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{PART 23} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Prince Jeon Jungkook, the first of his name, teaches you the meaning of loyalty and respect. And while you submit to him entirely, you and Jungkook both think about the future, and he can’t help his love and desire to protect you overflow.

“He loved her in her entirety. He wanted to undress her mind, make love to her thoughts and deepest insecurities. She wanted to bring down the many cold walls he had built around him; and he welcomed her with open arms.”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

Please note: This chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature.

{Part 1} // {Part 22} {Part 23} {Part 24}

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Talking About a Baby | Ivar

I’ve never done a headcanon list before, is this how you do it?? 

- Ivar would always love to watch you interact with the kids in the village. You were so great with them, chasing them around and playing whatever game they came up with - It was sort of an obsession of his. The kids made you happy and your smile was enough to make him happy, so it was a win-win. 

- He knew that he wanted to have kids with you but never thought much of the timing. That is, until one of the other villagers came up to him while he was watching you. They innocently asked when he was going to give you a baby of your own and he decided right then that the answer was “soon”

- He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you the rest of the day and, when they slid down to places that were less than appropriate, you would blush and twist out of his grip. When you asked what had gotten into him, he would smirk and just say “Nothing, I just really love you.”

- When Ivar finally had you all to himself at the end of the day, he wouldn’t be able to help himself. Your clothes would be off in an instant and he would have you pinned underneath him in bed. 

- You would brace yourself for the usual rough loving that he would give you but this was different. This time wouldn’t be rushed or rough, he wouldn’t manhandle you like he loved to do, he would be extremely slow and deliberate. He would place kisses on every part of your body and caress what he couldn’t reach with his mouth. 

- You would whimper and wiggle underneath him, trying to get him to just get on with it because the burning between you legs was becoming unbearable. Ivar would chuckle and lace his fingers over yours, holding you still and whisper “Not this time, my Queen. Let me take care of you” and how could you argue with that?

- When he finally had enough of his torment, and you were dripping wet, he would slide himself inside of you gently. He would refuse to pick up the pace, fucking you slow and as deeply as he possibly could. His mouth would never leave yours, planting kisses and moaning little encouragements like you are so beautiful” and “I am so lucky to have you”

- After he had given you two orgasms he would be more than ready to have his own and you could tell he was close by the way he grunted. You would be expecting him to pull out and spill on your tummy like usual but this time he stayed put and held even tighter on your hips. 

- When you felt the warm streams of his cum coat your insides your were buzzing; it felt amazing. You were surprised but not angry with him, in fact, you had wondered what had taken him so long. 

- When he had come down from his high he would slowly pull out and roll off of you, sliding a pillow under your hips for good measure. 

- He would pull you close into his chest, burying his face in your shoulder and kissing you all over once more. Pretty soon his hands would start to wander but, rather than wander to naughty places, they would stop right on your lower tummy. 

- He would tap his fingers across the skin there and practically purr into your neck “I can’t wait to make you a mother.”

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What the Chocobros (plus Ardyn) are like in bed headcanons

Because I never did proper sex HCs despite all the shit I’ve written thus far.  

Warning - Ardyn’s, not shockingly, has dubcon elements.  Because he’s such an asshole and I love it.



- Not so secretly into a bit of bondage. It’s not something he wants to do 24/7, but he can’t help but love the way that your lips form around that ball gag and how you can’t control the saliva dripping down your chin. Also a fan of binding your wrists together or to the bed, taking you any way he damn well pleases. 

 - Can have a little bit of a possessive/jealous streak. He isn’t afraid to pull you aside when someone is gawking or flirting with you to give you a rough and quick reminder of just who it is that you belong to. And the subsequent marks on your neck tell everyone else who you belong to. 

 - But regardless of those tendencies, he also has his fair share of vanilla moments too. Can be a very tender lover when he feels the need or you ask him. 

 - Also loves his lazy morning sex, and being woken up with you mouth around his cock and a cute smile as you milk every last drop out of him. 

 - Experimented and fooled around with Prompto in high school…and still does on occasion. They know each other’s bodies like nobody else. 

 - Is very receptive to touch and can be quite sensitive. Sucking/biting his lips/earlobes/neck/chest will drive him insane. Pairing that with your hand around his cock will have him whimpering and cumming onto your hand and his stomach in no time. 

 - Loves the way you look with his cum on you, especially on your face and ass. Moaning while licking the cum off around your mouth and swallowing it will possibly make him hard enough again that he might just fuck you a second time.


 - Is bisexual. The boy is a complete lover and I can’t see him wanting to restrict that nature of his to a single gender. 

- And with that being said, he is a complete size queen and has the most adorable expression of pure lust and determination when you give him a challenge. The blush that overwhelms his face and the cries that spill from his lips while trying to take on larger dicks/dildos is divine.

 - Kissing and making out is a big thing for him. He feels that kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do with another person and will do it whenever he gets the chance. Quite the fan of PDA. 

 - Loves giving oral. And will be completely down with cum swapping when you give him a blowjob and he finishes in your mouth. 

 - Is rather loud in bed. Usually ends up being louder than his S/O but does not mind if you use your hand or an article of clothing (underwear works great) to keep him subdued. 

 - Tends to be a bit more on the submissive side (it’s that need to please), but has his moments where he will exert his dominance. Especially if you manage to make him jealous, which is a rarity, but it occurs on occasion. 

 - Has a bit of a voyeur/exhibitionist kink. He’s used to watching and capturing people in their element…and of course this will also translate to the bedroom. He also loves taking rather naughty pictures of you in public areas; he has dozens of pictures of your flashing and touching yourself (or him) in semi-crowded areas. And that usually riles him up enough that he will take you to a bit more secluded area and slip you in a quick blowjob or fuck.


 - It’s already well-established that he likes to be rough - but if his lover asks, he is more than willing to give it to them as slow and loving as they want. 

 - Ass man. Ass man for days. He will not leave it alone in public, and he certainly won’t leave it alone when you two are fucking. And if you are into anal play just as much as he is, the Astrals have mercy on that behind. There’s almost nothing hotter to him than watching his S/O take in every inch of him and getting completely stretched to their limits.

 - Pretty much open to try any kink you bring to the table. But he hopes that you are just as receptive to his.

