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none of the troll girls are cis, that is to say, none of them could pass as women on earth

all of these aliens have broad shoulders & very subdued hips & voluminous torsos & angular jaws & husky voices sorry i don’t make the rules

“Overall one cannot say that the personalities of the Egyptian gods were defined in other than functional terms. One finds few character traits indicating distinctive, sharply etched personalities. Seth stands out as the sole exception.

It must be said that he was the “excessive” god, and that this len him a profile that his reputedly perfect fellows lacked. Violent, aggressive, given to drink, he was also brave, and a pitiful victim of his own passions.

With other gods too, one discovers, if one examines the texts closely enough, certain personal particularities that are not always apparent at first glance. 

Thoth was wise but boring, or even a wee bit pompous; he was also something of a con artist.

Re, the supreme divinity, was occasionally somewhat weak and indecisive, torn as he sometimes was btwn the different opinions aired by the gods of his entourage. His hand was forced now and again. At other times, in contrast, he could be stubborn and rather unscrupulous, willing to juggle the facts to impose a point of view he knew to be unjust.

Isis, the mother and weeping widow, sometimes overplayed her role, profiting from her situation to monopolize the attention of her peers. In fact, she was rather cold and proud. She was not in the habit of letting her scruples get in teh way of her objectives, but, in this, she was quite like her fellow gods. It was universally acknowledged that she was perfectly faithful to her deceased husband and wholeheartedly loved his child, even if her love was not devoid of tactical considerations.

Osiris could seem colorless and excessively narcissistic, not to say egotistical. His precious self, power, and privileges were his chief preoccupations. His wife was absent from his thoughts, while his son existed for him only insofar as he would ensure his triumph in the hereafter while seeing to it that he also maintained his power everlasting in this world.

Nemty was greedy and perhaps a bit of a simpleton. […]

These gods with virtually unlimited powers fought like adolescents still trying to find their direction in life. Their mistakes and failings left their mark on a creation that went sliding down the slope of a destiny the gods did not really control.”

-Daily Live of the Egyptian Gods, Meeks. pg 107

On Anders, Cullen and Fandom

Love how the fandom dismisses Anders as ‘scary, out of control and dangerous’, but is rather willing to happily see Cullen as a redeemable golden boy who’s capable of no wrong.

And by love I mean it makes me angry enough to power several small towns in the event of an apocalyptic event.

I understand that Cullen is a recovering addict with PTSD after the events of Broken Circle. I understand this. Got it.
He still presided over the most brutal Circle in Thedas for nearly a decade as Knight Captain, second in command to horrible abuses, advocating to make said measures worse and likely overseeing who knows how many Rites of Tranquility, executions and Harrowings? Not to mention he holds, if unromanced in Inquisition, his fetishistic view of the female magi warden as a thing to lust after. Not to mention that whole ‘snapping and killing several apprentices’ that Bioware so kindly retconned for their golden boy. 
Bioware actively portrays him in a favorable light– from having him in the position of helping your character in certain quests by purely being there, or later, his addiction being portrayed in a sympathetic manner. Dramatic camera angles, characters acting concerned, your Inquisitors lines seeming concerned about his health, having a chance to question if he’s alright. He’s in an important position in 2 games and there are other characters involved in his issues and there’s even a dramatic score to it. If you keep him on lyrium he gets worse and you see it, if not, you see it. Bioware made sure of it and the Fandom has lapped it up like a dog after someone spilled a bowl of bacon soup.

Anders, though. Bioware could seem to have given less than a fuck.

Anders is canonically bipolar, suffering from PTSD from not only his year in solitary confinement that he earned escaping from a literal prison the Templars locked him in for being born a mage, as well as being a Warden, claustrophobia, and is likely dealing with the constant effects of the Taint even if the Calling is stalled due to Justice, and he has to keep Justice himself in check. 
In between Awakening and DA2, Anders merges with Justice and in the Short story does some pretty damn horrible shit while fighting his way out of the Templar ambush. I know this– he acknowledges this and it is fantastically rough on himself and Justice while they are combined together.
This is where the fandom and Bioware tend to get shaky with one another.
Once Anders gets to Kirkwall, he says seeing Templars sets him off. That it takes an immense amount of control to keep calm. Alright– you know what you can do with Anders the moment you get him in your party and have access? Walk directly into the Gallows and not have him explode into a blue ball of death. He also gets into arguments with Fenris, Merrill and Aveline– generally, if he was as ‘crazy’ and ‘unstable’ as one of the general hate posts would insist he was, those issues would have been more, ah, loud and violent. But they weren’t. Anders can and is an ass occasionally, but he isn’t out of control by any means. Another thing he’s doing that Bioware loves to forget and as in World of Thedas 2 erase is running a totally free and round the clock clinic in Darktown and helping those who would otherwise have nothing. Using Spirit healing, which requires an obscene amount of patience, focus, and control to master and use without death or possession. 
His triggered episodes, however, are shown in the most negative light possible– when you first are getting to know him and  he’s threatened in the Chantry, when he’s in the tunnels and nearly kills or kills Ella [likely due to flashbacks and Justice not understanding there is no need to defend themselves], in Legacy when he’s being mentally assaulted and he and Justice are hyper-reacting to the stimuli and all Justice can see to attack are the logistically very dangerous group of people he knows, and the infamous “I’ll drown us in blood to keep you safe” moment in Act 3 when he’s in a downward spiral as the Mage Underground is being torn apart. 
In game, you are introduced to them as violent or jarring or strange things and you rarely have, as Hawke, a chance to go “Anders, how are you feeling? Are you alright?” 

