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But if two people really want to be together, there shouldnt be an excuse.
Logically you cant blow up something so small and be okay with that, people take time to realise things
—  L.C

We went on a two mile walk last night and I really wish I was hanging out with him instead of organizing my apartment.

He wants to eat better with me.
He brings up running together.
We both set goals we want to hit.
Even financial/long term goals.
He makes me feel beautiful AND sexy.

These are important things.

I have never felt so supported and encouraged by someone until now, and I am realizing that this is how a relationship should be.

PLL Wishlist: How I Hope Pretty Little Liars Will End


After a 7 year rollercoaster of plot twists, multiple fake deaths, creepy A/A.D. messages and a lot of lies, Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end. Although I am sad that it’s over, on the other hand I’m glad it is. It was starting to get a bit messy if you ask me. Here’s how I hope PLL will end.

The Couples

Let’s get the least important stuff out of the way. I always feel with shows like this the mystery comes first, all the romance second. Who would I love to end up together?

1. Haleb (Hanna & Caleb). They have been my favorite ship since the beginning. Now, they’re actually married! Wasn’t how I ever expected Hanna to get married, but it was cute.
2. Spoby (Spencer & Toby). Love them! Although they hooked up like 2 episodes ago after Toby was engaged to Yvonne, who is now dead (another irrelevant character created by the writers of this show) and Spencer dating Caleb (why?). I just don’t see Spencer with anybody else, but with Toby or nobody at all. They are perfect for each other. 
3. Emison (Emily & Alison). I don’t know about these two. I feel like I liked them together in the early seasons of the show, but now it’s just so messed up. The whole Ali being pregnant with Emily’s baby, because somehow Emily’s eggs were planted in her uterus (we still don’t who the father is and I honestly couldn’t care less). I think it seems a little forced these two. But I don’t see both of them with someone else (except Emily with Maya, but she’s dead).
4. Aria. I’m not big on Ezria at all. Why? First of all, the teacher dates the student. It’s just inappropriate. Even if they met before he was her teacher. The moment he became Aria’s teacher, it should have ended. Secondly, the book. Ezra literally used Aria for information since the moment they met. Yes, he fell in love with her, but that doesn’t make it okay all of a sudden. I still can’t believe Aria forgave him for that and is now engaged to the guy. Aria gave up so much to be with this guy, while he has been lying to her since the start. Pretty sure Ezria will get married in the finale, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be throwing a party. Can Aria just be with Jake? You know, her martial arts teacher back in season 4. Or alone #IDontNeedAMan

Unanswered Questions?

Isn’t PLL known for this? Just kidding. So much has happened on this show, that I don’t even remember all of it. Which is why I started re-watching the old seasons. Here are some things that I’m still confused about and hope will  be answered in the finale (pretty sure 90% won’t be, but there’s always hope).

1. Whatever happened to Jason?
We last saw him in season 7 episode 7. Which isn’t too long ago, but he is still shady. What does he know about all of this and did he have a part in any of it?
2. What’s Melissa and Wren’s part in all of this?
We know Melissa buried Bethany, but what’s up with her and Wren? Are they together? What are they guilty of? Wren and Melissa are both in the finale, so we’ll hopefully get some answers.
3. What happened to the NAT club?
Back in season 1-3 there was the mystery around the NAT club with Garret, Jason and Ian. Well, 2 of them are death and the other has been pretty absent from the show. So did I miss something or has the NAT club story line been dropped all of a sudden?
4. Why was Archer Dunhill hiding his Britisch accent?
Is he connected to Wren somehow?
5. Who shot Spencer in the mid-season finale of season 7?
We saw Jenna with a gun, but we never actually saw her shoot. My bet is on A.D.
6. What’s the deal with Jenna?
Remember when A.D. got Jenna in a van after Spencer was shot? At the end of the episode A.D. gave Jenna a lot of pages in braille that she was reading. What did it say? Does Jenna know who A.D. is? Is she working with him/her?
7. Why did Eddie Lamb recognize Aria while she was volunteering in Radley?
Pretty sure everyone remembers Eddie from Radley. But how does he know Aria? Was she a patient there? I still think Aria is shady, she was pretty quick to turn on her life long besties this season. Those “Aria is A.D.” theories aren’t there for nothing.