 - With that being said, definitely has a watersports kink, both giving and receiving. If you happen to be willing to be on the receiving end, he’ll make sure you won’t be walking for days after the hardcore fucking he will give you after (another huge turn-on is seeing his lover enjoying being just as dirty as he is.) 

 - Is more dominant, but if you ask him nicely enough (you know, that cute beg, pout, and butt wiggle you do that he just can’t resist), he might let you take control for a bit. But you know he is going to get you back tenfold for it…but you completely anticipate everything he’s going to do to you.

 - Makes it a personal contest to see how loud he can get you to be. Fucks you mercilessly…bites you…spanks you…teases you…likes to experiment and toss it up to see what makes you moan and cry the most for him. 

 - Big spoon forever. Good luck getting out of his arms once he has you pulled against him and falls asleep with his face buried in your neck/shoulder.


 - Easily can be a switch depending on the needs of his S/O or the mood he is in. Will be as rough as you need him to be or let you take complete charge over him. 

 - Pegging. He is into pegging although it would take a bit of convincing and trust to get him to admit it to you, knowing people have a tendency to judge others on it. But once he discloses to you that particular kink of his, you’ll never get over the fact how utterly gorgeous the man looks underneath you, flustered, moaning, and submitting to your every motion.

 - Glove kink for days. Loves to keep his gloves on as a part of foreplay even if it gets a bit messy. The scent of leather permanently turns you on now. 

 - Despite being a very organized and put together man, he likes to get a bit sloppy when it comes to sex…because that is one of the few times he gets to break role. It makes him rock hard to hear you gag on his dick and make a mess all over his cock and your chin when you deep throat him. And he loves it when you cum on him, whether it be on his face while giving oral, or he has you on his clothed lap and pleasures you to orgasm with those skilled fingers of his.

 - Listens and watches his lover carefully to see their reaction to various touches and stimulation. Keeps a mental notebook of everything you like or dislike so he can be the most attentive to your wants and needs. 

 - A massive fan of using toys in the bedroom (and outside at times too…much to your dismay sometimes as you’re trying to keep you composure in front of company with a vibrator inside of you). Loves to watch you use them on yourself…and also loves to use them on you while the two of you are fucking, especially if it leads to over-stimulation. 

 - Top of his game with aftercare. Will clean you up and cuddle to bring you down and lull you to sleep.


 - One sadistic motherfucker. Your pain is completely his pleasure and isn’t for the faint of heart. 

 - Definitely has a blood kink. The sight/smell/taste of blood excites him like nothing else. Usually prefers a knife to draw blood, licking it off your flesh as it begins to well up on your skin, sometimes gathering it in his mouth and making sure you get a taste of it as his roughly kisses you. 

 - Occasionally he gets a bit too carried away with the blood kink though and leaves you feeling quite light-headed and weak. But he loves fucking you when you are barely holding on to your consciousness. 

 - Tentacle sex. He will use his daemon abilities to restrain you, fuck, and fill up every hole of yours with his cum as he sees fit. 

 - Is a fan of the “destroyed” look. Eye makeup running, lipstick smeared, tears down the face…he finds the look on you quite beautiful and irresistible after a brutal face fucking and can’t resist kissing every inch of your face afterwards. 

 - Don’t even think for a second you’ll ever be anything but submissive towards him. He will quickly correct any behavior that might indicate you think you even have a smidgen of control, usually with a grip so tight to the neck it leaves marks. 

 - Likes to use various potions and spells on you. Sometimes uses aphrodisiacs to overwhelm you when he’s fucking you, mind-control spells to force you to succumb to his every whim, or posing as other people completely to really mess with your head.

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Make V cum in his pants

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Or have Seokjin beg you to let him cum

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  • Family is power, ___. Love, loyalty. That’s power! 
  • ___, in the name of our family, you might try to dial down your glee. 
  • To find out who’s making a move against our ____ And then I’ll either stop them… or I’ll help them, depending on my mood.
  • It’s a gift. It’s your chance… it’s our chance.
  • I’ll stop searching for his redemption when I believe there is none left to be found.
  • I’ve given up on giving up. It’s an affliction. 
  • I will fight for my family until my last breath. 
  • You know, difficulties aside, I value my family above everything. I am sorry that yours failed you. 
  • You don’t make it easy to love you 
  • Darling, we’ve got to stop meeting like this. This is how rumors begin. 
  • I’m not trying to impress the girl. 
  • Nobody hurts my family and lives. 
  • The definition of the word broken suggests that something can be fixed. 
  • I leave it to you to make the decision whether to trust me or not. 
  • You will always have a choice. 
  • I have denied every single impulse that I have ever had for that woman, out of some misbegotten respect for intentions that you don’t even have. 
  • I let this person in… I let her in… I don’t let people in… You knew this, you’ve taken her from me… I needed her and you’ve broken me… 
  • Yes, far better to practice your process of grief, ___. Denial, rage, and hoarding coffins in basements. 
  • Yes, well, when you put it that way it does sound a little reckless.
  • Well, that seems like the right thing to do. You know, I tried that myself. It didn’t work. 
  • You are a deranged and ridiculous child who cannot be left unsupervised.
  • Shhh! ____,  grown ups are talking.
  • How odd. Forever on Santa’s naughty list.
  • I rather enjoy Thanksgiving. The turkey, the cranberry sauce. The lies, the deceit, the betrayal.
  • _____, next time I ask you to take out the trash, try not to dally.
  • Watch your tongue. I am not the fun loving social butterfly you may recall.
  • I thought only of you. Every day I fought for your return, searching for a way. You were not forgotten.
  • I’m not in the habit of asking permission.
  • If we cannot trust one another, we cannot work together.
  • As a devout feminist, I refuse to say you hit like a girl.
  • You mobsters all suffer from such hubris.
  • Gentlemen, shall we?
  • I trust you can find your clothing and the door.
  • I always come back.
  • I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you in return you’re uniquely vulnerable. They have a power to hurt you that’s like nothing else.
  • Perhaps I’m not making myself clear here. This is a threat.
  • Please. You’ve never paid for anything in your life.
  • You do realize I don’t care. 

