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Walk Tall, My Friends ~

Though I am loathe to say it, the day has finally come for our journey here to come to its end. In other words:

I am archiving Ignis’ blog. 

Allow me to clarify - I am doing so not for any dislike of the fandom or for any lack of love toward the muse. Rather, an unexpected opportunity arose in my professional life and, though I’d been considering transitioning this blog to an Ask Blog for a while now to better accommodate my schedule, I have now determined that full archival will prove the best course of action for mysel, that I might devote more time to the things I wish to pursue. 

While I will not be RPing on tumblr for the time being, I will be taking drabble requests and posting headcanons from my personal account (here), and I am open to smaller rps on Discord (mumsthewcrd#6725), so don’t be afraid to approach me at either place if you’d like to keep in touch.

That being said, I want to thank you - each and every one of the 482 who have stuck with me. I know my time here was brief in the grander scheme of things (my activity even more so), but each and every one of you has made it something to remember and I have treasured and will treasure all that this fandom has been and meant, and all that you bright, beautiful people have contributed to it.

To those listed below - a more personal thank-you. To have been amongst your peers was truly a pleasure; to call you friends, an honor. Know that I have nothing but the utmost fondness for you, and the deepest of admirations.

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And to all of you - those listed, those faceless - may the roads ahead be filled with love, light, and laughter. 

Protomun & Mum - Signing Off.

“Shall I let him through?” She asked me quietly. I turned back to look at her, unsure of what she meant. Half of her was hidden in the shadows, and the other half was undistinguishable under the impact of a roaming illusion somewhere close by.

Ambush was the first thing that came to mind. I shook that thought away and stared into her eyes, inquiring, questioning. She knew instantly what I had meant, and smiled, almost bitterly, at the brink of the gliding illusion which slowly sneaked behind her shoulder.

Her words befuddled me, or rather the lack of them. She didn’t need to explain, as I could very well understand what she wanted me to do, but her intention-

No. I said, You couldn’t possibly be pleading for his life right now. Or mine, for that matter. Neither of us is worth it.

The pouring distress erupted from her empty eye sockets deluded me for a second- A few years ago, I would have never believed that I had that in me; Sure, anyone was able to create something like her easily, given the speech I received despite my unwillingness from an old acquaintance, ‘He who holds a spark of sentiment is able to take on God’s work.’

But not like this. Not with all the emotions and teary smiles and an ocean of lolling sorrow stuffed in her and I, her creator, the man who’d been doing God’s work despite understanding barely anything of human or inhuman sentimentality, had to tap on every stitch on her bleeding seams and try to understand what she’s jabbing on about. I had to do that often, I had to be patient, to take time, to pretend that I care, to understand her, to repair her.

And it had been easy at first, as a mechanical mind had always been much simpler than human minds. Sometimes when I brought her back from the depth of an emotional outburst by twisting wires and replacing cogs, I could often see her eyes shine with clear precision and lack of emotions. It had been my proudest moment- that is, if I understood humans better, I would say I had been proud. Not proud of her, of course, but the sense of achievement when a workman has finished his quota at the end of the month, knowing that all the sweat and dust and dirt on his shirt were well worth it.

However, tasks as such become laborious and repetitive fast. After a while, I concluded that I could no longer piece her back up, as she was no longer worth the effort. I had accepted the fact like I accepted any other fact. So I could no longer repair her, and so what? It’s not like she’s of any importance in the grand scheme of things. I made her into one of the pawns, one that’s always by my side and at my disposal, so when the time comes, she will be disposed as she was made to be. She was made with a grip of dust from the wasteland and a bone I picked up there, so to the wasteland her body will be returned when she draws her last breath. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.

Nothing more, nothing less.

