rating: 8.5

And that’s a wrap on Steven’s Lion.

I really liked this one. And I feel like I say that after every episode, but I did! The desert music was cool, and the sandstorm animation was neat too. I really like Lion! He’s so cute! I’m almost positive he’ll return at least a couple more times in the series, but I really really hope he’s more of a regular character from now on. I feel like he and Steven could make a really great team, especially while Steven is still getting a handle on his powers. 

I’m gonna rate this episode an 8.5/10 and rank it #3, after Laser Light Cannon and above Tiger Millionaire. 

Next one will be tomorrow! Answering asks now (and almost always)

My sister’s first impressions of Seventeen:

(with the help of Watching Crazy in Love performance and tumblr sexy photos)

S.coups: doesn’t look asian, dad™, musclely, looks like when he retires from the group he would have 5 kids, rate 7/10 visuals

Jeonghan: looks like a savage, in a movie his character that would cheat in gambling, voice is unique/sultry.  rate 8/10 visuals

Joshua: long neck, full on boi lookn boi from next door boi, she thought he was the potential visual, big puppy dog eyes, likes his cross earring. rate 8.5/10 visuals

Jun: good boy next door, sassy looking, big shoulders, sweet voice rate 8/10 visuals

Hoshi: surprisingly chubby cheeks for a thin face, unique voice, adorable smile, “the social one”, adorable plus sexy, rate 8.5/10 visuals

Wonwoo: resting bitch face type of face, accountant, likes his deep voice and  straight teeth, rate 9/10 visuals

Woozi: looks like an baby elf in the best way possible, sounds like jun kinda, believed he was 5'11, youngest? He is a “salty and spicy” character, probably hates being called cute, rate 7/10 visuals 

Dk: looks forever happy, reminds her of a sculpture, can play a bad boy in a drama, high bridge nose, ya boy eating his CDs, voice so good it sounds like autotune(but not using autotune ya know?) rate 9/10 visuals

Mingyu: looks like T.O.P( she knows him because T.O.P used to be my UB before I even knew SVT), pretty boy, looks snarky, probably has abs,looks like he would be too serious to take a joke, ‘I’m better than you’ personality,  (opposite of puppy mingyu) rate 9/10 visuals

The8: looks like a “sebastian” if he was white?, big eyes, looks like he’s posing for a drama constantly (wall leaning and staring), likes his earrings, confused when i searched “thughao” on tumblr, rate 8.5/10 visuals

Seungkwan: tries to look sexy, but ends up looking adorable,feels like she must protect him, ‘dumpling’ face T-T,  an ‘emotional mom’ type of dad, voice doesn’t match face, rate 8.5/10 visuals (extra points for adorableness)

Vernon: Hates his teeth (I love his teeth fk you m8), such a teenager looking boi, great man eyebrows, high cheekbones, nice jawline, voice is ‘low’ and rapperesk, western features on an asian guy,  rate 9.5/10 visuals (sorry, vernon stan comment coming: she won’t admit that he is perfect)

Dino: believes he is 20, social member, even face, nice eyebrows,doesn’t look like the youngest. rate 7.5/10 visuals


Limitless - 1x21 - Finale: Part One!

“You didn’t have anyone there to to call it out. You didn’t have anyone on NZT and I kinda hate to say it, but you didn’t have me!”

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Assassination classroom ?

  • Favorite character

Originally posted by koro-yuki

  • Second favorite character
  • Least favorite character
  • Love them all <3
  • The character I’m most like
  • Koro sensei lol
  • Favorite pairing

  • Least favorite pairing
  • Nothin actually
  • Favorite moment
  • Koro sensei’s death :((, It was sucha powerful moment sob

  • Rating out of 10
  • 8.5. To be honest I wasn’t expecting something from the anim, I just started it like this. And It came out as a little masterpiece, the characters are great, the plot is simle and enjoyible. It was such a beatiful ride.
  • Totally a must watch

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bnha :)

hi anon, thanks for the ask! c:

favourite character

Todoroki Shouto

second favourite character

Uraraka Ochako

least favourite character


the character i’m most like

definitely Momo I think!

favourite pairing

TodoDeku lmao (although ok, I am kinda falling into Kacchako hell ??) 

least favourite pairing


favourite moment

Aizawa being a total badass during the villains attacking arc in the first season had me crying bc wow, what a good guy. *weeps*

rating out of ten

8.5/10 - it’s a good shounen animanga and I’m really happy w/ how it’s going so far!!