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How do you think the rfa + v and saeran would react to mc trying to get it on while they're staying with her parents for the holidays? Like being in her childhood bedroom with no lock where her parents or other family could walk in at any moment? Would they be up to it or would they awkwardly get interrupted by her younger siblings or something? I love your blog by the way!!

Sounds like something that needs to be made into a fanart comic. Lmao. Beauty.


  • He really enjoys the tour around your house, especially when you both get to the childhood room
  • He thinks it’s like a cute time warp to when you were an adorable little girl
  • But then you get closer
  • And closer
  • And closer
  • And all the sudden he’s a blushing mess when you get suggestive
  • “Huh? H-Here? Now?!”
  • He would keep rejecting the idea, because he’s really anxious for your family to like him
  • And then he realises your door has no lock
  • So he gets even more insistent that this could go terribly wrong
  • But the innocent muffin has little to no control over his big boy wants and needs
  • So it doesn’t take long until he gives in to you, but he’s very quick about it


  • He’s just escaped to your room with you, after nearly every female in your family fangirled at his movie star beauty
  • He was really wanting your family to like him, but not quite that much?
  • He was mainly just relieved to be able to sneak away with you
  • But then you started to imply that you wanted to “get it on”
  • Zen immediately backed off, because he knew that every woman in your family that was also visiting for the holidays would be looking for him
  • He also took note you had no lock on your door
  • “MC, I’m a man. You can’t taunt my beast like this.”
  • Zen would not be up for it, not with all the risks
  • But the risks secretly made it more exciting to think about
  • He held up for a while, but eventually his beast escaped
  • Tbh some eager female relative (probably a crazy aunt) would burst in with bAD timing
  • Jumin thinks it is morally important for your family to have a good image of him
  • Not that they would have a problem with you dating one of the richest men in South Korea
  • But he enjoyed taking a house tour with you, even if he thought it to be a bit… small in his standards
  • When you showed him your childhood room, he actually thought it was rather cute
  • But then you started to distract him in rather “naughty” ways
  • As soon as he caught scent of what you were doing, Jumin had you up against your unlocked door, “scolding” you
  • “What are you thinking? Provoking me here?”
  • But you knew that that was his way of giving in
  • You two were banging in no time
  • He would probably be one of the fastest to give in to you
  • But he would deem it as “punishment” and you’d both sneak back to the family soon enough


  • Jaehee, like Jumin, of course thinks it’s of great importance to make a good impression on your family
  • She enjoys looking at your childhood room, because she feels as if it helps her know you better
  • Then, you get a little bit more serious
  • She blushes like crazy, and tries to pry you off her
  • It isn’t very easy though, since she really enjoys your guys’ “alone time”
  • “M-MC, we can’t. Not here…”
  • She’s persuaded into a steamy make out, before she is brought back to her senses
  • Jaehee isn’t an alpha male with testosterone fuelling her actions like the rest of the RFA, so she is the only one that doesn’t give in
  • She manages to persuade you for later, just as one of your siblings bursts in to announce dinnertime
  • Thank god Jaehee is a woman am I right


  • Seven really likes touring through your house, since this was the one part of the background check he couldn’t see
  • He makes jokes about the old kpop posters in your room
  • But then, when you dismiss the jokes and say something a bit more dirty, Seven nearly chokes on a Honey Buddha Chip
  • His cheeks get as red as his hair
  • Your family already thinks he’s a funny guy, and so far they have a good impression on him
  • He is much too nervous to ruin that, but of course he can barely restrain himself
  • He would probably be groaning at you to stop, because he knew that you knew he couldn’t help it
  • “MC, we can’t. I… uh…”
  • In the end he can’t hold back, and he can’t help but do as you please
  • One of your family members would probably almost catch you, but luckily Seven is quick enough


  • Your family immediately loved V, since he was such a gentle and genuine guy
  • But after being smothered in questions from numerous relatives of yours, you could see he wanted to step away from all the conversation
  • So you went up to your old room of course, to show him all your old stuff
  • But, you eventually started becoming a bit suggestive, and V started to catch your drift
  • When you became a bit more touchy, V started getting a little flustered
  • He noticed that your door didn’t have a lock, and tried to reason you out of your ideas
  • “Your family is home, MC…”
  • Even though he’s a sweetheart, he has just as much testosterone as any other male
  • He can hardly contain himself, the longer you insist
  • He eventually gives in, and prays that none of your family comes in the whole time


  • Saeran is content being guided around your house, and is pretty quiet
  • You told your family in advance about him, and his issues
  • So they were kind to him, and he felt like he fit in
  • You showed him your room, and it was cool to him to see a little piece of your childhood he missed out on
  • And when you got a little more sensual, Saeran didn’t hesitate at all to put you “in place”
  • “You really want to provoke me this way, Princess? I’ll show you who’s boss.”
  • He didn’t bat an eye to the fact that your door had no lock
  • When you want him, it’s immediate “go time” in his eyes
  • Luckily, no one walked in
  • But if anyone had, Saeran wouldn’t have cared at all
  • Nor would he have stopped, let’s be honest
Good Morning

BunnyHybrid!Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 380
Genre: Smut

Because I sincerely believe there aren’t enough hybrid fics in the world

A whiny Jungkook wakes you from your sleep, grinding his hardened length against your leg, whining softly, his limbs caging you under his body. He’s trembling, face flushed as sweat dampens his bangs, fluffy, dark ears drooping in his intense arousal. “P-please….! I-It hurts…! Sp-spread y-your legs!” He wastes no time in shucking his much too tight shorts down his muscled legs, his weeping tip prominent as it protrudes from his boxers. You stare at him a long moment, before easily complying, not wanting your poor bunny to have to suffer any longer (and the ache between your legs from your rather naughty dream only seemed to get worse while you looked up at the horny dark-haired hybrid). Whines and heavy breaths fill the silence in the time that it takes him tug down his sticky boxers before his shaky fingers are moving your already damp underwear to the side hastily. His nostrils flare as he takes a deep breath, reddened dick twitching at your scent, mouth watering as he licks his lips. “My owner always smells the best~” You flush at his words, though you don’t get much time to think on it before his large palms are splayed on your thighs, pushing your legs apart as his long and rather thick member is pushed into you with a labored whine. His pace his frantic as he lewdly fucks into you, moans and whines tumbling from his lips in between his teeth sinking into the flesh as pleasure overwhelms him. His fingers press into your thighs, face contorted in lust, eyes barely open as he furrows his brow in concentration. You moan and catch a firm grip on the hybrid’s biceps as he thrusts, filling you up deliciously and twitching every so often in your tight heat. “S-so good! F-feels s-so good!” He stutters, his cheeks flushed with effort. His plush lips are reddened from all his harsh biting, his whines something like a symphony in your ears. His thrusts are something sloppy and hurried, though he has enough control to pivot his thickness deeper into you with each jerk of his hips. The sound of your skin slapping against his mixes beautifully with your moans. You can’t help but think that you’d like to be woken up like this every morning.