All relationships have ups and downs. Romantic fantasy often nurtures the belief that difficulties and down times are an indication of a lack of love rather than part of the process. In actuality, true love thrives on difficulties. The foundation of such love is the assumption that we want to grow and expand, to become more fully ourselves. There is no change that does not bring with it a feeling of challenge and loss.
—  all about love | bell hooks
preview analysis: Yuuri

so i got to thinking about the preview for next weeks episode (or rather, the lack there off) and i got hooked on this

considering the state he’s in, i’m going to run off the assumption that this is after his free skate. we got glimpses of some of the competitors post-skate, which i thought was an interesting parallel to the preview for ep.7, where we saw glimpses of them pre-skate instead. and considering the only other preview to give us so little to work with in terms of Viktor and Yuuri and their relationship was, notably, the preview for episode 7, which gave us a major development in their relationship, i’m thinking that episode 9 might bring about another major development for them, and we already know that this episode is going to be extremely important. 

it’s also notable that this preview has given us little to work with over all, which is unusual in itself. but, besides that, there’s something interesting about this screenshot.

all of the other times Yuuri has finished his free skate, he’s been very expressive, especially towards Viktor, who we know is going to be absent in this coming episode, such as here

from ep.5, and here,

for ep.7 (both of these directly follow the final pose).

however, the look on Yuuri’s face after his FS in the preview is vastly different. he looks distant, like he’s not 100% with whatever is going on. there’s something else too that’s bothering me because i can’t pin it down but he looks… dreadful, almost. or perhaps disappointed is a better word. like he’s being brought back down to reality. 

that brings me to this thought tangent: we all know that Yuuri has to place in this competition, at least at 4th, because otherwise he wouldn’t be going to the Grand Prix Final, and we know he has to make it there at least. his FS is probably not going to be a disaster. one theory i had was that he’d do worse than China, because of anxiety and Yakov’s coaching methods; i saw him getting 3rd or 4th. it’s a possibility, but there was still something bothering me about that, and i finally realized what it was.

this episode is going to be about showing Yuuri’s strength on his own, without Viktor. personally, i’d like to see him do better than he did in China, because it’d be solid proof that he doesn’t need Viktor to skate well. that he can be on his own and still do amazing things. however, just because he may not need Viktor by his side to skate, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Viktor by his side. and here’s where that screencap comes in.

it looks like Yuuri’s just skated his heart out, maybe not a perfect program but nearing so, and he was riding that high the whole time so he wasn’t thinking about the fact that Viktor wasn’t there. he’s skated this program so many times in practice and now, in competition, and he forgets that Viktor isn’t there. this time his free skate is not going to be centered directly on Viktor like in ep.7, where Yuuri caught sight of Viktor while he skated and let his thoughts dwell on him, but instead its going to be centered abstractly. he skates, and strikes the finishing pose, directing the feeling he’s been channeling the whole skate like he always does, except it’s not Viktor standing there. it’s Yakov. and that exact moment of realization, of, oh, right, he wasn’t here to see me skate, is what i think is going on in this screencap. 

the sharp sting disappointment melting away the feelings he’d had while skating, the loneliness and ache of I miss you

maybe he doesn’t need Viktor to skate, but Yuuri wants him there. to smile and tell him he did great, to sit in the kiss and cry and do stupid things in front of the cameras to show how proud he is. 

it suddenly doesn’t hold as much worth to him if Viktor isn’t there to share it with him, and that, i think, is going to be a very significant point to be made in this next episode.

TL;DR: this screencap of Yuuri from the preview looks like he just finished his FS and realized Viktor wasn’t there to see it, and makes me think this episode is going to focus on the fact that Yuuri doesn’t need Viktor to skate, but he still wants Viktor by his side regardless of that.

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unpopular opinion: there’s no way we can get a great garnet episode at this point

aka why i can understand why garnet stopped having episodes dedicated to her.