Till “Death” Do Us Part?

I’m 100% sure someone is going to die. I don’t think it’s going to be any of the girls. I don’t think it’s going to be one of the boys either. So who is? I couldn’t tell you, but it better not be Mona. Mona is probably my favorite character in the show right now. I feel like the girls still see her as the villain. How many times does Mona have to save/help them for them to see she is looking out for them?! Seriously she would die for Hanna and she still treats her like crap. Also how can you not love Mona after how she looked at that game? Find someone in life who looks at you the same way Mona looks at A.D’s game.

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Who is A.D.?

The million dollar question. I think it’s Spencer’s twin, all the theories I have seen are pretty convincing and make a lot of sense. I really started believing in it when “Spencer” was meeting Wren at the airport. There was no way Spencer went from that house she was supposed to meet Mary Drake (but Marco Fury showed up because he followed her) to meet Wren at the airport in that short period of time. Also “Spencer” was really nervous there and asked Ezra (who saw her with Wren) not to mention this to anyone. Now that’s really shady if you ask me.I don’t know who the real Spencer or the twin is, but I definitely think she has a twin and that twin is A.D. I do hope this is not the case. I just feel like it wouldn’t be shocking, but if they do make it fit with everything that has happened I would be ‘okay’ with it. 

What I want is to be as shocked when we found that Mona was A, Toby was on the A team, Spencer was on the A team & when Ezra was A (well not really, but that’s what we all thought). That’s the shock level I want. This is the series FINALE. I want it to be someone we have known throughout the whole show, someone who has been shady af since the beginning. 

Today in the US and tomorrow for me, we can finally say goodbye to Rosewood and never look back to that messed up town. 

But with all the messed up stuff that happened these past 2 seasons I really do love this show and consider it one of my favorites. So it’s bitter sweet that’s ending. 

Thank you PLL for the crazy rollercoaster that was this show!

Stay Flawless!



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PS. Who else will be watching the finale like Pam Fields?

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what do u think would've happened if griff had won the second duel? that scene is completely brutal btw

ikr, their internal monologues slay me every time

If Griff won without killing Guts or permanently maiming him I think the tragedy would be subtle and quiet but there.

Guts would give up his attempt to be Griffith’s equal. I think on one level he’d actually still be glad that Griffith fought to keep him, but he would stop thinking of himself as a potential friend and equal, and start thinking of himself as truly lesser. Consequently he would grow distant. He might feel restless and stuck since now he’s made the choice to leave the Band once and been unable to. At any rate, he and Griffith would absolutely lose their camraderie.

Guts would no longer be the person who treats Griffith irreverently, disobeys orders, has waterfights, etc. Griffith would be up on a pedestal now, totally unreachable, and that would be reflected in Guts’ attitude towards him. He’d still admire him (though he’d probably still feel some resentment too), but he’d treat him like a leader and figurehead, not a person anymore.

Good ending: Griffith eventually breaks, does stuff like… idk starts pushing Guts’ boundaries, gives him more commands that keep him close (promotion to bodyguard?), tries to force conversation etc, eventually Guts feels backed into a corner and they have a confrontation and finally manage to talk and grow.
OR Griffith does something stupid and irrational for him again and Guts finally manages to have an uninterrupted conversation with him about it.

Bad ending: Griffith lets the distance grow, resigns himself to it, throws himself into political machinations, loses touch with the Band in general now that he’s among nobility, maintains only a working relationship with his former Hawk commanders, gets everything he thought he wanted and ends up miserable without knowing why.

If Griffith just killed Guts then I think, if I had to settle on one outcome, he’d suppress his emotions harder than he’s ever suppressed anything before, continue on like normal, grow distant from the Band who would probably be pretty disturbed by this reaction, marry Charlotte, and one day have a complete breakdown.

I’m kind of into the idea of Griffith achieving his dream at a cost he can’t bear ngl.