A/N: This is a drabble from my main blog, so please don’t freak out!

~Queen Vixie

Would You  Rather... ~Naughty November~

Every 100 follows on my Instagram EQUALS a visual!

Prompt: A smut with Allison and Lydia from teen wolf.

Pairing: Reader x  Lydia, and, Reader x Allison

Word Count: 530

Warning: girl on girl on girl

TAGGED: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @jwowwluv

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sorry about what happened to the og blog :( i hope you feel better. if you're up for it can we get some sexting hcs for Dazai, Chuuya, Aku, + Atsushi? if you've done these before, i apologize and you can delete the request.

Thanks nonnie~ I’m feeling better as I write more tbh ^^;;


• If you’re away from Dazai longer than two hours most of the texts that pop up on your phone have a dirty innuendo. They range from five sentence scenarios to five text bubbles of all the deliciously dirty things he wants to do to your body. His silver tongue is not limited to manipulating for his own gain—this man puts the kinkiest erotic novel to shame tenfold. His goal is to get you squirming and wet just with words and he’s not afraid to ask for a picture of his handiwork to tide him over until he can get his hands on you.

• Dazai does not like to be ignored especially if he’s trying to pull you somewhere slightly secluded for a little public playtime. If you’re blissfully stuck in your work and not responding the way Dazai wants he sends a few top notch favorites that get you noticeably flustered. He’ll watch quietly from the side or behind the couch, peeking every time hears that ‘ping’ of your phone until you’re riled up enough for him to slide his arm around your waist and guide you to the nearest private corner.

• When Dazai’s bored out of his mind in the office he’ll start a naughty little RP with you, and he gets extra hot and bothered if you’re both in the same room. Even if you’re not the best at sexting him back he’ll play off whatever you say to him and manage to turn your exchanges into an R rated novella that leaves you flustered and craving his touch.


• Isn’t too shy to snap a quick pick of himself shirtless holding his cock if he’s away on business and missing you. He’ll attach a very detailed text describing all the dirty things he thinks about doing to you while he’s stroking his cock. If he’s feeling extra dirty he’ll record a short video of him pleasuring himself. Of course he asks you to send him a naughty picture or two to tide him over until he gets home.

• If Chuuya has a few minutes to himself he’d rather hear your voice or see you over a mere jumble of dirty words. A steamy five minute skype or facetime session isn’t out of the ordinary when Chuuya is away for an extended period of time. He’s skilled at talking you through the naughty things he wants to see, especially if it involves you touching yourself. His velvety voice guides you to a quick orgasm and prompts him to finish his work faster so he can get home and touch you himself.

• Chuuya doesn’t have time to wax poetic about sex, and he’s going to tell you exactly what he wants to do to you. His words aren’t vulgar per say, but they aren’t in the lease bit romantic. He saves the soft, sweet love-making vernacular for sensual nights between the sheets. If he’s just relaying a dirty message through text then he’s taking it down to the core and saying exactly where he’s going to put his tongue. If you demand he come home right this instant and pound you into the mattress he’ll say he’s not free yet—in truth he’s being a shit and wants to tease you—and continue to blow up your phone with dirty texts until he’s losing his own will to wait and rushes home to you.


• Akutagawa, surprisingly, has a way with words that’ll make your jaw drop. Akutagawa has to be in a certain mood to respond to your naughty texts, or even look at his phone tbh, but if he’s in that rare state of mind he’ll quickly reply with a simple sentence or two. Most of his responses are demands rather than naughty innuendoes, and he’s often reminding you how bruised your hips and thighs are going to be in the morning if you keep bothering him while he’s trying to work.

• Sending Akutagawa dirty picture is tempting fate with a hot poker. He’ll either refuse to respond until he gets home or he’ll send a very blunt warning about sending pictures like that to his phone. He swiftly reminds you that only his eyes are allowed to see that treasure between your legs and if you keep baiting him with pictures he’s going to make sure you’re too tired to even hold up your phone.

• Pulling Akutagawa away from work is a hard and dangerous mission, but if you’re so inclined to rile up your dedicated boyfriend with multiple texts begging him to come and fuck you he’ll make his way home just to put you in check. As much as Akutagawa pretends to be annoyed he secretly loves the kinky things you send his way and gets off knowing you crave him enough to bother him while he’s busy.


• The first time you ever sent this boy anything remotely naughty he all but dropped his phone in the street. Thankfully he was alone when this happened (Dazai would never let him hear the end of it if he saw) but he was utterly perplexed about the entire situation. Despite the growing bulge in his pants Atsushi’s response was only him stating he’d be home soon with a few typos.

• Atsushi hardly ever gets the courage to start a naughty in-text triste, but when he does they’re more on the sweet side than the naughty. He mentions soft kisses and warm embraces over the down and dirty, but there are bold occurrences where he slips in a little more like his dick.

• If you’re the one mentioning things that makes all the blood rush south Atsushi is fumbling for a reply just as steamy. Often he resorts to typing something he remembers seeing in porn or reading in a dirty magazine and hitting send before he can freak out about it and delete it. He’s extremely embarrassed when he gets home but if you continue to reassure him that he does in fact get you hot under the collar he’ll be more inclined to experiment with dirty little texts when he’s got some down time at the agency. 

Got7 when their s/o starts something naughty while around the boys.


Jaebum would easily have the most control out of all the boys. If something were to be started, it would have to depend on how secret it would be kept. If the two of them were able to keep it secret, he would make sure they finished what they started. But if they weren’t able to, he would give them the silent treatment until the two of them were alone together, unleashing hell on their body until they weren’t able to walk straight.