this isnt to justify the lack of episodes dedicated to her, but rather my anger and frustrations with the crewniverse for repeatedly stunting any development for her and turning her into a really bland and overly forgiving mom character

garnet transformed from this mysterious mother figure that would do quirky things and have spouts of anger to a faux progressive happy go lucky character (odlaws’ put my issue into words perfectly if you wanna understand it more)

like back in season 1? what were garnet’s flaws:

she was awkward, she would turn violent if you pushed her hard enough, she over estimates steven, she can lose focus easily, her stoic persona made her come off as uncaring and intimidating

after jailbreak, keeping it together and cry for help you would think garnet would face new conflicts such as trust issues, dealing with PTSD, coping with horrific imagery, letting things go, etc

but no. we never get any of that. we’re not ALLOWED to get any of that. instead all that emotion and turmoil is given to ruby and sapphire. really godbless these characters, i still love them to death and despite some of my issues with keystone motel, its still a really solid and enjoyable ep. But this arc was supposed to be about garnet being hurt. pearl was jealous of garnet and pearl hurt garnet. when pearl was insulting sugilite no one went “how rude of pearl to insult amethyst and garnet”. We all understood that sugilite was a separate identity who made her own decisions and garnet and amethyst weren’t influencing it. 

even when ruby and sapphire were angry about how they were hurt, RUBY was in the wrong because she didnt want to forgive pearl right away and sapphire told her that forgiving pearl was the right thing. ignoring the fact that that was a terrible message to send, that you need to just forgive people who hurt you right away just because they’re close friends, we never get a chance to see garnet vent and show her anger. even in Friend Ship, it ended with garnet playing the life coach for pearl DESPITE pearl not giving a proper apology and instead making bad excuses and using guilt tripping tactics (”im not strong enough” “im just useless”). its like the tumblr equivalent of someone going “i know i did something bad i get it im trash i deserve to die”. But garnet can’t shut that down can she? garnet cant receive a good apology can she? no she has to sit down and stroke Pearl’s ego for a goddamn minute.

garnet cant express her feelings because that’s wrong and bad! pearl can scream at a child and smack a wall simply because he tried to be supportive but garnet cant be mad. garnet’s not allowed to express her feelings. Friend Ship and Cry For Help made me realize something awful.

when garnet’s mad its not sympathetic, it’s scary

back in season 1 I forgave it since garnet was an imposing figure. she’s weird and mysterious. when she was mad it was over things like accidentally getting her glasses knocked off and ronaldo kidnapping steven. you could laugh at the situation with her and not really take her anger seriously enough

so you would think given the circumstances, the writers would understand that we should sympathize with garnet since she was violated. which isnt at all funny and nearly made her defuse.

But you’re not supposed to empathize with garnet. you’re not supposed to relate to her. You’re not supposed to go “poor garnet thats so messed up”. you’re instead supposed to react like “Yeah that was messed up but WHY is she mad at pearl :(”

amethyst complains about the house being awkward and taking neither sides despite it clearly being something that she should be supporting garnet in. steven doesnt support garnet either. when pearl snapped at steven in Rose’s Scabbard, steven chases after her and spends some time with her to lift her mood. But steven didn’t care to do anything for garnet. Steven didn’t invite her to come to the motel. Steven didn’t take the time to talk to her. and Steven didn’t make any attempt to relate to her.

and yet guess who did get the good ol’ “get coddled like a baby” treatment.

pearl. someone who was the cause of all this drama. who not only violated a friend several times, but delayed their mission and risked endangering everyone for the sake of feeling good about herself. but ofc the writer’s woobie fave could never do anything wrong :(

an entire arc that should’ve been meant to flesh out both garnet and pearl ended up shelving garnet and treating pearl like the victim in all of this. that SHE’S the one who needs help.

how insulting

a black woman who sang a song about the importance of love and fusion, who nearly fell apart when she saw forced fusions, is not the victim in this. the Cry For Help was about pearl. garnet needed to drop all her feelings for pearl.

And afterwards it just went downhill from there. its like the show completely gave up on garnet.

more focus and screen time was given to ruby and sapphire, who again i love, but get more development than garnet.

and finally we reach “Log Date 7 15 2″ or as i like to call it “the rise of magical negro garnet”

Peridot’s comments don’t piss off Garnet. You don’t see her get visibly angry. She barely musters a response except for mildly bored look. I wasn’t asking for “garnet beats up peridot for being a homophobe”, but I know very well that garnet would not be the type to just allow Peridot to spend several days making off color comments. Garnet looks bored to mildly pleased. 