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Alright, another episode in the books! I REALLY liked this episode! I love Connie. I think she’s the perfect balance to Steven, and I think they make a great team. I reallyyyy hope she’s in more episodes. We also got to see Steven learn a new power! Bubble shield! I love how slowly we’re seeing Steven learn, and learning ourselves about this show. It’s really nice pacing. The animation in this episode was pretty good; the bit with the rose when the bubble formed was really nice (and also an indicator he inherited this power from Rose Quartz… I just realized that). This episode’s monster was pretty unique looking too, and the scene with the glowstick had a really nice aesthetic. The music was all back ground really, but it set the mood well. This episode gave us a perfect amount of learning, laughing, and feeling.

I rate Bubble Buddies an 8.5/10, and rank it as my new #1 above Laser Light Cannon!

Well, I won’t be able to do another episode tomorrow, so you will all have to wait until Saturday for the next one. Feel free to flood my ask box though, I love hearing from you guys!

Nix Reviews: Teen Titans

Summary: Five teen superheros fight crime in Jump City and wacky hijinks ensue

Rating: 8.5/10

(+) Silly and weird

-knows how to get dark

- adorable superheroes and villains

-the Doom Patrol actually get a cartoon adaptation

-diverse bodies and faces

-werewolf episode

-the most badass version of Killer Moth ever


- Slade trolling Robin

- Red X and other newly created characters for the show

- My son Beastboy

-some good characters

- more than a few poc superheroes

(-) whitewashing Jinx and Sarah Sims in the spinoff comic. probably other whitewashing too.

- Robin was not a good leader.like he should be second to last person on the team in a leadership position.

- DC superheroes continue to get away with murder of ‘nonhuman’ life

- The Titans literally commit genocide on a bigot’s word

- The racism ep was not good on many levels

- Characters could have used more development as a team and individually.

- DC doesn’t care about robotic life or cyborgs.

- BB’s treatment got kinda hard to watch at times. 

- Characters constantly forgetting their powers

- terribly inaccurate animals and very small transformation pool for BB

- Starfire not getting to flirt and kiss around.

- No adult superheroes until like two eps in the last season

- bad superhero team tropes 

Conclusion: Probably the best superhero cartoon using DC material entirely because it’s able and willing to go into both dark themes and use how nonsensical, weird, and silly superhero universes are. The art style and designs are very memorable and wonderfully expressive. I highly recommend it.

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Yuri on ice ?👀

fav chara: viktuuri, bc they’re a pair and can’t be separated. 2 for 1 deal.

2nd fav chara: yurio!!!! is it actually true that he named his cat “puma tiger scorpion”??????

least fav chara: there’s not really a least favorite character? i didn’t like JJ that much before episode 11, though

chara i’m most like: man i think everyone can relate to yuuri’s anxiety.

fav pairing: do i even need to say?? obviously viktuuri

least fav pairing: idk i don’t even know what pairings exist aside from viktuuri, mila/sara, and otayuri

fav moment: when yuuri and viktor kissed!!! also the engagement!!! and when yuuri ran to viktor’s bed that one time in hasetsu, but also yurio talking to his grandfather asdfghjkl

rating out of 10: 8.5/10. there’s a .25 deducted for the understandable but still low quality skating routines.

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K project for the ask meme!

omg I have missed this fandom!! *weeps*

favourite character

Yata Misaki 

second favourite character

Kusanagi Izumo

least favourite character

Colourless King

the character i’m most like

my boy Fushimi lmao

favourite pairing


least favourite pairing


favourite moment

at the very end of season 2 when Scepter 4 and HOMRA were working together to bring down the Green King + Jungle, and Yata, my smol angry son comes to save Fushimi I think my heart exploded a little ♡

rating out of ten

8.5/10 - the colours were so pretty, the story was really good, ugh I actually miss this anime so much I refuse to believe it’s over ;;;

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Tales of Berseria?