Mark on the other hand, despise his control, would not allow anything to happen in front of the younger boys. He would so desperately love to bend them over anything and give payback but taking control of his situation, he would give a stern look and continue on with what was going on. Though, that doesn’t exactly change when they’re alone. He would easily make sure his s/o knew that it was not alright to tease him like that. Pushing off any sexual contact until they were on their knees begging him to take care of the dry spell.


This is where everything changes. Jackson wouldn’t exactly be able to control himself, but at the same time he would be able to. He would easily allow the two of them to get a little steamy around the boys, but like Jaebum, that would depend on if it was secret. Every movie night with the boys usually ended with you in his lap and grinding until he cums in his pants, but other than that, he was the one to give a shocked look enough to scare them into keeping their hands to themself, knowing Jackson would make a scene to freak them out.


Surprisingly, Jinyoung would be the one to allow it to happen as soon as it was started, no matter what. He was always able to hide it away from the boys even if they were close to catching on. He controlled his noises and hip movements better than most of the boys, yet that didn’t help him out when you’d ‘disappear’ to the restroom just have your mouth around him under the table. That’s when the movements wouldn’t be so gentle and secretive. But he’d just lie and say he had a cramp.


Despite being the one who’s louder and more of a shy human, he would somewhat be okay with things happening. He happens to be someone who would rather start the naughty play, not the one who would be okay with it started on him. If something was started with him, he wouldn’t be able to control himself as much as the others, but he would easily start something his self to get payback. Let’s just say this - he was not romantic when it came to public things around the boys, he was an animal and it was only so they’d get caught, maybe teased by the others while his fingers never stilled inside of them.


He’s 100% down for getting a handjob or blowjob while around the boys. If the two of them were caught, he could just comment on how they were jealous that their s/o didn’t offer to blow them whenever they felt needy. Of course no one has ever actually caught the two of them, mostly because Bambam has fantastic control with his noises/breathing and it only ever really happened during movie nights with the boys since it was dark and he was able to have you ride him if he was THAT horny. But trust me, if something was started, he wouldn’t stop until both parties were satisfied.


The only one to not be alright with it around the boys as much. He would be a nervous wreck, scared they would catch the two of them, and him being the youngest, he would get the most shit about it from the boys. That actually doesn’t stop him from helping their partner out, since they did have more control than he’s ever had. He’s still starting out with sexual experiences so he wasn’t the most controlled, yet when he used his body on his s/o, it could have them crying out within minutes.

HWTR to accidentally seeing you naked

And you’re not together. 



“[name], come on, have you put on that stupid suit yet?” Joji knocks on the door, slightly annoyed that you were taking so long to put one of those spandex suits he normally wears in his videos. You agreed to help him with this idea he had and he really hoped you didn’t change your mind. He needed you. Or rather, he was dying to see you in those tight suits. He always wondered how you’d look like…

And he was a very curious person.

“N-Not yet!” you shout out and he can hear struggle in your tone of voice. He frowns, hand on the doorknob.

“Are you ok in there? Do you need—“ he twists the knob and opens the door.

“No, don’t come in, Joji!!” you shout.

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Prompt prompt prompt: Mick + Len + Sara (friends or whatever you want) + putting 500 troll dolls in Rip's room while he's sleeping so he wakes up to them all staring at him (I hope this is a ridiculous enough prompt for you)

Rachel, please. This isn’t nearly ridiculous enough.

So I made it weirder.

The scheme required smuggling 500 original edition plastic Troll dolls onto the ship, slipping a minor sedative into Rip’s dinner the night before, and getting out of bed at 5 AM to be sure they’d get to witness the payoff. Sara insisted it was the most genius plan any of them would ever take part in, ignoring all of Leonard’s objections.

(“It’s cute, sure,” he allowed, “but we’re not even stealing anything.”)

(“Nope. Best scheme ever.”)

They’d gone through three cups of coffee apiece and too many increasingly ridiculous card games to count when their good captain finally woke up. They could hear Rip shuffling around his room, talking to himself or maybe to Gideon. (Gideon, of course, has been sworn to secrecy.)

“Come on,” Mick urged him. “Go in your fancy private bathroom.”

All three of them were pressing their ears to the door, like some kind of endearingly naughty children rather than an assassin and two professional criminals, when it happened. Rip’s bathroom door slid open, and there was a yelp as he was greeted by 500 pairs of staring plastic eyes in ugly plastic faces.

“What?” he said to himself, and then, loudly enough that he could be heard in the hall, “What in the hell? GIDEON!”

Sara and Mick were in the middle of a high five when Rip’s bedroom door swung open, revealing a distinctly disgruntled Rip who did not appear to be in a forgiving mood. He was already opening his mouth to lecture them - Every surface of his bathroom! Covered! Entirely unusable! It was like running a kindergarten! - when Sara, with the finely honed instincts of any League graduate, kicked the door shut again and took off running.

The three of them would spend the rest of the day hiding out around the ship, strategically avoiding Rip and any potential repercussions. The last thing he heard was Mick yelling about how he should have just shared his bathroom. 

(~ send me characters + a prompt and I’ll write a small thing ~)

hot wax

@foldingcranes mentioned wax play in this cute ficlet and i had…….. i had to.

this is short and only boarders on suggestive rather than fully naughty. very light and safe beginner’s temperature play.

They start with a scented candle first—just like the guide advises. It smells like apple cinnamon and the red dye looks exceptionally bright when Jack drips some on the sheets next to him. Jack trails it from the center of his back out in a spiral, holding it far away from the skin and testing the feeling. It doesn’t really do anything.

“Just kind of itches.” Gabriel tells Jack, sitting up on his elbows. “Can we do somewhere else?”

Jack leans over him and grabs his phone off the nightstand, candle poised in one hand. Gabriel hears him unlock it and thumb through the guide.

“Chest, maybe?”

Gabriel hums in approval. “Sounds good.”

He flips over and Jack straddles his waist, already an improvement. Jack gets closer with the candle this time, dripping along the center of his chest. It still doesn’t really do much for sensation. Gabriel cranes his neck to watch and finally sighs.

