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I'm hoping you guys can help me find an old fic, please! It was an a/b/o fic (I think it was on a kink meme, maybe?) where Charles is an omega going into heat. Erik is not an alpha but he helps Charles through it anyway. I hope that's not too vague, sorry. Thank you for your help!

Not too vague :) I hope this is the one you were looking for:

Untitled Fill by Anonymous [Cherik, NC-17, A/O]

What about a fic where Charles is still an omega, but Erik is just an ordinary beta, rather than an alpha? Just an ordinary beta male, but one who still thinks Charles is gorgeous. How would that work between them?




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/shameful whisper/ any possibility of a rec list of as many fics as you can find that feature charles riding erik? /melts back into shadows/

You’ve asked the right people, friend.

Alphabetised by author:

Boardroom Games by ang3lsh1 

“Could you fix me up a coffee real quick? I’m meeting with the Board of Directors in five minutes. Thanks, kid.”

Said intern responds with a cold look and crisp reply, “I happen to be Chair of the Board and I’ll be sitting in on the the merger that you’re supposed to be participating in, Mr. Lehnsherr.”

Mod note: Charles fucks Erik first, and then rides him.

One Drink High by a_q

Erik is an alpha who has never been with an omega before. He likes sex as much as the next person, but he has other priorities in life. So when a younger, very experienced, very forward, and just a little slutty omega sets his sight on Erik, he finds out what he has been missing.

Mod note: This is an interesting take on omegaverse and worth reading for that alone. One of the main premises is loss of virginity, which happens not to the omega, but to the alpha.

Buried a Second Time by Black_Betty

Charles returns to the underworld for the first time since he ate the pomegranate seeds that pulled him back to Olympus. He is more than a little eager to see Erik again.

Mod note: Reunions! Throne room sex!

Eyes on Fire by Black_Betty

Every once in a while, fashion tycoon Emma Frost invites her favourite male models over to entertain her. And by “entertain”, I mean she makes them have kinky consensual sex in front of her….Emma never touches herself when she watches, but she always has a glass of wine with her. Emma likes it best when they eventually forget that she’s watching.

Charles and Erik meet each other through Emma…

Mod note: This is one of my personal favorites. Chapter 4 features a hot hot hot riding scene.

The Trouble With Telepaths by Calico

The first eight times they fucked, Erik came first.

Mod note: Absolutely sexy and hilarious. Erik tries to steer things, but Charles is just not having it.

Pour Some Sugar On Me by ebonytavern 

Erik moves in to his new apartment only to find that his neighbour is a very promiscuous young lad who moans down the building every other night.

It’s hard to get any work done and even more sexually frustrating for him. He has no idea who this young lad is except that when Erik meets him, he’s gonna give him a piece of his mind.

And then he does meet him, and his name is Charles. And Erik doesn’t quite know how to react.

The AU where young 19 year old Charles is adamant on getting into Erik’s pants.

Mod note: Angry sex ahoy!

Wear Sunlight by etirabys 

D/s. Top!sub!Erik. Charles is a mutant activist in a world where defining mutation is no longer simple. Erik is a struggling writer who gave up on the movement years ago.

Charles lets Erik live in his summer villa in the south of France for free, under certain conditions.

(There is porn and talking.)

Mod note: The writing captures Erik’s voice wonderfully well, and Charles is an assured, intelligent, pampering Dom. It’s a powered AU and the worldbuilding is great. What more could you want?

Stage by etirabys

Kinkmeme prompt: Charles (aged 18-20) is interning at Erik’s workplace (wherever/whatever that may be) and winds up riding Erik’s dick in his fabulous ergonomic desk chair, preferably while other people are still just outside in the office.

Mod note: It’s exactly as it says on the tin. If you’ve a penchant for age difference and office sex (like yours truly) this one’s for you.

Hold Back the Rain by euphorbic

Charles Xavier; society darling, powerful political activist, well-known professor, and Dominant.

Erik Lehnsherr; anti-social, international motorcycle racer, and defiant submissive.

Erik is at Sepang in Malaysia for the fourteenth leg of the International World Championship. After doing poorly in qualifying, he’s furious to find he has to take another VIP around the track instead of meeting Charles at the KL airport.