You could call this character development except… not really? Garnet smiling more does not equal Garnet being way more tolerant of disrespectful behavior. But since this was an arc for peridot i forgave it a bit. 

But then came episodes like Gem Harvest where Garnet would seriously be the last person to just shut up and tolerate Andy’s disrespectful behavior. And in Mindful Education we see garnet using ruby and sapphire to express how they handle trauma rather than Garnet using her own emotions.

Garnet isn’t flawed anymore. Garnet doesn’t make awkward comments or act in ways that are oddly violent. She’s not brash or passionate. She’s just there to offer advice.

Finally there’s Room For Ruby, an episode that made me sit and go “there is no way in hell this is the same garnet before”

  • garnet was already cautious with Steven trying to train a corrupted gem, why would she not even moniter him teaching Navy about earth (i know they think she’s dumb but she’s not an animal and there’s a reason why the diamonds sent out those rubies)
  • garnet saw a future where navy did not care about being a crystal gem and did nothing. excuse me? Garnet says herself her future vision works like a river with various streams connecting to it, and relies on the future thats most common (she when she jumped in front of a spilled coffee pot to protect steven). garnet even understood at the end of the episode that bad futures are possible and risky, and if they’re most common she needs needs to act on it. why on earth would garnet see a future where navy takes the ship and leave and not do anything about it
  • she was waaaaay too laxed about steven failing to stop navy. remember when she said she was terrified of Blue Diamond? Or when she smashed a warp pad just for seeing peridot show up? 

garnet’s cool with everything now. she doesnt care. she became the most assertive member of the team to the most passive. she’s easy to convince and push. she lacks any depth outside of “quiet mom who smiles sometimes”.

i cant believe im saying this but i honestly thing the crew fucked with her personality harder than lapis. because at least in lapis’s case, there was no concrete identity for her.

but there was one for garnet, one we all loved. 

awkward, funny, quirky, sensitive and assertive garnet.

the writers could have developed it more and jailbreak made me believe we were going to see more of her. but instead the writers decided decided “Garnet with layered personalities is a bit too much for us. so we gotta simplify her. make her the walking shoulder to cry on. the friend that enables everything you do, she just loves steven and thats all that matters.”

and that’s all garnet is now. she’s almost like peridot. happy go lucky, overly forgiving and a shell of her former self.

and that makes me mad


I got this idea, and I thought I was going to regret it, but about halfway through making it I realised that I don’t regret it at all.

Elemental Imbalance

If your natal chart is lacking an element, at least one of the following may apply to you:

• You may suppress any qualities that come with the lacking element, or you may simply ignore these qualities. You may often struggle with understanding certain aspects to life.
• You tend to find yourself attracted to people with a heavy influence of the element you are lacking.
• Rather than suppressing the qualities of the element, you may try to excessively balance yourself out. However, you are likely to end up overly making up for it, thus creating more-so of an imbalance because you tend to overly redeem these qualities, creating an imbalance elsewhere.

The Elements

Fire: aliveness, spontaneity, adventure, creativity, independence, assertiveness, and passion — on the negative: aggression, impatience, and instability. Fire signs are the signs that radiate warmth with their fascinating air of joviality.

Earth: reliability, stability, down-to-earthness, pragmatism, responsibility, determination, and tangibility — on the negative:
greediness and overbearingness. Earth signs are the signs that build the structure of our being with their strong sense of discipline.

Air: social interaction, intellect, communication, expression, easygoingness, and idealism – on the negative: detachment, flakiness, and insensitivity. Air signs are the signs with the most mental stimulation, for they have receptivity like no other.

Water: empathy, intuition, inclined towards protection, sensitivity, emotional understanding, and intimacy — on the negative: emotionally controlled, impracticality, and manipulation. Water signs are the signs that see and understand complex realms of the world with their deep-seated sense of clairvoyance.