“Can we do another candle? I smell like grandma’s house.”

Jack laughs and nods. He makes a show of blowing out the candle, a thin line of smoke trailing off the wick as he sets it on the headboard and grabs the next step up. Unscented, uncolored, soy. He lights it with a few flicks of his lighter and reclines back on his haunches, watching the wax melt while Gabriel watches him.

He’s so obviously charmed by the whole thing. Faint grin tugging at his lips, eyes fixed on the small candle flame. Gabriel nudges his thigh to get his attention.

“You next?” he asks, grinning. Jack mirrors the expression.

“We’ll see if it does anything for you first, sunshine.”

Once the wax has pooled enough on the candle, Jack makes a few tentative drips on Gabriel’s skin. That one does more; a light sting and pleasant warmth. Gabriel sighs fondly and seems to encourage Jack, who brings the candle a little closer and trains a line across his pecs. Tentatively, he lets a few drops land close to his nipple.

“Mm, stop teasing.” Gabriel grumbles. He bites back a pleased laugh when Jack lets a translucent drop land directly on his nipple.

“That good? Or do you want another step up?”

Gabriel tilts his head back to see the final candle they grabbed; this oversized beeswax thing. He’d joked it looked like a sex toy in the store; tapered and oddly rounded in places. Jack laughed so hard he almost dropped the apple cinnamon candle in the middle of the isle, then instantly grabbed it.


Jack laughs, snorting, and blows out the soy candle before setting it next to the apple one. He leans over Gabriel to light the beeswax one on the headboard and, before he can lean back, Gabriel sits up and mouths at his stomach playfully. He holds Jack steady, the other man squirming and laughing the whole time, and rubs at his ribs gently.

“No, stop, Gabe!” Jack drags his dull fingernails over Gabriel’s scalp. “It’s your turn, let me go.” Gabriel blows a raspberry against his chest before letting him go. Jack sits up, huffing, and awkwardly grabs the candle off the headboard.

This time, he drips with purpose. Draws a line down Gabriel’s sternum and then under his pecs before trailing wax down the center of his stomach toward his bellybutton. It’s amazing; Gabriel’s skin prickles on contact, sensation of molten wax rapidly cooling against his skin instantly addictive. Jack smiles above him, chewing his lower lip, and stops the line at the waistband of his boxers.

Gabriel exhales shakily, laughter on the edges, and glances down at the patterns of wax on his skin. He flops his head back and squirms comfortably under Jack’s weight.

“Do we have a winner?” Jack asks playfully. Gabriel nods without looking at him, eyes squeezed shut.

Jack adds more wax patterns, getting closer to his skin. It drips over his side in a few places, sliding down his ribs, and the sensation is so pleasantly painful and somehow soothing at the same time. Jack pools a large amount in the center of his chest and Gabriel feels the warmth in a few places, suddenly overly aware of Jack’s ass on his lap.

“This is doing good, huh?” Jack asks, teasing. Gabriel nods and goes to speak but Jack drips a crisscross over his other nipple and he has to bite back a groan. “You wanna try somewhere else next?”

“Got any suggestions?” Gabriel asks.

Jack hums and considers for a moment, candle balanced in one hand. He reaches down with the other and peels the soy wax off his other nipple carefully. Gabriel gives him a look, probably bordering on puppy eyes, and he laughs.

“I’m getting to it.” he hums fondly, lowering the candle close to his skin before dripping beeswax across that pec. He makes a process of this one, covering a few scars there before slowly crossing wax over his nipple. Gabriel shivers pleasantly.

Jack watches him squirm, smile growing, and balances the candle while he reaches out and takes Gabriel’s chin in his free hand. He rubs his thumb against Gabriel’s lower lip before leaning down and kissing him, smiling against his lips.

“Guide said thighs next.” he murmurs when they part, still close to Gabriel’s lips. “You ready?”

Gabriel grins and nips at Jack’s lip. “Gimme all you got, Morrison.” he growls. Jack laughs and kisses him again before sitting up.

“Alright,” he says, winking, “you asked for it.”

Yes, he did. And yes, it’s just what he wanted.

Courtly Affections- Peter Pevensie x Reader Smut

Warning: Smut, implied sex, sexual content. Readers first time so fluff to follow

Peter Pevensie x Reader

Well at a boring court meeting Peter and the Queen get quite the interaction.

It’s my first long fic and first smut and i’m pretty sure its the first Narnia smut so please please please be kind xox

This was written for @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories

Originally posted by williammoseleyfannarnia

You eyed Peter from across the room. He was directing the councilmen on newly claimed land and alliance routes. You took a sip of your wine as you caught his eye.  He gave you that crooked smile that made you long for him. You bit your lip and put the goblet down wandering over to a table running your hands over various maps and parchments. You didn’t mind these meetings but this one had dragged on for four hours and you had simply had enough. You pulled your hair off to one side and rubbed your neck, stiff from reading.

 You called over Ashlynn your closest confidante and favorite ladies maid and asked her to bring more wine and refreshments as you were all getting very hungry. Moments later the councilmen began to descend on the feast of apples, grapes cheese pork and bread. You seized this opportunity to have a moment alone with your king. You walked over to him his eyes never leaving yours. You smiled sweetly and walked behind him gently brushing your fingers across the back of his neck and for a moment he closed his eyes savoring the gently touch. His look suddenly changed as you handed him a glass of wine and curtsied before him.

“My King” you cooed softly as he pulled you to your feet and gently kissed your hand.

“What would I do without you (y/n) I can’t keep my eyes off you. I’m so grateful that you thought of a distraction.”

You laughed lightly as you wandered to the window, Peter walking closely behind you sipping his wine. You could feel his warm breath on your neck as you heard your ladies laughing with the councilmen thanking Aslan they were keeping them otherwise occupied. You savored these little moments. He gently brushed a hand over a stray lock of your hair and brushed it along your neck and back. “However as your King I feel that I need to have a stern talk with you because when you pull your hair to the side, exposing this..” he whispered  as he quickly kissed your collarbone and neck, trailing his lips to the back of your neck and pausing “ It begins to make men think of all sorts of…interesting situations. Some that would be considered to be rather naughty behavior for a Queen (y/n) and would have to be punished.” He then began gently biting at that sweet spot on the back of your neck which made you jump and lightly gasp at which point he laughed. You turned and faced him sipping your wine and feeling it flush your cheeks.