Mod note: This is Tahariel’s D/s Frontseat ‘verse combined with Euphorbic’s Strict Machine

Roses Are Red by ikeracity 

Being a mob boss’ associate has its ups and downs. Having sex in the back of a limo on Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the ups.

Mod note: The bickering is as enjoyable as the smut. Or should I say the smut is as enjoyable because of the bickering?

Pretty Good Options by kageillusionz

“Maybe he will finally get to surprise Erik by popping into his workplace, like he has meant to all these years, and either drag him out to lunch or spend some time christening the office.”

Then again, Charles thinks with a lazy grin as he reaches down to palm himself through his sleeping shorts, both of them sound like pretty good options.“

What happens when Charles is home for mid-semester break and decides to visit Erik during his lunch hour.

Mod note: I liked the mood here. It was affectionate and familiar :)

Quick Study by mistyzeo

Midnight, and Charles can’t sleep. Erik isn’t waiting for him, exactly, but he’s in the study all the same, drinking Charles’s brandy and messing with Charles’s ordered mind. Also he seems determined to test the limits of Charles’s powers, especially when Raven is wandering the halls as well.

Mod note: Unf! Sex in the study! Charles has to try to keep Raven from seeing them mid-sex and it is hilarious.

Spy Vs. Spy by professor

The one where Erik is basically James Bond, and Charles is a rival spy who interrogates him with sex.

Mod note: I thoroughly enjoyed Erik coming undone after being exposed to Charles’…tactics.

Slow Sex by richiexcore

Charles goes to a special place when he’s riding Erik, and Erik LOVES it. From the kink meme.

Mod note: This is a fic from the early days of fandom, but it stays fresh in my mind until now. It’s easily one of the most decadent things I’ve had the fortune of reading.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show by sabinelagrande

Hank’s been doing unnatural things to plants, and Erik just might kill him for it.

Mod note: Sex pollen. Natch.

Allometry by Sonoclipstick

Allometry: In evolution, relative growth of a part in relation to an entire organism or to a standard.

They’d grown and stretched in each others’ absence, but without the other to guide them, the pieces no longer fit together the way they once did.

Mod note: This is a gritty take on the DOFP plane scene. Angst all around and it’s wonderfully written.

Business Propositions by SwiftMint

2nd fill for a kinkmeme prompt wanting illicit office sex. Now with a dash of blackmail for flavoring.

Mod note: Starts off in various positions over various surfaces and ultimately ends with Charles riding Erik on his office chair.

Coax me out of my love low by tahariel

It’s hard enough waiting a year to meet the man you’re engaged to, but harder still when that man doesn’t even want to stay bonded to you. Charles is determined, however, not to let Erik get away.

The Frontseat ‘verse version of the engagement story.

Mod note: This is part 1 of the Frontseat ‘verse. The riding scene is at the last chapter, and it’s well-worth the wait considering how great the worldbuilding and the slowburn is.

Love keeps dragging it out by tahariel

Reverse!Backseat ‘verse, with sub!Erik and Dom!Charles. Charles is patient enough for the both of them, and willing to enforce the rules.

Mod note: This is part 3 of the Frontseat ‘verse, but it can be read as a stand-alone. I really like that Erik truly has no leverage, on his back with his ankles tied to his thighs.

From the Start by treasuredleisure

They were once childhood friends who bonded over their love of the same sport.

Years later they reunite, but as competitors.

And Erik’s still harbouring feelings for his old friend that he’s certain he can no longer hide.

Mod note: This is a great read with actual plot and lots of sexual and romantic tension, which get resolved in the riding scene.

Crazy in Love by velvetcadence 

Erik’s “painfully boring” bachelor party gets shaken up when his fiancé drops by to entertain. Then “painfully boring” becomes “painfully arousing.” Fortunately, Charles knows how to make it up to him with a different kind of dancing altogether.

Alt!Mod note: Sweet, cheeky and hot as hell!

BaekYeol NC - 17 Masterlist

BaekYeol Masterlist. This pairing has ridiculously amazing fic writers and I am going to have such a hard time recommending them all so if I miss anyone or your favourite fic please message me so I can create a part 2, 3 and 5 billion.