Weak Fire

You will feel inspired by people with fire dominance; therefore, you will seek people with such qualities because they have everything you need, thus feeling as though they can allow such qualities to be released out of you. With the absence of fire, you may also become very rash and aggressive, perhaps expressing more of the negatives of the element because you are trying to overcompensate for what you lack — unless, of course, you are either the type who is aware of its lacking, thus entirely suppressing it, or you are the type to completely neglect the lacking of the element within you.

Weak Earth

You will find yourself attracted to people with earth dominance because you crave sensuality, stability, and things of the sort. With the absence of earth, you may find yourself worrying far too much about the tangible aspects of life. You are too engrossed with the idea of being stable, often unable to understand where your balance stands, so you tend to become very controlling with attempting to create structure in your life. Of course, you may be the type to suppress the lacking earth element or to neglect it.

Weak Air

You will be very attracted to clever people because you often feel misunderstood in terms of self-expression and thinking approach. With the absence of air, you may engage in too many mental activities, thus becoming rather inconsistent. Otherwise, the same can be said with either suppressing the lacking air element, or neglecting it.

Weak Water

You will be very attracted to people who have emotional intensity like no other because you often struggle with understanding your own, fluctuating emotions. That said, you seek emotionally intelligent people. With the absence of water, you may become very hypersensitive and unstable, getting lost in your feelings. Either that, or you may resort to suppression and/or ignorance of your emotions.




Sorry for the lack of updates:( I’ve been rather busy recently and I’m thankful that I have a bit of time to update here ! Some of my favourite notes hehe !!! And on a side note, my one week break is ending soon …. (╯_╰) but I guess I’ll just have to make the best out of the remaining few days!!

This is for the girls who have been told they are weak. For the girls who are kind but are thanked with rage and hostility. Do not let others with hearts made of stone and minds locked behind metal bars make you feel anything less than whole. Remember that not everybody is born with a pleasant demeanor and with elegance burgeoning in their spirit. Many do not possess the ability to remain kind in situations that treat them otherwise. They use their hands to hurt rather than assist. You must remember that some people lack compassion, along with the intelligence to know that to remain soft in a world so rough is an act of true courage. You are a red rose with a stem in sparkling water, remember that you have thorns to prick those who only wish to touch your surface. You are golden light. Yes, you are brilliant but do not forget that you can blind those ignorant to the power of your rays. You are the gossamer of a black widow, fragile but deadly to those who run into you hoping that their force will tear you apart. To the girls who are pushed around because they are generous, to those treated like a doormat because they are welcoming. Remember, despite of all the bitterness you will encounter that roses have thorns. The sun has the potential to be blinding. That spider webs can deceive and kill. Remember that you are not only graceful. You are tender. You are warm. You are strong, you are durable. And yes, you have the power to be lethal.
—  K.S
11.19 spoilers...

jesse and cesar were amazing characters who worked to influence overarching themes and others’ character development AND they are a canon queer couple who DID NOT DIE and thats AMAZING.

i found myself a lil bit disappointed (at first) about their physicality, or rather the lack thereof. they never rly SHOWED any indication of their relationship that was undeniably romantic other than words, and i was worried that the writers were doing that thing where theyre like ‘ok this bro is gay but we dont want him to LOOK gay or BE gay with ANOTHER gay well just SAY he is and be on our way and not have to put any thought into this representation or risk making homophobes uncomfortable.’

thats what i thought AT FIRST.

then I looked at what kind of physicality they DID show:

Originally posted by faramaiofnerdwoodforest

shoulder touches. brief, comforting, lil squeeze for love. look familiar?

well if jesse and cesar are an example of how they characterize romantic male/male relationships then sign me the fuck up

Okay I’ve been getting upset about this subject a lot lately so I might as well type it up.

Your Orientation and the Ace Identity

Just to start with, I’m a gay (homosexual) asexual.

“But how can you be both homosexual and asexual?” you might ask.

That’s because the sexual orientations have nothing to do with whether you feel sexual attraction or not at all, despite what some definition written by a cishet white male doctor from fifty years ago might say.

Let me put it this way.

Sexual orientations = Who (Gender)
Ace identities = How (Lack of Sexual Attraction, Not Affected by Gender)

They’re about Who you’re attracted to, not how you feel that attraction. As such, asexual is not an orientation, but rather the lack of sexual attraction. It’s a valid identity, but it is not an orientation.

