Gency/Emergenji Week - Day 4: MISSION (Operation: Rekindle)

“If you want a real first kiss, you will come back to me after the battle, alive and well.”

“My job is rather dangerous, Angela. I’m afraid I might need healing.

“That can be arranged.”

I Still Love You //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: le-bord-de-seize-ans

Pairing: Reader x Draco

Plot: Y/n and Draco are Aurors and after a rather dangerous battle with a dark wizard, Y/n and Draco end up having a little fight of their own.

Warnings: none

Being an Auror wasn’t easy. You were constantly putting yourself in danger in order to protect the safety of others, but thankfully, you had your boyfriend of a year-and-a-half to do it with you. Draco Malfoy. The two of you had met back in school but never had any interest in each other then. Not until you two became partners did you begin to get involved.

You loved your job. Solving mysteries and tracking down dark wizards was much fun to you. And facing them was the most fun of all. You had a habit of getting a little cocky and overconfident when you faced a dark wizard which often led to Draco being mad at you. He got over it each time, but it would happen often.

The two of you had been assigned the dark wizard Delphini and after about a month of tracking and gathering all information needed about her, you and Draco were ready to go after her.

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Proposing (Suicide Squad Edition)

A/N: Wow this is longer than I expected I’m sorry. 

- Floyd Lawton (Deadshot):

You’ve been together for seemingly forever, and he didn’t think he’d want to get married a second time, but seeing you and Zoe made him realise you were the infamous “one.”

 The proposal would probably be after a rather dangerous contract, and be Zoe’s idea probably. His daughter would make him do the whole flowers way, and the ring would be simplistic, but expensive. Only the best for his loved ones. 

- Rick Flag:

Rick is old school, and he knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. His salary probably isn’t huge, but he gets the best ring he can afford. 

He tries to do the whole romantic dinner but he’s called away for the Squad - but the minute he gets home (without even taking off his coat) he’ll drop to one knee and pull out that ring. Running with the Suicide Squad makes him at risk of dying, and he needs you to know how he feels in case the worst comes true. 

- George Harkness (Captain Boomerang):

Boomer likes to steal diamonds, it’s not secret. He’s also known for joking around, so when he produces a diamond (not even on a ring) the size of your eyeball and asks you to marry him, you kinda brush him off as messing around. 

He’d probably be drunk when he asks, and would fall to his knee and say what a great ass you have and what a great Sheila you are. If there’s no ring, he’ll use a pull tab off a can. You say yes, genuinely surprised. He’s thrilled with himself. 

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About Donato's kagune

Donato’s kagune is really interesting but I am still trying to understand what kind it is and how does it work? Like for instance the puzzle/cross pattern is something I have never seen before:

Did Donado mold it to look like that so it could not be seen from the floor pattern or what? Or since Donato is called the Priest by the CCG he has morphed his kagune to look like a cluster of crosses to but emphasis on that. However it works it’s absolutely terrifying. It bursting from the roof and trapping Urie really makes Donato feel like a monster, a predator that has been doing this for years.

Also, what is rather dangerous about Donato as an opponent for Urie is that he seems to be one of those “random” opponents. Like Urie says his attacks don’t make sense, they don’ t have pattern and so you can not predict them. In the past these kind of opponents have been really dangerous.

anonymous asked:

This just occurred to me: In HLV Mycroft says he doesn't want SH to take the MI6 mission because "there may be dragons to slay [here]" And later CAM calls John "damsel in distress" Couldn't that mean Mycroft knows about Mary? That she is the dragon?

Hi Nonny!

Mycroft absolutely knows about Mary. I’ve long suspected that she is working with Mycroft in some capacity, possibly above him and blackmailing him to ensure she gets what she wants. TAB has me even more certain of this, given that they are working together, which means SHERLOCK HIMSELF suspects that they are in real life as well. But I think Sherlock doesn’t know where her loyalties actually lie because she then comes to Holmes and Watson and leads them directly to the danger rather than Mycroft (in it for herself, is my suspicions).

“Here be dragons,” indeed. Mary is definitely a dragon to be slayed, and John the damsel in distress.

(as an aside: I think TBB will be revisited in S4, so the “dragons” parallel could also link to the Black Lotus, which I think Mary may be a part of).