My point, before i go full rant: the tone of the portrayal of Anders’ things seems to me very much like Bioware only cared until the Chantry Boom. Then they could slap “A madman did it” on it, add Cullen in to Inquisition as a character from Origins that had been there and have a fandom darling. And the fandom ate it up like obedient mabari puppies for some reason. 
Then I remembered that the narrative tells people that mages aren’t people and Templars are and that most people let the narrative think for them, and it all made sense. Horrible, terrifying, sense. 


al-Fa'ālu-l-Limā Yurīd (The One who does what He wills) 

This is from the perfection of His power and the implementation of His will and decree that anything that He wishes to do, He does and there is none to prevent Him or protest. He has no assistant or supporter in anything that He does, rather when He Wills a thing to be He merely says,

Be!- and it is.

Despite the fact that He does what He wills, His will acts in accordance to His wisdom and praise. He is described with perfect ability and power, and with the implementation of His will and He is described with complete and all-encompassing wisdom.

فَأَمَّا الَّذِينَ شَقُوا فَفِي النَّارِ لَهُمْ فِيهَا زَفِيرٌ وَشَهِيقٌ خَالِدِينَ فِيهَا مَا دَامَتِ السَّمَاوَاتُ وَالْأَرْضُ إِلَّا مَا شَاءَ رَبُّكَ ۚ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ فَعَّالٌ لِمَا يُرِيدُ

As for those who are wretched, they will be in the Fire, therein is violent exhaling and inhaling for them. They will dwell therein for all the time that the heavens and the earth endured except as your Lord will. Indeed your Lord is Fa'ālu-l-Limā Yurīd.

  • Qur'ān (11:106-107)

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Hiya, can I have a match up? But... It would be yours. Can you write a match up for yourself?

Idk this just sounds so sweet :D I try my best

So, I am a straight girl who absolutely loves history and is incredibly invested in politics. I can become very emotional about topics that are close at my heart. I love to draw, mostly I draw war scenes and soldiers of different countries and eras. I’m quite classy when it comes to style, I often wear blouses and blazers ect. Red lipstick is one of the most loved things in my Makeup Routine. I am a die-hard rock fan and I need music to function.
I’m rather strong-willed and independent, but I greatly cherish those around me. However, if I lose respect for someone, I won’t hesitate to show it. This happens rarely, though.
I’m very bad at expressing emotions which is why some call me cold. However, once I do warm up you’ll see that I’d take a bullet not only for my friends, but that I have grown up with a responsibility for all people that look to me for guidance.
Sarcasm is my favourite humour and I use it constantly. I swear all the time.

.. I ship myself with…
probably England? Idk, could be Norway, though, too…


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44. How badly do they want to obtain their life objectives? How do they pursue them? (for Ricard)

Ricard is a man who really holds little back when it comes to attain an objective, given that he is a man with hedonistic tendencies, he rarely holds back on trying to amass as much gil as he can, though his bane is a slight addiction to gambling and a few other vices. He is a rather shrewd man, willing to deceive, lie, charm, kill, or whatever he feels he needs to do.

It is rare for him to hold back, though it has happened on a few rare occasions, though he ends up cursing himself afterwards, but one thing is for certain and that is that he always likes to come on top on any sort of deal.

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“Sebastian this is a dreadful bore!” The nurse set her paper back down on the table and took a hurried seat. “Why must they make me learn about a bunch of dead men when I want to learn how to save living ones!”

The nurse complained–throwing a fit when she realized she could not answer the question Sebastian has asked regarding their little ‘lesson’. She was, of course, being dramatic to get out of being scolded for all of her dawdling during his history lecture. 