The Problem With Romantics and Split-Attraction Model

See, there’s a really big problem with the romantics, and why I refuse to ID with them and refuse to use the Split-Attraction model.

The split attraction model, for those who don’t know, goes like this:

____romantic (romantic attraction)
____sexual (sexual attraction)

Which almost completely contradicts my previous point:

The sexualities have nothing to do with sexual attraction.

Splitting attraction like this is misleading and inherently sexualizes the orientations, which makes me and a lot of others incredibly uncomfortable, but you can use it to ID yourself if you want to! Just do not use the split attraction model for people who don’t already use it.

When you use the split attraction model for non-aces and people who don’t use it themself, you are sexualizing them without their consent by making their orientation inherently sexual.

You can use the sexual orientations even if you’re ace and don’t experience sexual attraction.

The Problems with Allosexual

The term allosexual was coined by ace individuals to refer to non-aces. The problem with this term is that it implies a power structure and axis of oppression that does not exist.

Women are not privileged for having sexual attraction. Women are invalidated and oppressed for being sexual or non-sexual.

SGA and Trans individuals are discriminated against MORE if they experience sexual attraction. 

The only people who are privileged for their sexual attraction are cisgender hetero males, primarily white.

How CisHet Aces and CisHet Aros are still Straight

“But how can they be straight AND asexual?” you might ask.

It’s easy. Because asexuality does not affect your orientation. It is a modifier identity that tells others you have a lack of sexual attraction.

You agree that Heterosexual non-aces are straight, yes?
Then Hetero- Aces are straight too.

Ace identities don’t affect your orientation, and as such do not affect the privileges or oppressions you have based on your gender identity or orientation..

The Ace Community and why it is not be LGBT

This is a hot topic lately and I can sort of understand why. Let’s begin with how the A for Ace campaign began.

David Jay, a Cisgender Hetero Ace man advocated to make the Ace Community LGBT so it could use the LGBT Community’s visibility.

Let’s start of here: He is a CisHet man. He had no right advocating to include the Ace Community in the LGBT community because he is both Cisgender and Hetero.

The LGBT community began as a movement to fight systematic homophobia and transphobia.

This right here is the big ticket item. I’ll try and make it simpler to understand why other orientations and genders outside the LGBT acronym are included.

Homophobia - Systematic opression directed at those who experience same gender attraction. All LGBT subsects have systematically suffered under this.

Biphobia - Largely stems from homophobia. It’s a mixture of homophobia and other discrimination that only bisexuals and those under the bi umbrella (MGA) face.

Lesbophobia - Homophobia specifically targeted at women. Includes Misogyny. Only wlw experience this type of oppression.

Transphobia - Specific set of systemized oppressions that Trans, nonbinary, and agender individuals face for not matching their socially designated gender. Trans individuals also suffer under homophobia, which was equally directed at them throughout history.

That was a bit longer than I planned to write it, but that’s the gist of it.

The Ace Community, as it stands, does not suffer under any of these other oppressions, or subsets of them, for being ace. Ace discrimination and stigma does not stem from homophobia or transphobia, but from ignorance, ableism, and misogyny.

The Problem with Q*eer

The problem with q*eer, other than it being a slur, is that it has solely been aimed at those suffering under homophobia (and its subsets) and transphobia.

If you are Cisgender and Hetero, you are not allowed to use q*eer.

We are not the Q*eer community. It is a slur. You may only self-identify as it if you experience SGA/MGA or are Trans.

In Summary

  • Cisgender Hetero Aces are straight because being ace does not affect the privileges one has by virtue of their gender identity or orientation.
  • Allosexual is a homophobic, transphobic, and sexist term that implies that LBGT individuals and women are privileged for feeling sexual attraction.
  • The Ace Community does not suffer under an axis of oppression by virtue of being Ace.
  • Q*eer is a slur, not an umbrella term. Only SGA/MGA and Trans individuals can use it to identify themselves.