One day, one rhyme- Day 1071

There is a hallway in my mind
With lots of tiny doors
And when I open them, I find
Behind each distant shores.
Each day I choose to open one
To find out what’s inside
And most of them are rather fun,
In others dangers hide.
Inside a tall, red, oblong door
Lays a shack of bamboo
On a picturesque sandy shore
By peaceful ocean blue.
A dark, carved wooden door reveals
A large, olden-day keep,
While a large, heavy vault door seals
Inside it herds of sheep.
A tiny, frosted door with mat
Reveals an open plain,
Meanwhile one with lead-light fruit bat
Hides land of wind and rain.
If I reached the last of my doors
Then that would make me pout,
Lucky their abundance ensures
That I’ll never run out!

I moved closer cautiously. It’s something I learned from the Doctor: always move towards danger rather than away from it—it’s the last thing they’ll expect. I used to ask him who ‘they’ were, but he’d just look at me in exasperation and say, 'It’s a metaphorical “they”. “They” as in “the personification of whatever is causing the danger.’

'But why"they”?’ I’d press him. 'Why not “he” or “she” or “it”?’

'Because danger always comes with reinforcements,’ he’d say.
—  “River of Time” by Andrew Lane in The Legends of River Song

Requested By Anon

Tommy x Fem!Reader x John

Warnings: Swearing, smut, threesome

How you got caught up in this you’ll never know, but here you were, sat between Tommy and John who were glaring at each other over the table. How you became their sole focus of attention you’ll never know but that didn’t change the fact that you were trapped between two rather dangerous men who were both irritated with each other to the point that they would probably start a fight if the other so much as breathed wrong.

You went to leave and both brothers jumped up to pull your chair out, giving you enough time to slip out of the Garrison while they argued. A series if thumps on your front door had you rolling your eyes as you opened the door and John stumbled in.


“Alrigh’ (Y/N) just checking… you got home alright.” John said quickly.

“Tommy isn’t here.” You sighed as he took off his hat and made himself at home.

“Yeah I know I was just…” John grinned sheepishly when you cut him off.

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Happy New Years everyone! The only thing better than finishing one of these is finishing it at the last second on the last day of the year. It may have been awhile but Chapter 3 of K.O. Yoe is finally finished.

Our MC is searching for the answers to his past so he goes to a local high school to see if anyone there knows if he’s attended there before, instead he gets into a rather dangerous situation. Read on to find out how it all turns out in the end.

Code: Realize: Lupin: Dun Dun…DUUUUUNN!!

Lupin, now you’ve done it. You’ve really really done it: you just HAD to go and break off a part of that expensive vase the Count owns. Needless to say, Saint Germain ain’t happy and he looks rather dangerously upset….I do believe our Gentleman Thief is sensing doom in his future. Will he ever escape the Count’s wrath for his damaged antiques? The world will probably never know…

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

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1. The next time Rey’s in the field, she finds him standing in their spot (and how they have a ‘spot’, when the field stretches on and on and looks the exactly the same, she doesn’t know – just feels). He smirks, his superior height becoming more pronounced the closer she comes. ‘Guess it’s not necessarily your Force dream,’ he goads her, and she scowls, stomping forwards so they’re standing toe to toe. ‘I’m not convinced,’ she retorts, peering upwards at his self-congratulatory smirk.

2. He opens his mouth as if to reply, but then closes it again, reaching a hand up instead to brush his fingers along her hair. She pauses, unsure whether to tell him to cut it out or to stay quiet and enjoy the feeling – a rather dangerous option, for sure. He breaks the momentary silence before she can make up her mind. ‘You’ve become quite the master now,’ he smiles, and it appears genuine. ‘Should have known you’d strive to be the best in everything.’

3. She rolls her eyes, but still brings up a hand to stroke the tidy braid in her hair. ‘Yes well, it’s useful,’ she responds, shrugging a shoulder. ‘Uses fewer hair ties for starters.’ He looks horribly smug at her confession, no doubt pleased at how she’s admitted his teachings can be useful. She rolls her eyes and, determined to wipe the smugness from his expression, whips out a leg to swipe his feet from under him. He flails ungracefully, and she chortles.

4. Her laughter abruptly stops a second later, however, as his hand snags her wrist on his way down to the ground. She finds herself falling also, sprawling over his chest with a loud ‘oomph’. They both freeze, and she realizes her face is uncomfortably close to his. From this distance, she can count the freckles across his nose. His eyelashes are surprisingly long. ‘Sorry,’ she says belatedly, scrambling backwards and sitting on the ground beside him instead.

