment later.

They lay silently for a moment, cuddled and content with each other before she broke the silence.

“I hope they didn’t hear us…” She laughed.

“The walls are pretty thin in here” he said, sheepishly.

“Everybody hears everything, every season…” She reminded him.

“I’m blaming you for this…” He laughed.

“Me?!” She exclaimed with a laugh.

“Uh huh” he said, smugly. “I didn’t plan this. I told you I love you and you jumped me.”

“I-” she groaned in frustration, knowing he was right. “You weren’t exactly stopping me!” She whined.

“Okay, we’re even” he grinned, kissing her lightly “we’ll both take the blame.”

“Mmmkay” she agreed, into the kiss. “So if you didn’t want me out, what happened?” She asked, tracing patterns across his chest.

“Fuckin James flipped the vote. You saw the fight before eviction” he sighed, seething at the memory but calming quickly as he played with her long locks. “Then he gets me out this week. I told you last week, we’re assholes for trusting them.”

“Hey I warned you about all them weeks ago, boo” she insisted.

“I know, I know. I’ll listen to you about everything from now on. My woman is always right…” He sighed dramatically, causing her to smack him lightly as they both giggled.

They were gonna be okay. If they could get through the last few months, they could really get through anything.