In closure, we are valid, we are loved and accepted by eachother, but we are not LGBT for being ace.

Children really do understand and resent when you do not respect them, or when they know you think of them as silly or stupid. But they typically lack the insight to understand their own age/the reason you find them cute rather than taking them seriously. They lack the ability to express this properly in ways adults will understand easily and so often this vague and unfocused frustration they feel (they are often unable to understand even why this upsets them) will result in likewise vague tantrums from them, or issues with being massively upset by minor things. Of course this is not the source of all tantrums but it is a major component- and of course what helps the absolute LEAST is refusal to listen (sometime time outs feature just shoving a child into a corner without even attempting to talk first) or making a child feel unreasonable and, resultingly, even less respected. I have stopped god knows how many tantrums by sitting a child down and asking what they are feeling and why- helping them through a process adults manage more easily. And my own parents have asked, “Hey how did you calm x down?” We talked about her feelings and now she’s expressed herself and doesn’t need to scream! I just talked to her! How would you like if you were upset and i assumed you had no reason to be?

dating jasper hale would include...

Originally posted by jacksonrathbons

hanging onto his every word because you adored his subtle, but sometimes thick, southern drawl.
him enunciating his words to make it sound thicker  
you are insanely infatuated with him
he loves every second of it, wearing a small smirk all the while
his nose buried in your hair; he loves breathing in your scent
his head on your chest; the sound of your heart beating comforts him like none other
your fingers raking through his long locks
listening to him open up about his past as a soldier
feeling your heart ache at the pain behind his topaz eyes
you being a bit uneducated about history (and rather uninterested)
he begins to call you ‘little girl’ at your lack of knowledge & experience in life
the pet name sticks much to your dismay
“i am not a little girl, jasper!”
“march 5th, 1770. what historical event was that, my love?”
“jasper, you’re a dick.”
“such a dirty mouth for such a little girl.”
nearly puking your guts out when the time came to meet his family
him having to calm you down with his power a lot
dancing around his bedroom to very old records he owns
he teaches you to dance since he’s an excellent dancer
you’re incredibly clumsy, especially around jasper
he thinks it’s highly amusing & only embarrasses you more when he gracefully catches you or swiftly retrieves something you dropped
— him catching you off guard a lot
he likes to dip you nearly to the floor & kiss you unexpectedly
it never gets old & it makes you feel cherished each time he does it
catching alice gazing at the two of you, smiling as she sees visions of the future
when he proposes, alice sees the vision & spoils it as she’s horrible at keeping secrets
cheesy, lame vampire jokes
“i heard being a vampire really sucks.” 
“you’re horrible at jokes, little girl.”
but he actually is quite fond of them since they make you laugh
teasing him about sparkling in the sun
“shine bright like a diamond, jas!”
those remarks often end up with you trying to outrun him, but obviously failing
him watching you sleep; he loves seeing you look so peaceful
he calls you darlin’ 24/7
you love it because his accent grows thicker
— he’s a huge sap
him handling you with impeccable care, as if you’re made of glass

ok idk how i’ve never really noticed or cared about jasper in the twilight series and i’m so pissed at myself because he’s actually so great and attractive

Friendly reminder that for all the critics bitching about how "sombre" and "gloomy" WW1 film Wonder Woman looks like...

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER wasn’t exactly a parade of colors and humor and laughter and jokes either.

The ONE time the MCU made war film, they didn’t treat an actual historical event that resulted in countless deaths and atrocities with a light hand and audience disrespect - so neither will the DCEU.

Stop acting like humor and light-heartedness is the measuring stick for a good comicbook movie. Not everything in life will be better off handled with a laugh. Some things just ARE sad and heartbreaking, and no amount of “humor-washing” is gonna fix that. IT DOESN’T NEED FIXING, it needs RESPECTING.

So yeah, rather than arguing about how Wonder Woman lacks color and laughter like a good ole MCU film - think about how sullen and sombre Steve Rogers was during life circa WWII. Ask yourself why that was. Shit will make a whole lot more sense when you do.