5. ‘Didn’t mean to take you down too,’ he offers in response as he sits up to face her, running a hand awkwardly through his hair. She gazes back at him for a moment, and then smiles, breaking whatever tension had remained. ‘So,’ she begins casually, resting backwards on her arms. ‘If I’m normally here first because you fall asleep after me – why are you having such a good night tonight?’ She watches as he plucks small white flowers from the ground, making a small pile on his knee.

6. The image is rather amusing: he has such a large frame, and is still dressed all in black, whilst the flowers are so pure and white and dainty. He begins to fiddle with the stems of some of them as he contemplates her question. ‘I came to a decision,’ he says eventually. ‘I guess it’s cleared my mind at least for tonight. That or exhausted me so much that I couldn’t stay awake.’ She is intrigued, and shuffles slightly closer so she can place a hand on his knee.

7. ‘What were you trying to decide?’ she presses, not for the first time wishing the Force worked in this dream world. She feels completely cut off from his mind, and wants answers. He shakes his head however, still engrossed on what his hands are doing. ‘I can’t tell you,’ he mutters, and then glances from her hand, still resting on his leg, to her face. ‘Not yet, anyway. I can’t.’ She is not satisfied, but knows pushing more won’t help.

8. ‘How long have we been meeting in our dreams?’ he asks suddenly, surprising her with the question. ‘I – eight months, or thereabouts,’ she says, calculating quickly in her mind. He nods, and then shows her what he has been making. It is a chain of the pretty white flowers. ‘Flower crown,’ he answers her questioning look. He reaches forwards and places it delicately on her head. She laughs, and touches it gently with her fingers. ‘Not quite what I expected from-’ she begins to say.

9. But then his hands are cupping her face, and he leans in close. Their breath mingles, his lips hovering just above hers. She closes the gap in an instant. The kiss is sweet, although she doesn’t need the force to feel the simmering passion underneath. Too soon, however, he is pulling away. ‘I have to wake up now,’ he whispers, hands still resting on her cheeks. ‘There is something I must do.’ Then she is alone in the field, her lips still tingling.

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Thank you, anon. You don’t know how badly I needed this today.


Roman x Reader

Requested By Anon

You peered out of the water at the looming girl. She looked rather dangerous compared to any of the humans that came down to look in the bay however, she’d proven herself to be nicer than her fearsome appearance and you couldn’t quite hold of your curiosity.


Swimming so she could see you, you lent your arms on the jagged rock, tilting your head as you watched her and waited for her to notice you. As soon as she did she smiled and waved, you waved back, getting a little too excited when she came over and your tail twitched into sight.


“Hello.” She tapped into the box in her hand without even taking in the tail as if she’d met you before.

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Living with girls is awful
Tampons spread across the counter
Bras drape over the banister
Blood drips across the bathroom floor
From razor shaving mistakes
Hair clots the drain
And statics onto tshirts
Then falling to litter the carpets
Make up smears the vanity
And teardrops stain the pillows
The phone bill is through the roof
And expensive coffee is a new fad
Clothing ends up being too tight
Too short
Throwing cleavage and butts around like confetti
Hair ties disappear
And spiders are now a danger
rather than an inconvenience

But girls seem to bring nice smells
Strawberry chapstick within arms reach
Two squirts of perfume isn’t enough
The kisses are softer
And the hugs are longer
The midnight conversations deeper
They give off well needed sass
To teach valuable lessons
And if you ever need to pick a lock
They have a bobby pin


Hey, conjure folks. Here is what I would like to do. I would love some input from experienced conjurers.

It is my eventual goal to share more information on safe conjures so people can get experience calling bunnies and “safe” spirits before they choose to start writing their own calls and experimenting.

While all magic has inherent danger I believe it is alright to call some conjures “beginner friendly,” because, well, everyone starts somewhere.

Here are my questions:

Inexperienced people interested in conjure: Would you be willing to follow a list of “beginner friendly” conjures to get experience? Spirits that people have worked with extensively and can give very solid advice on working with them. Or, would you feel a list such as this has no value to you?

Experienced conjurers: Do you feel such a list would be a good idea? I would not present these spirits as being totally without danger, but rather give a list of heavily worked with and well known spirits that have proven for millennia that they are “good guys”. Spirits that mages are already using, like rosemary, bay leaf, and salt. Do you feel that this would be valuable, or dangerous?