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Thank you for calling out the serious flaws with radical "social justice," though it's a shame that the vast majority of people who really need to see this will probably shrug it off. Still, keep it up!

They’ll either shrug it off or focus on the fact that “Changing the words changes the sentence! False equivalence!” without realising that the sentiment hasn’t changed at all…OR they will make all kinds of fun assumption about me, which never fails to amuse, haha.

So my friend Aimee and I sorta ended up stalking Rathon outside of chemistry class after lunch (I have that class with him, Aimee has the next class over) because Aimee wanted to thank him for managing to get me to read Homestuck (see post here) and she tried to thank him twice after class but he sped out like speed racer and so I had to convince him to meet us in front of the class instead.
He wanted a medal, so I asked him if a star was ok, and he said it had to be a red star.
Here you go. 

tumblr "crushes"

since I broke 660 posts I might as well do this once

dat ridiculous top 2

considering Aimee is the first person I followed on tumblr and I keep up with heinoustuck stuff I think this is pretty accurate

also Davex2 combo

Armistices of dubiously important numbers

So we were taking notes in history again.

My teacher reveals that the final treaty armistice in WW1 was signed on November 11th at 11 AM.

and from there he just referred to the day/treaty armistice (can’t remember exactly which one) as “11 11 11”

I need to stop thinking about Homestuck during class