  • Favorite character -  Eizen
  • Second favorite character - Magilou
  • Least favorite character - Melchior
  • The character I’m most like - maybe Magilou…and that’s a hard MAYBE
  • Favorite pairing - Velvet/Magilou, Velvet/Eleanor 
  • Least favorite pairing - Velvet/Laphicet (*whispers* stoooooooop)
  • Favorite moment -  that whole scene with Laphicet telling Velvet to stop whining
  • Rating out of 10 - 8.5/10

Update: the jello was… better than I expected? The idea of eating something peach-flavored with no peach in it is weird, but the thing is fairly pleasant to eat.

(Well, we stuck some pieces of actual peach in it, but that’s not the point.)

Rating 8.5/10. Does what it’s supposed to do. A little too sweet. Half point bonus because jiggly.

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Attack on titan

  • Favorite character: Levi
  • Second favorite character: Hanji
  • Least favorite character: All those new characters that are being introduced right now like I don’t really care about them lol
  • The character I’m most like: Armin
  • Favorite pairing: ereri
  • Least favorite pairing: eremika
  • Favorite moment: All Levi fights basically. The titan one that’ll be animated in like 2024 is super cool. I also really liked the Armin / Jean gun scene.
  • Rating out of 10: 8.5/10 and going down… as the manga progresses… and i get more and more confused…

send me a series and I’ll tell you my…

submitted by Boyd

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Happy New Year y'all!

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musical: Hamilton

Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: 8.5, maybe?

Favorite Lyric: “I’m not afraid, I know who I married”

Favorite Song: It’s between Helpless, Satisfied, and Wait for it.

Favorite Character: Eliza (John Laurens is a close second)

Best Moment: Yeah, I can’t pick.

Something that makes me angry: How little value some fans give Alex and Eliza’s relationship. Especially being that these were real people who really did love each other.

Gives me the chills: The entirety of Satisfied, pretty much

Overall opinions: It’s extremely well written and performed, and although it’s far from my favorite musical out there, I love it.

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Shadowhunters (for the series ask) (book or tv series whichever)

i’m gonna do it for the tv series since i didn’t read the books lol 

  • Favorite character - magnus
  • Second favorite character - clary
  • Least favorite character - valentine 
  • The character I’m most like - simon probably 
  • Favorite pairing - malec binch is this even a question
  • Least favorite pairing - clace like??? too forced tbh
  • Favorite moment - the entire episode “malec” but most specifically when alec basically tells his mom to shut the fuck up and kisses his man for the first time
  • Rating out of 10 - 8.5 a lot of it is rushed and cheesy but it’s good i like it

send me a series and i’ll answer!

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Ahh if you're still open for the fav rating thing can you do Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening Ꮚ ்́ꈊ ்̀Ꮚ

Originally posted by thumbsfightwars

FIRST IMPRESSION: Why does he wear one long sleeve and one short sleeve who thought this was a good idea for a combat outfit this boy is extra i’m-

-Serious husband who is probably fun to make blush and flustered

-Probably gets flustered super easily

-Strong, silent type who wants to focus on the Mission and is afraid of hurting you in a relationship

-But actually cries when you tell him you love him

-Dork Dad who wears socks and sandals and emberasses your kids if you have any

RATING: 8.5/10 good choice bad fashion sense

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Gotham!! :D (for the send me a series thing)

  • Favorite character - Jerome
  • Second favorite character -Ed
  • Least favorite character - hm not really anyone i’ve disliked much tbh!
  • The character I’m most like - probably a mix between kristin kringle and ed himself lmao
  • Favorite pairing - ed/oswald ;)
  • Least favorite pairing - jerome/anyone.
  • Favorite moment- jerome’s reappearance at the carnival and that gross face peeling reveal
  • Rating out of 10- 8.5