Dogspotting may even be the birthplace of DoggoLingo’s titular term “doggo.”

Though created in 2008, Dogspotting really took off in the summer of 2014, particularly in Australia.

This is significant because, as internet linguist Gretchen McCulloch points out, adding “-o” to words is very Australian. For example, where we’d say def to abbreviate the word definitely, Australians would say deffo.

So were Australians posting in Dogspotting saying “doggo,” which English-speakers around the world picked up on and turned into a viral Internet word?

“That makes a shocking amount of sense,” says John Savoia, who founded Dogspotting and runs the page with Reid Paskiewicz and Jeff Wallen.

“I bet you anything [doggo] was used before Dogspotting and we just made it part of the lexicon,” Paskiewicz says.

James Moffatt, a performance artist who grew up in Adelaide and is not a member of Dogspotting, says he remembers doggo being used “as an affectionate diminutive to refer to dogs throughout my childhood.”

—  I’m quoted in this NPR article Dogs Are Doggos: An Internet Language Built Around Love For The Puppers (which you should definitely read in its entirety)
Achluophobia Master Post

Here you will find all 4 parts to the casefile called Achluophobia.

Rating: Teen - Mature
Timeline: Set during Season 7
Pairing: Established MSR
Summary: Mulder and Scully are called in on a personal favor by Maggie Scully to investigate a haunting.

Achluophobia: Prologue, Friday

Achluophobia: Saturday

Achluophobia: Sunday

Achluophobia: Monday, Epilogue

And here is the link for Ao3 if that’s your preferred method of reading.

Put All the Ingredients on the Table

Pairing: Namjoon/Jin
Author: Chlexcer
Genre: Blogger!au, non-idol!au, Pining, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Kim Namjoon can’t cook, but he somehow becomes obsessed with a cooking blog called ‘EatJin’ and the sassy and mysterious person behind it.
In the realm of real life he isn’t doing much better, because there’s a ridiculously handsome guy with broad shoulders called Kim Seokjin that works in a nearby supermarket who is slowly ruining his life.
Little does he know, they’re actually the same person.

Admin’s notes: I love fics where the boys live normal lives and this one is so cute. namjoon’s determination to learn to cook and jin’s sassiness is so good in the fic.

Link: AO3

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Binding Spell by Lemur710
By Organization for Transformative Works

“He watched with a sadness he couldn’t define as Alec drained the last drop of his drink. A toast to the dying, he thought, and took another sip of his own. Magnus supposed Alec had stuck to their agreement: One more drink and then decide. He’d decided.”

This author’s take on the missing scene from 1x06 “Of Men and Angels”.

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Apples (1 / 1)

Title: Apples
Author: @jacularmetteld
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~2000
Warnings: Just some boys kissing, fluff and perhaps some angst :)
Summary: “For a moment neither of them moved. All the stress and worries were gone. Both of them were just enjoying their warm bodies pressing against each other. The only noise was coming from the coffee maker. It was a perfect moment.”

Read at AO3

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[AO3] Text

Title: Text
Author: ssstrychnine
Pairing: Baekhyun/Kyungsoo 
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Friendship, College!AU

Summary: Baekhyun is studying himself into an early grave. Chanyeol is giving Baekhyun’s number out to the people he pisses off. Kyungsoo just wants a bedroom with a door

Reasons Why You Submitted: *wipes tear* so this is like THE MOST relatable fic of all regarding what it feels like to go through uni along with the truckload of inseurites about the future and stuff. Yet it’s light-ish. And fluffy. It’t has that proverbial Baeksoo dynamic we all love with Soo being kinda cold and very blunt and has murderous tendencies but still he’s a cute little button and Baek is just a noisy and hella smug little shit. AND THE WRITING!!!  cuz damn the writing matters. beautiful af. beautiful af in the way, super fun sentene structure and kind of rambly, but niiiiiiceee rambly in the way that you totally feel like you’re in baek’s head. Oh! and chanbaek friendship. Super goood chanbaek friendship. Chanbaek friendships r the beeest. Uhm, idk what else to say to advertise this fic, but i really hope this suffices cuz WHOA. WHOAAA. if u went like WHOAAA after reading, pls let the author know how much WHOAAA u felt :D 

dear-galileo  asked:

ok so I read this klance fic a while ago and I can't find it again. It's a oneshot I am pretty sure, and it's a lot of langst. At one point Lance lands on a planet and gets into a fight with a galra solider, but they both are badly injured. I don't remember if Lance dies, but he was by this lake that reminded him of his home (like the beach and stuff). Could you help me find it please?

Not sure if this is the fic you were looking for, feel free to tell me that it’s not! 

On Varadero Beach by NyxRedfoxWinchester

Rating: NR

Length: Oneshot

Universe: Canon

Type: Angst

Summary: Zarkon has taken the Lions, but the Paladins don’t give up. They fight tooth and nail against hoards of Galra soldiers while also protecting the people of the planet. The paladin’s plan is going well, until a little boy gets cornered by four Galra soldiers, the blue paladin knows what he has to do, even if it costs him everything.

Notes: It broke my heart.

~Admin Hunk

anonymous asked:

im looking for one where tyler is trans and homeless and josh works at a coffee shop and josh thinks tyler is a druggie but it's T?? it was a few chapters and completed ((i looked through your tag page and im p sure this isn't in there but i could be wrong))

is this it? -Madi

On The Nickel by orphan_account (7/7 | 8763 | Not Rated)

They don’t get it.

Friends Don’t Treat Me Like You Do

Wayward_Slytherin | G/PG | 4,051 words

‘What did he mean by that?’ Remus asked. ‘Do we act different?’
Sirius shrugged. ‘I don’t think so. We just act like mates around each other, right?’
Remus nodded in agreement. ‘You know, it’s getting late and I’m still pretty tired so I think I’m going to bed. Do you mind?’
‘Not at all’, Sirius answered. ‘Do you want me to stay in bed with you?’

Or the one where Remus and Sirius are so obviously in love with each other but are too oblivious to notice.