rather than actually laugh


Small ponies and Miniature horses are often targets of being abused in the name of messing around or “harmless” fun. 

I’m honestly surprised this pony’s back didn’t break, you can tell by his body language that he’s uncomfortable, especially in the way he stands and how his back bends under all that weight that he’s really struggling.

Go look around youtube, you’ll find all kinds of videos similar to this one with people clearly dangerously big for these tiny ponies getting on them for a good laugh at the animal’s painful expense. Because little ponies are so small and don’t pose as much of a danger to larger people, it’s seen as cute when they react in ways they do,whereas if the behavior they were exhibiting was happening in a regular sized horse, people would actually stop to listen to the horse rather than laugh it off as a cute little pony quirk.

i get this feeling that viktor krum has a great sense of humour, and he gets really into english-language jokes - both as a way to improve his english by deconstructing language, but also because he’s a cool guy and cool guys like jokes. ok.

at least, he thinks he’s got a great sense of humour, but this over-reliance on puns makes most of them groaners, rather than actual laugh-jokes

you might say that these jokes are a bit