Fics that have warnings that should be checked before reading are marked with an ✗

Favourites are marked with an ★

The reason I live are marked with a ♥

One - Five Shots


Enjoy - Admin J x

Chansoo Masterlist / Taoris Masterlist / Taohun Masterlist


The Grace Archer

The Grace Archer by ratherbehere
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 31,400
Summary: As all the great tales begin: once upon a time, in a long forgotten place, there lived an archer. He shot so well and so true that the king took note and rose him in rank, until the mysterious archer was the king’s most trusted adviser. The archer served the king well, until the royal line was no more, and further still.
Tales of The Grace Archer were told for centuries. Fact turned to legend. Legend passed into myth. And that is how the archer preferred it, hidden in the forests and lost to mankind.
There he would have forever remained, if a young man with dark blonde hair and green eyes had not crashed into his life with a problem only The Grace Archer could solve…

The Grace Archer lives in the stories and myths told to small children or by bards in the village taverns, but Dean knows the truth. He knows that Castiel is a reclusive, disgraced cupid and a freaking badass with a bow. When Dean hears about a series of deaths along the road, he recruits his comrades to go on a search for The Grace Archer. Dean tells of his past experience with Castiel as he leads his companions toward the threat. Sam is a snarky skeptic, constantly digging at Dean until the truth is revealed. Kevin and Charlie round out their motley crew.

Though this is a Destiel story, there are numerous call outs to different fantasy, gaming, and folklore stories. The obvious are there for everyone, the subtle made me chuckle - those spiders sure do drop a lot of loot! The amazing art hooked me and the story behind the art reeled me in. This is exactly how a Reverse Big Bang is supposed to work. 

Note: Since this fic is part of the SPN Reverse Big Bang, be sure to check out the artwork by Tkodami that inspired the story.

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Can you recomand me a (hardcore) yoonmin fic?

Now this is something I have rec’d plenty of *cackles evilly* 

Against My Skin (Sexual Fantasy)
At First Glance (Power play, suit porn)
Bend and Snap (Public sex)
Downward Motion (Elevator sex)
Give Me More (Werewolf!AU, Knotting)
Glad You Came (Overstimulation/Come play)
His Puppets… (Filming)
Love Literally (Sex toys/vibrators)
Neomu Yeppeo (Cross-dressing)
Pain in the Rear End (Sex toys)
Sticky Sweet (Food play, sharing)
Switch It Up (Jimin tops)
There’s Nothing Left To Hide (Pet Play)
Welcome Home (Cross-dressing)

I hope you find something that interests you ^_^ *angelic smile*

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Hi there! I hope you've been having a wonderful day so far. I was wondering if you know of any vampire AUs? Where either Charles or Erik (or both) are vampires? Thanks for all your hard work.

Thank you very much, Anon! Encouragement like this keeps us up and running.

Charles is a vampire:

Does Not Ebb by StarkMad

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans AU and Charles as Sonja’s character and Erik as Lucian.

trapdoors that open, i spiral down by mixture

It’s hard to predict an enemy who can put a knife between one’s ribs without being noticed.

The Beginning  by Beren

Charles doesn’t have a secondary mutation, he just has vampire DNA. He is drawn to Erik in a way that means he has to confess the truth for both their sakes.

Edited to add: And The Gunslinger Followed by musical_emjay

Erik Lehnsherr hunts the things that go bump in the night.

Erik is a vampire:

Usiku (series) by monstrousreg 

A one-shot inspired by this picture from Yaegikisawa:

Mod note: Moira MacTaggert investigates the suspicious death of Sebastian Shaw. The witness: Charles Xavier, the last of the Xavier Usiku agents, and Erik, his powerful bonded companion.

The Vampires Who Drink Tea (series) by keire-ke

An obligatory Buffy AU. Features Raven the Vampire Slayer, Charles, the frumpy Watcher to whom nothing interesting should ever happen, and Erik, the penitent ensouled vampire. The preceding statement is 100% true.

Bloody Feet on Hallowed Ground by WingedWolf121

It was prophesied 300 years ago that Erik Lehnsherr would be killed by an Englishman. So upon receiving a letter from an eager young Professor of Oxford, who wishes to visit Erik’s estate for research purposes, the only logical course of action is to invite him there as a guest.