“Well my King, when you stare at a women with that cocky grin and those commanding eyes it makes it difficult for any women not to think such thoughts. So as punishment I must punish you.” You stared at him challenging his stare.

He took a step closer, not so much that would look suspicious but close enough that you could tease him and get away with it. You took your chance. You pretended to spill your wine all over the front of his tunic. Which thankfully today had been Crimson. You then grabbed a cloth and began to wipe away the wine from his tunic. Apologizing. The councilmen took a quick look over at the pair of you well Peter laughed slightly clearly amused by your performance. From what they could see the two of you were laughing at the wine that had spilt and Peter was grabbing the cloth from you and dabbed it off. What they hadn’t seen was a few moments before you had arranged the cloth to cover your hand and had in fact ran your hands up and down his manhood, making him very much ready and aroused, and very well in dowed. To which you whispered that he was being very naughty indeed. He laughed at the predicament he was in.

“Well what do you suppose do about it then?’ he whispered frustrated.

“First off calm yourself Peter the councilmen are looking. I’ll take care of the rest.” He watched as you sat on the ledge of the window and loosened the back of your necklace. You pulled your hair over it and ran your hand over the necklace. “Get ready to catch me Pete.” You motioned away from the window. You knew this wouldn’t end well. Heights made you dizzy. You leaned over the window and let the necklace fall then as it hit the ground a guard was called which caused a commotion outside. Quickly you looked down, dreading this moment then immediately felt strong arms around you as everything started to fade and become hazy. Peter had caught you before you fell and you fainted in his arms.

“My King what has happened to Queen (y/n)” one of the councilmen asked worried.

“She was telling me a story and fiddling with her necklace as she gazed out the window. It fell off her neck and she looked down about to warn the guard but then fainted, she has a terrible fear of heights I’m afraid.”

“She needs rest.” Ashlynn said gently eyeing Peter knowingly. “We’ll stay here with the councilmen well your dear brother Edmund is called so that you can see to it she is well my King.” She curtsied hiding her smirk.

Peter nodded and carried you out of the council room and into his chambers. Dismissing the staff and adding rather sternly that she is not to be disturbed. A physician came and looked you over as you came to (rather to Peters insistence that you didn’t need one) you assured everyone you were fine and just needed some rest. Everyone left you including Peter as he went to go get food and refreshment (and so as to not look suspicious)

You took a deep breath and studied yourself in the looking glass he had by his balcony. You fiddled with your hair and smoothed the skirts of your gown and you heard a soft click as the door shut and was locked. You eyed him in the mirror as he walked by you and shut the balcony doors and pulled the curtains closed.  He then came up behind you and began greedily kissing and biting the back of your neck as he roughly undid the corset of your dress. You turned around to face him, his vest and tunic already off exposing his bare solid chest and abs. You ran your hands down him softly and then began to undo his trousers, feeling his solid manhood once more. He then pulled you to him and began kissing you in a heated and passionate embrace as he pulled the rest of your gowns off. He whispered in your ear

“Slow down love, I want to savor this I don’t know when we’ll get the chance to be alone again.” He then looked at you.

You were bare and naked and fully exposed in front of him and it made your heart skip a beat. He then eyed you up in down taking in every glorious bit of you.

“All of this, all this love and beauty and you choose to give it to me, I am truly unworthy of it.” He kissed your hand and you ran it up to rest on his neck. You blushed taking him in. His kind blue eyes, that handsome jawline that made you want to reach out to him, his strong shoulders and chest, those hip bones and his glorious manhood.

“It is I that is unworthy of you My King.” You could feel your blush spreading as he ran a thumb along your bottom lip.

“Do you want this my love? I won’t push you if you’d rather wait.” His eyes were soft and sincere.

You grabbed his hand and kissed it placing it over your heart. You’d been secretly courting for over three years now. You wanted this. No you needed this and you weren’t sure if you’d get another chance for soon he would be off to Archenland again and last time he was gone for 6 months. You couldn’t bare it if you’d missed this chance.

“I want this more than anything Peter, and I wouldn’t want it to be with anyone else.” He smiled sweetly and carried you bridal style to his bed laying you down softly on the cool satin sheets.

 He then slowly leaned over top of you kissing his way up from your hip to your neck making you shiver. He stopped making sure it was OK and you nodded for him to continue. He laid his body close to yours so that you could feel every bit of him. You ran your hands down his shoulders as he gently and passionately began to kiss your lips. You ran your hands down his spine and rested them just above his ass. He gently moaned and then began to deepen your kiss. You eagerly opened your mouth as your tongues intertwined. You then felt his hands softly but eagerly roam all over your body. His fingertips grazing your breast, your stomach every inch of your skin until he reached all your sensitive spots. It was becoming too much to bare. You gently pulled away. He looked at you and you nodded biting your bottom lip. He rested a hand on your neck brushing your cheek.

“I love you (y/n) truly. Since the moment we met in Narnia I have always loved you. I can’t bare it when we re apart and after today I want to announce to everyone that we’re courting. I don’t want to be with anyone else but you. I love you (y/n)” you smiled beaming at him as you whispered

“I love you too Peter.” He then gently kissed you as he ran a hand up your thigh causing you to shiver. 

He then gently opened your legs and positioned himself. His tip resting at your entrance made you both moan. He was careful to be gently and after a moment he slowly slid himself into you causing you both to moan more pulling each other closer.. He then looked at you and starting moving a bit faster keeping a slow pace. It began to hurt at first but eventually you were able to respond by arching your back, eager to be closer to him. He moaned whispering that he loved hearing you moan and you pulled him roughly back to your lips.

He began running his lips down your chest, kissing your breasts and gently taking your nipple in his mouth. You were getting very wet as he quickened the pace. “Oh Peter” you moaned. He began kissing and biting at your neck as he snaked a hand down to your clit and ran a hand over it causing you to moan louder. He quickened his pace and rubbed you faster. You were so wet now and so close.  Your body was feeling an urgent sensation and you kept thrusting your hips on his erection frustrated.  He laughed lightly.