The butler had been kind enough to help her with classes she struggled in, as she wanted to further her degree, but Helen was being rather… willful. 

I accidentally mystrade

(Please send help)

They’d been on *holiday*, goddamn it. It had been years since they’d had a proper holiday. Weekends away, yes, the odd four or five days in Paris or Bordeaux, taking the kids to Flamingoland or Alton Towers when they were young enough to still want to go places with their dads, yeah, all that. But a proper holiday, just the two of them, this far away from home… that hadn’t happened in a long, long time.

Greg slung the larger suitcase through the door and let it come to rest, upright, against the wall. Human nature to make connections led immediately to the last time in recent history he’d almost thrown something (or rather a very willing someone) against a wall on this trip. Four fucking days ago. Mycroft hid his overt sexuality under cool stares and imperious posture, but Greg could read him by now. The divorce had knocked some of the old romantic out of him for a while, and Myc wasn’t at all given to public displays of affection, but in private, Jesus Christ…

He thought he might never be over the fact that he (*he*, not bloody stupid but nevertheless certified goldfish Greg Lestrade) could cut off a lecture with a gentle touch to his waist, unseat the Queen’s Lapdog with the lightest touch to his lips, melt the Iceman to a slick, hot puddle with two fingers.

And this had been the first bloody time in years they’d been away, on their own, no kids, no work shit – Greg turned his work phone off entirely, Mycroft swore up and down his was on a do-not-disturb silent setting which only the worst emergencies could break through – and *this*.

No bloody rest for the wicked, apparently.

Monokuma said that the Future Foundation’s killing game was being broadcast worldwide, but Byakuya and the others have said that isn’t happening. This suggests to me that either the Mastermind cannot broadcast things worldwide despite their desire to or that the broadcast was never their intention in the first place.

With that being said, Despair Arc’s last episode had Ryouta reveal that his animation techniques have a mild brain stimulating effect when viewed, which undoubtedly Junko shifted into brainwashing for the DR2 cast.

With all of that being said, my theories are as follows:

  • Junko brainwashes the DR2 cast + Ryouta. The latter might just be a sleeper agent rather than an active RoD.
  • Ryouta works on a “sequel” anime to the one that brainwashed he and his classmates during the aftermath of DR1 and during Despair Girls and SDR2.
  • The Monokuma broadcast in the break room is the “sequel” anime and was meant to expose the members of the Future Foundation to the hypnotic effect.
  • The reason a number of people were behaving so irrationally is because of the anime? (Not sure about this one. FF seems like dicks even in Despair and Killer Killer.)
  • Chisa was killed by the attacker during the blackout period before the broadcast. This was meant to trigger whatever effect the animation was meant to have on them.
  • The attacker is not Ryouta, but someone else. Ryouta is just a manipulator.

Okay so I made that post earlier asking about donations since I need to desperately afford college this coming summer so here is Sales Post #1 (I have a few more items to sell so we’ll see how this goes)

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Please inbox me if you’re interested! However, as I desperately need money you will need to also pay for shipping so I’ll need your address in order to calculate how much it will cost. 

Even if you’re not interested in buying anything reblogging this post is super appreciated as well!

Title: Dynamite

Pairing: Jongho (isn’t it always)

Rating: NC17

Summary: Jonghyun develops an urge he doesn’t know how to explain.

Warnings: Daddy!kink, rimming, dirty talk, etc (?) 

If you asked Jonghyun he wouldn’t be able to tell you when this urge of his started. It’s been creeping up on him slowly over the years during his relationship. Minho, although not his first sexual partner, was his first male, so they had a lot to discover about each other.  

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Alternative Reunion Drabble

Somebody sent me a prompt for an alternative reunion but I can’t find it, anyway, here you go!

Her heart was pounding within her chest, thud, thud, thudding against her rib cage as she glanced back at Emma and Lily to find the blonde’s filled with a support that had her nodding once in a thanks she found herself rather willing to give for once with the very fact that for the first time in her life, someone was living up to their word, she truly wanted Regina to have her happy ending and it most certainly began here, with just a knock upon the door in front of her.

The wait was agonising, the silence that came with the last echo of her knock almost deafening in its intensity. Her hands were clasped in front of her, her gloves removed in favour of, hopefully, actually feeling him close to her once again. Her fingers twisted together and she stared down at them, her breathing quickening when, after a long drawn out moment, she heard footsteps from the other side of the door, footsteps that she was far too afraid to assume as his.