Dear Neighbor Mine by issabella

Fill for the prompt by Lonelyparts: Charles is a telepathic werewolf living next door to a vampire who favours severe black turtlenecks and metal coffins.

Of course they have to annoy each other first, before dangerous circumstances bring them together.

Love and Other Secrets by Microsaur

Erik is a vampire that would much rather be left alone, Charles is a baronet that can’t seem to accept that.

Mark of Caine by You_Light_The_Sky

“Do you think you can run from me, liebling?” 

Rubber Duck Verse (series) by pprfaith

Erik is a vampire. Sookie, err, Charles is a telepath. Any questions?

Mod note: In exchange for his sister’s release, Charles strikes a deal with the vampire sheriff.

An Accident of Circumstance by manic_intent

As part of a reward for his successes in border skirmishes, Sebastian Shaw allows Erik discretion to create a childe of his own, within reason. Erik rebels.

B-Negative by manic_intent

Written for the 5 Acts thing on livejournal, for toestastegood’s ‘Vampire AU’ Act. This was originally going to be some sort of True Blood parody, but it somehow became a bit more serious. :/

Mod note: It’s a quiet day at Charles and Raven’s little cafe, until the stranger in the black turtleneck shows up.

For You, Eternity by gerec, lachatblanche​ (WIP, Cherik+ Xavierine)

Erik still remembers the day he lost everything to a pack of werewolves; his family, his village, and the love of his life. Left with nothing but regret and pain everlasting, he turns to Sebastian Shaw - who promises revenge in exchange for loyalty eternal.

For centuries, he leads his clan of vampires in a war against their hated enemy, the same werewolf pack responsible for the slaughter of Erik’s village. But now Logan - the pack’s new leader - wants to make peace with their age old adversaries; an act that neither side particularly cares to pursue.

Adding to this volatile mix is one Charles Xavier, scientist and academic, drawn to the continent by his fascination for the supernatural and the locals’ tales of love, betrayal and never-ending war…

Inherited Traits by Irish, mrapollo

A young, recently paralyzed professor finds himself in strange, dangerous company. How like him to invite that company, and how like that company to invite itself.

[An AU in which Erik is a terribly old and angry vampire who attempts to make an easy meal of Charles, and is pleasantly surprise when there is something much more alluring about him than the blood running under his skin.]

untitled fill by rab_rumrunner

Prompt: Anything involving Erik siring Charles and/or them drinking from each other during sex.

Mod note: Erik takes Charles home and keeps him captive against his will.

Both are vampires:

One Lump or Two by papercutperfect

The metal spoon lifted free, coated in dripping red. Erik watched, mouth slack, as Charles brought it to his lips. A pointed, pink tongue slid out, swiped a long path through that sticky liquid. Blue eyes fluttered shut in delight, the long line of his pale throat shifting in a deep swallow.

Vampyr by shizuke

Basically, Erik and the First Class lineup as Anne Rice-type vampires.

Love is thicker than blood by cecinepas

Mod note: Charles and Erik are ancient vampire lords who were once lovers but are now separated due to differing ideologies. It takes a madman to bring them back together.

Snowed In

Snowed In by spacegirl

Author: spacegirl

Pairing: Frank/Gerard

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: No archived warnings

Length: Medium 

Summary: He could never really appreciate how attractive Gerard is when they were skiing, he’s constantly bundled up and covered by his big goggles and scarf. In Frank’s mind Gerard has gone from being “Pretty cute, I guess I’d kiss this guy” all the way too “Oh my god your ass looks so good in those jeans please let me live in bed with you.”


from post break-up sex?
1455 words, NC-17, because of this (warning for like.. aggressive angry sex)

“I don’t know why you’re here again,” minho says, not turning from where he’s pretending to rearrange cutlery in the drawer. minho’s drawer. minho’s kitchen. it’s been made very apparent that none of this is theirs any more. kibum rolls his eyes.

“you told me to come today to pick up the rest of my shit,” he reminds minho, trying to keep his voice level. “I don’t want to be here any more than you want me to be here.”

Keep reading