“Are you ready my love.” He asked thrusting slowly into you. Feeling every bit of him you couldn’t bare it anymore.

“Oh god Peter yes please.” You stuttered. He kissed your forehead and gripped your hips as he thrust fast and harder into you. You were going to scream you were right on the edge. You bit onto his neck as he groaned pushing deep into you. You let yourself feel complete and utter bliss. Your whole body quivered and his touch only heightened your sensitivity. He let himself fill you and continued to ride out the high which only made you whimper with pleasure. He then collapsed beside you pulling you in close and kissing your forehead. You were both breathing heavily. He rolled on his side and looked at you. Running a hand up your thigh to your arm gently. “I love you so much (y/n)” you then blushed. You couldn’t believe you’d just done that with Peter. You were on cloud nine. You snuggled up to him and lay on his chest as he wrapped an arm around you. He ran a hand through your hair and sighed softly.

“I don’t want to go back but I suppose we should, we can’t pretend you were lying about this long from a small faint. Someone’s bound to check on us shortly.” You sighed and sat up to face him.

“I suppose so.” You kissed him softly.

He had just done his trousers back up when he came behind you to tie your corset up. He gently ran a hand up your back and kissed your shoulder as he did so.  You pulled your dress on over top and he helped you tie it up as well. He then finished dressing as you brushed your hair watching each other in harmonious silence. Just then there was a knock at the door. Peter flew to make the bed as you walked to the door. You opened it as he had finished.

“Pardon me my lady but the Council members were wondering if you were well enough to continue the meeting?” Ashlynn asked curtsying.

“Yes Ashlynn thank you very much.” The two of you excited Peters chambers and after a few moments had entered the council chambers.

“And if I may be so bold your majesty as your dearest friend I must say your color looks much better, almost flushed even. Bed rest must have done you well.” She giggled.

If it had been anyone else you’d have been shocked and you both knew it but you just laughed together lightly as you took a sip of water eyeing your king from across the room.

Possibly to be continued if enough people like it….hiding under the blanket now ok? ( o_____o)


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I was thinking earlier about tentacle sex alongside sensory deprivation (as you do) and my inevitable conclusion was that there should be more Ardyn x Blind!Ignis out there.

I don’t know why this happened, but it happened.  I actually feel kind of bad for Ignis in this drabble for being kind of cruel. Hope you enjoy, anon.

CW - Dubcon-ish, tentacle sex, tiny bit of blood.

Ignis knew something was amiss the moment he thought he heard his lover’s voice.

But he didn’t care.  Even if the every part of this Noct didn’t feel the same - the kisses were devoid of meaning, the touches were rough and commanding, and even the way he spoke to him was nothing like Noct would have - he still went along with it.  Even a fleeting moment of it feeling like Noct was back in his embrace three long years after he had succumb to the crystal made it all worth it for him.  Call it desperation if you must, but the flood of emotion and need coming back to Ignis overrode every logical fiber in the strategist’s mind.

“I was quite aware you weren’t Noct the moment you spoke to me.  You really should work on that if you insist upon mimicking others.”  Ignis chides, trying to find some footing in a situation he was already losing in.

“But yet you still pursued this, regardless.” Ardyn laughs darkly, running his thumb up Ignis’ rigid cock and wiping the bead of precum forming at his tip.  “Rather naughty of you.”

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Finally saw Maggie at work tonight. She was seeing her boy, Toby, in the play Oslo. Also spotted her being rather naughty and doing something she really shouldn’t have done lol. But I think we’ve all done it at some stage.

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Can we get a peak at your next chapter of Consort Tournament pls?

The Consort Tournament

CH. 24.

A/N: We are coming upon the 1 year anniversary of the fic!

“Want to dance with me?” the former Gryffindor offered, holding his hand out expectantly and trying not to make it look like something bigger than what it was. It was just to distract, nothing more and nothing less.

However, it seemed like Voldemort didn’t see it that way. Probably because it was Harry doing the offering. The man stepped closer, a smile forming on glamoured lips as his eyes lightened considerably.

Unlike the last time he had danced with the Dark Lord, he was not annoyed nor was he on negative terms with the man. And he hadn’t been manipulated into the dance this time, so his outlook was a lot brighter. And unlike last time, Voldemort did not pull him in unnecessarily close. The man’s hand merely rested lightly in the center of Harry’s back while the other cupped his hand almost delicately.

It was such a difference that Harry had to blink for a second, stunned. He didn’t know why it was all so different this time, but he had to admit to appreciating it a lot more. It also showed what their relationship had somehow become if Voldemort was more considerate of his actions and Harry was actually very comfortable where he was stood.

Dumbledore had been right, which was a shocker. Apparently, he and Voldemort were good for each other on some level.

The band that had been playing boring music all evening, seemed to morph into something better, despite nothing changing. It wasn’t a waltz, because the timing was off, but it was rather slow. They swayed from side to side.

§I would love to do this all night,§ Voldemort said quietly. §I much prefer your company to anyone else’s at the moment.§

Another flush worked its way into Harry’s face. He liked that. He liked knowing that Voldemort preferred him over other people. It was an odd feeling, as it had never occurred, not even when animals or creatures told him that he was their favourite human. Voldemort was cut from a different cloth than any other being and having his approval or admiration, no matter the level, was important.

In Harry’s case, he was lucky enough for it to be positive.

He was weak. §I wouldn’t mind dancing with you again. Perhaps in private, where you don’t have to hide yourself.§

Voldemort’s hand slid down a little, resting precariously on his lower back and not even an inch away from Harry’s arse. He couldn’t help but tease the man while also working toward his own gain. After all, he liked Voldemort’s true appearance and enjoyed looking for however long he wanted. He also liked that his suitor seemed to bask in his attention in a way. He had been the one Voldemort wanted.

It was like a power trip in a sense. And Harry was high on it. Enough so that he didn’t comment on the man nearly groping him, because in a way, he didn’t mind it now. If it had been a year ago, he probably would have smacked the other without a second thought. Now he just wanted that hand to trail lower and give him things to think about that night when he was in bed.

Merlin, his mind had become rather naughty in the last year and a half! It was all Voldemort’s fault!

A/N: Hope you like it!