Time stilled the moment the door was pulled open and though he looked utterly exhausted and, she thought achingly, so very lost, a look she herself had seen reflected back at her in the mirror in the weeks since he’d been gone…but he was here, right here in front of her, his blue eyes crystalline with the tears that instantly welled up in them as he whispered a broken “Regina?” so very afraid to believe this to be true and there was a part of her still sure that she would soon wake in her bed to the usual dampness of tears on her cheeks.

She nodded slowly, her own tears dislodging from her eyes with the motion, her bottom lip and chin trembling as a thickness in her throat made it impossible for her to do anything but look at him as his brow furrowed and he stepped closer to her. She raised a hand slowly, he never moved his eyes from hers, only remained in place, just outside of the door when she grew nearer, her fingertips so very light as they brushed across his stubbled cheek, her eyes on her fingers and her own brow furrowing because she could feel him, he was here in front of her for the first time in so long and it had her heart clenching within her chest, a sob wrenching free from her lips as she flattened her palm against his cheek and his own hand came up to cover it, holding it in place before he was sliding his free hand through her hair in order to pull her to him.

Their kiss was hard, it was intense and fuelled by the belief that this couldn’t be real. Their lips moved in synch, releasing and recapturing, tasting, savouring, so very needy in its execution and she wasn’t sure when her other hand had come up to hold his head in place, was barely aware of the thumb she had stroking against the skin there, could barely breath when she parted her lips to allow his tongue entrance, moaning brokenly at the feel of it sliding against her own and so very loathe to break even for air.

Emma and Lily were long forgotten behind them and when he moved an arm to slide it around her waist, his hand pressing into the small of her back to bring her closer and the other still buried within her hair, clutching. For now nothing else mattered, not the dangers still lurking within town, not the vengeful sister still wearing a glamour, for now it was simply two souls reconnecting and both made a silent promise that nothing would keep them apart again, not now and not ever.


Hello lovely people of tumblr! I have finally decided to open up commissions for a test try and if it goes well, I will do commissions, (at least the Scribble Edition) much more frequently! I can only take payment via Paypal at the moment!

So, why am I doing commissions all of a sudden? Well, it occurred to me that this will be my last year of high school which also means that I have to start saving up for new school supplies for art college, including a new laptop and a new tablet, and quite possibly new art softwares such as Photoshop and Toonboom and all that good stuff. Now, my parents are rather hesitant but still willing to provide for me all the technological stuff required, but there is one little teeny tiny thing they will not get for me until I get in college. COPICS. Those quality alcohol based markers that are unfortunately rather expensive. Now you may ask why I want Copics so badly if my parents will eventually get them for me and my answer is that they replied with “We’ll see” which is literally code for “that stuff is ridiculously expensive why can’t you just use your old Crayola markers or something”.  My Crayola markers are fine but they bleed a lot which is why I need to start replacing them with Copics. And honestly, the animation and art industries both use Copics so I might as well start stocking up on them.

So! That little bit of background information brings me to this; please help me raise $60 for a pack of 12 Copic Sketch Markers!

For this test try, I decided to open up five slots.

Price list/Info:

  • Waist Up - $5
  • Full Body - $9
  • Package - $20
    A package includes FOUR Waist Up sketches and ONE Full Body sketch, A package could be five drawings of the same character OR it could be an assortment of multiple characters but you have to tell me which character you want to be the full body option 

Please note that they will all be scribbles which means that lines may not always be as nice and clean as my lineart work, but if you ask me, I can clean it up a little bit like the full body and package examples above. ALSO if you do not inform me, I will automatically do these sketches in BLACK. If there is a particular colour you want me to do the sketches in PLEASE tell me.

NO REFUNDS if you do not like the finished product. Full refund if i haven’t started due to time constraints or whatever.

What I WILL draw:
☆ Anime and cartoons (in my style)
☆ Fanart and OCs
☆ Mild gore/ Mild Anorexia (like the Phantom of the Opera full body above)

What I WILL NOT draw:
x Mecha
x Furry 
x Porn
x Guts and disembodied characters and anything freakish along those lines 

If you’re interested, email me at sarazargari@gmail. com !!

When emailing me please provide me with the following:

Website url
Commission type 
Character(s)/OC reference(s)/Sketch Colour(s)
Post on tumblr?/

As soon as we come to an agreement, and I get payment, I’ll start work on the commission! Although please realize that I have school stuff to do too so don’t expect me to be super sonic fast or anything! 

And if you can’t commission me, a signal boost is very very much appreciated!!!!

Oki doki thank you so much for your time and every little bit of help is appreciated!!!